Decorating my Cristmas Tree with my Nail Peelies

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    Gather round, it's time to decorate the Cristmas tree like a normal family!!
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    1. Lee Kim

      *Cristine’s entire youtube career has lead her to this exact moment*

      1. Katy Thomas

        Heh ,yep 😂

      2. BTS_ArmyFan 9128

        Kim Seokjin I LOVE BTS TOO!!!!!

      3. Lee Kim

        _Aldebaran_ actually she liked it and pinned it when it was only at 500 or 600 likes ( mind you there were a LOT of other “popular comment”, some of which had more likes at the time )

      4. _Aldebaran_

        NOselrs will always like the most popular comment.

      5. Cotton_Cat 23-Revival


    2. SunflowerSeeds Edits

      *cries* we’ve come so far

    3. Riggs Lloyd

      At 8:20 she says if you do this be careful but I don’t think anyone else one this planet has a pille bag

    4. Iris Liberty

      Also my step-sister had Holo Taco I cried because I didn't get one. 😭

    5. Iris Liberty

      Today I did my nails HOLO

    6. Icee Mango

      You should definitely remake the cats polish cause I’m obsessed with the colors but never got the chance to order them!❤️

    7. Alexandria Valenzuela

      Memories 🤗

    8. Alexandria Valenzuela

      I love your vids. You are so inspiring. PREACH on the likes.

    9. Emanique Williams

      Only the favorite grandchild shall touch the sacred bag

    10. supermomlisa81

      You should make sweatpants nails

    11. SausageDog Gaming

      Where are the vids

    12. Kayla Hamlin

      it’s not gross i think it’s cool

    13. Nat Przygoda

      Yo, was that song at 4:17 "A Lack of Color" by Death Cab for Cutie?

    14. Jorja Kelly

      I feel you Christine I’m Canadian too I live in Fort McMurray and Red Deer

    15. Patty Normoyle

      Seriously tho the peelies are truly vintage in fact they are truly ancient. *SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME

    16. Keely Rollins

      Am I the only one who actually went and got a cup of tea?

    17. •ꪶꫀ ᥴꪮꪮkiꫀz•

      My mom: What in the world are you watching? Me: A crazy woman who is obsessed with nail peeleis

    18. sapphira21345 AJ

      Ben: Like a stripper pole Cristine: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    19. Sofifi _150

      I think the only “H” that Cristine Enjoys is the “H” in Holo

    20. Morgan Dewaelsche

      Tell me how the people watching this video I seen the Stranger Things one or deeper into her whole career Cat why are you in the tub

      1. Morgan Dewaelsche

        Sorry my cat is crazy and he so did you get into the club for a moment

    21. Adrijana Andjelkovic

      Why didn't you take a fishing line and needle Pierce all peely side by side and decorate Holo tree with all of them?Wow can you do it please?!And do it in only narcissistic montage...can you?!Can you?!

    22. Moonlight Cloud

      Too bad ugly starts with you -my sister

    23. Samara Sims

      I went to watch this video to say dont use the color blood reeed because it will stain your nails hot pink evin tlwith acetone

    24. Patira Chongprasith

      What if Cristine painted her nails, wait for it to grow until it’s double the length of her nails and then cut off the part of her nails that has nail polish on it? Her peelys will be her actual nails without having to see blood and flesh. Lol?

    25. Breezybee

      Holo!! I just got my first holo taco in the mail (three weeks traveling across the US from NJ to CA) and I am SIMPLY IN LOVE! I can’t wait to order more. For now it’s just the linear taco but I want the one coat black and more glitter tacos 😍💿🌮

    26. SunnnySideUp Gaming


    27. Mikaya

      I feel like Cristines motto would be "will twerk for tea"

    28. GachaLifeFox *

      I LOVE ur videos 👩🏼💞💗💟 👗 👢

    29. asmae derfoufi

      Cristine s make up skills has elevated her to a whole new level of a beauty guru

    30. shady the cookie

      Decorating a tea tree Lele nails😏

    31. Nerdy Nugget

      Is it just me or when she said "light this tree up" i thought she was going to light it on fire? 17:53

    32. beepSheep oop

      Lol random question but what episode are you on on Grey's anatomy? I finished the whole thing

    33. SomethingOddInMyTea

      It's creepy. There! I said it! Love you though.

    34. charlotte rivera


    35. Indiah


      1. Indiah

        also that song was my ex bf song so this has been a grand old time

    36. Carly Jackson

      i have been watching you for 1 year and 2 months i love you

    37. Esther Kieserman

      I'm going to be in Ottawa next week for vacation. What's your favorite thing to do there? Looking for cool non touristy things to do!

    38. Anna Maria Holguin

      I want her to remake Menchie and zyler pics your nail polish

    39. Jaswinder Sanga

      Tea shood Spencer you🤣🤣🤣

    40. Yamilet Trucello

      I thought the peely tree idea was genius, and then she started singing the Peely Tree song?! We're not worthy... We're not worthy! 😍😭😝

    41. Yamilet Trucello

      I thought the peely tree idea was genius, and then she started singing the Peely Tree song?! We're not worthy... We're not worthy! 😍😭😝

    42. Shannon

      She said the tree was crooked and that cause she didn’t spread out the branches😂

    43. Casey Lewis

      Happy birthday Cristine yasssss

    44. Faith Aberasturi

      It has been A quick minute sense I have watched her Chanel

    45. Gabby W

      Is it bad or sad they I remember every single nail pelly

    46. Joyce Atef

      When I first started watching Christine's videos I was like : Ohhh! I think I'm not the only gross person who keeps her peelies!! 😂😂

    47. Raegan The pug lover

      Who else thought wtf? Oh wait it’s Cristine we are talking bout .

    48. Annette Martinez

      Right before my birthday

    49. Saralynn Reid

      GURRL Did you see Jeffree stars Holo tile bathroom?

    50. Lightfox

      I want to hang this thumbnail on my bedroom wall.

    51. Terrah Bruner

      I saw that cat bed and thought of you lol

    52. guram gabedava

      when cristine sayed tea i was like:MOM GET ME SOME F____ TEA

    53. bella lee

      I want cats nail polishhhh

    54. Aztec Princess

      It would have been better to thread them all into a garland

    55. Tara Shaum

      By the end of 2020 simply’s peelie bag is going to be a freezer bag not a sandwich bag

    56. Eli McGlaughlin


    57. lps sandra

      Treely pee

    58. Maddie Tennant

      Cristine you should read some of the watt pad stories people have written about you!!! Almost all the ones I’ve seen are about you and Ben getting married and you getting pregnant😂😂

    59. Michelle Alvarado

      when she put the peelies on as earings it reminded me of five min crafts when they be making the weirdest and dumbest stuff.

    60. Alyssa Cobb

      Cristine: This is what happens when you're 31... Me *is 31*: *vigorously nods head*