Eminem - Music to Be Murdered By ALBUM REVIEW


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    Thanks to some creative production decisions and Eminem sounding ever so slightly less stuck in his ways, Music to Be Murdered By is a step in the right direction following Revival and Kamikaze.
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    Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?

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    1. Connor McGing

      Dumbass. Also how you gonna give this a strong 5 but the allegory a decent 6?? Mtbmb is miles ahead of royces project

    2. Mike Posner

      This album is his best work in a long time. His silly lines are purposefully dumbed down for 75% of listeners. The wordplay and rhyme schemes are unfuknbelievable. He knows what he's doing. If it sounds off or odd fitting, Em made it like that for humor/irony purposes. The album is great. The numbers will tell. Thanks for this Marshall.

    3. Ed

      Ohhh you melon...😔

    4. Ndl NDL


    5. Guess

      All this guy needs is a chair, rope and I wouldn't happily kick the chair for giving a superb album 5

    6. Cody Cooper

      Okay..when u listen to something..and instantly think what someone else could do with it..is a huge sign that you started this with a negative mindset..shame on you fantano

    7. Anime Alpha

      I love em even though I'm not a huge fan of his latest records, but More importantly, em should marry Skylar grey. They're soooo good together.

    8. Lucas Crane

      I was also upset you didnt touch on the inspiration from Hitchcock because i thought that was used so well

    9. Lucas Crane

      Not trying to criticize your critique or anything, but your comment on the tone on Stepdad, I thought you may have been a bit off on the interpretation. I found it genious because its Em rapping and writing as his 2nd/5th grade self, so that might explain some of the odd or as you said it "off tone". Just some fiid for thought, enjoyed the video.

    10. Lucas Crane

      Revival isnt that bad, its not his best but people over dramatized gow bad it was

    11. S

      Honestly, I don't just think this was the best review Fantano has ever done, I think it is hands down the best music review I've ever heard or am likely to read. Wow.

    12. Chris Leon

      Yeahhhh, your opinion is irrelevant.

      1. Jako Pablo

        Chris Leon dumbass

      2. Qewtex

        thats your opinion :)

    13. Nick Brenner

      Does anyone really care about this guys dumbass opinion? Like 🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. Jako Pablo


      2. mank0

        i like listening to his opinions, often times his viewpoints are pretty spot on and even if you dont agree with him, he words his arguments nicely.

    14. jlyrics eskeetit

      The fact that lil boat got a 7 and music to be murdered by got a 5 just blows my fucking mind

      1. Michael Cheslav

        @jlyrics eskeetit haha

      2. jlyrics eskeetit

        @Michael Cheslav decent roast tho

      3. jlyrics eskeetit

        @Michael Cheslav lmfao it was for the meme and I regret nothing

      4. Michael Cheslav

        well you have eskeetit in your name so everything probably surprises you

    15. Mimicus Records

      The main reason why Anthony is talking shit about this album, is that he wants to get dissed by Eminem.

    16. El Snail

      I think he believes that everyone is against him. I would believe that most people want to see him be better. He’s one of the best rappers and it’s sad that he’s quickly losing his credibility due to him trying to claw his way back to the top. If he stopped years ago we would still see him as one of the best, but now it’s hard to make that argument when he’s become so repetitive and angry. It’s a shame that some songs I think are carried by features. I just wanna see him make something good so bad before he completely hangs up.

    17. Romoul France

      Who the fuck is this gay guy?

      1. mank0

        a music reviewer giving his own personal opinion on eminems album

    18. #7 WALKER

      hate brings clicks more clicks = mooneey

    19. Wael Dawoudi

      #1 inspiration 👑 @eminem No lyric can describe this dedication to the un-matched work ethic He lead the path to the top act selling attic in the shadyest voice a problem man matic with a billion stans some secret fans were mad at it cuz he raised his voice no apologies a rhyme man addict passin out the rap habit down kendrick n cole since the Big bad Rabbit kicked em clearence in the balls 8 miles in the scene oscar winning lines as it seems a pharaoh that munch grinds as he speaks bars over the headlines on each release last 2 albums a big surprise the big bad bully of the rap game is back to his punching times The boy who sneak disses the god on tech 9 He learned his lesson but i digged mine Dont look for the bag its only a dime grab an extended mag to the opportunity its a once in a lifetime everyone of us has their darkness but sunshines will always take over harsh times a lone wolf that shows some teeth when its about time Life gave me the lemons but i dont want no juice n limes i choose the booth with a squeeze of rhymes

    20. Carlos Hijueputa

      you didn't mention the PESCADO RABIOSO sample. You maybe don't even know who Spinetta was smh

    21. zippyzee

      If you would listen to it more than once.....

    22. Ada.

      give bts a 6 to make grown ass men mad, pweeeease

    23. Toby Smith

      Anthony Fantano's bald head is used to use the solar flare

    24. Marina Marik

      c'mon, MTBMB is really really amazing! 8 or 9/10! I've been listening to it for a month already enjoying it more and more, always finding some new bars or schemes or beats to be driven high. Yah Yah, I Will, Darkness, Godzilla, Marsh, Little Engine, No Regrets, Go'n Learn , Leaving Heaven.. all of them are dope. pure hip hop at its best. review is biased af

    25. 50 Cent

      lol, he gave the Kanye album a 4 which was fucking TRASH/GARBAGE, but then turns around and gives MTBMB a 5??? What a load of bullshit review this is. NOsel I dont wanna see this guy. Stop recommending his videos.

