Cynthia Garrett Shares Her Story And Why Apple Pulled “The Banker” From Release

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    Apple’s original movie, “The Banker” was abruptly pulled from theatrical release recently when Cynthia Garrett, the half-sister of one of the film’s co-producers accused him of abuse. The half-brother has vehemently denied the allegations.
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    2. Glenn Martin

      From Samuel L. Jackson's character in the movie " I don't trust white people and I don't trust black people" . I fuckin wonder why????

    3. Kondwani Mahaka-Phiri

      Honestly shocked by all the comments. Of course she doesn't want her abuser to profit over her father's story. The story should be told the right way without the help of an accused molester. And you're acting like it's the end of the world; the movie could have been remade, for example they are two steve jobs movies. People who are saying she is being selfish are the reason why women don't want to come out about their abuse. It's honestly disgusting that some of you would have preferred her to keep quiet about this. If she was your sister you would think differently. It's more important for the black community to support women in her position than throw her under a bus for one movie. We need to do better.

    4. Ms725 T8

      I watched the movie it's really good. I hate the family issues couldn't be resolved privately.

    5. Joshua Wendott

      Just watched this film, very amazing. This lady should just let the movie go on and sue his brother for what he's making from it. The movie itself serves the black community and empowers everyone. Just let it slide, not worth it.

    6. kc718201

      What happened to Ms. Garrett and her sister is so messed up. But what's happening to her father's legacy is messed up as well.

    7. Jay Cee

      Say what you will, I simply know that Amerikkka Never want people to see any of the tremendous accomplishments of Black people, and will always find some reason to circumvent airing positive historical facts. This is a great story and should be shared by all instead of all the negative aspects that we are constantly being bombarded with. Of course, we wouldn't a bunch if little Black kids getting the notion that maybe they too could be GREAT!

    8. Jarcus Mercer

      Enjoyed the movie

    9. Missy Lelee

      This is my opinion...I could be wrong but according to the comments made by her mom...It seemed to me that her mom and BJ didn't have a great relationship because she had nothing good to say about him and he would've probably mentioned her in the movie. I have no clue about the molestation charges but why wait till the movie is about to premiere to say something. If her mom found out this was happening wouldn't she report it to authorities? She's white so I'm sure the cops would've been at her door in 2 minutes. Did she ever mention about her father knowing? What did he do about the situation? Something isn't adding up it seems like they have resentment towards BJ more so because they was left out of the movie. Again I'm going by observation, I'm not going to say that it did happen or didn't happen but there's some things that don't add up. I did enjoy the main focus of how two black men were able to use what they did to make a change for "negros" on receiving the same type of economic rights as "whites." All that family stuff she's talking about helps me to see that maybe they should ALL go to Family Therapy! Glad the movie still came out because I never heard of these two black entrepreneurs.

    10. peachhair25

      So, what is the real story and why wouldn't you want your father's story told?

    11. Matshidiso Sekgampu

      Remember Birth of a nation........

    12. Profmorphious123

      So The Accusation has been made The denial has been uttered… So What's The Truth????? His Or Theirs? I Don't Know We the public don't know Apple does not know.... So another Movie Is Vilified With An Accusation That As Yet Cannot Be Proved. So people that have nothing to do with what did or did not happen Don't Get Paid. Their Families Don't HAve income. Sign Of The Times.

    13. David C

      So the movie’s released now...

    14. Zulvovic Dimitri

      If i'm in 1950 .. and the black people moved to Russia.. i Will called him my brother..

