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    dosto aaj chaliye donut ya fir doughnut banate hain, ye jo banenge badia naram aur saath hi me melt in mouth rahenge!
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    Doughnut Donuts Recipe Simple - Ingredients:
    Plain Flour - 1¼ Cup / 150g
    Hot Milk - ¼ + ¼ cup
    Sugar - 6 Tbsp
    Butter - 3 tbsp
    Yeast - 1 Tsp
    Milk Powder - 2 Tbsp
    Oil - To Fry
    For Filling - Custard Powder - 1 tbsp
    Milk - 1 cup
    To Decorate - White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Sugar Confetti, Dessicated Coconut, Roasted Almonds

    Kitchen Products I use:
    Measuring Cup & Spoon Set - amzn.to/2KZBVpq
    Kitchen Weight Scale - amzn.to/2ug3G65
    Instant Yeast - amzn.to/2N2wzuf (500gms, keep frozen in airtight container, will stay good for years)
    Instant Yeast - amzn.to/2KZSkdn (small pack)
    Pizza Screen - amzn.to/2m4zpn6 (3 pack - 6,7,8 inches)
    Parchment Paper - much better than butter paper, and it is reusable - amzn.to/2MZFGvC
    Good NonStick Pan - amzn.to/2zl0hsa
    Whipping Cream - amzn.to/2ugPB8m
    Oven For Baking - amzn.to/2udP3A5 (28liter is good enough)
    Microwave - amzn.to/2ubhHmn (not good)

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    1. Puja Sarkar

      Can you please help me about yeast. Your recommend yeast was not available. So want to know which one.

    2. khushi maandharkar

      Can I keep in airtight container & store it in fridge ??

    3. khushi maandharkar

      I have made donuts.. it's so easy.. first time attempt.. but it's look so yummy & so delicious as taste wise.. thanks sir..☺

    4. shabila azmi

      The moment i thought ''white chocolate ki jagah milky baar use kar lungi", u instantly said milky baar mat use kijyega😂

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    6. khushi maandharkar

      I m making it today.. will sure comment here that how make it..

    7. Mani's Craft House

      Oh this is such a useful video you hv made.. Today I hv made these doughnuts by following ur recipe.. And it tastes so delicious.thanks a lot to you. 😊

      1. CookingShooking Hindi

        Glad to hear that 😊

    8. Sandeep Katyal

      i want to watch donouts recpie without yeast

    9. indo love

      Wht if dont have yeast

      1. CookingShooking Hindi

        Will show yeast free version soon 😊

    10. Aviral Pandey

      This recipe is amazing guys, trust me. I made it today and it turned out amazing, even better than Dunkin Donuts. Thank you Yaman for this recipe.

    11. Nikita Poojary

      Hey can we use whole wheat flour instead of maida???

    12. priyadarshini panwar

      Konsa oil fry ke liye

    13. PlayBoy Gaming

      or mere chataro kese ho app log

    14. Pooja Kasaudhan

      Sir Maine donut bnaya vh apne size ka double v hua lekin vh bahot hi hard hua aisa kyu haan aor Maine Esme butter ya fir koi v oil nhi dala tha

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      At what temp. we can bake in oven

    20. Muskaan Jain

      How to use bluebird active dry yeast? I don't have instant yeast

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    22. Sarita Sharma

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    30. Rajkumari Kumari

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      Sir...i always follow your recipe and i blindy try it

    34. poonam jalamkar

      Without Yeast ye ban sakta hai kay?

      1. CookingShooking Hindi

        Ji try nahi kiya hai :)

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      Hi........ I love your all detailed recipes.. Aaj tak mene jitni bhi dishes banai hai aapki recipes follow karke fail nahi gai... Ek perfection raheta hai....ek hi confirmation karna hai... Ki stuffing me Condensed milk use kar sakte hai????

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      I tried this recipe.. Its yummy thank u


      hi sir, what shall I do if yeast is not available?

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    39. Srishti Shetty

      My favourite cooking channell❤💙💙

    40. Heba Hussain

      I tried it was awesome


      For frying we need to use oil only or else we can use vegetable ghee????

      1. CookingShooking Hindi

        You can use any oil or ghee 👍

    42. Betta Splendens

      I m 🙁we don't use yeast products. Any other option?

    43. pam s

      Can we use refine oil instead of butter?

    44. Lessica Singhal

      I tried today only...seriously it was yumm 😋ek v nai bacha 😞 all need to try.. Mujhe v pasandh nai thi donut.. par aaj khaaya and I loved it

    45. Sama Amatya

      If we haven't custard powder what should we have to add instead of that

      1. CookingShooking Hindi

        You can add corn starch instead 👍

    46. Kavita Gautam

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    47. Cluster Star

      I made this recipe and I must say they were much better then the store ones hats off to cooking shocking thanks for this recipe today once again I am making it

      1. CookingShooking Hindi

        Glad to hear that 😊

    48. Shweta Garg

      I tried without custurd and it came so soft and yummy..thank u ...you recepies are one of the best.

      1. CookingShooking Hindi

        Glaf to hear from you 👍

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    50. Ashwini Mule

      U are very honest ,who tells to give dislike if any one doesn't likes the recipe,ok ,plz tell me that is it good to use Yeast,coz I hv stopped to use maida as it's not good for health

      1. CookingShooking Hindi

        Anything in moderation is fine. So is yeast and maida 👍

    51. khushi maandharkar

      Can I use weissmill dry yeast? Is it ok with yr recipe?

      1. CookingShooking Hindi

        Yes you can 👍

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