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    1. How To Cook That

      COVID-19 Can you give me an update from where you are in the world... 1. What country you are in 2. What supplies the shops have run out of 3. What restrictions you've currently got there to help contain covid-19 4.Do you/anyone you know have the virus and if so are you/they OK? Fo us it's 1.Australia of course 2.Shops are out of toilet paper, tissues, paper towel, hand sanitiser, flour, rice, sugar, pasta, chicken, limited meat, canned goods and sanitary supplies. Hospitals are short on test kits for covid-19 3. School are still open but there are no gatherings over 100 people indoors or 500 outdoors, international travel is banned and any Aussies returning home have to self isolate for 14 days 4.thankfully no.

      1. Æg

        Hey Ann I have no idea if you are going to read this, but here we go :) 1. Denmark, specifically in the Zealand region, copenhagen (the capital) is 15 minutes away on the train from where I live. 2. when coronavirus was first announced basically all the toilet paper, hand sanitiser, chicken, milk, eggs, rice, canned goods, sanitary supplies and all the veggies were gone. It has calmed down quite a bit and you almost see nobody at the grocery stores anymore. In the beginning people even stole hand sanitiser from the hospitals. This was very controversial and people were incredibly angry. I also think there is a shortage of test kits for covid-19, limiting the amount of people they can test. We also don't have medical masks anymore, but I have only seen one person in the past month wearing one haha. 3. In Denmark we did a big lockdown, so no school, no work (people may work at home). Public transportation is still running and mosts stores are open (not including bars or cafes, and some clothing stores). But I think this is about to change. Everyone is supposed to stay home but everyone goes out anyways. At the beach you see children running around and playing in the sun, people out tanning, taking walks with strollers. You see people out constantly, most people in Denmark take this as a type of vacation instead of something to be careful about, it's a bit sad haha. They have just started giving out tickets to people, but that is quite a recent development and I think the police will start 'stepping up' quite a bit. Also you are not allowed to be in a room with more than 10 people at once. In the stores they don't receive cash either anymore and there is hand sanitiser next to all cash registers. 4. Not that I know of, however, my mother is incredibly paranoid. She is originally from Italy, where all of our family is, and she is just incredibly worried, especially for my grandmother. She has every disease in the book (high blood pressure, too much cholesterol, high blood sugar, depression ect. She has also had skin cancer and cancer in one of her lungs, where they cut 1/3 of it away), and if she gets Covid - 19 she will die immediately. The three zones that have been affected the most are the richest ones, I live in one of the communes in these zones. Because they are so rich, it's easy for them go travelling and a lot of people went to austria and such for vacation, soooo yeah... I think most of them came from the people traveling, sadly students from my old gymnasium (high school?) have been affected and a lot of them are in quarantine because they went travelling with the school. It's sad to see people my age (16-18) be affected in this way. Currently 1,255 people in Denmark have been infected (although this is difficult to say, since we haven't tested 'gray patients', so there could be more) where 37 of them are in critical condition. 9 people have died. 1 person has fully recovered :) So yeah... hope it helps. A lot of stuff has happened here, even though we are so small, I apologise for the long comment, and I wish you the best, I have been watching your channel since 2014 so I really love and appreciate what you do! I wish you the best, love xoxo

      2. Tanja Beier

        1. Germany 2. Toilet paper, Sanitizer, flour and noodles 3.Schools are closed. Also Bars, Restaurants and every shop not providing food or medicine 4. yes and they are NOT o.k. And we have already restrictions to go outside that could become a full ban on going out. I‘m scared. I like your channel and it cheers me up to see something else than catastrophic news. Thank you for your good content. You and your Husband are very likable. I wish the best for you and your family.🌻

      3. hck

        1.Hong Kong. 2.The people was kinda crazy and stocking up toilet paper in Jan/Feb but it's alright now. 3.The number of confirmed cases was quite stable in these few months as many of us went through SARS in 2003 and we are very serious about self-protection as the government isn't doing much to protect us, so we have been wearing masks etc. ever since Jan. The gov has issued a 14-day restricted quarantine for anyone who's coming from other places around the world except China, Taiwan, and Macau. (But some of the stupid students who came back overseas cut their waistband and went outside LOL very selfish of them). 4. thankfully no.