    15. Glowcrie

      Still a great movie

    16. Terri Caldwell

      It’s not that the “movie” with it’s “ historical “ value should not be seen. More to “the point”, the person “profiting” from the movie should be held accountable for his criminal behavior! He can use all of his “profits” for months/years of “legal fees”! 🤔

    17. Beans Baxter

      The biggest corporation on the planet say...hey what happened to your father and many other Americans based solely on the color of their skin was wrong we want to make people aware of say : fuck that what about me

      1. Beans Baxter

        @Rbaumgar516 Rbaumgar516 it a lie... Has there been a halt to the benefits of the oppression suffered by these AMERICANS

      2. Beans Baxter

        @Rbaumgar516 Rbaumgar516 .....we only fight a war once but they haven't stopped making hundreds of movies about wars that have already been fought

    18. Isaac Newton

      Just seen the movie and it's amazing got online to see if it was a true story now this shit. Everything is about money

    19. Pure Fun Films

      this is what white people love to see, now the story of your father history is not publish world wide, at the end of the day, we the black people lose, you could have deal with your brother other wise

    20. Sherri Danielz

      Not to disregard her trauma but she should've stepped outside of herself to see the bigger picture. She just disregarded her fathers legacy. such an amazing inspiring film. There should've been another way. He should've been in jail. Her father rolling over in the grave. smh

    21. Mr Smitty

      We never see the big picture. The movie was about your father not you and your brother. She clueless what’s really going. We killing our legacy and wealth. This is a example of way we can’t come together.

    22. cubedmack

      Just saw the movie and it was great!

    23. Richard Singletary

      Well the movie about your fathers accomplishments and obstacles are pertinent to those of us today.. now I understand the sickness of sexual predators and the SON, NOT THE FATHER, should have been exposed, meaning the movie should not have been held up, ITS PART OF OUR HISTORY and a very important one that this world clearly dont understand as to why African Americans do not have generational wealth.. but hey still cant get mad at you but I did get a chance to watch this film and it gave me a boost as an entrepreneur to continue fulfilling my goals just so my son can have something bearing his name..

    24. Tonenology

      Well the movie is out. Great movie. Everybody on here should see it.

      1. Zerach Candace

        It is a great movie. Brillant.

      2. Mika Braddy

        Tonenology where can you see it if you don’t have apple tv

    25. richboyric

      Gonna watch the movie now,

      1. Inda Lattimore

        Please watch this movie!!!!!!!!! It's a must see! I loved every minute of it!

    26. Veon Ray

      *I felt so proud and inspired after watching The Banker today* that I went looking for more history/info and unfortunately found this. A few things that Tamron didn't question...her brother asking for a "wavier" to make a movie about *his* father...that's not a thing, or how she got a script of the movie, or since she knows someone at Apple then why was it her brother that was trying to get the movie about their father made and not her, or why wouldn't she want her father's story and legacy told, or why did she wait 40yrs and right before it's release to tell "her story", and again, why would she not want anybody to see this movie and know just how important her father Bernard Garrett and Joseph Morris were to our people and to our history...or to history period. Again, The Banker was a very good movie and a very important story.

      1. Nathaniel Corbin

        Just finished watching it and it was a very inspirational movie! It needs to be included in all of Black History classes. I for one think that she is lying about the son molesting them. Her body language is not someone of truth when she mentioned it. Her eyes go looking up as if she is implying or lying. She crosses her legs as a defense in case there are more questions about this allegation. Lastly even if he did do this act, why discredit the name of your father, just for some clout and because he wanted to bring this movie to light before you? It stinks to high heaven of jealousy and clout chasing.

      2. Sharee Nicole

        Me too. I loved it, its very empowering. Sad that this didn't hit theaters when the movie had nothing to do with ANY of his kids..

      3. monica fleming

        Veon Ray EXACTLY! I was so thrown like WHAT IS THIS!? Sad.

      4. E S

        It was a very good movie.

      5. Sherri Danielz

        SAME SMH


      🤣it’s about the money it always is because if there wasn’t a movie you would still be quiet

      1. Porsha Edmun

        Amircale Queen girlllllllll exactly

    28. PowerL1N3

      This is disgusting...... If this is true and the story of the movie had nothing to do with her abuse other than the allegation that her half brother who was her and her sisters abuser years ago, was the co-producer of this movie and she did this to hurt him. THAT SHIT IS WRONG!!!!!!! I am against abuse. But I'm also against robbing people of a great story and experience regardless of it being true or not. The story had a positive message and had NOTHING to do with her half brother abusing her and her sister. If anything they should've allowed to sell the rights to the story or something. This is just wrong..... OR HELL if anything wait for the movie to get out. have him make his money then go after him then. Then thats their issue meanwhile the public gets a positive much needed movie with a compelling story. Selfish people man I swear....

