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Peter McKinnon

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    1. Peter McKinnon

      Pro Tip: Watch this in 4K, really, really loud :)

      1. Crusader

        100th comment

      2. Bharath G

        I don't have a 4k display I can't afford one

      3. Raymond Lagård

        It's not only shot i Lofoten, but mainly in Nordskot, Steigen, Nordland, Norway.

      4. Bhuwan Bansal

        Peter McKinnon can you share this song please

      5. Sandeep Ramesh

        Anyone else watch this for the 10th time and still feel the chills of all of the sounds

    2. Ivaylo Boykov

      Keep the good work man.. Love your songs one of the best!! Peter your are beast!

    3. Robert Jurado

      OMG. Just watched in 4K. Sick!

    4. Robert Jurado

      Peter, just recently found your channel. Man, I've been binge watching, not sleeping, etc. Love your work! The films are giving me chills! Fantastic!

    5. UpLevel Green

      Just awesome Peter :)

    6. Scott Kunath

      It's amazing what can be created when two brilliant artists collaborate.

    7. Agyeya Gautam

      I'm not getting married until you agree to shoot it.

    8. 刘京



      Great Video Editing Peter 👍😃👌✔

    10. Somewhere Down The Road

      WOW! Peter you are a master artist. The quality of this film is top notch. I loved it and I am sure Henrik did too.

    11. ghee

      Inspiring! This video is a class, is so many ways!

    12. enki sumer


    13. Miguel Runa

      Thank you both for inspiring all of us!! So much gratitude 🙏

    14. Jacob Friedrich


    15. Andrey Onishchuk

      That was one inspiring, magical video of purity of what goes through the mind of this innovator of music. Wish him the best.

    16. Theo Grubas

      Instead of meditating each morning for 10min to find peace, I will watch this instead to inspire me for success. :D

    17. Theo Grubas

      WOW! WOW! WOW! Very inspiring, and such a great video. Thank you Peter!

    18. Chandraprakash Ntc


    19. Mike Lunc.

      So warm and calm.

    20. Jacob Harrold

      One of your best short films well done Pete👏

    21. Julija Brodskė

      your videos make me stop breathing ;)

    22. Mackenzie Hiebert

      This is so incredibly well made! Wow!

    23. Em ey


    24. NO App 4 That


    25. ImagEYEnation


    26. Merouane Shoot

      Filming by 1Dx mark ii ??

    27. krishna pal

      I don't know what i should appreciate more. The skillset of the interviewer or the creativity of interviewee !

    28. Sascha Radler

      I wish I could give 10 thumbs up! AWESOME WORK!!!

    29. Fluff Fam

      I actually used this track on one of my vlogs just made the video feel awesome

    30. Alex RS rider

      Love Norway and the Artic, I went to Nordkapp and Lofoten with my bike and it was amazing! by the way the cabins showed are on the Manshausen Island resort, Thank you Peter and Henrik to let people discover places like this!


      It’s really really like really deliver the feelings ☺️ great job 👍

    32. Brayden McEwan

      Brilliant work as always Peter

    33. Gapial Videos

      Love your vids Pete 💕


      Wish I could like this a million times!! Inspiring work.

    35. Horváth Marcell Boldizsár

      This is awesome! By the way: Someone know where are these wooden houses 1:28, this is my dream...

      1. Alex RS rider

        Manshausen Island resort

    36. Bart Roman

      Just got new headphones, had to come back to watch this one. Amazing!

    37. JWoodVisualMedia

      This. This is art.

    38. Indian Creator

      It's dope awesome, Visit india to explore new place

    39. Nate Cox

      at 0:42 the song goes up an octave to harmonize with it. thats not in the original song. little details boys!!!

    40. Giovanni La Tempa

      what's the font?

    41. Trevor Norkowski

      Amazing work

    42. Serious GaminG

      I have missed 4 last videos and I am watching it now and only thing I have to say is that you are still my fav creator Pete and the way you are recordnig and using sounds is absolutely genius 😁🎩 Well done once more Pete ❤️

    43. David Wells

      Wow. I'm seriously ridiculously inspired right now. Beautiful dude.

    44. knightpeanut

      This song his differently here than on Spotify

    45. Rodrigo Garcia

      This made me feel some type of way!

    46. zhu zhu


    47. Isabella Presnal

      Wow! Just everything about this film, the cinematography, music, sound, the edit, just wow. Truly stunning.

    48. Cannon Fodder

      Rad video.

    49. sVkproduction

      You are just awesome..

    50. Kudaun

      What was this shot on? (main camera+lens combo)

    51. jerome barretto

      I can't believe I'm watching his for free. The quality of this is ridiculous! thanks men.

    52. NateFilms

      thanks peter now i know what artist to turn to when i need some awesome music!!!! Thanks!!!!

    53. Muhammad N. G.

      Who is here because Daniel Schiffer watching this? By the way, your work is awesome!!!

    54. JustGameplay

      Why am I crying? Because the felling was delivered. That was SO COOL!!! Nice work, guys

    55. Luke Oliver Studio

      shot on RED?

    56. Joel Ladaban

      I remember the first time I came across your NOsel channel. You had 100k subscribers back then but now you have millions. I see the evolution of your work. I can proudly say that you inspire me to start photography and filmatography.

    57. Simon Main

      One question: Does anyone know this font?? Thanks a lot :) 4:24

    58. MrDogeBro

      The font you used looks amazing! What font is it?

    59. NEILAND

      Are you kidding me? You casually pulled out Northern lights time lapse and en epic shots with Olsson! Every video of yours is a full masterpiece full of surprises and wisdom!

    60. Varun Charavanan

      Cinematic brilliance right here