February 2020 Democratic Debate in South Carolina | The Daily Show

2,4 mill ganger975

    Trevor went LIVE after the 10th Democratic Debate in South Carolina #TheDailyShow
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    1. Jamee Fang

      In which case, the batter answer could be referring to the check and balance system and his self-constrained nature of not abusing powers.

    2. Jamee Fang

      yeah, kinda agree with Trevor on the question about dictatorship to Bernie. It's a fair and important question for Bernie. And he or others left wings candidates like him definitely should draw a line between their policies with dictatorship, which will be more valuable than defending it by saying dictators do good things too.

    3. Nickolai

      How to beat Trump: Just let him win another election. That way, in the next election, he can't run again. Problem solved!

    4. ProjectEchoshadow

      I think Bernie is the correct choice with the epidemic

    5. Sabnur Mallick

      🥺❤️ luv frm India ❤️🥺

    6. The Mystery Box

      Why, I hate this guy

    7. L S

      Why the couch shows disappeared?

    8. Lillian Cardinal

      Now we know why there is coronavirus!!!!! People fighting for no reason

    9. Bobbi G.

      The economy is doing great for me Bernie. I worked my ass off and was able to buy my first home at 25. I went from living in the projects to becoming part of the middle class. Don’t bunch the working class with the rest of the leeches.

    10. Ming

      Bernies face during Buttegiegs ad is such a mood 😂

    11. Kevin Luo

      Hey, Mike Bloomberg here. Did you that if you hover your cursor between the multiplayer button and theater mode, they flicker back and forth randomly? Anyway, that all for today, bye.

    12. Paul Wood

      Just love listening to recorded clapping and cheering . All fake, just like cnn

    13. marella;

      amy pulls some one liners that are hilarious tbh

    14. Adventures & Events

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="176">2:56</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="182">3:02</a> Yeah Trevor, but you too bring Mitch Mcconnell or Eric and sometimes Spirit Airlines when question is not about them neither. What these two guys have done to you? You never told, neither you told what you have experienced so badly with Spirit.

    15. Ryan Gibbons

      2024 will be here before you know it. Folks like Trevor don't have to cry for much longer. Just invent more crap to spew and do your thing. Blaah blaah blaah Orange Man bad!!!

    16. Chip Albertson

      All I gotta say... I love Trevors Tie... Like you look good my dude.

    17. Diamond Savitar

      Grissom middle school Sterling Heights Michigan

    18. Lulu Zhang

      Bloomberg looks like he’s an amateur debater lol.

    19. The Fai Fai

      Hi I was thinking about how does the train turn around 😂😂😂 had me me dying

    20. Sara A

      The Bernie ad was interrupted by a Bernie ad :P

    21. Alex Owens

      I got a bernie ad in the middle of trevor’s fake bernie ad...

    22. Jabrie Anderson

      This dude is hilarious lmfao...

    23. Douglas Gilmore

      I hate trump and the rest of his corrupt bullshit but this cry baby the other one should quit crap is gonna be what gives trump the win and if he gets it can u GARENTEE well get to have an election again.....i can't....the dems better quit there bullshit or I'm going back to the green party n digging up Ralph nader

    24. Sho Nuff

      1,9k Democrats disliked the video.

    25. Jay TheKobeKing

      Bernie talks about the economy being great for billionaires but it's great for millionaires also lol

    26. Lil Grinch

      I’m a kid and I’m watching this I find it funny

    27. Tiffany Petty

      Trump 2020 by a massive majority landslide. 💘 the red tsunami's arrived. 👍

    28. ramsey wilson

      If bearnie doesn’t win it’s over



    30. Alexis Soto

      wheres ron paul

    31. Michael Chipman

      It's obvious the daily show is biased toward Bernie. When Bernie encourages Dictators for doing one good thing it's okay. But when Bloomberg did mostly well in NY but made a mistake and encouraged stop and frisk it's horrible and they constantly bring it up. I Love You guys, but cmon.

    32. grizzlyjp

      A REALLY controversial idea is if Tulsi Gabbard asks Bernie Sanders to be her VP and running mate. If Tulsi ever had a chance, it is now, where the only two other options are Bernie and Joe this early in the race. Tulsi is now the only war veteran option, the only under age 77 option (and will not be older than age 80 after the first term) and indeed the the only sensible option. Being Tulsi's VP could be Bernie's best chance of getting into the White House. ... especially if Warren endorses Tulsi because she wants to 'give little girls hope so they don't have to wait another four years'... ... and if Yang endorses Tulsi because she has supported Universal Basic Income (UBI) since Aug 2019 (nosel.info/video/video/o5yaeGiXrGqTzNk.html) and again the DAY Andrew dropped out of the race. (twitter.com/TulsiGabbard/status/1227621519460913152?s=20 and twitter.com/TulsiGabbard/status/1227621521344077824?s=20). So endorsing Tulsi gives Warren an option to not be forced to choose between Bernie or Biden, Yang will have someone championing the Freedom Dividend and Bloomberg can put his impressive election machinery behind a patriot in Tulsi who can actually beat Trump. #YouHeardItHereFirst #StandWithTulsi #Tulsi2020

    33. Mike P

      Trump 2020!!!