    29. Kierra C

      Watched The Banker today on AppleTV+ Great movie about Bernard Garrett SENIOR and Joseph Morris.

      1. Veon Ray

        Same, Great Movie. Made me feel proud to now know this very important story (our story) about Bernard Garrrett Sr, Joseph Morris, and Eunice Garrett who was also very important to this story.

    30. iam the interstellar the beyonder of free thinking

      I'm in 2020 and it's out now lol

    31. Emotional2000

      Although I don't condone any type of abuse, I am glad Apple decided to release this film. I really needed to see this as a Black movie goer. Let's just say I felt empowered and proud to learn about such a historical figure such as your Dad! It is a part of Black History I never knew existed. #BlackRevolutionary

      1. Veon Ray

        I saw it today, and I too felt so proud of us, and it definitely was a very important part of history that I also never knew existed.

    32. SKYRULE-49

      Moon Light, Hidden Figures, and 12 years a Slave had no trouble screening. Anything that promotes Gay blacks, Strong smart Black women, and slavery will always be screened and nominated for Oscars. ANYTHING THAT PROMOTES SMART BLACK MEN IN A POSITIVE LIGHT, Hollywood liberals is like "Hell Naw!" This is why Black men are hated in USA.

      1. dwill0917


      2. Ramone P

        Speak that truth SKYRULE!!

    33. Jessica Jones

      Ok but her father wasn’t the abuser so why not tell your dads beautiful historical story? BTW Netflix picked it up comes out 3/6

      1. Emotional2000

        @KingCetshwayo Just watched it on Apple+. Came out in theaters this March and today on Apple+

      2. KingCetshwayo

        Jessica Jones it’s going to the theaters. Come out in December

    34. Sherri Grant

      This movie isn't about her and her sister though. It's about how her father tried to do business under deep racism. What a shame she thinks it should never be seen.

    35. Dernario Tate

      Who paid her

    36. michael burnett

      If she doesn’t want money then why is she stopping the movie has nothing to do with your brother. I standby her with her molestation claim but to me I think she has already been paid by someone of a lot of power and momey cause if this your father it has nothing to do with the money

    37. Gino Cloete

      I hope Cynthia gets to or read this I really do With that complexion and y'all never went to the police for more than 40+years.. Your attorney knowing Apple's attorney and they are friends.. Cynthia get out of here i was personally a victim of this crime i spokeup and a few i know we spoke up We didn't wait 40+years to speakup/discredit someone When i look at you on this interview the way you conduct yourself All i see is the privilege of your complexion and your mommas side parading.. I see you say you helping 40k plus woman all over the world with this I dont see you stopping films of known Caucasian film producers and actors that have been accused of this This your father's legacy and you and your sister tarnish it without thinking twice Again y'all privileged side took president here nothing else. Im from Cape Town South Africa myself my daughters both in their teens watched this They asking why would you wait 40+years and just before the release.. Remember what goes around comes around folks.. Personally theres no substance in this claim/allegation Point blank i dont believe you cause I've been a victim You speak on interviews very boastful with a arrogance in your voice And with such passion" THIS FILM SHOULD NEVER EVER BE RELEASE" Almost like you've been prepped but jaaaa...

    38. gerry Jones christie

      Yo what the hell is wrong with this world what do you think this is the women just tell the truth about everything

    39. gerry Jones christie

      Why the hell do you pull the movie he hasn’t been legally charged with any sexual abuse there’s no paperwork or legalization saying that he did the sexual Buse the sisters adjust sane allegations there’s no guilty of the sexual abuse from him by the courts or nothing so why they pull the damn movie

    40. gerry Jones christie

      Damn nowadays a woman could have a bad day and just decide to say you know what somebody had sexually abuse me let me pick someone

    41. Bossblack13

      This why I’m sick of some of us! She just greedy! She don’t give a damn about no molestation.

