Dallas Renegades vs. Seattle Dragons | Week 3 | 2020 XFL Highlights



65 k ganger8

    In Week 3 of the 2020 XFL season, former Pittsburgh Steelers and Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Landry Jones throws for 274 yards and three touchdowns, including two to tight end Donald Parham, to lead the Dallas Renegades to a 24-12 comeback victory over the Seattle Dragons.
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    1. NIc K

      the xfl ball looks longer and skinnier.. like a toy football you can launch. seems like a more fun design to launch down the field.

    2. Lirzem

      I didn’t know Vince McMahon was in the football business

    3. Oji Torres

      I like this league they just need to fix the jerseys cause every team but DC and St louis look ugly thry look like create a team jerseys 😭

    4. Alexander Negron

      Did y'all know that Brandon silvers has the second most passing touchdowns this season in the XFL

    5. Preston Fox

      when you realize the renegades can pull through in wins than trust the cowboys to make the playoffs

    6. Pollard Chase

      What a missed holding call on the first touchdown pass lol


      Austin needs to be in somebody nfl camp

    8. Manuel Seniceros

      What is up with laundry Jones pads. Bouncin around everywhere

    9. Darrell Jackson

      The TE for Dallas will for sure get an invite to someone NFL training camp

    10. Damien Ramey

      I hope the XFL sticks! Im happy there's football this time of year! These games are fun to watch. Everyone is hungry

    11. Chris Holscher

      We need more teams in the XFL! Loving this league so far!

    12. ora et labora

      The no fun league has trouble, this ain't going away

    13. California Cowboy

      I love this league .. xfl kickers have higher % then nfl lol..

    14. ranger3347

      I hope 2K sports is watching and makes an XFL game to rival maddens garbage!! Also add more teams 😊

    15. The Fury

      Silvers is a great qb. Idek why people are hating lol. Love my renegades though!!!

    16. Lil shak

      Im tryna see what team I should stick by lol

    17. luke wilson

      how can we wATCH which tv channel

      1. xFenix A2x

        luke wilson Google

    18. Andrew Benton

      If I was playing in the XFL the last thing I would do is put on a ski mask after doing something good. I'm sure NFL teams are just dying to add a criminal to their roster. Im sorry, but that was dumb.

      1. Andrew Benton

        @Prince kj 25 with holes cut out of the eyes and mouth? You kidding me?

      2. Prince kj 25

        Andrew Benton how does a ski mask make sum1 a criminal 🤦🏾‍♂️

    19. Orane Darby

      What Brady could've done with this TE this pass season

    20. Myster E

      Gotta love that double forward pass

    21. jesse james

      Dragons stadium attendance was down 7,000 tickets from last week. Coming off a home loss that number could continue to dip.

    22. phildirt3

      I was hoping for pile drivers, elbow smashes sharpshooters and karate thumbs being legal

    23. Kelvin

      im gonna say it seattle has the best fanbase

      1. Cody Bischoff

        Kelvin St. Louis does now

    24. Drew Wierson

      Football Offenses take time to get a rythm and chemistry. Its only going to get better... remember these guys only had a few weeks of prep and no preseason. Lovin the XFL and opportunity it provides these young men. Keep ballin

    25. Omega Man

      XFL should've chose more cities without a football team. Seattle Seahawks fans don't have a reason to support them. If you put it in a city without a team at least they have a reason to go.

    26. Perry Ellis

      The XFL is good for players to get noticed and also coaches for the NFL. I like that

      1. Perry Ellis

        @California Cowboy if the NFL wants any of these players or coaches, they will go to the NFL. 💰 💰 💰 💰🗣️🤫 money talks

      2. California Cowboy

        Perry Ellis nope we want this to be its own power house league.. were tired of nfl and its horrible play/ politics.

    27. Perry Ellis

      #49 Donald Pharam is gonna get picked up by the NFL, I hope the Steelers are watching, we could use him

    28. Andrew Gamez

      I'm enjoying this league. It doesn't matter if they win or lose they love the game. Very good sportsmanship in these guys. These guys truly love football.

    29. Heff Giovanni

      Good to see my dawg Channing Stribing out there makin plays! He was a baller at Michigan.

    30. Michael Castro

      That “ turnover mask “ makes me cringe...

    31. OG Juan Ginobili

      Jerry springer calling plays for Dallas?

      1. kenneth tolbert

        Right!! I thought that too! Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!!! 😆


      Landry Jones is trash

      1. kenneth tolbert

        Landry does boneheaded throws at times, but for the most part he's pretty decent.

