Explaining Why Kenzie & I Broke Up...

Isaak Presley

Isaak Presley

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    Today I explain why Kenz & I broke up...
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    1. Kiera Hinds

      This is like the hundredth break up videos I watched during quarantine 😭.

    2. Jordan Eileen

      so mature and so well spoken

    3. Gloria Ekwalla

      Omg nooo i dont want you and Kenzie to break up

    4. P.artoza

      Yessir. :)

    5. OfficialJulia

      SUBSCRIBE!!!! i will he posting funny content

    6. Hey it’s Nani

      I’m so sad

    7. Aubri Gouveia

      Wow all I can do after watching this is respect him 100x more than ever! IF y'all really thought this boy cheated, you very very wrong. This is the maturest video he has made about such a heartbreaking and hard thing to handle. You really proved yourself with this one.

    8. Olivia Tyrer

      Keep your head up high life will get better ❤️xx

    9. Yazmine Juarez C

      But please keeps doing videos together and not stop beeing friend 💜

    10. Shreya Pujari

      This is the dumbest video I’ve ever seen in my entire life

    11. Yazmine Juarez C

      But..... You are still friends

    12. Erica’s Lifestyle

      This video is very thoughtful and well spoken and overall just very kind and touching! I’m sorry that people have been hating on the two of you, and that y’all have to go through that! Just stay strong and always hold your head high! You’re worth so much and don’t think you’re less that goes for everyone!

    13. Katelyn Kelly

      I hope you feeling better I know the feeling just put on a smile on your face just to hide the pain inside Best things to do is pray I'll pray for you

    14. Robin Lynn

      On a level i really feel this... kinda similar to my relationship currently

    15. Britny walley

      awww isaak😢❤️ we love you! stay strong.

    16. Melanie and Elizabeth 11/9/06

      It was longest 20 minutes of my life 😂🤦‍♀️

    17. sedona rose

      "#IsaakPresley #KenzieZiegler #Breakup" IM DYING 😂

    18. Alissa Phillips

      “Cmon Alissa u gotta go” no. I can’t just stop.


      Are guys still in love

    20. Morgan Demers

      Wow, you wonderful human❤️proud of you Isaak

    21. Alex

      waz on yo shirt homie

    22. Alex

      ayo you best fake that personality for stuck in the middle. That show is fire 🔥 💯

    23. nat lol

      I'm such a chismosa, I clicked so fast lmfao

    24. Carmen Gomez

      Just watching this gain my whole respect for you

    25. Philips gaming

      You forgot to post it ok but post pls

    26. Jennie Sienkiewicz

      Thank you for sharing something so personal, that must have been really hard.

    27. Jennie Sienkiewicz

      Wow he has a lot of pressure on him, he’s taking care of his family and he realizes he needs to focus on that. Isaak you are an amazing guy, you are very mature for ur age and I wish you the absolute best. I’ll be praying for you. No one is to blame for the end of their relationship. He’s so thoughtful and he is a great guy, with a bright future. I think this was the best for both of them.

    28. caitlynbader

      i don’t even keep track of their relationship or them in general and i’m so glad i watched this.

    29. Erika s Spanos

      When my mom leaves the house I have Seperation anxiety and I call strangers mama mama when I shouldn’t did you have seperation anxiety for Kenzie

    30. Harry Potter

      Look, when you act so shady no ones going to believe you. I know your not a bad person I can see it, you seem like a guy with good intentions. I feel like you could explain this in a better tone because honestly, you made me feel like you were the bad guy. Thanks for clearing the air a bit though.

    31. Emily Gleeson

      I I unsubscribed to your channel because you don't like MacKenzie

    32. MIMI BABOO

      Ok i appreciate your honesty but first money will never be enough even if you buy everything for your parents they still gonna want more so you shouldn't sacrifice your happiness 2nd am sorry for your difficulties that you go through but 3rd why do i feel likd maybe you are struggling with your sexiality too? My instincts tells me that i'll be expecting a comeout video in the near future

    33. sofia caterina

      He honestly looks real sad. 💔

    34. Silvano paulo helena

      nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooo isaak vcs formavam um belo casal porras

    35. Pilar Anderson

      I really think you can work things out.

    36. Shane Jones

      You were so cute and great together.

    37. Samiha Rahman

      I HATE ISSAC NOW THEY WERE THE BEST COUPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    38. soinu foig

      Nobabdy: Me at 23 waching 16 yearold break up

    39. Christine Dyomina

      It's ridiculous that the media isn't forcing this out of him. Yes. He has a high following. But it is not our business to know every waking moment of this guy's life, let the guy breathe and live his life in peace.

    40. Zarah L

      But why is he switching so much advertisement?

    41. Alex Z.

      I was not in NOsel for a long time now, and now this was the first video that I saw after months. I can say that made me sad.

      1. Alex Z.

        soinu foig sorry what?

