Dyno Testing My Cheap Ferrari 348 with 100,000 Miles!

Hoovies Garage

Hoovies Garage

329 k ganger213

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    Publisert 5 dager siden


    1. Sean Knelsen

      Are you making that shirt?!

    2. Casey Wilkinson

      Dogleg gearbox?

    3. Brandon Knight

      Thing is the ABSOLUTE perfect shape

    4. Lap of the World

      Cool data point for early 90's super-sports cars! I've been curious how other stuff holds up after seeing 267whp from my at-the-time 232,000 mile NSX (with just an exhaust). 348s are somewhat more maligned than they should be and the TB in particular I find a handsome car as a "baby Testarossa", even if the 355 refined the shape into arguable perfection.

    5. elcaminosunlimited

      Ugh, that city bus seat upholstery looks terrible in this thing.


      The car is beautiful. The exhaust is great. The seats👎 and wild

    7. Toby the Glen

      What grade fuel did you use?

    8. Rich A

      Nice old Ferrari

    9. Will Floyd-Evans

      I was afraid you weren't going to stop until that poor thing threw a rod...

    10. bobbisixkiller

      The seats is a DAMN SHAME!!!!!

    11. GetoverYourself

      This guy talks entirely too much. Get to the subject of the title.

    12. Tommy Ferrigno

      I think I have a photo of your Murci at a car show in NJ

    13. tim ford

      Capristo exhaust; disturbing the peace, since 2019.

    14. Sean O'Reilly

      Notice the flat power curves. It's got that engaging feeling without waiting on turbo's to spool up. Not a bad car for weekend fun.

    15. Roo Tehconqueror

      wait I thought it wasnt an engine out operation

    16. Fred Quimby

      Congrats on getting a pretty cool and decent running 4RE. Virtually no power loss after 100,000k is amazing.

    17. Rider Lee

      I feel the same with my skoda fabia 1.2 64bhp. Fast at legal speed. 😭

    18. caalcb7

      Ferrari 348 : honey I shrunk the Testarossa

    19. Ryan Sahl

      I think the 348 looks great until you get to the rear. It looks too short compared to the rest of the car

    20. bryce_the_quick

      I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: this car sounds so heavenly 👌🏻

    21. Getzopurple

      that weird moment when your bmw makes more power then a ferrari

    22. Gene King

      Video starts @8:12

    23. 7ViewerLogic

      With new wheels it would look great!

    24. Robert Pickavance

      Hoovie, the only guy who wears a seatbelt on a dyno.

    25. DuBstep115

      More like 12% drivetrain loss and 2% from the engine power.

    26. jmrtinez69

      The car is 1 to 1 in 5th gear?

    27. Mat Harris

      Agree,it’s aged well, and it’s about driver involvement and not all ab out horsepower

    28. Ryan Raynor

      Time to add some boost

    29. Jerry S


    30. fizzys26

      I love this car, and it’s dated quirks.

    31. vomErsten

      I scrolled through the comments for a bit and was amazed that nobody mentioned your shirt. I have two of those shirts, myself, and got a good chuckle out of it!

    32. Ye Feng Chen

      Wonder why you didn’t go for the kreissieg exhaust for the 348 hoovie

    33. kevin kev kev

      Change those rims

    34. Steven D

      I’ll take that Typhoon, please.

    35. Whiskey Town

      If the seat trim was split up, near the top a 3-4inch gap of different fabric near the neck area would make the seats so much better.

    36. Alp Kurt

      At one point it sounds like an Aventador.

    37. Wak Job

      LS swap and be done with it ;-)

    38. Tim Tursonoff

      No, Hoovie, on a mid-engined Ferrari driveline loss in only 12%

    39. Ulises Eugenio Erickson Ramos

      So for happy for him at last he got one car without headaches

    40. Jarrod Maness

      In conclusion the 348 is the Miata of the Ferrari world it’s just to much fun to not love

    41. dropout0110

      Apparently the badge of honor, the leveling up if you will, with owning luxury cars is having a massive book of $60,000 worth of service records.

    42. dropout0110

      I will probably be a millionaire here in about two or three years and I can say that I can never afford one of these but this is my favorite design for sure.

    43. Arvokm

      my normal e39 530i had 200whp... `nuff said. Buying old 100K mile Fefes is utter insanity. But buying salvage / garbage also keeps this channel afloat. A 250whp "modern" Ferrari wih a ~50whp loss is just plain Top Gear joke material. But I have never heard 250whp sound that good!

    44. Nathan Johnson

      That paint is in need of a correction. But that Capristo 🤤

    45. Arne

      Seeing this beautiful car I would almost forgive you for having sold the NSX The Acura NSX, also known as THE FERRARI 348 KILLER 😠

    46. 错鞘

      it had 248 hourses? thats too slow for a ferrari, just buy a bimmer instead

    47. John Wh

      Those seats...……...…..

    48. John Wh

      I like the styling, in fact I much prefer the looks to the awful Mondial or (especially) the Testerossa

    49. Aurora The Otter

      lol I'm kinda used to gated manual cause my racing sim has a gated shifter

    50. Del Mac

      That was the most annoying video you have ever done... Why ? Because of you pubescent, boy racer exhaust. I could not stand the constant loud drone from you stupid after market exhaust. And what a pain it must be to everyone near you, everywhere you go in this car.

      1. dropout0110


    51. Netcruzer RC TECH CARS

      I enjoy the fact that I own a VW Golf with as much power as a 1980s Ferrari. This is why I tell people my R is faster than a Ferrari! LOL

    52. Lamp Shade

      Did he buy the seats from a long distance coach travel company?

    53. BVD JVD

      So do you actually warm up your cars or do you just floor them as soon as the coolant temperature gauge (Not oil temp even tough that's actually the important one) moves 1 degree. Just curious

    54. Sheldon James

      Classic super car gets the same HP as a modern minivan, time's they are a changin'

    55. Tim Smith

      When you buy an older car, and it comes with a comprehensive folder containing all of the maintenance receipts, I think that there is no better feeling. It is like striking gold.

    56. lepepus

      please change the seats... not worth the laugh!!!

    57. grantiscornholio15

      I’d like to see a stalk 330ci vs this 348

    58. AutoRev

      Seats + Exhaust . Best mods

    59. Kristian Jensen

      do u still have the Mercedes ML55 AMG or is it long done? btw this was the very first video i saw of u

    60. Al Oft

      You put those seats in on purpose?