Donald Cerrone Lost More than a Fight (No PPV Money)



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    Conor McGregor vs Cowboy Cerrone had more impact on Cerrone's career than we knew. Donald Cerrone only made a flat pay for the devastating lost in front of millions watching. What effect did this give?
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    1. TheWeasle

      Cerrone still threw the fight right? This could've been a reason Gaethje didn't fight Conor. Ali Abdelaziz is Gaethje's manager and there would be no way Ali would settle on $200K. Could've been that UFC targeted Cerrone knowing he would fight for less pay.

      1. markcferg

        @Jorge Masvidal why he *head kicks a loudmouths*. Here, I fixed it for you.

      2. markcferg

        @Ovat worn out? Dude, it's so sad to see people like you represent a guy like Cowboy that way. He's struggled at the very top. People don't remember the #2, but being #2 for years makes you the second most elite fighter in the whole world. To think anything else is just cult shit.

      3. markcferg

        @Savage Mr. Fox Cowboy is elite, man. His career is incredible, and I say that as a Conor fan.

      4. markcferg

        @Ovat dude it's different than that. I've fought for years, and trained for years. Taking two losses is tough, but it's not the end. Look at how he's treated people who tried to roll him before because he's "worn out". That's way overstated, and you're not considering that power is the last to go.

      5. Miroslav Skoric

        His orbital bone was smashed, how did he throw the fight? He simply got smashed,it happens.

    2. Faruk Miah

      Cowboy should be happy with what he got! Cowboy heart and mind wasn't in the fight and due to that the fight only lasted bout 40sec, it was a bad performance from cowboy and a let down to all fans.

    3. Al Foster

      To believe this theory said here it might makes sense if you truly have all the facts. But Cerrone has a brand a motto “Anytime any where”. So he may have been paid more in ways we don’t know. I don’t think he is a dumb person or is surrounded by dumb people. He may fight to long but that maybe a symptom of being a high adrenaline type person. Hopefully not.

    4. jice201

      Truth be told cowboy should give back whatever he made that fight. The was the worst performance I seen in such a high level fight.

    5. How Depressing

      This is just disrespectful for a legend in the mma. Fcking disgusting

    6. Ayush_ K

      Cowboy made 200k against Justin and Tony. You are a dumbass if you think he agreed to fight conor for 200k.

    7. Dan Farmer

      I dunno i think Cerrone isn’t really that popular outside the world of hardcore mma fans. Like Conor appeals to casuals, Khabib has a whole country and religion behind him. And i think Nate maybe managed to negotiate more because it was short notice? I don’t know maybe a mixture of that and bad management.

    8. Justin Tran

      You really believe the guy with the most fights in UFC history, most bones, and a fan favorite only get $200,000 for fighting conor mcgregor?? The guy that had $100,000,000 fights? For sure Donald got cash under the table to lose this fight, for sure

    9. UFC -Oz

      Cowboy will be back, he’s beat good fighters early as well .. and they came back.

    10. SFCaliofUSA

      Chicken Golden Mcnugget is the new name

    11. Gabriel D.

      he threw the fight... there was money exchanged under the table

    12. Brett Viddal

      It was part of a long term deal. So what if he only made $200K for this fight. He didn't even put up a fight anyway. Now he get's 6 more fights at a higher salary than he ever made before this fight.

    13. Stephen Duquette

      Well he made enough to buy another horse !

    14. Will T. Baghard

      he didn't care, because it was rigged

    15. Hostile Traxx

      Jackson Wink laughing his ass off rn 😆

    16. Tony Montana

      Cowboy went in for the McGregor hug

    17. Tony Montana

      Cowboy is a big dummy

    18. Sunset Cycling

      One thing left to do: Fire the MANAGER COWBOY!!

    19. FUCK_CHINA No Brain

      He has granddaddy to pay for his ranch, he doesn't need the money.

      1. Farzana Patel

        Who is his grand daddy

    20. lewis lighting777

      He needs to recover more

    21. jon jones


    22. Eric Hahn


    23. Terrence Burke

      Cowboy let sed by Dana and the UFC. What a shame!himself get u

    24. Steven Johnson

      He got another $500,000 to throw the fight

    25. Slimmy Hendrix

      $5,000 a SECOND is nothing to be upset about. Plus Doubled Pay minimum for next 5 fights

    26. d3adsoulja

      Cerrone deserved nothing for that fight. Pathetic performance.