      2. Benjamin Farias

        Hes better than Silvers. I wish Landry Jones was the Dragons QB.

      3. Andrew Thomas

        He is better than u

    33. Dustin_Bigdaddy_D

      I went to school with Donald Parham and played little league. Great guy. He's gonna make it to the NFL one day.

    34. Bhumi Rushing

      Those are my soone....I mean renegades out there.

    35. xAciD RaiinZz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a> is seattle even playing with db’s?

      1. thatbunk inthedresser

        Nope just 7 linebackers 😂. No one tried

    36. Scars Stitches

      Good team. If they eliminate turnovers, i'm taking them over Houston and Washington.

    37. Green Crib

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="379">6:19</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="383">6:23</a>. Beautiful!!

      1. xFenix A2x

        Green Crib Love the XFL ball!

    38. David R

      Dallas 👍

    39. Hooon Chyeah

      Lol <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="251">4:11</a> photographers scared for his life!

    40. Mr Vader

      It's official the xfl is already better than the nfl

    41. johnnysama

      I was at this game. It was alright...... sure wished the Dragons won this game, though.

      1. bay area 925

        It’s all good we’re on to St. Louis

      2. Josef


    42. rean seou

      Thank u for football baby!

    43. Taylor Sampson

      Renegades are good. Great defensively and if Landry Jones can minimize the turnovers and be more consistent. They can be a scary team

    44. Lika

      Landry Jones Shoulders Pads got that "Bobblehead" action goin on

      1. Rob Roux

        Landry Jones >Dak

      2. James Garcia

        SGxMONKEY I thought the same thing!!

      3. John L

        SGxMONKEY thought the same thing lol why are they so loose lol

    45. Ant bankzz14 P.N.W

      BILL NYE..😂😂

    46. Papa Shango

      I got to give it to xfl it's very entertaining!!

    47. El R.

      Dallas Renegades are good. They can fall behind in a game and come back to win. They keep this up and they may gain even more popularity there in Dallas.

    48. John Maldonado

      Collin Kaepernick needs to join

      1. FlameWingMan

        John Maldonado if he stops being money hungry he can

    49. Cole Hunter

      I do enjoy this more than the AAFL and I genuinely enjoyed watching any other pro football during the off-season. Go dragons!

      1. Aries Hipolito

        Im a dragons fan

      2. white liberals RD roots of all evil

        Hate Seattle for their political policies but they have the Best fans when it comes to sports.

    50. Book of shadows contributor Brian

      75th comment 🍱🍣🍘🍢

    51. # Guiltless

      Go Dallas 😎

    52. Moisés Magalhães

      another great game, XFL is real

    53. Sean Richards

      This league needs “Johnny Football”

      1. Sean Richards

        gethomas02 first off, I am not a Manziel fan, but it would give the XFL some serious media attention, viewers and to your point, the QB play is pretty rough.

      2. gethomas02

        Sorry I have to agree with you what I saw at the Seattle game with horrible the quarterback play Seattle’s defense is great the quarterback couldn’t find a wide receiver and a 10 x 10 bucks playing catch


        Sean Richards 😂😂😂keep that clown away

    54. mike h

      The star rotating on that football 🏈 was awesome.

    55. Amaral Junaid

      The refs should do an x with their hands instead of the u

    56. RealBlessed

      Seattle loves some football, even the xfl team gotta 12th man. Loud af.

    57. tiDDies aTTic

      They have "3 headed RB's" in the XFL? I only had 2 back in my gridiron glory days 🤷🏼‍♂️

    58. RAWCurves101

      Good Game!!!

    59. Jared Kestner

      NFL teams regretting passing on Macginnis now ain’t they!

      1. xFenix A2x

        Jared Kestner he’s legit.

    60. Neo Huerta

      How many of you NFL only fans compare expansion NFL teams vs those that have been there since whenever ??

    61. Dante Reed

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> Godwin igwebuike went to my school 😮

      1. John Doe

        Only Greatness I know of multiple players in my city or that I went to the same school as that went to the nfl it’s not a big deal

      2. Saints Highlights History

        He’s playing in the pros, who are you? Nobody knows because your name is John Doe.

      3. Only Greatness

        @John Doe not a lot of athletes make the leagues

      4. John Doe

        He plays in the xfl not the nfl relax lol

    62. Jorel Byssainthe

      Loving the xfl so far!

