Dean Schneider Reunion of Nayla the Queen

Dean Schneider

Dean Schneider

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    The Reunion of Nayla „The Queen“ with her Pride🐾 was unbelievable! I‘ve never learned more about the behavior of Lions🦁 than in this particular event!
    It also gave Me a better insight into their mind and revealed their way of thinking when it comes to family-structure, acceptance, changes and love! I am also incredibly excited to be able to share all these experiences first hand with all of You guys!🙏🏼❤️ I hope you could also learn a bit more about their fascinating behavior and take this experiences further into the world.
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    About Dean Schneider:
    I am a 27-year old Swiss guy, who dedicated his entire life to the animal world! Nowadays, I live in Africa, I am a member of a lion pride, my wife is a hyena and I’m a daddy of two monkeys. Besides that, I have built a global voice for our planet’s wildlife over the past two years!
    Born in Switzerland (Zurich) on October 3, 1992, I was blessed to grow up in a loving family with my sister (one year older) and my parents, who were always very supportive and loving. My mother is originally from the Balkan region (Southeastern Europe), while my dad is a Swiss citizen. I discovered my deep passion for wildlife at the age of six or seven, through the legendary Steve Irwin! He was the one who brought wildlife into my living room in Zurich and inspired and educated me about all kinds of different animal species.
    Even though I was so passionate about animals, I originally followed a very ordinary path to adulthood, eventually ending up in the finance industry as a financial advisor. After a very successful year, I decided to found my own company, which then, over the next three years, allowed me to generate the financial foundation to launch the Hakuna Mipaka project at the age of 23-24.
    After starting my life in South Africa additional financial support form my Family allowed me to evolve and develop the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis for 2 Years without having to depend on any income sources such as offering touristic visits / programs, breeding or trading of animals, donations or any other monetary businesses!
    About Hakuna Mipaka:
    The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis is located on around 400 hectares (four million square meters) in the wilderness of South Africa! It is home to thousands of different wild animal species! Besides that, the oasis also serves as a life-long home to a few rescued wild animals, which were born in captivity! We also do rehabilitation programs with different animals, which are then being released back into the wild.
    The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis is my personal home and a private sanctuary that is NOT open to the public. We don’t cater to tourists and don’t allow any day visits or animal activities! We don’t breed animals and we are also not trading animals. I built this place for animals and not for humans. The Hakuna Mipaka oasis is a secure, wild & lifelong home to the animals that live here.

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    1. Deepshikha Shrestha

      ❤❤you deserve the world Dean.

    2. Moji Delano

      This was so beautiful to watch and enlightening.

    3. Rei Chard POGI

      Collab with Tarzan soon HAHAHAH jk

    4. Seppe Zeiler

      Dean kannst du mal ein Video auf deutsch machen were escht cool

    5. Shah Ramadhan

      Nayla:who whan fight me Snow:ahhh what u all talking about

    6. Yosef Ragab

      Hi Dean ich bin sehr überzeugt dass du dich so in die Natur einlegst ich habe ein gutes Geschäft und bald kann ich dich unterstützen und dich sogar einladen

    7. Zulfikar Yusuf

      i am your number 1 fan

    8. matej sedlak

      When you are with lions without the camera, do you talk to them in english or in your mother language?

    9. Dio Brando

      There is a Tiger King TV Show on Netflix but is there a Lion King TV show on Netflix?

    10. Matej Kordiš


    11. Maria Lazatin

      Me trying to roarw : baaaaawoooooo

    12. Alifia Maglalang

      Snow color looks amazing

    13. Ibrahim Zeb

      Leave em alone

    14. Ibrahim Zeb

      Bro they are wild animals don’t take the piss hopefully you not getting mauled you pushing your luck

    15. Beni Kazoora

      Is he In kenya if so can I come to visit you

    16. Jetesa _1

      sorry I‘m a newbie... I wanted to know if he feeds the lions? does he get a for example a zebra and feeds it to them? 😬

    17. michelle jones

      Seeing them all roar and your reaction gave me goose bumps how amazing lions really are

    18. Adriel Pimenta

      Just love It ❤️

    19. NoobMaster 69

      Maybe they see you as a father/mother figure so that's they don't show aggression to you or they just straight up respect you

    20. Maria Lloren


    21. Kristan DALBY

      steve irwin's spirit lives in this man



    23. Miki Soutter

      I have a toy lion and it is called Leo I called he Leo the lion

    24. Aliyah Ysabel Pangilinan

      Plsss make more lion vids

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      Lucky u.kenzo? Why this name, any relation withe the perfum brend?