    27. Timmy Kinley19

      I wish I could make 200,000 for 45 seconds

    28. cable ties

      he was worth less for throwing that fight, he lost everyones respect for him too

    29. Joe Scalia

      He might be a nice guy but has no buisness sense. He puts his life on the line for peanuts.

    30. J F


    31. Chris Lynch

      He got his ass beat for that Englishman comment lol

    32. Garret Miller

      Cerone will be the best coach and will have the best fight gym in America.

    33. Raj Beekie

      Two, three years??? Cowboy was done years ago. He is a shadow of his former self.

    34. Toni Moon

      Dana white & his compadres are fucking leaches. The fighters should be walking away from these battles with way more than they get...i dunno, maybe they mostly ok with it, but man.

    35. Crypto Man

      Why there is Tyron Woodley? Conor never fought him.

    36. Korey Avallon

      Theres gotta be more to it than this..

    37. Aurelio Hernandez

      He got a flat 200k plus PPV buys %.

    38. truth pigeon

      Threw the fight for nothing

    39. Michael Barger

      Like any kind of payoff is gonna be disclosed.... Please

    40. SerbianNick

      its possible cowboy took the paycut to actually get the fight vs conor and they hoped that if he won vs the superstar cowboy would get a bunch of fans that would result in a bunch of money for his future fights

    41. Chris Thomas

      That's bad he's a legend

    42. j m

      Look this may be true. Who knows honestly. I'm telling you right now that SOMEONE, SOMEHOW paid this man more. Period. This guy has been around for ever. He is no novice. In my opinion I think he would've been one to tell them to fuck off. Especially knowing that he would be getting paid less than any other who has been in the octagon with conor. No doubt cowboy loves to fight and don't turn them down. But to say he is dumb enough to fall for that one sided offer.......who knows. Me personally I believe it's bullshit. This man got paid somehow, someway. Whether Dana had anything to do with it or not. Just my 2 cents

    43. Bass Fishing with the Antichrist

      Prediction ~ Cerrone will retire to help raise his kid. The BFM ranch will expand into a state of the art training facility, attracting the UFC's top talent. And his next toy will be an Airplane. All on that $200 grand. And the UFC will be supportive of all of Cowboys post fighting endeavors. (Until they have a falling out) Cowboy is the perfect candidate for a fix. He's on his way out, deserves a big payday, his record says he's a top contender, he loses nothing in the defeat, he's a company man, and him coming into a lot of money raises no suspicion because he comes from a lot of money in the first place. Plus he likes danger and taking risks for their rewards. He's no dummy. He's had a close relationship with his Grandma who has been able to gain and keep her wealth. And rich people will always say they make less than they really do and dumb people will always say they made more than they really did. (Eg. Mike Perry) Weasel, you're smarter than your letting on too!

    44. Boudica X

      How the fuck can u say Cerrone "deserved" more $$? He was booked to fight Dana's meal ticket because it was the easiest possible matchup. He was paid $200K for a 40 second "performance" in which he landed ZERO strikes and attempted a grand total of 1 leg kick. NOBODY bought that PPV to see Cowboy. A real matchup against a legit contender (Gaethje, Ferguson, Khabib, Masvidal etc.) would have drawn a LOT more PPV.

    45. Ricky Parmar

      Is it possible Cerrone got something under the table.

    46. Ricky Parmar

      Dana is and will always be a cunt

    47. Ajax Wargod

      One tuff Cowboy.Sucks taxes haven't been taken out.He deserved a million that fight.Fire his manager.

    48. Archie m badhan

      I feel no good hearing bad comments abt cowboy .. I just simply like the person.. it takes a lot of fuckin courage to get in the cage knowing you might not come out . Do you guys really think that any fighter want to lose fight .. na man .. I fight too and I’ve lost 5 out 13 fights ameture.. it’s hard in front of many people. Getting out when they see you and laugh and talk shit .

    49. Junior Castillo

      Will dana fight for 200k?

    50. B King

      This weasel talks out of his ass lol

    51. Jim Chambers

      Exactly why he took a dive give me my money see you next fight hit me for $ 200,000.00

    52. leglamps

      These fighters are so fucking dumb. Making Dana richer every fight.