      4. Tess

        London - schools and social venues shut indefinitely. Supermarkets are still receiving deliveries but they're completely cleared out by midday. Weird times!

      5. Macy Field

        1 UK 2 Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, pasta, tinned food and more 3 not going to school, not aloud to see grandparents/elderly people 4 my mum's colleague sorry for my spelling

    2. Jade Williams

      ...isn't there a mention of self rising four in the sweet potato bread recipe at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="349">5:49</a> ? I'm confused.

    3. Prapti Buragohain

      I'm so glad I discovered you. You're one of the last real ppl on youtube left. Keep doing the golf work x

    4. Emy Hoedemakers

      im from the Netherlands its april 5 The skools are closes for 4weeks we have evrything in the store still we have a kind off a lockdown a are not aloud to be with 3 people together we have the take 1,5 meter distance only 1 person that go the store

    5. Emy Hoedemakers

      the are playing RISK 2099 the most people that watch that video is not a life anny more 🤷‍♀️🤪😂

    6. Emy Hoedemakers

      thanks for making the video! my friend thinks 5minute craft really works i wil send her your video! so she wont watch and try it annymore

    7. xaroxero

      One sensibly frustrated Aussie food scientist vs a soulless NOsel empire. I really hope 'Straya wins this fight.

    8. razrv3lc

      1. US, in Alabama 2. Most stores run out of bread and toilet paper but they’re so far able to keep the ones in my area restocked regularly. 3. The restrictions are... not good. Orders are not coming from a federal level but rather state levels. The states with larger populations and more money tend to lean democrat (liberal) and they’ve been a lot more proactive with shutting things down with stay-at-home executive orders from the governors of the states. In some cases, these orders happened two to three weeks ago. In comparison, my state of Alabama, JUST issued a stay-at-home order yesterday with a ton of exceptions even though we’ve already surpassed 1000 cases in the week or so that we’ve been reporting cases. The restrictions are pretty run of the mill: only leave your home if you’re considered an essential worker (pretty much anyone who keeps the infrastructure working, anyone who helps maintain national security, anyone who deals with payroll/tax related stuff, etc.), no gatherings of larger than 10 people, religious services are fine as long as the groups are smaller than 10, outdoor activities are fine as long as it’s solitary or with groups smaller than 10, etc. Schools and daycares have been shut down for a while now at least. Beaches and public parks have been closed as well, although they were far too slow on closing the beaches and allowed thousands of college students to come from all over the country to our beaches and spread the virus far quicker than it ever should’ve been spread. This slow reaction is partly due to the fact that our state generally votes conservative and at that point, the governor was still blindly believing whatever Trump said. Since he was saying the coronavirus was a Democrat hoax at that point, our governor saw no reason to shut down anything so here we are now, suffering far more from it than we ever should have. I work in a factory and will still be going to work as scheduled. I’m not doing anything remotely essential to keeping things running in our country, though. Most factories here aren’t, yet none are closing. There aren’t customer limits inside of large stores such as Walmart or Publix either, which means there will still be large masses of people mingling even with our new stay-at-home order. It won’t accomplish anything seeing as this virus doesn’t care if we’re working or whatever. Some employers are at least offering hazards pay; mine isn’t, even though it’s a company that makes about a $1.4 billion dollars of profit every quarter or so... from what I can tell, we’re still open to make sure they don’t feel a dent in their profits. 4. I don’t know anyone personally with it but the two counties inside of Alabama that I stay in both have reported cases. These counties are very rural and were some of the last in the entire country (not just the state) to begin reporting cases due to being poor and unable to get test kits. Our mortality rate in Alabama so far is 1.5%, which is unsurprising seeing as that we have a very high rate of heart disease and obesity in this state. Many of the southeastern states of the US are the same in that regard. The general procedure is to self-quarantine for 2 weeks if you come into contact with someone with the virus but since testing was so slow to happen in Alabama, we wouldn’t have known if we did or not. Bonus: There’s a really strange rise of conspiracy theorists happening right now. There’s a group that refers to themselves as QAnon that appeared a bit before Trump was elected. They’re a hyper right wing conspiracy group that originated on 4chan, then migrated to 8chan. They believe there’s some sort of Satanic pedophile ring that rules the world from the shadows but that Trump is going to bring them to justice... This virus pandemic to them is actually a cover up to allow for the government to hard reset essentially while Trump has these evil people arrested. They believe the virus doesn’t even exist and that these arrests will be over in April and that it’ll all just go away suddenly. They think that any celebrity that gets sick with it is actually being arrested or killed, which is what they’ve been saying about Tom Hanks and his wife. It’s odd but it’s primarily older Baby Boomer aged people that fall for these conspiracies. My mom and my aunt have both fully fallen for them and I know there’s videos on NOsel from these people that have millions upon millions of views. They’re using this pandemic as a way to radicalize people, which is honestly more frightening than this virus to me. This entire QAnon conspiracy mess might be a good topic for a video if you feel up to researching it, although I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t want to.

