DIY TV and SFX MOVIE MAKEUP that actually work !



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    DIY TV and SFX MOVIE MAKEUP that actually work !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to DIY TV and SFX MOVIE MAKEUP that actually work !
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    1. Luisito Cruz

      She supposed to be tangled but she is wearing Sofia the first's dress🙄🙄🙄

    2. All Rounder Banda

      I love the way you speak

    3. Emma van Rijswijk

      *i can cry on command…* *MWAHAHAHAHAHA*

    4. Leomira Santos

      Cuts i don’t know Me: HOLY MOLY CHRISTMAS GLORY😱😱😱

    5. Lia Honey

      I love azzy so much she’s my favourite NOsel but..... she clickbaited because she didn’t really do the hacks soo.....

    6. Autumn Grisham

      i tried the hack and it did not work

    7. Leyton Payne

      i can cry on demand

    8. Shrinand Thakar

      I can't prank my friends on 31st December because it I my birthday

    9. Haylee Smith

      I'm that emotional if I just think about crying make the face I start crying:>

    10. Lilia Eggen

      I love u

    11. Δ•Pumpkiine Pie•Δ

      When Azzy said it’s starting to look nice and Krusty and she put a picture of Krusty the clown I felt that lmao (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="20">0:20</a>)

    12. uju nze

      How do you get it off you don't want it to be stuck forever

    13. Ava McCulloch

      Lol I tried this and got a lot of it in my mouth and eyes 1 dislike 1 eye dies but 1 like 1 eye gets saved

    14. mj #moonwalkerforever

      Slit mouthed woman!!!

    15. Natalie Williams

      Who do you like better? Comment: gloom Comment: azzy Like : both :3 I definitely liked :3

    16. Roshin s word

      Do it as a prank on leah

    17. malaika

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="360">6:00</a> douse she not know maleficent or somthing🤣

    18. games Alex

      I can cry at comend😂

    19. Suleidys Flores


    20. Radia Dharani

      Girl who made the crowns name: Vicky How do I know- You can also watch them at 123 go

    21. Meaghan Murphy

      Azzy: Dont Make Kids Cry There To Cute! My Daughter: YASS MEH TO CUTE

    22. Jazley Encinas-Barron

      why don't you do it

    23. Kitty Lover

      I also thought she was cutting he lip to

    24. Haneen Gaming

      Boys down here be confused 🤷‍♂️

    25. Sarah Fahey

      Why does Steve Carrel pop out from the corner and shout NO

    26. Anya Patel

      Azzy: everyone has tissues Me:really? Can I have some!!

    27. The cactus


    28. Huge Gamer

      You know how you said don't make kids cry on Halloween there too cute somebody made me cry on Halloween yes I'm a kid

    29. Emil Brody

      Azzy then: Who doesnt have tissue? Everyone (During the coronavirus): ME!!!!

    30. Asma Omar

      the person who had those horns that looked like a burnt goat, was trying to be malifecient in snow white you know her stepmother...

    31. Ethan Currie

      How are you lazy if you go outside and move around

    32. Miranda Kosta

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="540">9:00</a> Emm, azzy this is dry mascara not empty. 🤣

    33. Jade Vizmanos Moody

      when she was cutting the makeup on her lip i thought she was actually cutting it and i was like NOOOOO

    34. Sharon Dailey

      Azzyland u keep on talking u can u please stop

    35. Ch9rii

      Lazy Forgetful= Azzyland

    36. Peggy Maleka

      I can to

    37. Irene Lulue


    38. The upside down The upsidedown

      I can cry on demand it’s a blessing and a curse

    39. Anastasija Vasiljeva

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="68">1:08</a> I thought that was slit mouth woman.... She's one of the japanese urban legends

    40. Julia Charles

      Can you please do a shoutout to the comments

    41. Gaiazside

      as i was watching this, my brother was watching the simpsons

    42. Drawing4 Fun

      Thank u for complementing my people (Kids)

    43. Kaylee Richardson

      Im a child dont make me cry

    44. Paige Duthie

      I tried to make the first one it worked

    45. Mittenzyuu :3

      This was made 3 days after my birthday last year

    46. Niamh Riddle


    47. ragina phalange

      I have a soing mushin and I no haw to sow in oly 7

    48. Fredie Cuevas

      lmao when she was like nooooooo when they took off the nail and it had blood

    49. shu liu

      I can cry wen ever I want

    50. Lailah Mohamed

      I can cry on command 😆

    51. gacha lover

      I might of actually made a 3 year old cry on Halloween

    52. Rebecca Cardoza

      I can cry on command

    53. Carol Campbell

      The horns are maleficent

    54. Angelli Macedo

      I am a cute kid

    55. Gracie The Simpson

      I am watching the Simpsons and then at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="23">0:23</a> I was like: 🤨

    56. Prisha chakraborty

      5 min crafts: all of these hacks work !!!!! me: ok let me try them few mins later me : WHY JUST WHY!!!! you are an liar 5 min crafts!!!!

    57. Bl_207 LR

      Azzy would you make a video about life hacks.

    58. reya prasad

      Azzy:"don't make kids cry thay aur too cute Me: " I need to stop making kids cry thay aur too cute and small for creepy things

    59. pcorbin75

      I can

    60. April Alvear

      Azzy:don’t make kids cry there to cute Me:wait so I’m cute?

    61. Robert Russell


    62. brad osborne

      300000 that's too much people have the coronavirus and who don't have enough toilet paper to wipe with are you crazy the Grand America why you making videos when people need videos to watch nevermind make more videos now

    63. karla123 unicorn

      Azzy you da best and funny

    64. Danielle Renfroe

      Amazing +lazy =Azzy

    65. Glenn Erler

      Hi I love you

    66. kami clegg

      Azzy I am a sidekick earlier is it an alien i do not know

    67. Andrew Elderkin

      I like you to make a flower video.

    68. randomness

      notice how the eye shadow said you are unbelievably beutiful as it breaks

    69. Kelly Langston

      Beautiful + Gorgeous =Azzy

    70. Shelly Herring


    71. Elsa Lawson

      When she said "Like Elsa" I thought she was talking to me for a second because my real name is Elsa 😂🤣

    72. Kherington Lingard

      Can you give me a shout out in your next vid my names Kherington lingard

    73. Bernard M Ignacio

      hey azzy can you watch bts

    74. Laii Ridgewell

      I'm seven and I know how to sow a dress a whatever

    75. baby zam

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a>: don't hurt kids they to cute Me: thanks azzy I'm a kid

    76. Taylor Gonzales

      I wish she tried them

    77. bobbi saunders

      just so everybody knows if you say that if you were glasses then you turn into a nerd then it can hurt peoples feelings that really have to were glasses like me so im not saying that the video showed that but im just saying because one of them reminded me of that.

      1. bobbi saunders

        oh nvm

      2. bobbi saunders

        oops wrong vid lol

    78. Hazel Hunt

      I ❤️ Azzyland

    79. Hazel Hunt

      The first one makes my eye watering

    80. Adriel Pivotte

      Actually I can cry on command