Crime Riddles To Up Your IQ Level!

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    Up your IQ level with a set of crime riddles! If you want to keep yourself thinking and improve your logical skills then try to solve these brain-sweating riddles! Logic exercises are great to stimulate your brain activity and boost your thinking processes. So be sure to solve riddles every day to keep your mind sharp!

    00:14 - Who attacked Don Carlo? Boost your critical thinking with this riddle on crime!
    02:30 - What's wrong here? Pay attention to the details to solve these tricky visual puzzles ;)
    04:00 - Who is a shoplifter? Here is another set of visual riddles that will test your attentiveness to the details!
    05:49 - Who is the thief? Try to find him before the time is up!
    07:37 - Who is the thief? Boost your attentiveness and critical thinking to solve these fun teasers!

    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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    1. Ma Nelissa Feguro

      At the level called what's wrong here is all my favorite show

    2. Kripamayee Singh

      The theme is looking awesome😍, you could use for the next videos too❤.

    3. Elliot Slater

      I love your riddles

    4. Electro Zorgo


      1. Electro Zorgo

        But srsly its ez

    5. Elizabeth Witten


    6. Shuaib Raza

      There was electricity at 0:23 the hotel's light were on

    7. mario1237

      You Guys are to soft for murder riddles now?

    8. Rayne Sutherland

      I got every single one of the shoplifter ones right

    9. SURESH G


    10. Kareena De

      I love the httyd 3 riddle thank you for putting a dragon riddle

    11. Terese Shamoon

      i got all the SHOPLIFTER questions right

    12. Alex Bennett

      I'm a champion at this. I am right evry time!

    13. Alex Bennett

      BOO you are boring

    14. Kayson Smith

      I'd love for everyone to take out my newly started channel:

    15. Kamz on yt

      5:03 nice trolley

    16. fluffy pineapple

      1:40 anyone else see them three arms

    17. kulbhushan goyal

      8:35 who steals a pencil ✏️✏️✏️

      1. Electro Zorgo

        Ther was money he could of taken that

    18. ZAINNNOOO The best

      OMG! made has three hands she is an alien Aaaaaaaaaa!!!!😨

    19. Selahattin Eren

      1:41 look at her hip

    20. Priya Gaikwad

      The maid

    21. Hollie Thomason

      did anyone notice the maid had an extra hand while she was on the phone? like if u did. it was at 1.40.

      1. Bella Marie

        ahhhh thats creepy

      2. Haj Haja


      3. Gopinathan Pillai

        Yes there was

    22. dangous pig

      Is jifpom still alive?

    23. Alliff Fosses

      you still can use room phone even there no electricity. phone use line where doesn’t effected when no power supply. unless you use the cordless one , its need to be charge because its use battery. the dect type only need the line , not electricity..

    24. Sutikno Andi

      Make mr bold nice

    25. Pinkie Zboss

      I got all of then right that's shocking

    26. Cindy

      8:07 this dude has 3 wallets, pretty sure the lady is just a vigilante who wants to take back what he stole from others (I know, I know it's just a repeated animation and I delivered this joke blandly)

    27. Anil Mondal

      Wait something is wrong How she can have three hands Look at her waist 1:41.

    28. Helen Poornima

      Very interesting!! I like it! Thanks a lot!!

    29. Curtis052980

      I love your videos

    30. Faith Heger

      Also the maid has 3 hands is she some sort of alien?

    31. Faith Heger

      4:54 *guy with two eggplants in his shopping cart* Me: him

    32. Alexander Petrou

      I liked at 149 likes omg for me im so early

    33. CJ Mayerhofer


      1. gnicolas83

        I got them right on the last question

    34. CJ Mayerhofer

      The maid had three arms when it showed her talking on the phone

      1. Ma Nelissa Feguro

        Ughh yuck error mistakes

      2. Lottie McClellan

        Oh yeeeeaaaaahhhh

      3. Adrianna Golinska


      4. Ana Loreto


      5. Jackie Cutie


    35. Yash Jadhav

      Here's a riddle! Question:Can you guess what number I'm thinking about? Hint:It's between 1 and 6. Answer:It's 3! Did you get it right?

      1. MR_Shark 5536

        Yash Jadhav you should make some space between hint and answer because I accidentally readed it!

    36. Interested Activities

      Excellent riddles! 👍

    37. Unknown Commenter

      5:24 Probably she's holding it because there's no space in the cart.

      1. Cindy

        @Unknown Commenter still, it's partially concealed likely because she's planning not to pay for it.

      2. Unknown Commenter

        @Cindy Not under, it's behind the vest.

      3. Cindy

        why hold it under her vest? ಠಿ_ಠ

    38. CarsenplAs

      How good is your IQ I would say mine is 250 These are average IQs Pre school 1 Kindergarten 15 1st grade 75 2nd grade 100 3rd grade 125 4th grade 175 5th grade 210 Me 250 6th grade 260

      1. A Soleman

        How the heck would a fourth grader have a higher IQ than Bill Gates. This is just wrong. Btw your IQ is certainly not above 100

      2. Matt Hart

        CarsenplAs wrong

    39. Caylee Gann

      At 1:45 there is an arm around the maids waist and she is already holding the phone and her other arm was on her hip 😱

      1. Brain Opener

        yes right

      2. Byakko

        Caylee Gann Now you know the reason why he is the only guest and being attacked 😏😏 haunted 😱😱🤣😂

      3. Gopinathan Pillai

        Yes there was an extra hand 😱

    40. Aiden Arndts

      Sub 2 Chicken Farm 41. The content is dope.👍👍👍👍👍

    41. Aiden Arndts

      Awesome riddles, my IQ is already very high anyway.🙃

      1. Meghan Talbot


    42. JADA Atherley


    43. Liam Reid

      Hi your cool

    44. Sechskies Never Get Old They are legendary Vampire

      Gawd really heheheheh i got all answer

    45. xxpink_skyxx

      1:41 LOL does she have three hands? 😂😂😂

      1. Mentos jellybean

        omg ur right

      2. Cl?mentine ASSE DROUET

        That is actually soooo creepy!

      3. Unknown Commenter

        I didn't notice that. Maybe she's... **GASPA** ...AN ALIEN?!

    46. Nuhaa Mohamed


    47. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

      My IQ is till pretty low even after this, but I might've increased it a tiny bit. Which I am very grateful for.

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