Dan Hardy: Conor McGregor vs. Justin Gaethje Early Preview!

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    UFC commentator Dan Hardy speaks to Submission Radio about a potentially rumoured fight between Conor McGregor vs. Justin Gaethje and what some of the keys are for both men, especially Conor McGregor after his win over Donald Cowboy Cerrone at UFC 246.
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    1. France keane Vergara

      connor will knock him stiff

    2. Theron Nelson

      I'm not very impressed hopefully gaethje will get rid of Conor McGregor once and for all the British accent and the Australian accent sounds horriblenothing worse than a nauseating guy named Casper who thinks he knows about MMA

    3. Max Media Company

      Justin Gathje won’t be able to take conor down. And I’m sick of people acting like Gathje has crazy cardio. All of his losses come by KO in the later rounds because he gasses himself out. No way he can last 5 round with McGregor. He’d be picked apart.

    4. Gee Banger

      Greasy lens brah

    5. Love Armstrong

      Justins cool till he turns into a pubching bag that throws leg licks

    6. Love Armstrong

      Yall act like Conor didnt defend well against Khabibs grappling better than most in Lw

    7. Future UFC champion

      conor was on 1 leg against mendes, 0 wrestling training, Mendes is way better wrestler than Gaethje guaranteed, Gaethje doesnt have a win after 3rd round so i donno how about later rounds power. i got conor and its gonna be 1 sided


      Justin hasn't beaten a top contender & has been destroyed by two already. His stand up is sloppy & wild with no head movement. McGregor will smoke this dude.

      1. Ibra Mohamed

        You mean unless he decide to wrestle, though we dont see wrestle or grapple do you think he will use it against conor?? And if he does would it be affective??

    9. David Filipović

      Id like to see Gaethje vs Khabib, i dont know how he will do against Conor, everybody wrote Nate of though, but Justin aint Nate...

    10. paul b

      I don't really like McGregor to be honest but I think Conor will blow through him like a warm fart in the wind. Justin is made for him. When has Justin tried wrestling anyone? Conor speed accuracy and power, Justin is so hittable. I see a massacre

    11. Rumbly

      dan hardy should ask the real question, will gaethje wrestle because until now 0 takedown attempt from gaethje in the ufc

    12. Sahil Bishnoi

      Connor vs Gaethje is the fight to make. The winner absolutely deserves the title shot. If Justin wins he was next in line anyway and nobody can deny his shot at the title and if Connor wins then he is who he said he was after taking down a dangerous opponent in Gaethje at 155. But for that to happen Khabib has to win, if Tony wins which I believe he can, Khabib would definitely demand a rematch if he doesn't get demolished by Tony. So let's see how it all plays out.

    13. letaP George

      The Caravan I sleep in and everything inside it is going on Justin. No way Connor beats him.

    14. John Surf

      Justin gonna kill Conor!!!!

    15. Ritalie

      Have people not seen the new Gaethje? People think Conor will walk through Gaethje??? Gaethje is a freak athlete, he has cardio and power for days, and won't slow down after 4 1/2 minutes. Gaethje holds the record for the hardest punch ever recorded, pound for pound, on the UFC punching machine. Derrick Lewis holds the all time record.

      1. Future UFC champion

        you're as good as your last opponent. glass jaw vick, 0 fight IQ barboza and cerrone who after ferguson fight just didnt care. cardio and power for days huh? how many fights has he won that went past 3 rounds?

    16. Jason Cole

      Let's be honest Conor isnt taking that fight. He only fights killers for the belt.

    17. Tennessee Charles

      Huge Gaethje fan but I don't see anyway he beats Conor.

    18. John Gleeson

      He really is not in Conor's league. Anyone who think's he does is just giving Geathje too much credit for being strong in areas where people tend to claim Conor are weak. Or are just those complete dumbarses who hope and prey the next person Conor fights destroys and humiliates him out of hatred.

    19. Joe King

      conor needs to fight gaethje and then poirier to even be considered for a khabib rematch. not that he can beat gaethje which conor knows and the reason he will never sign for the fight.