    63. lolwutyoumad

      Dragons are the bears of the XFL, all defense and nothing on offense

      1. Elite Sriracha

        lolwutyoumad ;-; sad but true

    64. lolwutyoumad

      Dragons are the bears of the XFL, all defense and nothing on offense

      1. Benjamin Farias

        It's TRUE. We're like the PC Seahawks w/o Russell Wilson. 😭

      2. Michael Castro

        It’s that’s Brandon Silvers they starting... they need to start BJ Daniels

      3. Mr Vader

        lolwutyoumad I agree but look at DC and Houston there also pretty good

    65. D.J Barnes

      Dallas needs that TE.

      1. Sons of Christ

        D.J Barnes he’s 6’8 moving like WR looks like lebron

    66. RockNRollFather

      The star on the football is cool while seeing it thrown through the air

      1. xFenix A2x

        RealBlessed Ahem, see PJ Walker. Spiral machine. You do know it doesn’t take super humans to throw tight spirals right? 😂 I throw a mean one myself and I’m no football player. Think people!

      2. John L

        Was going to comment the same thing lol I love it

      3. Aaron Ax

        Was thinking the exact same thing

      4. RealBlessed

        RockNRollFather too bad these fools cant throw a tighter spiral to see it in action lol.

      5. Jorel Byssainthe


    67. Comp Account

      This week is more entertaining than the last.

      1. xFenix A2x

        Comp Account Great games yesterday 👏🏻 Hopefully they got great ratings. I know they’re social media accounts are growing crazy. Every hour I checked during games they had 2-3k more followers. Hopefully they have 1mill+ by end of the season. They’re at 500K+ now.

    68. TheMonkeyMan23

      AYYYE Stetson university representing the XFL....killin it PARHAM

    69. C.S.R

      This is boring football! I don’t see this lasting for more than a couple seasons! I watched today’s game and it was hard to watch all the way through! I don’t see myself returning next week. Let me know who wins the championship at the end of season.

      1. Benjamin Farias

        @theherbpuffer or an NBC employee.

      2. theherbpuffer

        You must be a NFL employee

      3. Chris Nguyen

        It okay my virgin incel friend. You will get laid someday I promise!

      4. Bryan Okere

        C.S.R loser

      5. dreon lewis staff member of the RESPN

        Bye random stranger

    70. mojo jojo

      TE is a beast...imagine teaming him up with Jarwin...

      1. adiaz2469

        Can he run block? Thats one of the reasons they cut Rico Gathers. That and his inability to learn the playbook and attitude issues of I remember correctly. But then again they have new coaches so it likely the criteria has changed.

    71. Joel Poythress

      We need this league more than ever, NFL will have to step up their game if this takes off WIN

      1. California Cowboy

        imadz 22 lol thats called “football” lol every play in NFL are mistaken plays 😞

      2. California Cowboy

        Joel Poythress yeah this is very exciting entertaining football

      3. j.k. 123

        @Mr. Scale Vince has learned his lesson and XFL is in it for long term.

      4. Illus


      5. Robert Smith

        Joel Poythress yeah, but the XFL is trying to not compete with the NFL.

    72. Adam Martinez

      Silvers is absolute garbage

    73. Jay Teezy’s World

      Hope some on this winning rubs off on the Cowboys

      1. Benjamin Farias

        @Lord Beerus I would disagree.

      2. Benjamin Farias

        I hope none of this rubs off on the Seahawks...

      3. Jay Teezy’s World

        Lord Beerus in my opinion no other city like it

      4. Lord Beerus

        Is the city of dallas better then every city in u.s.

    74. D bob

      Renegades vs Cowboys.....who wins?

      1. _underdog_

        Renegades win 37-13

      2. Insurgent

        i think cowboys would have the edge on them to be honest. in my opinion, if they played, i think the final score would be 30ish to 10ish in cowboys favor. edit: now, if you were to bring up Washington Redskins vs DC Defenders, id feel more inclined to believe the Defenders would make the XFL shine with spotlight

    75. Rich Quatro

      This is real football. Way better than the NFL rules.

    76. Askme Later


      1. Madara Uchiha

        @C.S.R paid troll

      2. Bryan Okere

        C.S.R loser

      3. Tim Tom

        C.S.R lame troll clown

      4. Tim Tom

        Askme Later wrong.

      5. C.S.R

        Askme Later Boring football

    77. Rufeoxero


    78. Mamba 4 Life

      NFL with Vince McMahon running the show would be >>>>>>

    79. Yankees Fan1600

      Manziel needs to be Qb1 for one of these squads ASAP

    80. Opinionated 1

      Who else watched the Bill Nye edition