    42. Bossblack13

      What does that have to do with the main character?? The movie is about the main character not your half brother

    43. Ese Omasheye

      The main producer of the movie claims the movie is largely based on excerpts from the audio tape recording of her father. I wonder if she's more concerned about her mom not recognized in the movie. Anyway, this has really tarnished the beautiful story in this man's legacy.

    44. Dorian Graye

      She's like a really good looking, real woman version, of Wendy Williams‼️

    45. Think PIONEERing

      She gets what she’s gonna get from all this.... all we can do is move on and hope somebody leaks it into the dark web. She destroyed a man’s legacy but didn’t gain anything..... that’s just toxic.

    46. brotherfugue

      "We don't want money, this was never about that. This is about the truth coming out and a sexual abuser NOT MAKING MONEY ON WHAT HE DID." In other words, it IS ABOUT MONEY. The film is not about sexual assault, so the point of him "making money off what he did" is moot.

    47. S Mod

      It seems to me that she's trying to use her "sexual abuse as an excuse" to block her brother's possible success bcuz, of course, she is still angry at him. Her abuse & her parent's financial success are 2 completely different situations. The movie should not be blocked from being shown. Cynthia, the public has intelligence to think on their own. I'm not buying your reason bcuz it doesn't make sense. Focus on how you can heal yourself from your abuse incident. God help heal Cynthia.🙏

    48. Tone T

      Stupidity! And those brown skinned women in the audience cosigning on stupidity! America is destroyed! Full of b.s.

    49. SOLSET Entertainment

      ? What if the movie is put out and proceeds that would have went to her brother were donated to a foundation that helps women and children. Her brother does not get money and she does not either also still gets to pay respect to her father.

    50. Adrian Bernard

      I am sure they could've had a private discussion with the producers and the directors of The Banker and came to amicable solution, rather than destroy a reputation of someone they're trying to promote in this series this so called "revelation" is a positive is just beyond me, because now instead of seeing this guy as the first African American Banker ....we now see him as a molester and rapist , even if it is so!! WTH, solve the problem not fuel a.conspiracy....If it was media attention they were after, guess wat......Got It!!

    51. 36index


    52. Exposing Hidden Truth

      This is nothing new folks, with the negative track record of how black people been treated in American by white economic power, for far too long, for us to not wake up. Its always been any old sorry excuse to stop black enlightenment, inspiration, & economic progress. It just keeps happening over & over again. So how do we stop the road blocks? Why didn't they sell the movie to Tyler Perry Studios in the first? Tyler Perry is a present day good example of Black Economic Empowerment. A New Black Economic Power that busted out on the scene, long enough for them to get the movie shown through Tyler Perry Studios. We have to make sacrifices sometimes just to build up our own. How are you going to make real progress if you keep working with people who really don't care about you & your people? This is the ultimate question, of all times for black America.

    53. damian

      The only place that I found the details of the true BANKERS story is the June 1965 issue of ebony magazine. Title " how two "janitors" bought white texas bank". The bank in question was merged some kind of way with "nations bank" now bank of America. It's a great article. This banking ordeal happened in 1962. Remember JUNE 1965 ISSUE OF EBONY magazine!

    54. Philani Dladla

      What a selfish woman.

    55. Shaheed Woodard

      Bunch of bull 💩

    56. Clara H

      Huh? Why is Apple keeping us from seeing the movie because of this? What does this have to do with the movie?

      1. Think PIONEERing

        Clara H bc they got lawyers involved, that’s all....

    57. E Volved

      This *family issue* could have been handled in another manner, I honestly feel like you just robbed us of something WE NEEDED to see!