      1. Joe King

        @SEVENTEEN conor use to basically be at deaths door to cut down to 145, thats where he made "his name" beating little guys.we all know his record since trying a higher weight class! it has not gone down too well, he has lost as many as he has won, hell he even needed a compliant (read fix) opponent in cowboy to come back with as he knew the game has passed him by, poirier will give conor a lesson even if conor did beat him many moons ago. conor is an opportunist who was placed in the right place by dana, now he comes back to sell snake oil to vulnerable "fans" then sails away again with a bigger bank balance. he has not been a "competitor" for a long time now, if he was he would go through the gathjes and poiriers before thinking he has any entitlement to a title shot again.

      2. SEVENTEEN

        McGregor will smoke justin & khib & his nut suckets knows he didn't face a motivated McGregor. Sounds like you all are getting nervous. Why would he fight Dustin again. He destroyed him faster & more devastating than khib did. Khib needs to focus on tony. Khib is a one trick poney fighting much lighter & all stand up guys. His time will end & it will be glorious. Khib is also to big of a coward to move up to 170, where he should be fighting bit cuts 40 lbs to stay away from those killers with good stand up & great wrestling.

    20. Zach Roberts

      This is the fight that should’ve been made instead of Cowboy

      1. Zach Roberts

        Dan B you see why they gave him that fight. So they can give him the easiest path to the title

      2. Dan B

        No, not at all, COnor coming off a less needed to fight someone else coming off a loss

    21. johnbs199

      Gaethje won't use his wrestling unless it's get in the Clinch or to defend panic wrestling takedowns

    22. GIT LIT

      Justin will be dumb and stand with Conor and get whooped. Justin wont take Conor down first. Justin really only does aswell as he does, is because he can take a punch. same with Nate and Nick Diaz. Justin better take Kahbibs lead and ground that foh hard first. IF Conor fights Justin

    23. Chucky & Stewie

      155 is where Conor made a name for himself.. justin is a great fighter but him and Conor are on 2 different levels. by round 2 i put my money on seeing a busted up bleeding Gaethje stumbling along the fence while Conor pounds him 2 to the ground. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

    24. Cosmic Rahal

      When has Justin used wrestling??? He won’t use that wrestling and if he tried it won’t be super effective for the fact that he doesn’t use it in fights

      1. Future UFC champion

        he started shooting on dustin when he was out on his feet lol

    25. Edwin Peguero

      How does DH have a job? Since when JG try to wrestle? Smdh.

      1. Future UFC champion

        his cardio is probably even worse than conor's and he doesnt have late rounds wins at all

    26. Nature Lord

      I think Conor will beat gaethje...Cz Conor finished the best looking Alvarez at that tym whom Justin lost in a ko... Conor will get it dn if it's gaethje.. The only fight Conor struggles is Khabib and Tony.✌️🤝

      1. Future UFC champion

        MMA math doesnt work but that Alvarez fight as well as Dustin fight (another guy who got starched by conor but still battered Gaethje) showed a lot of things about Gaethje. his cardio isnt the best, his recovery isnt the best and he doesnt move with punches and has almost no headmovement. he rather bites down his mouthpiece taking it full on. dude already sounds like he has CTE

    27. thailand smile

      The fight hasn't been announced ,we don't know if their fighting yet

    28. Daniel corcoran

      I honestly think gaethje knows he doesnt stand a chance but just wants That Red panty night

    29. Dont Needtoknow

      If Gaethje fights smart and takes Conor down and beats him up with ground and pound before trying knock him out standing, he has a chance. But Gaethje has shown that he doesn’t fight smart and tries to be a entertaining fighter by standing and banging and if he goes this route, Conor will beat him. Overall skills set I would put Gaethje ahead of Conor cause he has a better wrestling but Conor has recently shown he has better take down defense as well.

    30. Ok Long

      Gaethje gets slept easy fighting much lighter hitting fighters. This is exactly the kind of guy McGregor KO's early. You have to be bigger than him and grapple or it's night night.

