Donald Trump Terrified of Getting Coronavirus

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    Guillermo won a horse race in Tampa Bay on Saturday, Donald Trump is reportedly terrified about getting the Coronavirus, Costco banned free samples, Jimmy’s #ELBUMP has gained steam, Trump stopped by the CDC to prove he is also an expert, fired his chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, New Yorkers reacted to the virus, Senator Ted Cruz placed himself under “self-quarantine,” and Joe Biden debated himself.
    Trump Washes His Hands of the Coronavirus
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    Donald Trump Terrified of Getting Coronavirus

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    1. pauline drewery

      What a load of bollocks, President Trump isn,t terrified of anything or he wouldn,t have taken on the deep state, and I hope this arseholes is l of them!

    2. 420

      that orange grandpa is funny

    3. Xman34

      Why should he be? He's an Orange Gumshoos

    4. karenza t. Wall

      You people chose Biden over Bernie Harris? Are you ...........what ARE you?

    5. Rahul Manandhar

      well now it is 56803 deaths now trump

    6. Hurgin

      just over three years under President Trump: Record Economic Highs, Record Wage Highs, Record Black&Latino Employment, Record Total Employment, Energy Independence, More Secure Border, Record US Military, Defeat of ISIS.

    7. BergenDev

      Should keep the bump over handshakes from now on, never know where the hands been previously.

    8. Egor Biletskiy

      This is nice movie I think. However, You should take instructions from Unflexal if you want to learn more about workouts.

    9. Hanah Sisse

      Whoever made the coronavirus will get a share from it.

    10. DAT BOI

      Wow Jimmy Kimmel has no other material besides roasting trump

    11. Hiphophippopotamus `i`5c.

      Trump is full of all sorts of phobia. He is more than likely terrified over the things he cannot control!

    12. The Powerpuff Girls


    13. Pamela Cass

      I honestly can't picture anyone, especially those Republicans who know what a danger Donnie is, deliberately infecting themselves with COVID19 in order to infect Donnie.

    14. parkerbohnn

      Trump is even more terrified of spending the rest of his life behind bars in prison after he loses the 2020 election.

    15. Clay S.


    16. Stockton Pig Watch

      Where did they get blob fish? Lol

    17. MrJakeJimmy

      I'm pretty sure everyone is?

    18. Larry Merkle

      President Bonespurs: In history, Trump will be remembered as a freakish aberration, and a lurid cancer on our society and the history of the American presidency.

    19. Andres SancheZ

      The stupid public laughing at their own demise

    20. Koyshar Miah

      The covid 19 is here right now And i hate it 😡😡😡😱

    21. John Porteous

      Serious talk, what happens if Covid-19 takes out Trump and Biden?

    22. randy tabron

      Sounds like BS from media again

    23. TheTypicalDoge

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="220">3:40</a> when you realize you've said something you shouldn't have

    24. Mark Zed

      sorry, Jimmy's not really that funny

    25. Ruffian

      After bone spurs, the virus is a walk in the park. Lead on O Courageous One.

    26. buster hyman

      I use to cough to cover up a fart now I fart to cover up a cough.

    27. norm tellier

      why is he concerned . He,s the chosen one

    28. Peter Long

      Will somebody inform trump that the simpsons already predicted it so theres nothing he can do to stop it

    29. Hema Dear

      Why are they standing too close to each other?

    30. Doris Vara

      He is lear

    31. Colleen Klatush

      Not dems fault, it's phoney potus thinks he's perfect, HE FAILED USA PEOPLE HOLDING BACK INFORMATION ON CORONAVIRUS

    32. Heather Brown


    33. Mario Carrero

      If Trump really gave a fk about getting this sht under control he would shut everything down for at least 2 weeks the numbers has doubled with people being infected but our fkn President only cares about money and not people's health or life. He's lost and don't know wht to do as our President. May the Lord bless Trump with some wisdom or insight on shutting us down to fix the issue at hand and stop the #'s of people being infected and dying from this virus outbreak

    34. olivia

      I was at the hospital March 10. Ambulance took me to the ER my stomach pain was worse than childbirth. Anyway, the doctor and nurses didn't use a mask. March 15 I was really sick with high fever. Isolated at home and still is. My husband is the only person I've seen since March 14. Trump is a freaking idiot as always.

    35. Positionzen

      I've been doing the "Elbump" for years. I don't like touching people's hands. Started doing this due to my job.

    36. Sue M

      awe, an audience, sooooo three weeks ago!

    37. DVKZTHOR

      ofc hes terrified he will die if he gets it.. alot is dieing right now !

    38. ClaudeMagicbox

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="280">4:40</a> a child making things up and embarrassing the adults around him who are forced to listen and somewhat nod heads in approval.

    39. Glenn Snadon

      How’s funny is it now??

    40. THE AlienHunter

      We're at the beginning of the coronapocalypse and I'm terrified Trump will get it! Can you imagine? All bets will be off, he will make sure to take as many of us down with him as possible! Keep that man safe!

    41. Deng Garron

      Trump has two parts of brain, "left" and "right". In the left side, there are nothing right. In the right side,there are nothing left.

    42. Nancy Paige

      President wants to get people back to work. He just.does not get it...he probably has a drawer full of medication. shame on me!!

