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    Here is a fresh portion of daily riddles and attention boosters for all the #RiddleSolvers :) These puzzles and brain games with answers are pretty simple but only for those who have a high IQ score and a well-trained brain! Tricky riddles and brain teasers will help you improve your critical thinking ability. So if you feel bored or exhausted, try these cool riddles to wake up and test your brain:

    00:14 - How many emojis do you see? These tricky visual puzzles will wake up your brain and boost your attentiveness!
    02:17 - Who is the liar? This mystery brain teaser will boost your brain and increase your IQ ;)
    04:36 - Detective knew that man was a liar! How? Test your logic and detective skills with this riddle on crime!
    06:33 - Where is the present? Improve your logical skills and critical thinking with this fun puzzle!
    08:25 - Who's the kid's mom? A short bonus question to boost your brain speed to the max :) Try to solve it before the time is up!

    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which question was the hardest for you!

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    Publisert 3 måneder siden


    1. I Like Unicorns


    2. Hai Vo


    3. Cece’s World


    4. Misha's Awsome World

      I ñed more time to think

    5. Ronalyn Brana


    6. J P'pool

      I hate when they say comments

    7. Estephany Nieto


    8. Shen MB

      I think the girl with red swimsuit is her mom how could he live with a mermaid he is human and he will drown if he live at the ocean

    9. Mary Mcclendon

      I love your riddles they are kinda tricky but fun

    10. Luke Brisco


    11. Candy The Caticorn

      For the emoji challenge one I think 16

    12. nevaeh ripp

      I do

    13. alex lock

      10 and me

    14. Violet Stusek

      I think the emoji questions don’t make sense and the emojis are the ones that nobody will know

    15. Mateo gamez

      but why is lily get ready for a date in the morning if it's at night

    16. jeppy mangabat


    17. Ola Bogusz


    18. Aathira Karthik


    19. rene schuster

      A neck

    20. Aneeqah Basher

      They'r are 14 emojis again

    21. realfrandaman1 YT

      I know 16 part 2

    22. antonio's adventure


    23. Meaghan Barajas

      the mermaid is the boys mom because he has gills on his neck and hes breathing perfectly fine

    24. Pink_Fox Playz

      Thumbnail: the kid is breathing so its the mermaid's kid Yay got it right!

    25. Ahmed Amr


    26. Radwa Radwan

      Answer number 1 mermaid I already knew it from a channel named lankybox can you believe????? Their coping your channel the names are Adam and Justin the keepers of lankybox and they always to episodes together but their not so kind Dou Justin is the less kindest one!!!!!!

    27. Adelita Cabaysa

      What the good ness this is messt up the first one is only 1 not 9 only the ❤ emogi is tha ans in number 1 duh the other things are for school riddles are not thinking

    28. Twins SQUAD4LIFE

      2:36 omg, my name us Ivy and i'm a TWIN not a TRIPLET 😱

    29. Noyan Najib

      The last riddle is number”8”?

    30. Tbnrkelly does gacha


    31. Katherine Francisco

      EMOJI ONE IS 15!!!

    32. MaryRose Farvill

      99 % of This VIdEo:LIkE iF U hAte WhEn iT SAyS CoMMeNts 1 % of this Video:COmmEntS LIke MIne

      1. MaryRose Farvill

        Im not Copyin anyone today

    33. OLOL Klemetsen

      16 or 17

    34. Sara Sirovina

      I see 13 how bout you

    35. Jewel Wheeler

      like if you like riddles

    36. Tinsley Nicholson


    37. Joseph Barrows

      Its Joseph hi

    38. Carrie Rios

      Please see the gills on the boy's neck

    39. Michelle Lee

      Oof hi

    40. Michaelle Saintfleur

      He has a fish breathing hole but he looks human so maybe they are gay???🤔🤔

    41. Rose Gacha

      🥳😇😜🤨😯 Summer🥳 Summe😇 Summ😜 Sum🤨 Su😯 S😖 Sc😰 Sch😞 Scho😱 Schoo🤢 School🤮

    42. Gopinath B


    43. Shaquita Basileo

      Thumbnail: The mermaid because the kid is holding his breath.

    44. Eliza Hemphill


    45. Ava Lucero


    46. Ava Lucero

      I haaaaaaate comments

    47. Ava Lucero

      I see🌞🦋🐝🐜🐞🌸🌺🌻🐌🍂🦎🌳🐛

    48. betty aguilar

      8 emojis

    49. Ella Lemay

      I saw 12 :)

    50. actually0099

      stahp with lil man man screensalovcdbvouefh;w9EFHOLW;IRHO3QIHO9FH9et8hfOEFHR WHOS WATCHING IN 2020 GAMERS LOL XD XD XDDDDD

      1. Gacha Juju

        @actually0099 oh ok sksksksksksksk

      2. actually0099

        i pee in ur mouth notif gang?? owo

      3. Gacha Juju

        @actually0099 actually its not andfihawf its actually sksksksksksk

      4. actually0099

        @Gacha Juju OMG R U AND I OOP ANDFIHAWF yes

      5. Gacha Juju

        mE gaMEr

    51. Gacha Juju

      he has olive nipples (9:03) wHOs wATcHIng iN 2020

    52. Marlo Clores

      Ten emojes

    53. Marlo Clores

      Ten emojes

    54. Abel Cartaya


    55. kion dela cruz

      Letter A

    56. Dawn Buckley

      the mermaid is his mum bc he has gills!!! ( sorry to AMERICANS if u say mom instead of mum .)