      1. Luke Bennett

        gaethje has only been finished in round for 4 tho if he survives early he could get tko win in 3 or 4

    31. shravan kumar

      It's not lightweight

    32. Juggling Taxi Famous

      Juggling Taxi 🚖 I love ❤️ Submission Radio 📻, I think he should stay at 170 .

    33. Naveed syed

      McTapper practicing for *Proper Tap* move. Hope Justin destroys what remains of his bullcrap made in china fame

    34. Booch 4 Snooch

      People say Dan is a good analyst but all he does recently is sit on the fence, Conor is the obvious favourite and he knows it.

      1. Future UFC champion

        probably just selling the fight

    35. Booch 4 Snooch

      fn dan hardy must have a sore anus his butt cheeks always straddling that fence!!


      Should be one hell of a fight. McGregor needs a serious test before any one starts talking bout him being a challenger or being a BMF or the face of MMA or any of that. He needs to get back in the trenches & reestablish him after those loses & that scripted pantomime vs Cowboy.

      1. SPIDERM0OSE

        @Ryan Swanson I kno Cerone was on a 3 fight win streak & had just beaten the only man to go 5 rounds with Nurmagomedov when he fought Ferguson. I also kno that Princes Transgender fought a Cerone who had just come off two TKO stoppage losses in a row.

      2. Ryan Swanson

        You obviously know zero about mma in general. Thanks for playing fukkboi🤙

      3. SPIDERM0OSE

        @Ryan Swanson Fairy tale princess Missy McGregor swanned in n hit the beastly Cowboy with a braless shoulder n that was that, the perfect ending to a perfect night for the perfect transgender Warrior princess from Dublin, Conor ''The Fairytale' McGregor. You couldn't script it eh ? You just couldn't write it, could you ? Or could you ?

      4. Ryan Swanson

        Dont forget that the guy fighting for the title next T-Ferg, his last win was against none other than Cowboy and Gaethjes last win was also against none other than Cowboy Cerrone at a depleted and dehydrated #155 . Conor smashed Cowboy fully hydrated at #170 in under 1 minute. Far more impressive than what Ferg and Gaethje did, and Conor hadnt fought in 15+ months.

    37. ImMikoFreako

      Fuck that. Was ment to be Masvidal. Fuck off ufc.

    38. q1k9i3l0ä5å

      Too short!

    39. wharsmetoothpicson

      I think people underestimate Conor's takedown defence.

    40. Mr Sleptya

      DANE:::::::::::: MAKE IT HAPPEN

    41. Eric Nisbet

      Justin Gaethje will absolutely SMASH Conor McGregor !!!!!!!! EASY MONEY!!!!! CHICKEN SHIT / CHICKEN SALAD!!!!

    42. Cheyenne Johnson

      Geathjie will lose in an Aldo-ish devastating fashion if he fights how he normally does. The take one to give one bully style will never defeat Conor. If justin tries to "BANG" with Conor he will be slept within the 90 second mark

      1. Cheyenne Johnson

        @Kalmer Henrico yeah clearly I'm a casual. Because surely Justin Geathjie would never be so dense as to wade into the fire looking to take one to throw one. How silly of me. I just dont watch enough MMA to understand that geathjie is a quick counter strike that touches and goes. He stays so light on his feet his defense is truly one of the best.......but I'm just a casual fan so forgive me for thinking that justin geathjie is one of the most hittable fighters in the ufc. And forgive me for thinking that. I never notice the way justin is so light on his feet and stays safe from danger.....hahaha dumbass your letting emotions cloud you. If I had to pick 2 guys tailor made for mcgregor to ko I'd say cowboy and geathjie. But hay who knows maybe this new "lithe agile and cautious" justin geathjie that only you seem to have seen can change his entire fighting style in 1 6-8 week fight camp.

      2. Kalmer Henrico

        Cheyenne Johnson aldo attacked out of anger, built up for so long. Everyone knows that he rushed in (unlike him at all) but I’m not talking fighting styles etc. I’m talking the FACT that Justin is MUCH bigger and stronger than Aldo. They aint The same. There’s a reason aldo never moves up and a reason he’s fighting BANTAMWEIGHT now, and not lightweight. But you clearly a casual otherwise I wouldn’t have to explain that

      3. Cheyenne Johnson

        @Kalmer Henrico sooooo......justin doesn't plod forward throwing big punches???? Sure seems like that because that's what he does that in every fight.....

