EXTREMELY normal Bass tutorial video nothing to see here AT ALL move along



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    Even if you don't have a bass, you'll know how to play it by the end of this video thanks to this very serious bass lesson on how to play BASS guitar.
    B A S S
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    1. Davie504

      playing bass = big *pp*

      1. Cj Mendoza

        The song you play in 4:07 was white stripes seven nation

      2. Cj Mendoza

        The song you play in 4:07 was white stripes seven nation army

      3. Justin M

        Seven nation army- white stripes

      4. GWL -

        Davie504 i hav bass can I have permission to use it

      5. Danielesan76

        I already own a bass, so I'm not leaving a comment, sorry

    2. Lion Killer

      I dont have a bass becouse I cant afford it, but I want to play it

    3. JingGuily

      Am I too late :o

    4. Charles Oliveira

      i have no bass

    5. Funfox

      I don't have bass so sad

    6. ErFoxy71

      Sei troppo simpatico

    7. juicy panda pig


    8. Vivek Peter

      can i have a bass guitar?

    9. Just Why

      I require 🅱️ A S S

    10. Gu 807

      8:34 let's jam with David504 sleepers!

    11. Nerf Hub Films

      I dream of having a bass but still not got what I wanted

    12. Marcelo do mine

      send me a BASS i wanna have a big pp

    13. Irfan pro

      I don't have a bass but i have a guitar

    14. Minecraft Musician

      Piano! Hahaha

    15. mustafa haroon haroon

      I play bass

    16. Nicola Buzzo

      Ciao Davie504 ! Could u play some Mark King tunes or any of Level 42 ? That would be E P I C O !! Check mate!! Saluti da Old Street London !!!

    17. Alma Cacayan

      Send GuitAR

    18. Mr. Dot


    19. Khang Le

      1:52 I don't have a BASS

    20. Un BelExité :-D

      Aston Barrett is the best bass player, just teasing you ;-)

    21. Riswan Mahyudi

      Send me bass, I am your subscriber from Indonesia

    22. Agel Putri

      i see ricardo milos i see the vedio EFIIC

    23. Felipe Augusto

      00:58 Ukulele = Bass PP

    24. Thiarles Rock Games

      yt . com / watch?v=o2XLoDnYi_o """"""""""challenged?"""""""""""

    25. Silvana Andrea Morales

      SeNd BaSs

    26. rezky yusman

      I dont play bass, but i enjoy your videos , seeing yo face already make me laugh, idk why.

    27. Kyle Doxstader

      I play guitar but pp is still epico. Explain.

    28. Kaleb Major

      i wanna bass it would be epicc

    29. Lalo Man

      send me a bass pls lmao

    30. 4Bit-Helmet

      I grabbes my invincible base

    31. Sandesh Lohana

      I want bass ❤️😍😍

    32. Ace Pit

      i was thinking about to start playing Bass aft watch your videos. You are a Genius and one of the best i think. I think i start with it...

    33. Brian Whin-Yates

      did you really give a bass to someone?

    34. Paolo C

      Here for the Bass :v

    35. Kasita C.

      I was about to play guitar but since the model I wanted was sold out I had to rethink and thought of bass. I search for the keyword "bass" on NOsel and your channel came up first on the list. I like the bass sound since I like it in many metal songs but after trying in a shop in wonder if my very small hand can stretch on its neck 😖 (PS. I don't wanna grow PP by playing bass thanks!!)

    36. Thống Nguyễn

      I really appreciated this kind of video ! Thanks Davie ! Epico teacher !

    37. Jezz Roi

      Hi davie504 im from Philippines im a huge fan hope i can learn the power of BASS 🤘

      1. Jezz Roi

        3:56 you played seven nation army

    38. scarrxd

      I tried the megalovania thing you played in school because it was epicc and my teacher slapped me

    39. Vulture INK

      the song wwas seven nation army

    40. Nick

      If you give me a bass I will make bass juice

    41. Robert Guerrero

      I play 6 string guitarr ;)

    42. Eduardo Fragata

      Dont hve bass...😭

    43. 賴一宏

      Like the beginning 😂

    44. HARK

      BBC = Big Black Cable

    45. Davidson Mensi

      B A S S

    46. Geologist

      Davie: This is called a bridge. Do not at any cost let Pewdiepie come near this part Hahahahaha

    47. DIONIX

      Pic of trumpet: -PiAnO- Seems legit?!

    48. een joost

      I dont have bass :(

    49. Inosuke Hashibara

      i dont have a bass..... pls send one

    50. Servando Alonso

      You can force me to play BASS by sending me one..

    51. rfdz

      Holy shit, I need to get a bass now.

    52. Victor Khen

      Am I too late

    53. Mr . Cool

      Send Bass

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      i want bass

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    57. Canubo Wong

      EPIC is not epic but BASSic is epic

    58. Ohred

      1:30 the day davie turned white

    59. Hans M

      The bass is a good starting point before you learn to play guitar