    34. MY KING

      Man am having something like corona and you killing me with laughter😂😂 (having cold the 2th time in this year and am confused)

    35. Bradley Lamprecht

      Noah's typical racist undertone popping up and about. He's laughing at you.

    36. Briana Gomez

      They left Warren out of the last bit, she's the only candidate who isn't a joke.

    37. Noah

      Bloomberg is crucial to Democrats winning because he is exposing what Trump is about ...the rich buying elections.

    38. Love Law

      No way. Him and I thought of the same number.

    39. Cowboy never Dy Cowboy never Cry

      "Uncle Dick in the deer stand, " Dick the deer, as a one pointer, for which he stands!!!! 😄😅

    40. floyddillonh


    41. floyddillonh

      Sorry Trevor, but you really need to go back to the kid's table. How did you ruin thus show?

    42. floyddillonh

      So, this is old, but Trevor needs to set it up. He's failing Jon's legacy, and thus is his chance to correct. But since he won't, enjoy Trevor for the laughs; But since he's wrong in everything and isn't as smart as Jon, disregard everything else.

    43. Bigg X

      BIDEN "Ok lets look at the fact check" He should has said "Fact checks doesnt matter because Trump lies every day and nobody cares enough to do anything about it"

    44. Speed TroyJr.

      lol ai trevor wa nnyela yaz looooooooolz

    45. Andres Sánchez

      Bernie Sanders should be the president of the United States.

    46. Rachel Gates

      I’m sorry I like you Trevor but it’s pretty clear where your political leanings are. You go on super easy on Bernie and use the kid gloves when giving him ANY criticism! Maybe it’s unintentional, maybe you don’t realize your words are trying to subtly influence people‘s opinions!

    47. (⚔) Survivor

      Can't believe people are considering voting democrat after all that Trump has done for this country. Put the twitter feed aside, he;s done a great job.

    48. Treeezplz

      Socialism goes against everything America stands for.

    49. V Wiggins

      That 808 though

    50. FunwithFLAGS33

      I really think trump will run Biden over people need to wake up

    51. JAE Vlogs

      Trevor Noah for 2020!!🤩

    52. The Duffman

      Love that everyone is insecure about Bernie, even though no else is doing shit for our country. Bernie 2020

    53. iesha scott

      Now it's between Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. TBH, I think either Biden or Sanders can go up against Trump...

    54. Sarah Abdin

      Why was Warren completely ignored in this segment? She wasn’t even pictured as someone running for the nomination??? Lack of coverage is hurting her campaign and even comedic outlets are letting it continue. Do better.

    55. davidson louis

      That Bernie Sanders ad though, 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    56. Perry Cockerham

      TRUMP FOLLOWERS ARE ALL INBRED.. Nunez and trump are humping each other and even had an asshole baby they named trey gowdy..

    57. E Bell

      Pretty shitty to see how Trevor covered this one. You gave positive points to every one but Bernie. And the negative about Bernie wasn’t even funny. You can tell this show is just bought out trash any more and I’ve watched Trevor since his start on here. I don’t like watching some one spout out an agenda while trying to sell it off as being ‘funny’ it’s gross

    58. Therealfemi

      Trevor should have done the Bernie voice at the end there

    59. Bboy RSA

      Bernie is a millionaire hating on billionaires because they are rich... Only a fool will vote for this socialist hypocrite! TRUMP 2020

    60. SoulVibez

      Bloomberg should have stand as a Republican

    61. Linh P.

      These old people are so cute.

    62. 2crytex2

      The US is a reality show.

    63. I O

      God... this dipshit is not funny at all... cringey fuck thinks he's funny.

    64. piaoliang jiejie

      Hands hands hands Bernie

    65. Chris Whitty

      You should be Jon Stewart

    66. Zahir Toefy

      Go Bernie but unfortunately ..nice guys finish last

    67. lovin yah

      please support Mr.Sanders because realy Its no joke: I believe if other than Mr.Sanders wins a real catastrophic war might happen and both israaiil as well as the us might for sure be in a not very good situation that's almost for sure. so Vote for Sanders please at least for world peace for God sake, Please, its no joke dear

    68. Anthony Garcia

      Lol and that how you get rape (sorry the comparison) in national TV mikey ,mikey . Bicht slap

    69. The Biology Tutor

      Go, Joe!!

    70. Jeanette Millward

      Short People have no reason

    71. Jeanette Millward

      SC. Throw your hands up

    72. Xx shadow

      This is our candidate for the president disgusting.

    73. DickJohnson3434

      Stop auto-playing this stupid video.

    74. Stargift Tarakasha

      The White Privelage PowerPoint Presentation. 😂😂😂

    75. Kyle Owens

      Democratic debate was insane. There morons. Lololol all they did was yell over each other, insult, and talk down on each other lolololololol

    76. Jesus

      The Trump Mafia team is spreading FAKE news that Russia is helping Bernie. That is not true. it's just propaganda to get the Dems to think that they should not vote for Bernie because Trump will loose if he competes against Bernie.

    77. Mr Me

      With all the drop outs it's like watching your favorite music group break up and the individual members discover that a solo career is not in the cards.

    78. Waleed Khalid

      They are wasting their time trump is gonna win.

    79. Chris Lee

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    80. Full Hundred

      Uncle dick in the deer stand!