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    1. Pierre Debroe

      that hot water tap thing is fake

    2. Egyptus Nz

      I just loveee your subtly - sadistic-sense of humor, JUST. LIKE. ME

    3. Hom Bagdi

      So u were never a baby,

    4. Donald Foley II

      Spiders are arachnids idiot

    5. Donald Foley II

      Actually cold water does boil faster 👍😜👨‍🔬

    6. Jasmine Justiniano

      Says the one who was a kid before

    7. Nick Kahlon

      But pewdiepie if you get rid of all the kids then you will have to send everyone who is subed to you lol

    8. dollynho TOP

      Hello luba tv

    9. LQ14

      the genuine disgust. i love it

    10. monstersince

      @NOsel should have a new top five earners every year @Susan Wojcicki

    11. Spider Choc

      How dare u say that about insects, which I am, you should be ashamed you spoilt mother *bleep*

    12. SMURRE

      En sko till en hat🎉 Ditt liv är komplett!

    13. Meraj Heidarpour

      Ilove you im from iran

    14. 양말이의무료한 일상

      PEWDIEPIE is a legend among NOselrs.

    15. Ahmed OUSSOUS


    16. XSI GAMING

      Pewdpie 200M subscrib

    17. rxbismo z

      Goblin at 9:12

    18. Jaques Ramos

      Felix:kids are spreading germs Me: how am i not offended of this nahh i dont care

    19. 8bit sir

      Girls go to jupiter to get more stupider 😂

    20. Gordon Bastien

      At 10:30 I lottery almost broke out crying because my cat just died a month almost ago his name was Nessie he was absolutely perfect in every way his fur his personality he never scratched or bit a single sole he was the best

    21. Gordon Bastien

      If you Ban all the children your faithful nine year olds will be gone! They nineteen year olds won’t come back

    22. Randy Scott


    23. Luthium

      Until Felix realizes he was once a “small germ spreader”

    24. Iguais mas Não parecidos

      E do nada meu comentário aparece aqui

    25. lexi israel

      “That’s a great wig” pediepie

    26. Aidan da Gamer

      2:33 that guy is worth a lot more now with that apple logo

    27. Colby McMillon

      $100.00 for overalls me no think so but still love you bro

    28. Unconventional Era

      I love how every time he mocks himself he uses his “marzia voice” 🤣🤣

    29. PhukDup MudClub

      Lol "When I am a world leader I will ban all children". Love it

    30. One piece

      وين ترجمه عربيه

    31. ilovemochas2921

      I bet all the kids on your channel are offended 😂😂

    32. Barış Özügüler

      1:39 a feminine hawkmoth woah

    33. Dee Lambo

      Take the children But we NEED the INSECTS! Damn it, come on man. Do NOT underestimate insects - sorry im trying to bring awareness

    34. Jackson Morris

      “You know what’s worse about babies? The germs they spread”😂

    35. EthanQa17

      9:12 Felix: “GOBLIN!” Me: “I’ve been to Walmart at 2am before. It’s a scary scary place. That’s where they all come out. They don’t go during the day, they all go shopping at night. It’s truly terrifying.”

    36. Xavier

      9:00 I would rather suicide than to stay in the same room with that moth.

    37. Skelty The Skeleton

      2:00 at first I thought it was a guy who fell in his bike.

    38. facu el probas0 :l

      What the

    39. Cassie ばかです Lol

      PewDiePie: hates children Also PewDiePie: has a 9 to 19 year old childish army


      اكو عرب بقناه بيودي باي اضغط لايك اذا انته عربي

    41. • aquaa •

      I feel like if I bought his merch i would turn into it because you wouldn't see me cause it's probably *big*

    42. aka-munster

      Vote PewDiePie 2020

    43. VoopityScoop

      Bruh I just bought those spider headphones

    44. socorro Deus

      Algm Br, por causa do Luba?

    45. My name Fred :7

      Watch him have a baby in a year

    46. Cheesethe Koala

      Ok I did some research because unlike y’all I’m not lazy your welcome; when magnesium (in tap water) comes in contact with oxygen, for example when it comes out of the tap, it turns black. For it to be visible there would have to be A LOT of magnesium in there, and probably some iron. Plenty of people have trace amounts of magnesium in their water and it won’t turn visibly black (but could leave like a black staining or something in your toilet bowl) I would say, do not drink that shit, too much magnesium or iron is dangerous 🤮

    47. Ravi Voorn


    48. Cheesethe Koala

      I thought the cricket was bad and then there was the moth and the geko

    49. SKB Thunder

      Pewds for president!!! Who's with me

    50. Luminous Space

      you can have a virtual baby its more convenient that way

    51. Boy Kulot

      3:48 nothing to say

    52. Doofy !

      I really wanted to close this shit but watched till the end anyways lol

    53. منوعات َعراقيه

      PI PUBG

    54. поджолес

      it's awful to thing therapist, reads as the rapist. : S

    55. qaylarania

      at 2:01 ewwww that spider is getting out of the body?? ewww I could kill it

    56. Rahmafvhgy hassanein

      2:48 loll

    57. Артем Никифоров

      Я РУССКИЙ[!!]

    58. Canggih Farunik

      why in the world I saw this video while eating... the universe maybe hate me

    59. Zixity

      OK just listen with 60 volume you'll hear it i wont even say what i heard 6:49

    60. thetruered

      No felix u have to get rid of the kids first then put the bugs on the island with them