      4. Kalmer Henrico

        Cheyenne Johnson Justin is no aldo lol

      5. sameasnow

        @PS right but if he hasn't implemented his wrestling at all in top level fights how will he be prepared to implement an effective mma style wrestling against a two time champ under massive pressure, anything's possible but i'm not putting money oney on it.

    43. Tad Damico

      I have been really wanting to see this fight for while.Gaethje will knock Connor out in the third.

    44. pliit

      Show sosig on cam

    45. Dwayne Johnson

      I'd rather see Conor vs Poirier who's now bigger, stronger and better than their first match. Besides Poirier already destroyed Gaethje.

      1. Ryan Swanson

        Poirier didn't destroy Gaethje bro. He beat him true, but they were both fucked up and Gaethje was undoubtedly winning that fight until Dustin staggered him and finished him on 1 leg. What Conor did to Dustin was destruction, what he did to Cowboy was destruction, Alvarez destruction, Aldo destruction/took his soul💯.

    46. Riich_Anthony

      Hey Dan can we even talk about Justin Gaethje’s wrestling? He never uses it and hasn’t used it offensively since coming into the ufc.

    47. Hondude

      Has Conor improved on his take down defense (which isn't actually that bad) and how good is Gaethje's wrestling when applied to MMA. We don't have answers to either of these questions yet. It's an intriguing fight but I think Conor takes it based on what we've seen with both of their previous matches. This is even if it gets made..who knows.

      1. Future UFC champion

        @Sam James his takedown defense is fantastic. it took khabib a while to finish the takedown, got all takedowns stuffed in the 3rd and against mendes conor was on 1 leg.

      2. Sam James

        💯 did dan not see Alvarez v McGregor.. his takedown defence was fantastic

    48. just call frank 00

      He has always had take down defence I disappointed with dan

      1. Future UFC champion

        he missed out too many informations. i hope hes just trying to sell that fight as its just rumored yet. deep down in his heart he probably thinks conor would just dismantle him, beat him down and so do I. I just dont see a path to win for Gaethje other than a lucky punch and even probability of that is slim to none

    49. just call frank 00

      Tut. Dan, Conor putting him to sleep round 1

      1. Eric Nisbet

        Justin Gaethje will absolutely SMASH Conor McGregor!!!!!! HANDS DOWN!!!!

    50. john milner

      Connor knocks him out in the 1st....

      1. Jack M

        most likely. then all the haters who said conor is afraid of him will say gaethje took a dive.


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    52. M EAS

      Is this fight actually happening?

      1. Future UFC champion

        probably. cerrone is still medically suspended, dan just fought and doubt they would put him against conor, dustin is begging for diaz at 170, tony and khabib are fighting obviously, masvidal is going for usman and they were supposed to fight last year before conor broke his hand anyway.

    53. Dan S.

      Conor/Gaethje fight NOT confirmed.

    54. 17seventySIX

      It's amazing we haven't seen or heard from cerrone since his fight with Conor.. not a peep...

      1. Luke Bennett

        he has said he wants to fight in april or may

      2. Thane Vakarian

        He’s had some stuff to say. Particular pissed off that people said he took a dive, and said his orbital bone wasn’t broken, or his nose wasn’t broken, just busted... idk it’s out there though if you wana read it.

    55. 西井敬子

      The only way Conor can beat Justin is getting into his head by two much bla bla and put media pressure on his and his fans screaming etc other than that no way , that son of Bitch need those mountain boys , who don’t listen to fans while they are beating the shit on him and don’t listen to trash talk

    56. s w

      Gaethje walks through Conor.

