Extended Cut: Stars Freak Out Meeting 'Cheer’s' Jerry Harris at the Oscars



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    Ellen sent "Cheer" star Jerry Harris to the 2020 Oscars to be her red carpet correspondent and chat with stars, including Brad Pitt and Billie Eilish. While he gave some encouraging “Mat Talk” to Idina Menzel, many actors like Laura Dern, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Kathy Bates lost it over meeting the breakout cheerleader. Plus, Ellen and her friends at Shutterfly had a gift for the college student.

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    1. Jordan Bartman

      YAA JERRY!!!

    2. misskit123

      This video has put me in such a good mood. Today will be a good day!

    3. Kara Kent

      Ellen, PLEASE have Jerry do ALL the award shows!!! He’s so incredible, and amazing, and positive, and precious!! Love him ♥️♥️♥️

    4. Rhyan Madden

      Lin-Manuel Miranda had me too weak. I love Jerry 😭 he deserves everything that come to him.

    5. cassy b

      Please have Jerry back! We need more of him!

    6. Hailey Bea

      jerry is so postitive !!!! I’m so happy for him, he deserves all of this 😭

    7. Christa M

      Aw I love him x

    8. Ellen tv TV

      Who just came to check the views?

    9. CrLazymInTx

      If they picked anyone else besides Jerry for this I would’ve been bent!!!

    10. CrLazymInTx


    11. Santana Clark

      This made me cry. I am so happy for him! Look at what God will do man!! Amazing!! 🙌🏾

    12. TaySimone

      I love Jerryyyyyyy

    13. Jessica Henny

      Jerry ❤️

    14. Robyn P

      Tears of JOY 😂😅

    15. Insanitys Ninja

      Kathy Bates: I aM sUppOse To HoLD thIs MySelF?

    16. Relaxation sounds

      Buen video👍

    17. Brittni Johnson

      This made my whole week!! Love his spirit and Ellen's generous heart!

    18. Reign

      breakout Cheerleader? bahahaha

    19. reenie rae

      In a world full of Kardashians, be a Jerry!!

    20. LeseeLove

      Yup. I cried 😭😭

    21. Ashley Bowie

      This is that feel good shit I need first thing in the morning YES

    22. Wendy Wilson

      I love jerry woooow

    23. Abron James

      Awwww, congrats Jerry!!!🤗

    24. 2loveism

      I just watched the whole season of cheer and man Jerry deserves the world just his positive energy his kindness is what we need more in this world...people that have him in their lives are so blessed. Jerry thank you for being you ❤️

    25. Mallory smith

      Lin and Vanessa showing up first gave me so much joy

    26. Tabbitha Warren

      oh my god Kathy Bates!!! I would've passed out

    27. Leanne A.

      Jerry gives me life. ❤️

    28. Así es mi Vida

      I need a friend like Jerry in my life!!

    29. DancerKate

      this world doesn't deserve jerry

    30. Lakisha Jeanty

      I love him 😍 I’m so happy for him

    31. Tracey fun

      Notice how Jim from inside edition is right next to him😂

    32. amysticalbeing

      Okay?! 😂

    33. Shelby Gates

      I love Jerry 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    34. Nicola

      Jerry was born to be a star, the world would be a much nicer place if we were all a little bit like Jerry ❤

    35. NaTeesha85

      Kathy Bates is everything. And obviously Regina King is QUEEN. What an impact Jerry and his team have made on so many people.

    36. Ashhliee

      He needs his own show love jerry

    37. jack b


    38. laughs@lots

      EVERYBODY LOVES JERRY!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    39. Ivory Sheppard

      This is so amazing. I bet he never thought his life would change from cheerleading to being someone Celebrities admire!!

    40. Jeana Frid

      I love Jerry. Such a pure soul

    41. ELEVEN PAC

      Keanu on 3:25

    42. K O

      I’m fine! I’m not crying! You’re crying! 🥺🥺

    43. Celine Snowball

      I love jerry !!!!

    44. sotuur aeei

      We must protect Jerry at all costs from all evil in the world he’s too pure for this earth I LOVE HIM

    45. Sierra Sharp

      I’m in love with him!!!!

    46. Talea s

      3:59 *they screamed racial slurs*

    47. People Say NY

      Love Jerry like I’ve known him forever. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. sotuur aeei

        I literally cry every time i see Jerry he is just so amazing 😫😭❤️

    48. Marie Fe

      smiled the whole time he deserves everything

    49. itsgonnabeokk 1

      I love Jerry! He’s the absolute best

    50. imreallyhungry

      omgggg yas

    51. moatinyarmystaywinning


    52. ruth noemi


    53. MisterTrash

      Who is he?

    54. Evelyn Lopez


    55. Shauna Carpenter

      You did so great! And yeah, I totally would have fan girled out if I saw Brad Pitt! O.G. Hottie!!!

    56. Chris Blesius

      Did anyone else think it was talking about someone from the show Cheers?

    57. robert willis

      Im so out of touch. Idk who this guy is.

    58. Putri Y. Pertiwi

      You are the best Jerry. Everyone loves you 😍

    59. Angelica Monje Torrez