    9. geezy4000

      How did I get here and how did I fall into a 2nd Russiagate. Interesting video. 👍

    10. I like to play games XD

      Honestly, every time I watch one of these videos I just want to see Ann pleasantly surprised for once by a decent video.

    11. Herbie

      Who immediately unsubscribed to 5 Minute Videos after watching this?

    12. Avi_N N

      I don’t trust blossom and craft min 5 🙄 they faking!

    13. Rose Dragonblade

      Those people are people who are jerks and money wasters. Instead they should learn to use their money for good.

    14. Libi Marchenkov

      Hi, do you think that bread-flour, that is specially for bread, work for the sweet potato recipe?

    15. TheCitizenKane1

      You look like you need to get your iron levels checked. Hope you're okay. Take care.

    16. Jazlyne Elliott

      Me after watching: unsubscribeing to 5-minute crafts.😠😠😠

    17. Cherokee Rain

      They are LYING SO How isnt this deceitful content?!?!?!?! I'd report them...... LIES LIES!!!!!!!! THIS AMAZING BEAUTIFUL GIRL IS ALL ABOUT ACTUALLY CREATING DELISH, HONEST, BEAUTIFUL, DELECTABLE THINGS. Just messed up, they are Liars & shouldn't be allowed to make false videos.... Stay safe Everyone, HUGS💙💛❤💜💚🧡💙💛❤💜💚🧡💙💛❤💜💚🧡

    18. GoldSkula

      I really don't like that this channel is calling these 5 minute craft kind of channels "the bad guys". I'm not just talking about this video in perticular but all of these debunking videos.

    19. Oscar MacNeill

      I eat my crisps like bowl style because it keeps my fingers clean lol

    20. Foxy Lovelace

      I've been training my algorithm not to show me anything from these channels that play the algorithm. Lo and behold, your channel came to my feed recommendations. Each of us can somewhat train the algorithm like an unruly dog that keeps bringing us dead birds instead of our slippers.

      1. miko foin

        Okay! We need a separate channel for the second part! I really didn't know it as deep as it is with those channels! 🤯

    21. Ratu Hani

      i feel bad for dave's stomach by eating all of this 5-min crappy stuffs

      1. miko foin

        The amount of research Dave did and his presentation are astonishing. Who else think Dave should have his own channel?

    22. Rinn Ryana

      Does dave have life insurance? I'm scared he would d*e due to food poisoning

    23. Marc Right

      1) First Media are lying scumbags. 2) You citing MSNBC, Brookings, or other liberal/left fake news doesn't give you any credibility either.

    24. Natalie Wainwright

      Dave is such a mood lol. By the way So Yummy made a new hack video and it’s BAD. Please do a debunk video on it!

    25. Pineapple Alley

      This was awesome!!! I never really liked 5 minute crap * crafts. I am a small youtuber making my way to 1,000 subscribers. It would make my day if you would go check my channel out.

    26. Keenan Broussard

      I love her honesty. And your recipes are way better!

    27. mimi diani

      Can Twisted and Tasty be trusted? (Quick question!)

    28. Heni Nagy

      I would looove to see Dave having his own channel.

    29. MaryArts

      I made a teacup cupcake. Recipe was not from the 5-minutes. It was just so doughey and just tasted like flour. I though I had to microwave longer but it just got dark from the outside and raw on the inside.

    30. Eau Rouge

      I love your channel and your vids so much... but can you, please, stop showing Dave eating the food? The chewing sound is unbearable.