      1. Ryan Swanson

        Like a ghost, after he's been left unconscious by way of Irish Dynamite🤣🤣! Gaethje is no doubt a beast, but if he does ANYTHING other than wrestle(highly doubtful)he gets ko'd stiff. I believe Gaethje has the best and imo a very very good chance of beating Khabib, but styles make fights, and McGregor is a terrible matchup for Justin. Too willing to bang in the pocket with an absolute "Sniper" with a fight IQ leagues above his competition, doesn't bode well for Mr. Gaethje💯

      2. Brian CTE City Ortega

        s w lol

    57. מיכאל מאירוביץ,

      This is one of the best fight to make. None of this respectful Cowboy shit, Justin is going to go straight for him. The trash talk will be incredible and the fight could be crazy.

    58. ClayDog MadMan

      The Justin Gaethje fight haven't yet been confirmed so far it's rumored... Conor MacFalseHood is looking towards another cash grab fight from Floyd Mayweather...

    59. Mike Burkhardt

      Oh yeah

    60. tom kelly

      Dan Hardy is so jealous of Conor McGregor

    61. Luke Weedon

      Gaethje is getting beat up bad. He comes forward and gets hit alot. He knocks u out or gets knocked out himself. Conor destroyed the two guys that gaethje lost to. So conor wins easy

    62. RonaldReaganJr

      Guess what.. Justin has to meet him at 170. Conor will only fight at 155 for the belt

      1. Future UFC champion

        @Niall Watts conor will probably want to make a statement making championship weight if people began to question his weight cut with how jacked hes gotten

      2. Jack M

        i think conor would be better off dropping down to 155 to fight him. to shut up all the haters and to get a fight in at that weight before just cutting to 155 for the first time in years and jumping straight into khabib.

      3. Niall Watts

        Wouldn't JG like that though? Not having to cut weight. assuming he'd still remain next in line for LW shot

    63. Sol Invictus

      Twitter IyNuk ☯

    64. Ernest Kabil

      No he don’t.his left hand went on vacae .

    65. Justin Davitt

      Conor by precision dismantling

      1. Jared Martin

        Conor beats every striker

    66. Ryan Jenkins

      The straight jab and cross is the difference in this matchup, Justin gaethje tends to swing with hooks and more power and I believe Connor is too quick to get caught up. CONOR 1ST ROUND KO

      1. johnbs199

        Lmao if Chad Mendez can land overhand rights at will, and khabib can drop mcgregor, Gaethje can too and he will put Conor to sleep

    67. Thomas Nappo


    68. Adam zoabi

      if you don't think conor is gonna probably murder gathje then you don't really understand the sport

    69. Tom Fleming

      Conor should watch Dan's fight against GSP when GSP had him in the arm bar and never tapped! That is a friggin badass! That fight to me represents the fabric and the will of a man that will not give up under any circumstance! Conor, take a lesson!

      1. Tom Fleming

        @Cineris well, then you and Conor can tap away...me and Dan will fight till there is no fight left in us! Like I said, it's what shows what you are made of! Quitters defend quitters..... Conor is a big mouth dilusional douche of a human and has tapped in every one of his losses. watching khabib beat the fuck out of him then make him quit was one of the greatest sports moments ever!!!

      2. Cineris

        @Tom Fleming Folks like Dan are the exception, not the rule. Most fighters tap when put in a position to do so, very few do not. Why just point Conor out for this? Why not Dustin or numerous others? Not tapping is a matter of ego in the face of defeat, it's as simple as that. An inability to admit it's checkmate... It's the equivalent of a Wilder who can't admit his Trainer did the right thing... He was done... A man should be able to admit they're bested.

      3. Tom Fleming

        @SEVENTEEN well, I guess you missed the entire point. Nobody said he was a better fighter than McGregor you dope! The point was that Dan was never a quitter and Conor is in the face of adversity.....enough said!

      4. SEVENTEEN

        How many belts does Hardy have? Enough said.

    70. Xivinux

      love your work dan hardy

    71. Xivinux

      fight is never gonna happen

    72. Tarun Bains

      Just seeing Conor go head to head with other top lightweight contenders is all I wanted to see. And earn his way back to Khabib or Tony. The lightweight division is moving properly now, love it.

      1. Kalmer Henrico

        Niall Watts his last 3 opponents? Lol all within a year... including cowboy. You dumb casual

      2. Jack M

        @Mr Spiff wonder what you'll say if conor easily beats gaethje in round 1. "gaethje took a dive for the $."?

