Diego Sanchez, Joshua Fabia speak to MMA Junkie's John Morgan

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    Diego Sanchez, Joshua Fabia speak to MMA Junkie's John Morgan

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    Publisert 2 måneder siden


    1. Ryan R

      This guy is mentally ill.

    2. bruce brickman

      Man this lil dude talks a lot of shit for a guy who’s never done anything in MMA

    3. mansonlamps

      I believe Diego is telling the truth about this guy taking his back🤣 I guarantee it.... and Diego didn’t put up a fight

    4. Gordon Marshall

      What is this dude all about, I think hes brainwashed Diago or something. He wants credit for changing Diagos still of fighting style as if its an amazing style. What a tosser

    5. Ron Jeremy

      His reaction when he's called, "The Swiss Army Knife of martial arts" 😅😂😅😂😅

    6. Doug Mescal

      Well shyt u should start winning and hopefully get a title shot and win a belt, let's see some damn results...

    7. tony blais

      This guy is a fake ass bs artest

    8. Crytpo Knight

      SUPERRRRRR NEGATIVE ENERGY coming from this whacko OMG ...I just cant

    9. 777killad

      Lol Joshua labia lol

    10. JT Magoteaux

      Joshua Fabio wtf are u talking about boy? You are such a delusional moron! I don’t know where to start, f u....you wake the f up. You ain’t shit and Diego will soon see right thru you, dumbass. Joe and Cormier were spot on about this douchebag. Blah blah blah, excuses excuses.... What is anyone doing about cte for the fighters?? Uhh...they are paying them handsomely to do what they love, if they don’t realize that there will be some repercussions for the profession they chose which includes getting hit kicked in the head , then they should choose another profession , good luck finding one that pays ya 6 figures. A screen in front of you? You are so full of shit it’s very clear... joe Rogan has more clout then you will ever have with any of your bs accomplishments, or lack thereof. I hope someone slaps some sense into your defensive smart ass! Love how upset you’re getting ... sissy

    11. Adrian Dreyer

      This guy holds diegos arm to stop him talking and then says go ahead when he's allowed to talk this dude got some weird controling energy fuckin cult leader ass dude

    12. I'M YOUR PAPI

      "Throat and balls very simple" Fabia

    13. Alex Melendez

      Dude that guy is insane he’s so self centered poor Diego man he’s getting taken advantage of I like Diego he’s a genuine nice dude but he’s not in the best place mentally and this guy is taking advantage of it, lil snake in the grass he is .. 🐍

    14. Madame Feast'

      How in 2020 with the information available and everything at our finger tips does this man, Fabia have even ONE, ONE person in the world who buys into it? He speaks long winded rants that tell you nothing, promotes his videos as proof of his expertise (like the one with him stopping two men "attacking" him) and speaks of love and self awareness as he gets hostile, yells and confronts anyone who asks him the simplest question and stares into the camera like an actual rapist.. Self awarness and he has Zero

    15. popo1310023

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="468">7:48</a> LOL wtf that makes it official theyre secretly a couple

    16. ralphyns

      Fabia should be a politician

    17. ralphyns

      I know less about Fabia now than I did before watching this

    18. not creative enough for name

      According to Fabia's logic if I told a pro fighter to not accept any contracts im succeeding as a coach

    19. dacuna1010

      He has the face and attitude where you can't stand and you just want to punch him

    20. Dons Adventures

      I love these two! They're the best duo in a long time! 😂

    21. Omar Resendiz

      Fabia will revolutionize the sport of MMA!

    22. Francisco Enriquez

      You can tell this fabia guy is just protective of diego and everyone talking negative of these guys are just the same as his trainer with the negative remarks

    23. Osmond Bramble

      This jive turkey makes as much sense a real turkey gobbling for 40 mins.

    24. grandman 101

      The Rocky Marciano of the sport? Wtf.