    43. Mark Lanzarotta

      We have discovered that our Madisonian system is weak, and is essentially helpless to stop a really bad man from doing what he pleases for four years. The popular vote means nothing, impeachment has never once worked, it’s all a fig leaf for autocracy.The only remedy is an election that Putin might fix again.

    44. Mark Lanzarotta

      54% of Republicans think that the threat of coronavirus is being exaggerated. Yes, in America, it is very possible for a large group of people to be stupid and dull-witted. The Republican Party exists to allow every intelligence-challenged person in America to congregate together. They are clearly morons.

      1. SuperflyDerek

        Lmao u probs got that statistic from cnn

    45. D. Wagner

      Trump the failure! All of this could’ve been avoided! The stock market is going to be worse. Unemployment is sky-high! now he’s a socialist handing out checks! Pathetic!

      1. SuperflyDerek

        U are ignorant my friend

    46. Mr Dub Crazy

      The Guillermo character is a racist characateur.

    47. K Leigh

      I Pray Jimmy gets it... tool

    48. Instert_very-generic_name

      Donald Trump scared to get corona virus Proceeds to continue to shake hands with people who tested positive for corona virus

    49. Queenie

      Jamaicans have always done the elbow bump, especially the Rasta's, it's not new Kimmel.

    50. kenny toong

      What about FREDzeimer

    51. Drecksack Blase

      Trump will win again

    52. Pierxxe

      Who isnt scared of the Coronavirus?

    53. Paul Hampton

      This was funny but also serious too ! Thank you J W Baby for this video 😘💓💐

    54. Frank Philpott

      Is this guy on TV? Heard of him, but have never watched him.

    55. Gecko

      I really hate trump... most idiotic politican I've ever seen with the a dominating stupidity but I will give him the first plus-point from me and I thought thats something special, what deserves a comment and my time; so here it is... GOOD TWITTER-POST ABOUT THE REAL DANGER-LEVEL OF THIS WANNABE-VIRUS, TRUMP! I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! He's right in my opinion and idc if he's really afraid or not. I dont like him as politican, why should I like his personality? As president he did it right in my opinion. There are way more deathful things than droplet transfers (I mean seriously... Do you really have to touch EVERYTHING you see like a baby? ffs...) with a goddamn small amount of humans. Any pharmacompany on earth researches a vaccine and becomes rich - end of the story. Markets gets open again, peole gotta work again, schools open again and alot of stupid humans having enough toilette-paper for the next 20 years. :D But I'll remind you all about these happenings the next several years for getting safe you all keep your current knowledge about humans and civilians. :)

      1. Pierxxe

        I want three reasons why trump is the most idiotic politician. Hes lowered the unemployment rates, lowered taxes, and kept illegal imigrants out... doesent semm idiotic to me

    56. Kenneth Huang

      Trump Derangement Syndrome continues.....

    57. rob wells

      Trump was in the UK a while back when someone said to him that we wish we had a leader like you and Trump says sorry mate i can only be at one place at one time lol Trump party 2020 USA!!! 👊TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP👊

    58. RAJAN Thakur

      Global joke of the year

    59. Blue Fluke

      the trouble with the elbow bump is that after we sneeze into our sleeve, we pass it on that way.

    60. Hurgin


    61. Entrepreneur Network


    62. Joseph Richter

      It’s called the wenis bump!!

    63. P S

      No, we don't like him. Chump is deluded.

    64. bob scott

      its a hoax for the stupid, watch them buy toilet paper and panic

    65. Historynerd Delux

      This man is obviously insane. Totally friggin insane.

    66. DoomGuy 74

      This site is a leftist cesspool.

    67. David Cleaves

      You liberal talk show idiots would not know how to be funny on your own without a punching bag and a mindless audience

    68. Jake

      funny how only a week ago 500 people had it, now look

    69. Louis Brugnoni

      Remember when Trump was in that eighteen wheeler? He acted like a five year old child! That inspired a lot of confidence in me! 🤣😂🤣

    70. Blue Sky

      i mean this is so racist. We are the left and we demand to let all borders open for everyone including chinese. They are people too. They need a safe place and US welcomes you all. Come in huge numbers. Destroy the wall. And we also welcome you in our houses and our woman already have their legs open for ya'll

    71. graylobo133

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="335">5:35</a> curb ur enthusiasm theme song plays...

    72. unggul sujati

      trump will reap what is his sown! he affraid coz he played pot saying kettle black, but IT'S ALL COMING BACK TO HIM NOW!

    73. Poetry & Prose.

      Why do you have so many people laughing? Jimmy! are you not serious again?

    74. Barbara Scott

      Sorry Kimmel, the only people who are scared s--les are people who use adrenal chrome..... heard some people may have gotten C19 by ingesting it. Hmmmmm , numerous arrests are coming... blood tests will prove guilt. Headed to Gitmo..... Pres. does not have C19, he’s not frightened at all.

      1. Jonny Jewell


    75. John Mark

      America, what I have come to admit is that we are screwed no matter who wins in November!

    76. Niels van 't Klooster

      😂 Wow I didn't know that Trump is so smart.

    77. TRU BLU DRU

      Look I'm a yocky !! Guillermo lol

    78. Robert Ronning

      buddy and the trade war now

    79. frida

      the guy laughing at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="9">0:09</a> sounds like jeffree star