Everything Wrong With Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw


1 mill ganger800

    At this point you are either already on board with this film before it even comes out, or you're not. Guess where we stand. Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw has sins galore.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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    Publisert Måned siden


    1. Eriol Hiiragizawa

      Black Superman... no, more like a Black Bucky Barnes.

    2. Nicole Carroll

      You didn’t even mention how at the end of the movie it goes from night to middle of the day to the evening in 1 hour

    3. Giovanni Escobar

      15:14 he really has AirPods

    4. Anoneemus Noename

      The biggest sin of all was the *egregious missed sin* at 4:35 when he *"disarms"* the grenade (which also happens to be the exact point i jumped up and immediately left the theater to demand my money back) nosel.info/video/video/rolkoIfPrminl68.html ...yeah grenades don't work like that lol Is it common for people to think there is some kind of spring loaded mechanical timer in them? That would be incredibly dangerous to assemble, store and transport. You could never design them to be anywhere remotely near safe... And even if it was a mechanical timer why would people assume you could just disengage it by reinserting the spoon?! For that matter why the fuck was the spoon near the grenade in the first place?! Even if the bad guy purposely removed and threw it (as opposed to it flying off normally) it *still* wouldn't travel *nearly* as far as the much heavier grenade; he would literally have to run up and set it *directly beside it* which (if you could disarm it with said spoon) *would defeat his initial purpose!!!* If that were the case you would pocket the spoon so nobody could disarm it (and potentially use it against you). Thats worth *at least 5* sins afaic...

    5. Chad Baptiste

      You gotta admit tho, the Italian Job tie in was pretty sigh worthy!

    6. Gakko Kyoshi

      7:18 barely and inconvenience

    7. Thai Nguyen

      that was actually so funny lmao

    8. Boiled Bread

      This guy is so fucking cringe

    9. Dennis Deanova

      Everything is wrong in this movie.

    10. razorback9999able

      Will the Sin Counter be broken in Fast and Furious 9?

    11. Angus Clark

      I like this movie

    12. Faze Jack

      Is there any movies you like

    13. Leffinaire Effinaire

      17:07 CAP ?!

    14. Joe Gresser

      From what I’ve read Hobbs and Shaw takes place in 2022 So CinemaSins F&F is waaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of you.

    15. Reuben Lymer

      was anyone confused y they get deadpool and peter from deadpool 2 in this movie

    16. Jah Bless

      14:39 you didn't pay attention did you cinemasins, how would hobb's know or call their numbers if he hasn't went to samoa in last 25 years (I think)

    17. Kevin Hernandez

      Fk this movie

    18. Ben smith

      This was hands down one of the most boring long ass film I've ever seen. I was praying for the film to stop..it was one predictable scene after another.

    19. YouTube news

      Buzz off

    20. Nobu Wraith

      The rock gets paid to play himself in every movie. He's living the dream

    21. Robin Stone

      The Dancing in that scene at 15:53 sends some strong Haka vibes for no apparent reason

    22. noche

      6:39 Piccadilly should definitely be a sin

    23. Uther Lightbringer

      15:50 It is the middle of the night. It is mid day about 15 seconds later.

    24. A . P .

      14:09: That is not Samoa

    25. Liberty Prime

      So sad when this movie wasn’t nominated for best picture

    26. V12S65AMG

      The WHOLE fucking movie is wrong!!!

    27. 2theSkysStudios

      17:07 Becoming Captain America are we?

    28. Chiggsy

      13:00 Dude. Black Superman is Mohammed Ali. Remember? 🎶Mohammed Mohammed Ali/ He floats like a butterfly/He stings like a bee/Mohammed/The Black Superman...🎶

    29. GameKnighty Boi

      I can’t be the only one who fucking loved this movie

      1. The Hunter

        Well, it is enjoyable. The far reaching ideas create enjoyment.

    30. Shadow Wolf

      You mean the fact it's just a comedy based with the fast and furious name using the arguing between the two while having over the top action in it

    31. Sihle Papu

      2 Hobbs 2 Shaw

    32. legin makez

      18:05 how did you miss that joke?

    33. Kellan Menefee

      night and day bs in the samoa fight scene

    34. vinifari 2300

      2 hobbs 2 shaw 😂😂😂😂

    35. Lachy MacGregor

      To date, single worst movie I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of watching.

    36. Mohammed Anas

      10:14 sync with the audience 😂😂😂😂😂

    37. Brandon Prater

      As much as I wanna laugh at Sin 48, I'm kinda scared about how possible it is!

    38. Travis West

      Like your vides man

    39. Kool Gamez

      This film was corny and poorly written

    40. MaJay-_-Yumi

      Ha fast and furious has been a movie sin in a whole for a long ass time now and this is just even fuckin worse. God I miss the days of street races and robbing trucks for fuckin stereos

    41. Dave Van Dyk

      Is there any reason why Rock Johnson, John Cena and Batista haven't starred in a movie together? Or have they already?

      1. The Hunter

        Cena's relatively new to Hollywood, I guess.

    42. bassmentier

      Hobbs & Shaw is an actual fkn movie?

    43. CarLarchameleon

      The main actors are 47 and 52. They are in beyond peak physical condition, yet they both never work out. They continue to fight yet never suffer any consequences of their actions at their advancing ages. How can a mass killer and widely known psychopath work for the CIA? This franchise is total garbage. Plus the Rock Johnson won’t work with Vin Diesel as VIN hates him. That is why there is Hobbs and Shaw.

    44. Tyler Ray

      The only mistake you made is that when they met that theif chick in that nice mansion and they get looted up, she gave them the bullet proof vests, the scorpion evos and ALSO "encrypted ear pieces".. so when you said they are just magically talking to each other during the get away it actually does make sense cause they had those. Besides that, everything else was spot on.

    45. JoyceyTheScot

      Laughs at The Rock holding a helicopter down but then takes a sin off for Captain America doing it😂

    46. Frasco _exe

      Han is still alive though

    47. Liz González

      15:14 has AirPods

    48. Alexander Murphy

      You forgot he killed or tried to kill, which I still don't believe, Han in Tokyo Drift

    49. Mmee Hall

      I really love watching these 😊

    50. ThrowedKings ENT

      Grabbing the chain with one hand would of slice of his hand and if by chance he did grip it he shoulder would've dislocated and he would've been flung off the back of that truck

    51. Hu Go

      Whole movie is wrong

    52. Jerry Baklycki

      Nobody is questioning that a mechanic in Samoa has a top of the line 3D printer. Crappy ones are hard to find anywhere, but a nice one is rare, let alone in an isolated place like Samoa.

    53. Jake

      I can’t even articulate how sick I am of bland The Rock action/thrillers. And I’m equally sick of Vin Diesel and the Fast & Furious franchise

    54. Flash Gordon

      People actually like movies like this?

    55. Los Trem

      Movies should have a salary cap

    56. Danielle Ellis

      This movie is ridiculous and I loved it.

    57. David Wallace


    58. That Random YouTube Channel

      The fact that me and my friends were the only people in the theatre and half of us movie hopped to see It 2 half way through this movie says a lot.

    59. Dest -

      Oh im watching fast and furious, i thought i was watching The Transport no. 1 million.

    60. John Smith

      remember when fast & furious was just a movie about street racing and cops?