      2. soinu foig

        The ads 💀

    42. Olivia jane

      Can someone explain this in short to me

    43. L. lway Htoo


    44. L. lway Htoo

      jezie need to come back right now

    45. Ayva B

      My respect for him just went up and my respect for Kenzi is right up there with him. It was best for both of them ❤️

    46. Megan Lord

      You shouldn’t have to feel like u have to make videos or have to act fine like u should be doing videos for fun and because u enjoy them and it’s okay to not be fine and u shouldn’t have to act or pretend cuz that’s gunna make it worse. No one should think they HAVE to to something your still really young and shouldn’t have to deal with so much hate and everything going on

    47. Martina Calice

      Are you guys dating now

    48. Aminazing

      Now this, THIS is ☕

    49. Eva Bryant

      Me and my Bf broke up a month ago... I know how you feel, bud. We are in hard times anyway, so it’s kinda hard. I just REALLY hope you stay strong. Hang in there, buddy.

    50. millies babys

      and people think he is good looking?

    51. Isaro Gasana

      We all know that the reason of your break up its 'cause u CHEATED on her like a million time so stop trying to inventing stories dummy

    52. Luis Robles

      How can you leave Kenzie and quarantine this a bad idea, Kenzie is really sad, I see her video that, she said, and why did you wake up, I know, but visiting really said, why did a good really break up, but are you sick, Isaac can do music right now, cars are in quarantine, so why did you break up with her? Was she not that pretty for you? Is she not in nothing for you how dare you I am never watching your videos again because you broke up with Mackenzie Mackenzie is a good girl I've been watching her for herand she's really sad, so she said that you mean to her a lot, so I had a boy friend. Now I won't be sad because I have my family, always, no one breaks your family, doesn't break your heart, so can these families with her all time I can, Maddy Maddy is always with her, so, yeah, she's gonna be with her forever, not like, you know, you broke up with her I'm never watching everyday

    53. soph


    54. Madelyn Miller

      I feel so bad for both of them

    55. Adesola Quadri

      Love you isaak!

    56. Gracella Huskänis

      The ads 💀

    57. Equestrian Kira

      No can’t you guys fix it

    58. Katy Kabob

      Me: *sees title* Also me: "OoOooO"

    59. ButterfliesAreMyLife

      I just came here to ask is he at all related to Elvis Presley?

    60. Makenzie Hill

      wow this video made me gain so much respect for you! always have supported u and kenz but this video really made me see a super real side that i haven’t seen💓 and i’m so sorry u have so much stress and weight on ur shoulders. u deserve the world for all u do and have done for everyone else!!

    61. Aleah Shepherd

      asher and annie broke up and now them:((

    62. Mehek Anand

      isaak talking about cheating allegations, breakups etc - *ad out of nowhere* - “there’s a cHicKen!”

    63. Novel Beats

      Wow. An actual man who realizes he has problems, WANTS TO FIX THEM, and realizes he’s not READY for a relationship! *cough cough* I’m looking at u ex bf.

    64. Rachel Weatherly

      So mature!!!

    65. Anna Dugan

      I’m so proud of u making this video. So happy u guys don’t have bad blood. U take ur own time and this was the best decision. I promise ❤️

    66. Glitter Girl

      He cheated on her like 100 times now he is sayin I have nothing but the love for her am I joke to you?

    67. Keira Golding

      The fact that you feel pressured to tell people this bc they refuse keep their mouths shut Is sad.

    68. Alicia Hernandez

      How old are you?

    69. kaylee jacobi

      wow. this is such a bittersweet video to watch😭🤍 sending you love & light isaak.

    70. Gracie V

      i want to hear more about your past! :/🖤

    71. morgan hintz

      Isaac Presley is the cutest thing ever

    72. Brian Laragomez

      I honestly think that your guys is break up is not something to play about it’s a really deep thing to talk about and lie about

    73. Alaina Francina-Elizabeth King

      This is so off topic but Charli and chase couple name would be charli chase or lil’chuddy

      1. Alaina Francina-Elizabeth King

        Like if things worked out

    74. Lulu Poppy

      Wow I really hope I meet someone like you one day you guys handled that perfectly and yes you guys are totally right if you guys kept going out it could of ended badly and couldn’t ended on friend but because you handled it the way you did you guys can still be friends and that’s great I’m so sorry for everything those people are saying and making assumptions about what happened that’s horrible and I hope that you guys are ok and healthy

    75. Kayla Vanwey

      I hope you find happiness I know how depression feels and how it can affect and I also get how it feels to worry and care for your family I hope you’re doing well 🖤

    76. Elaina Alexander

      I think you and Kenzie are amazing and mature people. I love how you were able to talk about it. Also I think it's amazing that you take care of your family! Lots of love to both of you! ♥

    77. Kayla Vanwey

      He has to be the first person ever to ask someone if it’s ok to make a video about them he’s an angel 🖤

    78. Mario Perez

      Cause ur a cheater

    79. Angelina Antoun

      Good thing he made this video I hated him at first but now I respect him more than anything

    80. Sydney Witte

      I was literally crying during this😢