    31. wolfylover4ever

      Dave is the perfect representation of my boyfriend trying to be nice when I fail at cooking something. Will eat it. Won’t question much. Thinks twice and is still nice when criticizing.

    32. Kaity Bug

      "Can anybody guess what ingredient is missing?" Me: ITS BAKING SODA "Its baking powder" Me: FUUUUUUUUU-

      1. aurtura pal!

        You and I are in the same boat then

    33. Sheryl Cherris

      Asmr <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="321">5:21</a>

    34. Shawna Conway

      The sound of him eating totally killed this video for me

    35. Dearth of Doohickey’s

      Soul Publishing is up there with Disney and Warner Media? Holy moly that’s terrifying.

    36. afutla qian

      The amount of research Dave did and his presentation are astonishing. Who else think Dave should have his own channel?

    37. Mysasser1

      Okay! We need a separate channel for the second part! I really didn't know it as deep as it is with those channels! 🤯

      1. afutla qian

        I have been very annoyed that NOsel keeps giving me the same types of videos. I guess that's the algorithm at work (even though it led me to your wonderful videos). How c

    38. iyvnx

      i love you guys for making this video

    39. arcangelkrlos

      You should rename your channel: How to destroy them. I never tried their "hacks" but kept watching it just for entertainment. Now that I was educated, every time those videos pop up in my feed as suggestion, I just block it.

    40. Nicole Baldenweg

      Her son is hawt. Sorry not sorry 🙈

    41. TraceysShadow

      I used to watch those videos just to say "aw that's not real", but after I started watching yours I realized how they affected real content makers. I unfollowed all of them.

    42. Laura Kirwan


    43. Butt Lord

      The thing about the US becoming balkanized in the future is 100% true. Pretty much every empire collapses after 200-300 years and we're due for it.

    44. nasa258e

      you are also creating to the algorithm by putting a bunch of fluff between your actual debunkings

    45. K. S.

      please don't let your dog eat popcorn. the skins of the kernels can get stuck in their gums and cause serious irritation and if left their long enough can lead to massive infections

      1. How To Cook That

        oh thanks for letting me know!

    46. Floofer Snoofer

      The World Health Organization is behind *w h a t ?*

    47. Megan McCheyne

      So much good information! I came for a food video and left with so much more! Thank you!

    48. Leigh-Ann Vd Schyff

      Hey Ann My sister got badly burnt by spilling the "sauce" of her noodles on herself I can only imagine how a child will burn when they go to sit with a piping hot picher on the couch as that is what is used to cook the noodles in.

    49. Vinicius Bezerra

      Never imagined that a counter attack in a political media war would be made using a cooking channel... Well done, "simple smart American citizens"!

    50. emeraldmaz

      You can make an easy microwave mug cake, though, and as far as I remember no baking powder. It does have egg, though. Pretty fun to watch it grow as it cooks.

    51. Nam Vibes

      Thanks mom, love you

    52. Sav I need help

      what is clapping going to do ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

    53. Kelly Savage

      Andddd they’ve gone up a size 😂 I’m howling

    54. Connie Gabaldon

      I have been very annoyed that NOsel keeps giving me the same types of videos. I guess that's the algorithm at work (even though it led me to your wonderful videos). How can I change it to give more variety?

    55. Meftah Marouane

      Cotent farms are bad but they should at least re use real information

    56. NightChime

      Holy crap... 2700 videos a month? That's... one every 16 minutes. No wonder they don't manage any actual quality.

    57. Solène

      The sweet potato bread is similar to the Greek yoghurt bread

    58. Lui Gomez

      Myth busted!

    59. Tatiana Mamontova

      I'm from Russia and I would never thought that this dumb content machines originate (at some point) from my country. This thing has never appeared around me in any news, or recommendations, or rumors. Probably I just never watch this content so I'm saved by the algorithms :D

    60. coolness06

      Holy shit, this got dark real quick. But I am thoroughly impressed with you work, Ann and Dave. You just earned a new subscriber.

    61. in a nut shell

      i feel bad becuase you ruined youre carpet

    62. Jo Nyu

      Brilliant! As a political scientist, thats how any propaganda works. 95% unrelated to pull in and/or distract, 5% propaganda.