      3. Massiah Saiz

        Mr Spiff well we’ll never really know how those fights will play out in the top 5 until we see them so I don’t understand why you’re talking as if Conor losing is a certainty. I’d be rooting for the other fighter every time but I’d also acknowledge the danger that Conor still poses

      4. Vans 1990

        @Massiah Saiz Agree 100%

      5. Vans 1990

        @Mr Spiff You're delusional man. He is definitely a top 5 lightweight. You might hate him but his resume speaks for itself. That's just factually accurate.

    73. Ben Nevis

      All ufc fighters must use steroids it would takes years to gain that muscle naturally and then loose it fast.

      1. Matty the Killa

        Ben Nevis but they DO get tested, often. and those caught with steroids are punished. hence TJs current suspension among many others

      2. Ben Nevis

        Matty the Killa I know but gaining mass takes years not a couple months 100% steroid use in the ufc. That means totally corrupt

      3. Matty the Killa

        have you ever cut weight ? You gain it right back. it’s water weight, you sweat it out.

    74. John Boylan

      Gaethje never wrestles and gaases out almost as quick as Conor.

    75. Drive by Night

      Apparently this fight is in the preliminary stages of being made... We’ll see... It’s only right they fight for the number 1 contender spot...

    76. devon inman

      Easy for Connor he will embarrass Gaethje.. then people will say he paid to win that fight or he took a dive

    77. DrGanja99

      Conor starches Gaethje

    78. Lup Lewis

      Wow looking through the comment section I see the fair weather McGregor fans jumping back on the wagon.The guy loses to khabib and they jump ship saying he sucks and is a tap machine now after he beats Cowboy y'all back on his nuts smh.Conor brings out more casual mma fans than anyone I've ever seen.

      1. Lup Lewis

        @Matthew who said I dont think that?I have said I believe McGregor has the counter ability to light Gaethje up But imo the thing Justin has that I think can cause problems for Conor is them low leg kicks and of course anyone who can take Conor into the later rounds has a chance because he gets fatigued.i like watching both guys fight and think it will be a exciting fight for as long as it last.

      2. Matthew

        @Lup Lewis Styles do make fights, thats why Gaethje gets lit up by Mcgregor. I wonder why you dont see this, as a self proclaimed non-casual. It's probably hate driving your reason i guess.

      3. Jordan Presnell

        Ryan Swanson Ferguson’s resume is comparable. He’s on a 13 win streak, and beaten RDA, Josh Thompson, Edson Barboza, Anthony Pettis, etc all in their prime except showtime maybe

      4. Lup Lewis

        @Ryan Swanson yes casuals, the fact you don't know MMA math doesn't work proves that you must be one!styles make fights#FACTS!

      5. Ryan Swanson

        Casuals? You do realize Fergusons last win was against Cowboy, right? You also realize Gaethjes last win was also against Cowboy, right? Conor absolutely wrecked a fully hydrated Cowboy at #170 in under ☝️minute bro😂! Look at the resume' of McGregor, Gaethje, and Fergie and tell me which of the 3 is most impressive. Its not even close. That's not nut hugging bro, thats #FACTS 🤙

    79. Lup Lewis

      I see them leg kicks being the biggest issue for Conor.we know Justin will Not try and wrestle Conor so it will be all striking.Conor has the counter punching ability to pick Justin apart but the more those low leg kicks add up the harder it would be for Conor.Exciting and dangerous fight for both guys, I hope it happens🙏.

    80. Victor Garza

      Justin is a zombie, just like Nate Diaz. So if Connor can sleep him, that will be a huge deal! And reaffirm people's belief in Connor's power.

      1. Victor Garza

        @devon inman perhaps. Justin is supposed to be a great wrestler, but you never see him do that. He only strikes. But he does have a gas tank, and Connor not so much

      2. devon inman

        Victor Garza he’s been put away twice bye poirer and Alvarez.. Connor doesn’t need to reaffirm anything. He would destroy Gaethje