      1. Elsa Bueno


    58. T L

      Sad story. I would never question her story of abuse but how sad. This movie and the power of media is strong! THe impact would have been so huge. There is a right and wrong way to go about things. Sue him later and take what he earned. Allow your fathers legacy to live on and affect your community...unless you never reconciled with your father. Could that be part of the issue?



    60. TRDarkstormfx

      She said it’s not about money when she clearly is setting the story up to benefit her financial needs when on another post she stated that the women that plays Garrett SR wife wasn’t Black she was white. Putting her mother in the place of Nia Longs character. This story got high jacked!!!!!!!

    61. TRDarkstormfx

      She is delusional

    62. maree rogers

      She is a black religious right wing conservative pimping for money. Now she's got the exposure she craves. Why is she on TV? Fake Christian heifer.

    63. Leon Gardner

      Who is this movie ABOUT...there's a right way n a wrong way of doing things, absolutely nothing right about this mess n she's too old for this mess. Half brother or sister, never known any woman to give birth to a half-child...either you siblings or not, get out of here with that BS.

    64. Yasin Bills

      What does this have to do with the movie im confused

      1. jill scottman

        Yasin Bills nothin ...bitter bih

      2. Westend KC

        Yasin Bills it’s about blacc feminism..

      3. Lou Vaughn


    65. KingNumair

      She should’ve took one for the culture or released her version through apple.

    66. JJHcars

      You just robbed your community of a beautiful positive real life story on a family issue that could of been handled behind the scenes. Vengeance against someone that hurt you isn't always going to heal your wounds.

    67. Betsy

      Y’all could have worked things out. Y’all destroyed your fathers story that would have been awesome for our community 🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. thesilverjewel

        Mr. Garrett Sr. story is real. The dispute is that the wife in the movie, Eunice, was divorced from Garrett Sr. when Garrett Sr. was making many of these business moves. But Eunice is portrayed throughout the whole movie. Garrett Sr.'s second wife (Cynthia Garrett's mom) was married to him for 15-16 years but was left out of the movie because the son, Garrett Jr, didn't have the rights to portray them. So Garrett Jr kept HIS mom in through the whole film. You can read Linda Garretts side here: I think Garret's story still deserves to be told. It's a shame many will not know of this man because if this controversy.

      2. jill scottman

        Betsy mom told me about this...and usually I side wit the woman in these situations....but ....from my understanding the dad ain’t do was the son...the movie was about his dad doin something unheard of and I felt this was a very inspirational movie...all we get are slave movies...never movies like this...inspiring blk people to own real estate???? Nahhhh i never turn against a woman ...but if I could beat her I would....This movie is bigger than that boy bein inappropriate....the movie wasn’t even about him...this movie was for the culture...if he did something to a hit man to f up his life...I dunno ...not this

      3. sam bdb

        Its a good movie

      4. Bahati Nyah

        You need some serious help.

      5. Sherri Grant


    68. John Jacobs

      She is full of It! #NothingButLies

    69. Hustle Mgmt

      Leave it to a Bitter Scorned and Jealous Black Woman to DESTROY anything a Black Man creates. I’m so sick of all these FAKE FEMINISTS FAKE VICTIMS and all. They are DESTROYING EVERYTHING!

      1. T L

        @hell yeah Edeonyia Right and Malcoms Grandmother was mixed.. African Americans are a mixed group with the majority of mixed children being born to black women throughout history. She was upset because her mother who was White was not depicted so she is a little far removed from being classified as a black woman. I guess Im just a little confused on why the black woman is to blame since her influence never came from one

      2. hell yeah Edeonyia

        @T L doesn't justified that homie. Some of our greatest black heroes are somewhat mixed:j Cole, Malcom, Bob Marley and the list goes on

      3. T L

        Uhhhh she is not black. She is biracial. Her mother is white as if that matters

      4. Hustle Mgmt

        cincysbest black people will never be liberated as long as we keep selling each other out.

      5. cincysbest

        I swear we stand in the way of our own liberation smdh.