    53. Devilliars 98

      Channel Admin should have uploaded Cerrone's patreon than his

    54. Devilliars 98

      Channel Admin should have uploaded Cerrone's patreon than his

    55. None No one

      I am from Africa and disgusted with the behavior of this sell out cowboy. He should change his name because he can not represent the cowboy community with that name. Cowboys are men of honor not sell outs.

    56. souzamd30

      I feel really bad for the dude however there MAY be more to it... Maybe fights lined up for a certain amount. If it works that way. But he should have close to what those other fighters got fighting against Conor.

    57. youronly friend

      dude he threw the fights 1.2 million! fact!

    58. Barzz

      If you look at cerrones previous pay dates this has been his biggest, in retrospect he did nothing to earn it either he was 100% cherry picked for an easy win no doubt he's a vet of the sport but its athletes like Conor that bring the big bread in

    59. nate cote

      Maybe he placed a $200000 bet that he would be knocked out 1st round and came home with 2 million lol

    60. Robert Doran

      Maybe it’s because he didn’t make it past the the first 30 seconds.

    61. Ben Harrell

      How conveniently you forgot that Cowboy negotiated a 6 fight deal... instead of the PPV money ?... But then?? You wouldn’t be a casual with a NOsel page. The end

    62. Airmax 95

      Poor cowboy making more than yous will make in years and years for one nights work pooooor cowboy

    63. Paul Uhl

      Is this before the renegotiated contract??? I heard he made way more after they did that! Might need to check up on that

    64. Solomon Farooq

      UFC fucked cowboy it is what it is 100 5starbandz

    65. 31SecondCarShow

      Even crazier, Conor only has a limited fight selection. He either fights very easy, very winnable fights, or fights for titles. He turned down Gaethje last year, is turning him down this year, he probably has turned down Ferguson, Barboza, Lee, probably turned down or will turn down Poierer, so if you're Cowboy and you're lowballing yourself, you're only negotiating against yourself, and no one else. Really, if you don't accept more money who is Conor going to go and fight especially coming off a loss.

    66. Niople


    67. Matthew Jones

      I thought Conor said cerrone was getting a 7 digit paycheck? I must have misheard

    68. Kim Yip

      That’s why cerrone took a dive in the first round. Conor paid him out 😂

      1. Marion Paige

        Dakoda Fisher Or there’s billions of people on earth and more than one of them happens to think you’re a dumbass

      2. Dakoda Fisher

        @thunderfast14 yeah okay, you prolly cerone and made an account posing as someone else to defend yourself. Shush.

      3. thunderfast14

        Yeah sure. Cowboy is a slow starter and has no time to recover from his last 2 fights lol

      4. Miroslav Skoric

        I suppose a smashed orbital bone had nothing to do with it? What a load of shit

      5. Dakoda Fisher


    69. Batman Rambo

      I knew all this shit was gonna happen to that fool. I knew that Dana and the UFC were gonna screw cowboy. It was all planned. Connor requested to fight Cowboy knowing damn well he could beat him. Dana agreed and the UFC okd the fight. Cowboy was happy to get offered the fight. And then they screwed cowboy. He and his manager allowed themselves to be screwed by the UFC.

    70. Armani Venegas

      Cerrone is a flopper

    71. Greed is Bad

      That is the worst way to treat your veterans lmao

    72. Gmailaccount Services

      Diego Sanchez made more fighting that guy that jumps around like a dumbass.

    73. Bruce Finneran

      Why you talking about Ali, he's a piece of shit, he can't even support his own son NOAH, with he owes child support to, he's a terrorist and your saying he's the best manager in the sport wow, Connor manager is the best look at what Conor's doing and making is any of Ali's fighters making what Conor's making your a dumb ass Mr know it all.

    74. Brad Thomson

      Cerrone did not belong in the ring with McGregor.

    75. Jay 1989

      Me: You: Donald Trump: 🎠

    76. dave woodsford

      I will never watch this bum ever ever ever again wat a scam

    77. Mark X

      On the face of it seems a shitty deal from the UFC

    78. Rabi Akhzane

      Cowboy bet 200000 to losse

    79. Camilo Catano

      Well, this is just sad. I would say that this is proof that UFC doesn't care about the fighters who give it all for the company and his manager sucks. But this isn't news. I remember in an interview where Mirco CroCop said he made 16k or so for a fight at UFC. And this guy was a champ of his time.

    80. G James

      200k lol