    26. Ess Etoile

      It's like Christmas dinner in any family

    27. Nora Saya

      Worth to subscribe

    28. Nora Saya

      I wish to visit this Paradise place

    29. Nora Saya

      So scary but ur very brave,ur Greatest

    30. Has Hat

      Around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="201">3:21</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="214">3:34</a> it sounds like race cars

    31. patrikgamerplazs

      Soviet reunion

    32. TheCubanMafia97

      Don’t curse God’s name. So his grace doesn’t depart from you and thus you never end up getting eaten by your friends. Just some advice. Truly

    33. Emberock Z

      Why the fuck would u sterilize the Lion !

    34. Jemuzu Ri 2nd


    35. Doren Michikko

      How adorable and pure hearted person u are. God Bless u always

    36. Vicky P

      I would like to be the Queen!!

    37. Amifamousnow

      Brothers will alwys protects there sisters

    38. Cyna Bengg

      Hahaha but if they roar at me probably cuz i look delicious 😄....its like fooooOOO0000OOOOOoooooood

    39. SnZy

      How does he know all their names

    40. Angela A

      and how did they act with noah the camera man????

    41. Gunchinsuren M.

      R.I.P headphone users <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="196">3:16</a>

    42. Cassidie

      The roaring gave me literal chills, these animals are so fucking beautiful and I’m so happy I found Dean 😍 Such great content and for such a great cause

    43. EvilGodAsura

      Interesting how unique he made his place in the pack. The weakest but also never competes with them leaving him as a source of constant pleasure for the pride. This is on of the most entertaining ways of people blending into prides as he created his position in the pride with them as they grew up. Others would raise them as the pack leader and give them the impression that your word is law with minor risk of being challenged at some point. Dean has become a true part of the pride with very little risk of attack as he is only a constant source of positive energy to them. How lovely

    44. MauComm Aero

      A publicity whore, who will eventually end up like the idiots who think wild animals are pet... like the others who care not for the animals but their own benefit. Shame on you

    45. Unknown C1

      imagine getting into a fight with this dude and all of a sudden u see the whole animal gang pull up😂.

    46. kamil Gonzalez

      I hope Dexter And Pride Will Learn How To Hunt Their Food 💕👍🏻🌎

    47. Le Thao Linh Tran

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> Snow: why the f*ck are they fighting....

    48. TheGamingDino YT

      Random girl: wanting to date dean. Nayla: well, i guess you have chosen death

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    50. MazeRunner

      Is this man wearing a sweater in South Africa

    51. MafyRapper

      Hola a todos, alguien que hable español, ¿me puede aclarar algunos puntos? Creo que es la primera vez que veo un video, de este canal. ¿Que pasa con estos animales, son rescatados de algo? Es un refugio de animales en general, o este tio los tiene personal por que los ha rescatado, o es un hospital o que... Bueno saludos...

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      Somebody doesn't value life.

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      This is the only guy who could sell me something over the phone that i didn’t want 🤣

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      I’ll be honest with you I read the title wrongly and thought this was Dan Schneider from Nickelodeon

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      That intro hits hard😧

    62. Florian Von Tempelhoff

      Jetzt brauchst du nur noch einen Bären als Tier im Park...😂

    63. eyewaves

      wow... roaring with the pride of lions... amazing achievement for a human.. that is something special..

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      That was amazing to watch. That made me very happy.

    65. dikkat rüzgar çıkabilir

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    72. Manny Blackstar

      Sadly, one day this dude will be eaten alive by these predators. I'm happy that you're enjoying your life and happy for what you're doing.

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