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    On this episode of Cold As Balls, gaming legend Ninja braves the cold tub and gives Kevin Hart the story of how he became the first American Esports superstar, playing with Drake in Fortnite, and how being amazing at video games is actually a good source of income. Ninja also tries to impress Kevin with his trash talking, and Kevin airs out Daryl and Bam Bam... again.

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    1. LOL Network

      Who would you pick for your duo squad - BamBam, Daryl, or Kevin?

      1. Defaultgod -1234

        Bambam and Kevin

      2. YOZ3N GAMIN6


      3. Jake Varela


      4. Jaheim Bland

        Id play squads lol

      5. Abraham Ruiz

        LOL Network Kevin hart

    2. Max Sanders


    3. Seankikong

      Ninja:I forgot my katana in the back can I have that? Kevin: no **continues to use the nunchucks**

    4. xd exoticzfn

      Bro why hhhahaha

    5. Hybrid_Robin

      Ninja is the CEO of no muscle 🤣🤣

    6. Ki0t Jot

      Where is my boi XQC to yoink this content?

    7. Greg Sieracki

      Who's the lesbian? BTW it's fake ice! Who takes their shirt off like that? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    8. EduMw4

      I've seen this scene before in a peculiar website...

    9. J Bone

      Why’s he got a shirt on wtf

    10. silentguy 117

      esports legend tho in my opinion?

    11. Jacob Gosnell

      9:00 looks like he is getting his peen sucked

    12. Jacob Jaramillo

      13:32, when ur homie is tryna mess wit ur mom

    13. Nate Saunders

      Kev really love just making money cuz he tortured himself every episode with this ice tub😂😂

    14. AranchO_DK

      ninja looks like a 28 year old lesbian woman who loves buzzfeed

    15. Clouddy

      I think ninja is a little full of himself. I'm pretty sure people don't watch him bc he can do something others can't. His target audience finds him entertaining and that's why they watch him

    16. Fortunate Mean

      Ninja legit said Kevin's instagram name without knowing it 8:32 (@kevinhart4real)

    17. Reveion

      Ninja makes me cringe so much

    18. SotoSpitsFire

      can we get Summit1G in here?

    19. GamingWith8k

      I Got 3 Llamas In My Video Check It Out On My Page

    20. Shtebie

      when kevin brought out the old spice stick ninja should have brought up amazon prime. missed opportunity

    21. Slitzy

      Im a gamer but if more than 4 billion people joined in our planet would be doomed , everyone would wannabe be a streamer

    22. PewDiePies Goldfish

      4:28 this is where i die

    23. Frederik Henderson

      Esporst legend tho like really

    24. Adam Isaacs

      ninjas balls is small

    25. Ashau_132 !!!

      Who is watching this now when Ninja has blue hair

    26. YOZ3N GAMIN6


    27. Parker yount

      Ninja is ripped

    28. Mystikka1Gaming

      Honestly I think Kevin Hart could Tear it up if he streamed!!! doesn't even have to play games, just IRL and sit around and BS with the fans, I would watch for sure!

      1. Callaway Jones

        lol, he's worth $240 million dollars. I think the fanbase is pretty much built in.

    29. Toates Goats

      Am I the only one who noticed how Ninja took his shirt off?

    30. Almoni Primis

      The part about drake was so funny🤣😂

    31. Callum W

      Who is here after the Ninja skin was released?

    32. cristian lopez

      This was so cringe

    33. Blasain Sniper

      😂😂😂😂😂 i love these two!!!

    34. ActionLegend

      Called ninja but he’s never studied ninjitsu. Smh.

    35. That’s Not True

      Ninja be raging at games

    36. raspbrry pie

      I swear this said Escort Legend

    37. TheRabbitTrixx

      This guy is a known hacker, and now he out for the clout cause his down fall.

    38. Hostility

      It's insane how well Kevin Hart carries Interviews like that with trash guests

    39. Jazmin Lopez

      We just finna ignore how mans took his shirt off?

      1. kaj robinson

        Jazmin Lopez his shirt was probly cold and didn't want it touching him lol

    40. TheRave16

      13:39 lmao

    41. TheRave16

      Ninja 2020

    42. DiW

      "eSpOrT LeGeNd nInJa" ehm ok choose one: esport legend and a fortnite streamer cant have both

    43. Dktreee

      2 things. 1 ninja look like Eric Forman from 70's show. 2 Kevin Hart standing the whole time like he in the ocean.

    44. xAtlas

      You just got,Shadoinked -Kevin Hart

    45. Burt Macklin

      You know you just enjoy a nice warm bath but thats just me

    46. Ur bad

      I literally hate ninjas face like it can’t just be me

      1. Rectofen -

        Is there a reason?

    47. Jefferson Rojas

      He still curses

    48. Thomas Sasik

      My mans in the tub, with a shirt on.

      1. isacar pena

        Thomas Sasik embarrassed

    49. Thomas Sasik

      Ninja looks like a white kid

    50. SelfMade Ny

      Ninja kinda reminds me of topher grace

    51. little Do

      Ninja looks like Mike the situations son

    52. Lucas Ripley

      My lungs are goin to collapse bruh I shazamed u

    53. Jeffrey Lesher

      Why TF did ninja take his shirt off like that have I been doing it wrong

      1. EduMw4

        @Skatelife Mess up his hair? What is there to mess up exactly?

      2. Skatelife

        I assume it was so he didn't mess up his hair

      3. MrGoGet It

        Jeffrey Lesher 😭😭😭

    54. Colonel Cosby

      Got paid millins and millions of dollars by microsfot to go to Mixer instead of twitch just like Shroud and now both of them went from averaging 50-70k viewers on twitch to like 2k on mixer lmfao good thing microsoft is fucking stupid na dhave billions and trillions of dollars but even still they prolly super dissapointed in how this is turning out

    55. Papi Johzay


    56. Bunnyts5


    57. Wreckd Project

      " Yeah, F*CK DR*KE"

    58. MeetYourDemize

      I thought he was wearing a swim cap lmao

    59. Jose Linares

      Shadoiken you

    60. Nicotine

      Tyler "Ninja" Richard "Ninja"