    25. cronic

      they are fuckin and diego is the bottom i think so sad

    26. archedes1337

      they're literally holding hands at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="470">7:50</a>

    27. Flat FLSTF

      Nobody wants too talk to you because you’re a jerk listen 👂 too yourself you don’t shut up that’s why nobody else wants too talk to you

    28. Sattori Emei

      Now we know what Fabia was looking at on his phone on the Schmoo interview.

    29. jim lester

      Diego is def on the scale

    30. Ron Jeremy

      WTF is Diego's mom smoking? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    31. Steffen Ward

      Before or in the past 😅 10k likes there

    32. INT1388

      these guys are straight up retarded


      Im positive he has bodies in or on his property. Dahlmer lookin ass

    34. Danni Santana

      This guy is sassy.

    35. Tang

      Definitely bum action going on between these 2.

    36. ReggaNevaDie

      Wow this was painful to listen to... It reminds me of listening to 2 politicians being interviewed on a topic they know nothing about.

    37. Johnny Yono

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1350">22:30</a> Fabia: "me and Diego...we don't eat shit." Hmm, you sure about that, Fabia?

    38. Brian MG

      Joshua is A hustler. A goofy one but one none the less.

    39. Osmondnewyen

      I feel like Diego is punking all of us. It definitely makes me want to watch him fight more.

    40. Jay O'Donnell

      Poor Diego

    41. Nick Guerrier

      Where’s this guy’s self awareness?

    42. Drew Brees is on TRT so is Tom brady

      Tristian colony?

    43. GorillaPhoto

      Does this guy really think he is coming across in a positive way? This is sad to watch.

    44. fatel702LVC

      I'll pay good money to see Charlie zellonof vs Joshua make it happen you bald fat fuck Dana

    45. DaveKraft400

      Even his face is poisonous. Long nose and dark wide eyes. Guy's fuckin disgusting and I truly hope he gets put in his place and SOON. Arrogant, wormy little weakling.

    46. Sorority Sleepaway Mortuary


    47. God LOVES ugly

      School of self awareness hahahahaha funny how Diego's attitude has flipped and he's acting all chill like his guru, and Joshua is acting all aggressive and weird like Diego use to. I don't know if that came out right but basically what I mean is its like they've switched personalities Diego's taken on this chill enlightened persona because of his new best friend and Joshua is acting all tuff and talking big cause his new bestie is a UFC fighter lol. Joshuas such poser and Diego is as bat shit crazy as hes always been from his tuf season till now this is definitely something he'd be into

    48. Mark Hodges Jr

      Could you imagine.. Diego Sanchez, Joshua Fabia, nick Diaz, and Tony Ferguson all trying to have a conversation with each other? This shit would be hilarious

    49. Andrew Stepansky


    50. Miguelante

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="468">7:48</a> gay lovers fosho

    51. tony blais

      Lol pore deago

    52. Mizfit Bizkit951

      i think joshua fabia and diego sanchez are just gay lovers

    53. Zom B

      “Doing things that haven’t been done before or in the past” damn the only thing you learned from this moron is how to speak without saying ANYTHING of meaning... absolutely pathetic little weasel trying to manipulate someone he could never hope to even come close to.

    54. Xion Temoc

      Diego hasn't even won with u!!!and u speak like a ghetto chic! Not a man! Ur just gonna lose your school

    55. Xion Temoc

      Thumb down for John "DILBERT" Morgan!!!! STFU!!!! UR QUESTIONS ARE TOO LONG AND DRAWN OUT!!!! You're the Fabia of the press!!!!

    56. Shutter Nomad

      I wanna see Fabia vs sean o'malley. I'd pay double the price of PPV for just that one fight. Spread the word!!!

    57. abraham aguilar

      Someone's gonna pull this idiots G card and bust him up when Diego isnt around.

    58. abraham aguilar

      I hate how he controls Diego

    59. tyler young

      Fabia is torture to listen to. Diego will lose many fans because of this cringy little goof.

