Divorce Lawyers, What Are Your Best Cases (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

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    Divorce Lawyers, What Are Your Best Cases (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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    1. Storytime With Reddit

      Thanks for watching everyone!

      1. Drawsome Drawer

        @Go Love Yerself He posted it nosel.info/video/video/xrBtnJi2r2d7s7s.html

      2. FailerShino

        @Urhoboman5 I agree with u

      3. FailerShino

        @꧁TealKitsuneArtz꧂ Ah?

      4. Go Love Yerself

        @Urhoboman5 those are both very valid. That must be it

      5. Urhoboman5

        ​@Go Love Yerself Hello. I have some speculation on this. What I notice is two things. A. NOsel might demonetize a video who's title seems too provocative. And SWR has to take it down. Or B. They might demonetize videos whos curse words weren't censored. So it gets re uploaded with the censors in order to be monetized. That's just my observational guess. I hate the new NOsel algorithms btw.

    2. Claritey

      I've served as an aunt for my ex's niece and nephew for the last 12 years, even though we never married and are just friends now (we still live together as roommates out of convenience.) His niece is 12 now, I'm the only "aunt" she's ever known so I treat her like she is my family. However, she doesn't actually know we haven't been a couple for the last 10 years and we haven't disabused her of the notion. Maybe she'll figure it out on her own eventually, if she asks we'll tell her.

    3. ABW941

      I just thought about the idea an austrian politician had some time ago. She suggested that a marriage should have an expiration date and last 7 years, if the couple was interested in staying married, they would have to act and prolong it for another 7 years, otherwise their marriage would run out. I guess this would save money in some way, it would just not help with the whole "who gets the dog and the dogs house" thing.

    4. Joshua Sweetvale

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1230">20:30</a> Aaaaand new wisdom I hadn't learned yet. I always look for these nuggets of truth, and it's rare I find them anymore. Yoink.

    5. ZM Dumpbox

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="366">6:06</a> law.justia.com/cases/rhode-island/supreme-court/1995/654-a-2d-1212.html is the lawsuit in question, and holy shit. Also, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stambovsky_v._Ackley

    6. Tuvela T

      I think I need to go watch some animal rescue videos to restore my faith in people.

    7. Patricia Handa

      Family court lawyers are only sometimes working with people who could even be considered good, and oftentimes they at least try to trot out their best behavior. Lots of people negotiate divorces fairly and with only the necessary pain. Some people use and abuse their spouses and deserve unpleasant outcomes. Sorry, tired of the "best people on their worst behavior" garbage. If they behave badly in family court, they probably behaved badly in their family, too.

    8. green duckosrs

      When I heard, “and she would have gotten away with it” I expected to hear, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids....

    9. Carolina W


    10. Vincent Sponziello

      that last one is just men in a nutshell. (im a dude. Im allowed to say it)

    11. FailerShino

      Again lawyers?

    12. KaDaiza McClendon

      Me: minecraft Them: minicraft

    13. Dankdoggo Reddit

      Lol i wish when I check my bank balance there was 100 left, let alone 300 million dollars

    14. Tony Hamilton

      The Mincecraft thing is just sad 😣

    15. DJRGRnl Surinaamse Hindoestaanse DJ

      “Decapitates her with a machete”

      1. FailerShino


    16. LunaMane

      Prenups, people. I know that we all want to believe in Disney tier true love but that's simply not a thing - then or now. Cover your ass(ets) AND your heart and get a freaking prenuptial agreement before you get married. It'll spare you from going through this 💔 and losing this 💸, so you can have a shot at this 💗 again and save more of this 💵.

      1. LunaMane

        @ThatBeardedGuy You would think that assumption would make most women angry, that they have to be babied in a divorce case. But I guess they'll put up the act to screw over their husband.

      2. ThatBeardedGuy

        @LunaMane Maybe it'll change once we see more pre-nups where the wife makes more, but it's an attempt to be "fair" to the wife. The excuse I've heard it that she is under duress to sign in order to be married so she agreed to "unfair" terms. Just more of the infantilization of women, like women are just big children.

      3. LunaMane

        @ThatBeardedGuy Seriously? That's unbelievable. Do they not consider the husband at all in divorce cases?

      4. ThatBeardedGuy

        Considering some judges are throwing out pre-nups because they think it's not fair to the wife, even those don't protect you.

    17. Reddit Tea

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="638">10:38</a> Holy cow this double cheating disaster plays out like a movie

    18. Megan Feehly

      Bzzzzzzzzzz Imma 🐝 bee

    19. Chip Chapley

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="378">6:18</a> Not so much of a family company anymore eh?

    20. Pat Breen

      Anyone know where I can find the background music? The link in the bio is no longer linked to the song

    21. That One FBI Agent With Internet Access

      Pretty obligatory to the title but I've heard of a guy that banged 4 women and got them all pregnant, including his wife. They all kept the babies, but the couple divorced.

    22. Amber Ashley

      That last one 😭😂😂

    23. F. I. R. E.

      Duly noted. If I'm ever getting divorced, I'll just die. No big.

    24. Professional Dumbass

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1396">23:16</a> I am so disappointed that the person writing this missed the opportunity to write "clawses" instead of "clauses".

    25. Minä Maasta

      Poor Snoop Frog

      1. ABW941

        Just hearing the two sentences of snoop frogs story lets me assume that he might not be to blame for whatever he does next.

    26. Xero

      i love how everytime it reads up "d*ck", it says "big d*ck"

    27. T J

      Hold up djd it add "big" to big dick at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="360">6:00</a>

    28. James Charles

      I just got a divorce lawyer ad....

    29. JamieB 05


    30. Super Tiger

      8th 8)

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    32. Zack Northcott


    33. Chizzy Wizzy

      Yay I'm early! Glad to be one of the first to my favorite reddit youtuber!

    34. Kup Malik


    35. ꧁TealKitsuneArtz꧂

      I have no story for this. But I’m fine with that. It’s just fun to hear these.

      1. ꧁TealKitsuneArtz꧂

        FailerShino xd

      2. FailerShino

        Malawas are wild, dat's why happen deez situations

    36. ABCJ HILL