Diana Ross I m coming out

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    1. Julio cesar Lopes

      I Love Diana Ross

    2. francisco manuel sanchez canton


    3. Angie LupusLife

      Such a great song, hard to listen to this and not start dancing

    4. rosangela Bianchine

      Carinha que mora logo ali...Todo mundo odeia o Chris

    5. Zach R

      Oh my God that's so good I can't stop singing that song

      1. Zach R

        Oh yeah

    6. wm costtah

      música do episódio que o drew beija a crush do crhis kkk

      1. Giovana Leônidas


      2. Diego Henrique

        Kkkkkk vdd mesmo 😂😂😂😂 Eu ainda pesquisei essa música por ter assistido esse episódio.kkkkkk

    7. omoregbe anthony

      Who else feel 1980s have the best musics

    8. Del3rd WitDaFacts

      Coming out meant Diana was a dude...I mean CLEARLY!!! #TRANNYalert

      1. Santana Blayezz

        You sound stupid af

      2. Soso

        @Del3rd WitDaFacts ATTENTION!

      3. Del3rd WitDaFacts

        @Soso You say "I'm" ATTENTION SEEKING? That would be you....you know the fool who responded to my original comment in which I didn't crowd around your soap box it was actually to the contrary. So You "REALLY" think that I'm trying to insult you by stating the facts about you(ON THIS LOCALIZED TOPIC but I can only imagine elsewhere YIKES!)? You did that to yourself already as soon as you showed the inability to recognize a fulll GROWN MAN with makeup,weave, plastic surgery, EVEN MORE makeup, voice feminization surgery/C3 voice training,etc *FROM* a biological woman that you see in your everyday life out in "public". NEWS FLASH: If you are making comparisons with OTHER MAINSTREAM CELEBRITIES then you will be confused because they are all men that are presented to us believe it or not. So how about actually paying attention for a change or not I really don't give AF about the lovers of this world while they are in that capacity because they will never be able see the facts.

      4. Soso

        @Del3rd WitDaFacts Smdh the funniest part about this conversation is that your 1) you keep on trying ways to insult me and 2) your actually serious. I understand you just want attention so let me go ahead and give it to you "ATTENTION"

      5. Del3rd WitDaFacts

        @Soso I see you get the true meaning behind this song so if you choose to ignore the obvious then be my guess. Btw I hope you are a woman with your lil made up sing alongs because if not then you should make this your theme song.

    9. Joe Blambato jr


    10. Joe Blambato jr

      Now thats a real Diva here!😘😘😘

    11. Jennifer Dempster Lynn

      Can u say Mandela Affect not the same song I remember I've got to let the world know is taken out in the beginning and the whole video changed weird

      1. mitch

        It's the remastered version