1. Jennifer Villemure

      This is how much people I will kill today

    2. Jennifer Villemure

      I think they captured my esccence of a sagittarius

    3. TheDaddyPablo

      Bro I felt aquarius on a different level

    4. Nuke Wrld

      Im leo

    5. dragon yeet

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="325">5:25</a> OK KAREN

    6. Animal Adventures

      Leo gang

    7. Ellie grace2011

      I act like a Gemini bug I'm a Taurus

    8. Ryan Lockwood

      As a Cancer born in July.... So accurate it hurts.

    9. Ira Malonzo

      Probably my most favorite EBE 💖

    10. Liva Toft

      Hahah!! Im a picies and that is soo much mee!

    11. Elle Bell

      I’m a Scorpio but I don’t relate w it at all 😂

    12. Merryanne Wudrif

      the aquarius one was so accurate

    13. Sarah

      Why is Virgo so accurate?! Totally on point with my SO

    14. Woodster 605

      As a Leo, it’s half true...,

    15. Nadia’s Corgi said Nya

      I’m Aquarius and Pisces I can relate!!!

    16. go sub to pewdiepie

      Do it

    17. Chrysnu Aji

      Well, i'm at capricorn and it nailed it with my personality. Because we just rambling with reason and don't have any brakes on it.

    18. japan iraq

      I'm a pisces with a gemini best friend a scorpio sister and an aries sister it's crazy

    19. Katy Gabryelczyk

      Damien's performance of Sagittarius with school projects and Pisces with chores are SPOT ON

    20. Amber Rachuba

      I’m a Sagittarius ♐️

    21. Grace Greenfield

      my parents are virgos and that’s pretty much them

    22. Kai Noel

      The Sagittarius one is actually true about me.

    23. Megan Mathews

      Im 10 im a libra when i was 1-9 i cried every single day

    24. Jesse Pinkston

      I have friends who are twins and are Gemini

    25. Jonny coolbeans

      The Virgo one is too true lmao

    26. Ryder Benton

      I’m a Gemini

    27. Mun Chin Yong

      Pisces is so accurate😂

    28. Leonardo Lazăr

      I'm Aquarius!😎😎😎

    29. Vanilla Johnny Bravo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="389">6:29</a> when you’re shopping in the sims

    30. Poskana

      Idk if I should be a cancer lmao

    31. Uthman Baksh

      Now I know why I don't have friends. I'm a Capricorn.

    32. Ocean Skies

      Not to be that person but the Sagittarius one wasn’t that accurate and this is coming from a Sagittarius but you did get the hair accurate

    33. mochacinno

      i personally feel like Kenneth is a scorpio.

    34. Dynamite Sixx

      As a capricorn, this is extremely accurate

    35. Honeystarc

      being an aqaurius this is 100% accurate

    36. Honeydew _

      My dad is a Libra🌠💞🥳 but he's definitely a Pisces✨❄️🧚🏻‍♀️😚

    37. Samantha Geeson

      They out here spilling all Sagittarius’s secrets... Don’t tell them 🤫


      I’m a cancer and i did not understand what the cancer one was meant to be a reference too

    39. joe mama

      I’m exactly Pisces

    40. Cvoudas KC

      Wrong definition of taurus

    41. TheHockeyGamer37

      FYI: Every single Scorpio I know (including myself) has been kind and friendly except 2.

      1. TopazFox 119

        I agree strongly

    42. MeepOrp

      I....The Sagittarius is true. I’ve thought about taking over the school

    43. Enzo Rivas

      Courtney why would you say that libras cry all the time? *cries*

    44. JM Eibl

      My moms a Virgo but she acts like how Damien did when he was a pisces 😂😂

    45. King Louie The sixteenth

      I feel attacked I’m a Leo but I’m more like a libra

    46. Jill Lane

      Lmao got the virgo right definitely me I'm crying loll

    47. Toni Gigliello

      HI i love your video

    48. Abbie Hafley

      Lemme just say this, they are not talking about you directly. They are just talking about the zodiac themselves.

    49. Sofia Girts-Weiss


    50. Julio Sula

      As a Libra I can confirm the skit is correct, but is it. No yeah it is, but...

    51. Alyssandra Anonuevo

      *So Me, Pisces! I'm always doing all the work! Then I place it on my sister, Scorpio!*

    52. raissaguiar

      Me being a taurus: ... Are u saying that I go to certain places to stalk certain people and get to know everything they do? Make a personality to everyone on my kill list and then start to collect info at the point to know everything about everyone so I can attack at the right time and place?? Ur not wrong kiddo...

    53. Smicc

      Gemini Me

    54. gACђa ςAsĦ


    55. Anthony Meriweather

      Damien wanted a anime scene

    56. HassanIsSceptical

      as a Aries I feel like that I always rush things

    57. VarietyGhost

      As a cancer myself this is 100% true 'cause I get upset whenever I miss out 😅

    58. Roger Niles


    59. Maegan Chinn

      There was no arise

    60. I’m_not_todoroki

      Why is there nothing wrong with Aquarius or was that a insult because I’m an Aquarius

    61. Datnyancat

      So Virgo in a nutshell: *Ocd* As a virgo- *pretty damn accurate*

    62. LonelyAlpha

      I take offense to the cancer 1 cuz im not like that

      1. Otto Kaare

        It's making fun of people who think zodiac signs are everything

    63. Nathan Bandoh

      bruh im cancer and thats how I act and thats facts 😢😉✌💕💕💕💕💕❤💖

    64. Renato Soares

      I’m an aries

    65. Ivy Time

      I thought I was a Pisces lol I guess I’m a Virgo

    66. Ucup Ucup

      Damien is psychics also.. as a cancer and depressed bitch i can relate that

    67. FireFlash9923

      I'm sure shayne hated filming is

    68. Greg Murfey

      Who is this made for

    69. Nur hana Marlisa

      Me, as a cancer: wow I never thought I be like that (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

    70. I am your lobster frend

      Okay wait, Shayne is actually a virgo, and Courtney is a gemini, and the two zodiac signs arent compatible and courtney said that she was dating a guy that wasnt compatible with her because hes a virgo, and I know this is a sketch and it's probably scripted, but like, tea


      Im a gemini I agree it

    72. Patatø Cookie

      I feel offend I’m Scorpio and what I would do is kill him not cry 😢


      I never plan ahead, I just go as I go and I'm a Leo

    74. Ryan Berner

      The Sagittarius thing is spot on for me 😂

    75. Mikhail Monteagudo

      Leo it's a birthday not a birthweek

    76. Ravi Agarwal

      sagittarius Squad ...

    77. Me and my Sister

      Im a pisces and i DONT act like THAT my brothers act like that and they aint pisces TwT

    78. Jack Cutter

      Yeah, Sagittarius is definitely correct 😂

    79. Redrose

      I kinda feel like Gemini was kinda right. But that makes me anything but a Gemini... wait... was I born in June? HALP IM HAVING A LIFE CRISIS... I’m like a mix between Libra, Virgo, or Cancer Most def an Aquarius tho...

      1. Otto Kaare

        They don't matter it's all fake

    80. movecount

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="434">7:14</a> keith looks legitimately scared