    26. 50 Cent

      If I see this guy ever in front of me I will break his jaw.

    27. FlipperTheDeadDolphin

      I gave it a listen when it dropped and it hooked me enough to listen through the whole thing but I’ve yet to give it another listen

    28. arnemi35

      Em will get back to a 10 but probably when he's in the retirement home

    29. Connor Savage

      Why does melon look like "where's waldo"

    30. Fishy Fish

      I feel like you should wait at least a week before a review, cause a lot of bars went over your head. And songs can grow on you, just sayin.

    31. Gregory Santana

      I give this album a solid 8/10 Great album. Good features

    32. Brayden Watier

      I feel like Anthony barely actually observers lyricism

    33. Chris Bower

      This boi look like a pissed of Waldo!

    34. patrick johnson

      The album was sick as fuck, no problems with it, EM will always be THE legend in all rap history


      This guy is presents opinions as facts, and I don't like that

      1. Mother Coconuts


    36. Ultra Instinct Yamcha

      That album cover deserves a fucking 0/10

    37. Assweed

      *lil pump 6/10*

    38. sebleo11

      You must be very salty

    39. Jeffery Dunn

      Dude you sound like joe budden STFU🤣

    40. Rjro87

      This comment section headliners copying eachother and acting like the first one to do it by working it slightly differently...are really what the world has become...gross...

    41. SAD lol

      Love your george album in the background 😍

    42. Swag Yolo 69

      Eminem is the goat. Fantano is just mad kuz Em dissed him. Go listen to your weird punk rock shit you like.

      1. UofM student

        When did he diss him?

      2. Mother Coconuts


    43. Skeptical Hawk

      I’d give it at least a 6

    44. кιℓℓυʍιηαтι

      Does Eminem still exist? All I can see and hear is a very aggressive and monotonous Slim Shady. I always liked the contrast of serious and funny aspects in his music which made him somewhat sympathic

    45. Brad Edwards

      The ‘dry spell wet lands’ bar was good Imo

    46. Brad Edwards

      The ‘dry spell wet lands’ bar was good Imo

    47. Papa Nut

      I love every part of Anderson’s performance on lock it up

    48. Nobel Poudel


    49. Richard Nester

      Never thought i would hear someone hate on no regrets,thats the best track on the album

    50. JORGE Navarro

      New post animal!

    51. Gavin Nelson

      A 5 out of 10? So you mean to tell me that you give one of lil pumps albums a 7 out of 10, but this deserves a 5 out of 10??? Come on bruh😡

      1. mank0

        @Gavin Nelson i like mumble rap

      2. Gavin Nelson

        @mank0 yeak ok, i know you like special ed rap

      3. mank0

        Gavin Nelson mumble rap is good

      4. Gavin Nelson

        @mank0 ok, we get it, you like mumble rap

      5. mank0

        Gavin Nelson Lil pump is better

    52. Harry Bland

      This guy doesn't understand the album. He thinks he does. But he doesn't. Go look after your spoiled children fucker.

      1. Harry Bland

        @Mother Coconuts Stan is dead

      2. Mother Coconuts

        ok stan

    53. jay Bauer

      Love this albumm!! 2nd best to relapse 🙃

    54. Shaun Levine

      Hey waldo - where you at? Yeah.. haha... drink your PBR

    55. Dinosawr80

      I can finally enjoy an Eminem album

    56. TMan

      Anthony, you are just salty that Eminem didn’t invite you to his deep Saudi Arabian orgy in the Australian outback

    57. Blake Hawley

      the fact you have any type of career doing this is a fuckin tragedy. Fuck you.

      1. mank0

        @Blake Hawley how is he leeching off other peoples achievements. Nobody looks at eminems album or anybody's album and thinks, "wow i really love anthony fantanos contribution to this album". He literally just gives his personal opinions and you either like it or love it. Why do you think he has a million subscribers? It's because other people like listening to his well worded reviews. Also, if you dont give a fuck about eminem, why would you post your original comment in the first place?

      2. Blake Hawley

        @mank0 i literally could give a fuck about eminem. He does this to every artist that has any amount of mainstream success. He's leeching off the achievements of other people with no actual contribution of his own. Literally the lowest form of a person.

      3. mank0

        Blake Hawley LMAO you just mad that Fantano dissed your lord and savior slim shady. Critics are everywhere in every form of media, get over it loser

      4. Blake Hawley

        @QYURRYUS they fucking are. Would you be able to sleep at night knowing your only offering to the universe is shitting on people's artistic expression? Literally the ultimate form of bad karma. Just fuck this guy because he acts like he's a doing us favor. He's a fucking leech. He has nothing. He's perpetuating a culture of novice experts who feel entitled to an entirely uninformed opinion.

      5. QYURRYUS

        @Blake Hawley waah waah critics bad

    58. Cameron George


    59. LavaMob879

      Eminem literally said he specifically hates mumble rappers but I feel like he is bringing on some of the new generation of rappers who he may think will go on to do something important in his life

    60. Yang Xiao Long

      I really enjoyed this review, that was until those last couple minutes. Was it necessary to say the Armenian genocide was justified? I feel like thats a little much.