Day 2 W/ NBA Trainer - 1 ON 1 Isolation Moves GUARANTEED To DESTROY Opponents!



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    1. David Boboye

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1360">22:40</a> okay flighttt, you nice wit it

    2. Echo

      Why flight always has his pants pockets flip inside out? Is that the new trend🤣🤣

    3. DON D'JANGO

      Flight just look too goofy

    4. Sam Way

      Were on venus while your girl or mom is on my peshis flight kid your a little girl bumb punk black kewn

    5. Jrizyy

      Like get loose u dribble all stuff that’s y u can’t really control the ball u so ass

    6. Jrizyy

      Flight when u dribble spread yo fingers out

    7. Taeron Carson

      I mean it’s not that damn serious, like it’s for NOsel of all the things if you have to prove something this bad to show that you’ve gotten better to boost your self-esteem I would just be happy playing basketball for fun fuck what everybody talking about at the end of the day you must be making some bank if you can waste it on a “NBA trainer”.

    8. Dakidzobe _

      Flight I’m counting on you don’t make count you out you doing good

    9. Bob Ross


    10. 6Bird Gang9

      Ok flight i see you. You gna have to get bak all those Ls you took after this.

    11. Tijahni Jogie

      I’m happy for u flight can’t wait till u cook Cash bro 💪🏾❤️

    12. Ted Reblando

      In June: flight teaching Shaq how to shoot three

    13. Eric Le

      Lets go flight u got this

    14. Pixelgun Gamer

      9 ads???????

    15. FBI

      What have you been sleeping on.

    16. tim perkins

      His pockets out like an 8 yr old lol

    17. K P

      i just want to see flight beat someone 1v1 for the first time in my life

    18. Joe Capalot

      This shit funny as fuck tho 🤣🤣

    19. TitoAgent PlayZ

      Look at curry man

    20. Cartier C


    21. iFunny Bro

      All fun and games til flight starts posterising everybody

    22. savv 11z

      he keep sayin stamina but the trainer needa tell him the term is aerobic endurance 😔

    23. IsoMetrixz

      Only OG flight fans can like this comment

    24. TheAyeJays

      After seeing these, I really hope Flight wins his games. So inspirational man

    25. capalot Jay

      2 more weeks

    26. Kori Wright

      June coming kinda soon

    27. Parallel 2 Lit

      I would destroy flight in a 1v1 and I'm 12.🤦🏾‍♀️he trashh

    28. lil Zuay

      i love flight but if i missed those layups and my coach saw he would beat me into a pulp.

    29. Freezy DMX

      I see you Flight getting better everyday! Nice to see that you work hard to get better. My advice just work with the ball and the skill will come to. I want you to be the best hooper man.

    30. Jet Dorado

      Bought a Rollie before a Bed That’s the next fire lyric for the next single lol

    31. tfc ky

      FTC should join ssh would be 🔥

    32. Louietoy Legend

      Haters gonna be silent if he plays like a true baller

    33. Boet Mostert

      i really like to see tht he's actually improving and that he does really give his all

    34. josh ward

      Gotta work on speed and explosiveness do some squats or something

    35. Breezy MC

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1165">19:25</a> he’s speaking facts

    36. The one JJM

      Yo if he trains a cupful of years he might got to the nba

    37. Brandon Shield

      Proud of u flight you came a long way, i mean you still ass but if u keep at it you gonna be cash weak ass bruh too cocky i want u to do him in

    38. Starwarrior 7

      Now those middle schoolers he plays in pick up games won't have a chance! All jokes aside, good job in putting the effort to get better at something you enjoy doing with quality training and practice. Look at flight man.....inspirational sht.

    39. Tmk Jhlon

      This just clips of the shoots he made 🤦🏽‍♂️💀

      1. Tmk Jhlon


    40. J 824

      if your as bad as flight guys please don’t get a trainer, work on your fundamentals this is why people like gilbert arenas have strong opinions about certain trainers

    41. Tmk Jhlon

      He finna beat Chash nasty an soluminti 1v1

    42. Alex Lopez

      This dude really keep trying and looks dumb asf pounding the ball on the ground🤣

    43. Kolhrs.on.PS4

      Luv ur vids tho

    44. Kolhrs.on.PS4

      You still mad ass

    45. Rock girl

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="475">7:55</a> was actually a very clean layup from flight. He is genuinely trying to improve and that’s good to see

    46. kermitthefrog37

      We need curry training flight for June

    47. kermitthefrog37

      4 Days to Gooooo!!

      1. Rock girl

        Yo he low key be getting better doe

    48. Lavish Productions

      claim your “here before june” button right here>

    49. Lavish Productions

      claim your “here before june” button right here>

    50. tyrone abrahams

      im proud of flight everybody was hating on him look at him now

    51. Aaron Robinson

      Man trippin he make hella money but doesn’t have furniture

    52. NBD_Dalen


    53. Bobby King

      Shout out to anti he bring nothing but real vibes

    54. Makayla White

      Sadly we got the same last name and I also suck at basketball ball I got better

    55. DatBoyGlo

      My boy flight working on his badges

    56. nukes 123

      Use this as a flight react to beetle juice button

    57. Thanos The Farmer

      I'm pretty sure this dude could lose against the worst WNBA player. Edit: it's a joke no hate lol

    58. Omar Elmaghraby

      who else got a steph curry master class add 😂😂

    59. Dāvis LV

      Jesus i can easely beat him 1v1 no 🧢

    60. Nigel Martin

      ok flight i see you

    61. Christian Vukaj

      Imagine flight dies may 31🤣🤣

    62. Isaac Madrid

      Lizard from Sanjay and Craig

    63. STeven W.

      Yo he low key be getting better doe

    64. Matt Eck

      Keep grinding Flight 💪😤

    65. Nylon Prod.

      Comments: OMG I’m so proud he’s actually practicing hard! So motivational! Me: HE HAS PLAYED BASKETBALL 2 TIMES IN THE SPAN OF 15 DAYS. That’s not🤦

    66. Aj Huss

      If only he wasn’t high when he balled 😭😭

    67. Aybar Shora

      Bro,flight lookin like he skipping the meals

    68. lmao

      is the trainer even trna help? seem like the camera man helping flight more tf

    69. Ivana Obeng

      am i the only girl who’s been watching flight since 2017?😭

    70. Shawn Demspter

      If he stopped smoking weed then he would be fine stamina wise and would be able to get through each workout more easily.

    71. Fred Dorsey

      You suck at basketball

    72. Fred Dorsey

      1v1 me

    73. Sonny NRNW


    74. Scott Duignan

      You can tell he on that grind, when he hasn’t shaved.

    75. John Trembly

      He’s really trying his best to improve, nobody can hate in that

    76. Nando ._

      I don't really watch flight like that but I'm proud 😢

    77. Esco Fishing

      Like for flight vs mikey

    78. Matt Ioannides

      Once he gets smoother with dribbling and controls the ball better hes gonna be looking real good

    79. God Himself

      Flight yo trainer needa make you crawl before you walk this man got you running like you really don’t know what your doing horrible trainer in my opinion your gonna be just as trash in JUNE

    80. Anthony Suarez

      Yo trim your beard my guy