🔉Easy Mind Puzzles That'll Make Your Brain Sweat!

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    These easy mind puzzles will make your brain sweat! Some studies have shown that people who solve different riddles every day have a higher IQ score than others. Brain games and quizzes train your brain and improve your critical thinking ability. Check these riddles out and share your answers in the comments:

    00:14 - What's the missing number? Warm up your logic with this short brainy puzzle!
    02:02 - How to do it? This tricky brain game will make you do some hard thinking ;)
    03:07 - Find identical items! Boost your attentiveness to the smallest details!
    04:07 - Another tricky question that will blow your mind! Check it out and try to solve it before the time is up!
    05:07 - How many triangles are there? Another tricky puzzle that will improve your IQ!

    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of brain games is your favorite!

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    1. Ashok Mange

      Thumbnail answer is 22

    2. David A Rosseter 3.0

      6:39 despite it being 100 future it showed the year 3020

    3. Creative Girl

      2:52 you can remove 2 horizontal, 1 vertical match from the bottom centre part too. That way you still get 4 squares. edit: after Neil got back to earth, first time we saw the calendar it's 2119 right? So later on there's 3020?

    4. EpicPlayZ

      The thumbnail answer is 22

    5. Kelbie Ariana

      I look at the thumbnail before I click this video. It’s 22. 22 is missing.

    6. Talitha Hall


    7. Denia Flores


    8. 2020 Lollipop Christmas

      The second riddle there 3 ways

    9. Sapphire Squad

      In the thumbnail..22 is the missing Number

    10. Lee chaeryeong's air conditioner

      the missing number in the thumbnail is 22

    11. TheAwsome Luinor

      MAKE #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Nayab Rasool


    13. Delfa Lumpas


    14. Briella Adams

      It’s 22

    15. may's stuff

      1:31 22!!! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 5:51 6!!!!

    16. Frel Domingo


    17. Grace Wilson

      U said nick instead of Neil lol

    18. Ladi Froq


    19. Raymond McKinstry

      22 is the missing number on the thumbnail

    20. Sangars Sudarshan rao

      U asked the missing number so it is 22

    21. Hegla Duro


    22. XxCrystal ReenaxX

      6:19 I thought Neil lol

      1. XxCrystal ReenaxX


    23. Geetika Nidhi

      The missing number in the thumbnail is 22

    24. Firedrag34

      4:46 a Pokémon

    25. Samantha Bell

      So, at 4:01 his name was Neil. But at 6:18 his name is Nick. Then at 6:44 it's back to Neil????

    26. faridz fahmi

      6:31= 2119 6:44=3020 Well how this happen?????

    27. sravani channel sravani channel

      1ans 22 is missing

    28. Kezia Tiago

      I know right! I wonder If they did that on purpose🤔. Maybe to see if people would notice it

    29. Cool AF

      The missing number is 22

    30. mohammed sharief

      I knew another answer for two

    31. Jocelyn Galindo

      Miss number 22

    32. •-•ŞØŮĻÇÄČĦƏŘ•-•

      Thumbnail: The missing number is 22 (that's at least what I found-)

    33. Anthony Tang

      The number in the thumbnail is 22

    34. Maitechu DeMello

      22 is missing

    35. X Motion Shorts

      Hay there were 3 ways to solve the matches

    36. fitzroy temple


    37. Dinyo Toyin

      The answer is 22

    38. Master EJ

      The missing number is 22

    39. Debra Tookas

      How many ppl vsco ⤵

    40. Bored Insomniac

      Okay, so for the second riddle with the move three matches to make four squares, isn't there more then two ways to do it? If you remove the bottom of both the two squares at the bottom in the middle, and then remove the match that sperated them it makes four squares.

    41. Aya Sukkar

      22 that is the missing numb

    42. Aisha Bari

      Why did they let"Nick" go? 6:19

    43. Sarina Thomas

      22 is the number missing

    44. Thiru k


    45. Ido Harel


    46. Khanh Le

      The missing number is 2?

    47. fareeha kashif

      The missing number was 22 on thumbnail

    48. blossom panda

      Btw the thumnail answer is 22

    49. ayesha M

      22 the thubnail

    50. Priti Somkuwar

      At the end of the video you named Neil as nick

    51. Yasir Abdul Raheem

      Missing number is 22 in the thumb nail

    52. marilyn dalogdog

      The missing numbe is 22 duh,you wont fool meh, Its 22

    53. Kamil Houari

      Missing number is 2

    54. HATAKE 01


    55. Deeba Oberoi

      Did anyone notice it is Neil but he said it Nick

    56. JC T

      22 is missing

    57. Shveta Rander

      6 trigle

    58. Aarav

      Wrong name at 6:18 Otherwise awesome riddles

    59. Shveta Rander


    60. Jhonna Glodo

      its absoloutly have 3 ways to make four square aliens are so stupid