    70. LONE WOLF

      she got egos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the movie should be released no matter what!!!!!!!!

    71. L Faulcon

      Her brother said he never molested them and they are mad because he told the father about their mother cheating on the dad. Which lead to a divorce. I want to hear all sides of the story

      1. Sherri Grant

        @Hussein Hussein her mother is white

      2. Nikki JesusIsLord

        @Hussein Hussein this lady didn't bleach...she looks like her mother

      3. Hussein Hussein

        Never trust anyone that bleached..

      4. 〔TFGG〕

        whoever this thing is...i dont trust her...ive literally never been wrong when it comes to reading ppl...this is either a publicity stunt by apple or maybe they are genuinely dumb enough to cancel such a movie further proving the suspicions black ppl have about their corporate overlords lol

      5. TRDarkstormfx

        L Faulcon it’s a very powerful one

    72. Oludayo Ogun

      I dont belive her plain and simple and that last answer did it for me when she ssid the movie should bever be seen ... This woman has a rule or ruìn mentality she snd her sisters are jelous of their step brother for making the movie , the movie is not tbier story its thuer father's story

    73. TRDarkstormfx

      What a con

    74. Pat

      What a terrible way to discredit the legacy of a father that they both claim to love. The movie is about what her dad accomplished, not a family feud which makes them all look bad. Even if the movie got released now, there will always be a stigma attached to her father's legacy of strength, intelligence and acumen. What a shame!

      1. jill scottman

        Pat I wanna crack her jaw

      2. Pure Fun Films

        fully agree

      3. Sherri Grant

        It sounds like she's mad that the father gave his rights to her brother. He didn't need her permission to sell them. He's not profiting from her life though. What a mess

      4. Pamela Taylor

        I wouldn't put people on nowadays without me hiring making them take a lie dector

    75. Unknown

      Tamaron is THE SHARPEST Black women of this CENTURY! NO WOMAN HAS ANYTHING ON TAMERON. She is sharp, intelligent, and beautiful!

      1. 36index

    76. mommie2mj

      This sucks because the movie needs to be seen..why not remove the brother from getting any credit for the movie and still release the movie. I just dont get it. Her issue with the brother is totally separate from what their father accomplished.

      1. Weeping Man

        @jill scottman what site?

      2. jill scottman

        TruthBeTold me too

      3. TruthBeTold

        @Angel Giordano Well somebody leaked that bish caused i watched it online before even seeing this interview lol.

      4. Denise Freeman

        She doesn't want him to profit off the movie

      5. Angel Giordano

        I'm hoping someone leaks the movie

    77. Numbaone Barbers

      This man has every right to tell his father’s story.

      1. Pamela Taylor

        Pretty much

    78. Rashard H

      I call BS!!! What does the movie has to do with her! BS!!!!

      1. Pamela Taylor


    79. Tyson Anderson

      Why I Keep Missin' Episodes OF Ur Show Ms. Tam?

    80. la mulata linda Martinez

      Me Too = Black women tearing down other black people. Is Harvey Weinstein in jail? No. Do they shut down Woody Allen who molested his young children? Hell no. This movie was about the systematic discrimination in housing inacted by the US government. Housing discrimination led to generations of black poverty and made us a renter class that were easily displaced by gentrification. This film was about the very thing that has kept black people poor with an inability to access home loans. This woman with her long blond weave, has used her grievence to aide a white supremacists machine that works to hide these types big stories. Director actor Nate Parker, who did "Birth of a Nation", a film about a slave revolt, had sexual assault allegation from college, that were proven in the courts, to be a lie. Yet they were dragged out around the time of his film release, sinking his film. Funny the music producer Dr Dre, beat a woman almost to death and the film "Straight Outta Compton" came out without a hitch. He's being honored by the Grammy's this year, but yet again he promotes the kind of pathology that makes the system pleased. I look at this woman and I see a collaborter with the lie of white supremacy, even down to her Barbie doll fake weave.