    63. Trần Lê Quỳnh Chi

      No one: Me: World Health Organization is behind 5 minute crafts

    64. Big Ted

      If you use incing sugar and egg whites you can make meringue in the microwave.

    65. Oh No

      Never expected to see discussion of media manipulation to undermine the National Security of country through foreign influence on a channel discussing fake cooking tutorials

    66. The Fattest Hagrid

      You need to drink more water gurl. Like a trashcan full of it...

    67. Shasta de Siqueira Campos McLaughlin

      I fell for these videos in the past and after I tried a few recipes a failed miserably, I learnt my lesson! Thanks for your expose video.

    68. Carmen Low

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="350">5:50</a> I saw on the bottom it said 'sweet potato + self rising flour'

    69. Caroline M.

      1. Sweden 2. I work in healthcare and thus far we've been OK. Our supply-orders keep coming HOWEVER, the company which have the largest contracts with swedish counties/municipalities just raised prices for goods such as hand sanitizers, surface disinfectant and so on with up to 903%. Yes... NINE HUNDRED AND THREE PERCENT. They're citing the global demand as the reason. Sweden has chosen to accept, not sure how we'll pay for everything but to be honest, that's an issue we'll deal with when this is done with, we need the material to treat patients and keep us safe. Another fun thing is the rise in stealing from us, we can't let patients or anyone coming along for their appointments into the bathroom with bags or waterbottles because of the obcenen amount of sanitizer going missing lol, just the kind of thing we need to deal with right now... We are having no issues with test kits for covid-19, they're available and are analyzed within the day the test is taken. Because perscription meds were being stockpiled like crazy and it was leading to shortages the government has also put a stop to how far in advance you're allowed to get perscription medicine. You can now collect up to three months woth of medicine and will be barred to get more until the three moth period is coming to an end. I've been to several shops, both large and small and of different chains the last few weeks and they haven't ran out of anything. I know some shops in more "rural" communities ran out of some canned goods in the beginning days of the outbrake in swe but I thing everything's back as usual. Grocers have really stepped up and both in stores and online/in apps they have messages explaining that there is no shortage from their suppliers and that as long as everyone keeps shopping as usual, only buying what they need and not stockpiling there won't be any issues. There are also a lot of "maximum x amount per household" labels on supplies that were being stockpiled. 3. Sweden has not gone as hardcore as other countires, we're not being quarentined for example, and there are very few actual bans. A massive focal point has been personal accountabilty (for lack of a better English word) and thus far, it has worked.Most individuals, bussinesses, event planners and so on are all taking this seriously. Those who can are encouraged to work from home. International travel is discouraged but not banned, anyone experiencing syptoms of respiratory infection have to stay at home until 2 days free of symptoms have passed. Group sport activities are to be practiced outside and large events are adviced against. These are just some of the genreal guidelines. Before anyone starts screaming about how we should shut down the county right now, please do keep in mind that this is a different culture with a different relationship, respect and trust in our government, it's agencies and the rest of the population than the vast majority of the world (you only have to look as far as our neighbouring nordic countries to see the stark difference). The guidelines are subject for change as this pandemic goes on, but I (a long with a lot of our scientists, researchers and doctors) don't think we'll come to a point of "too little too late". 4. No one in my "inner circle" has contracted the virus, I'm more worried about our patients.

      1. How To Cook That

        thank you for all that you are doing!!! you are AMAZING. 🙏for your health 🙏💕

    70. Brecht

      Hi I don’t mean to be rude but your dog looks like popcorn

    71. Natsuki

      i literally misread the title - debunking WHO

    72. Kristy Surratt

      Get em Ann!!!! I love that you’re making these and I had no idea!!! Trust me I will never watch these again and I will inform others because.... the more you know

    73. 【ɐpɐɹıP ɐuɐʇıdɐC】

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="582">9:42</a> the cut in the video xddddddd

    74. Óscar Martínez Carratalá

      Anyway, like always, if it's a popular channel it's because people want it that way. The algorithm may help but... if people didn't want to watch it, they wouldn't. It doesn't depend on their quality or intentions, it depends on us and if we click on it.

    75. Fortune Ngwana

      I love you

    76. Diana Cortes

      We young people Stan by Ann and taking down these “easy diy” cooking videos!! 👏👏♥️

    77. Elyshia Trish

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