    60. 777killad

      I bet his ego forces him to read these comments 🤣 What a douchebag con artist fraud F you snake oil salesmen

    61. Sam Brown

      Did this guy really try and say that because he hasn’t fell over for a year that he’s a master of movement 😂😂😂

    62. Sam Brown

      Sad to watch, this isn’t going to end well

    63. Arch God

      Straight up maniac

    64. Mr Magoo

      U can tell he actually believes he’s done something or is some kind of superhuman rewriting the game. This guy makes me so angry listening to him , his parents did him and the world a great disservice by lying to him about his speacial gifts lol Someone he cares about needs to let him know he’s insane. Poor deisgo this guy has destroyed his legacy. So sad

    65. Door Vincent

      Its like he wants people to scream from the rooftops how good he is and how much he's supposedly helped Diego....

    66. Luis Duarte

      Gets mad like a triggered gay guy.

    67. Bobby G


    68. Robert Wise

      The person most lacking self awareness having a school on self awareness.. I finally understand “those who can’t do teach”... too bad it’s at such a legends expense. Much love Diego, thanks for the battles... hope you wise up to this clown, your about to get Dane cooked

    69. K.M. Smith

      Man what the f*** is Diego talking about? This is sad to see Diego make a fool of himself towards the end of a hall of fame career. People aren't going to remember him for his fights but for letting this delusional cult like weirdo take advantage of him. He probably has control over all his money by now. I feel for Sanchez but he's an idiot.

    70. K.M. Smith

      It's always been obvious that Diego wasn't the brightest bulb. Diego is talking about manipulation at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="89">1:29</a> all the while this guy is manipulating him and probably taking all his money. F***ing idiot. This Fabia guy gives me the creeps.

    71. Thanos

      I mean... to be fair... he isn't wrong the filthy casual fanboys nowadays that copies everything Joe Roegan and even fighters like Conor says is out of control, they literally live through him. Whether Fabia is fake or not, no one knows enough to judge him.

    72. Frankie Ruger

      What a joke

    73. J D

      WEIRD...plane as!

    74. Al Flores

      Is anyone going to get Sanchez the help he needs...he's obviously not all there. Sad

    75. Roberto g

      This dude is a clown

    76. Mr. Petete

      This guy is a FRAUD.

    77. Brenson Talton

      This guy has no self control

    78. Drew Brees is on TRT so is Tom brady

      Is there video of this guy being checked? Like in sparring or jiujitsu?

    79. Chongo

      Joshua Fabia still has not answered a single question.

    80. Mike Teixeira

      It is so crazy that this dude thinks anyone is buying his hustle. Lol. He wants everyone to believe that he knows shit about fighting that nobody else does? it would be a little easier to sell that shit to anywhere else other than a Place full of professional fighters and coaches! I wasn't sure if Diego`s new "touch butt guru" was a crazy person or if he was a hustler. after watching this video I'm 100% sure he's a straight-up Hustler! in the beginning of the video he talked very measured and at a certain Pace trying to sound very Guru like. Once she started talking about everybody hating on him you heard his voice completely change in pace and tone. His mannerisms change completely and it seriously looked like he started playing a different character out of nowhere. He went straight Thug on them! Lol so either have multiple personalities or his personality that he presents to the media and on his websites and NOsel channel are as fake as the martial arts hes making up and teaching. I honestly feel very bad for Diego Sanchez. Seriously look like a beaten and abused woman sitting with her abusive husband while he tries to convince everyone that hes this amazing husband. Watch how he looks to his TBG (touch butt guru) every time before he says anything. He doesn't want to upset TBG and make him have discipline him! Diego kept trying to hold hands with him and if TBG just showed him any attention he would get the biggest I love you smile! I'm telling you right now this is way creepier way more fucked up than anybody thinks. TBG found himself a guy that already always thought a little out of the box and now was going through the worst time of his life and he was able to get this man wrapped around his little finger! He has Diego holding his pocket while hes straight emptying Diego's! I'm going to keep the rest of my opinion on this situation to myself so when future documentary comes out I can see how close to reality I am about on this craziness. Lol