Former Nice Guys, What Made You Change? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

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    ► Former Nice Guys, What Made You Change? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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      1. FailerShino

        @rayan razavi Exactly

      2. rayan razavi

        story time with Reddit you are good reddit channel

    2. Curt Christensen

      ....Learning that being nice repulses females. Being nasty attracts them. They will never admit it

    3. Lewis Barclay

      When I got tired of being used, lied to and cheated on by my ex's. After I got fed up and started caring myself differently and seeing boundaries and rules, it all changed. I was WAY too nicer to the point to where people would walk all over me and I would bend over backwards for the women I was dating. Or people I cared for in general who would never reciprocate.

    4. From DeeTown

      First love of my life leaving me for a tool wanna be bodybuilder (ive been a runner my whole life so im skinny). Just got tired of getting walked on. Focused on the gym and better my career and myself. Now find myself in the longest relationship of my life.

    5. Rendroc

      You can tell that people still don’t understand what being a nice is guy is, because in retrospect they are giving examples of their behavior that has nothing to do with being “nice”.

    6. Rendroc

      People saying they were a former “nice person” but then saying how they were toxic and manipulative. It contradicting. I don’t think they realize was an ACTUAL nice person is like. I’ve been in both categories. Trust me, a nice person is really fucking nice, they generous and amiable and diplomatic and don’t get angry unless it’s with someone that is actually truly wronging them, if at all.

    7. YD 223

      I remember when making my patrols at one of my old jobs. I saw a girl waiting for her ride I walked past her and said hey. She made a rumor to all her coworkers that I’m creepy and I stalked her. Now I just stay away from women.

    8. Kelvin Martinez

      My man you should of stayed a nice guy..

    9. someguy

      Getting married and finding out hiw utterly selfish she is. * F*** being a nice guy!

    10. Simon Duvall

      Close call: gave a girl a few rides to work before I found out she had a bf. I'm not petty, but I'm not carting yo bitch around

    11. Blast Orange

      Woman want to be treated like shit it turns them on puts them in their place

    12. Gaming X100

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="138">2:18</a> the word your looking for is simp

    13. Sagrage

      Mitch Jones in the thumbnail

    14. Cameron Bell

      I ended up getting laid at a teen club (17-22) clubs by a chick I just met. Had me thinking, if women are this easy to have sex with why the hell am I wasting time on the girl who only keeps guys that likes her around just to build up the lack of confidence she has. There’s one that still talks shit about me to this day for “dumping” her as a friend, when really she never at any point made an attempt to contact me on fb, and doesn’t even have my number. Remember guys, the friend zone doesn’t exist because she doesn’t consider you a friend either.

    15. Brorelia

      What made me change? Walking in on the act, forgiving and then having it happen again. Add in a pregnancy scare and STD from this girl and yeah. Turned me from arguably a borderline feminist to a a supporter of MGTOW/MRA real fast.

    16. rrs

      It is not just guys; when one is able to note the hypocrisy of today's society, that no good deeds go unpunished, that kindness and good will pave way for being used and stomped, that most relations are deep down centered on the interest of getting something from someone (material or immaterial), one reaches the inevitable conclusion that being less accessible, a bit more cold-hearted, a little less moral, and a bit more of a b*stard, is the most self-preserving stance towards others. Sad but true.

    17. Sasha Burts

      Big bobs

    18. Brinelle Kaduda

      Bad boy tik tok

    19. Alex Marriott

      Nice guys finish last everywhere except the bed.

    20. prod.KashKari

      Just don’t show them attention all the time bruh it’s a battle for attention

    21. DefaultSettings

      i was a nice guy myself one day something snapped in me and i turned my back on everyone and i become a more evil person now girls can't get their eyes of me painfull as this is as a good person i was laughed at now i'm feared like darth vader.

    22. DankMemes

      Petition to change title to “Former simps, What made you change? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

    23. Belolth

      I decided that a life of chasing people that were using me as an emotional tampon was no life, and I walked away and put myself first based on the best advice I've ever recieved: "make others the priority that they make you" Once I did that women started to find me attractive. I made time for people that made time for me. And when someone tried to friend zone me, I told her she can have me as a partner or not at all. Because I wouldn't put myself through a friend zone. Her and I are due to be married in 2021

    24. Prasun

      I was just sick of people taking advantage of my money and resources.. there was nothing in return so antisocial was the perfect way to go.. traveling alone is way better ✌🏻

    25. Nicholas Dorsey

      So, because someone has ideals and standards means he needs to give them up and fuck land whales because fat girls need loving too? What kind of thinking is this? Why should he drop his ideals just because he seems to have set them outside his realm of attractiveness?

    26. Michael David Dixon

      I was indeed one of the worst nice guys I changed this year and am working to become alpha I even started hitting the gym the last few months ago, I started going to a new school this year as a junior and applied the Alpha male model to my life, now every girl in the school likes me and literally talks about how hot I am in their conversations Lol.

    27. Horatio


    28. Mark Williams

      Some people might just be bad man, or choose to behave badly. How many of y'all had a worse first 30 years than me? Not talking to 666.

    29. Mark Williams

      They forced my mother to divorce my father, banned my father or relatives from taking care of me. Forced my mother to have children none of us wanted with her new fake husband. Made my mother into an evil women. Banned women from talking to me for over 10 years. If this doesn't change a man, I don't know what does. What is their excuse, our lives were ruined pretty much.

    30. Mark Williams

      Lisa,brittany,lydia,tamara,pateros,almost nonexistant father. None of this really changed me, just caused me to hate the people that wronged me, that is it. I don't know how good people change but I hear it can get way worse in life.

    31. Conrad Marbourg

      Always been nice to people, men or women. I'm ugly so I shut down my desire long time ago therefore when I do thing I only do them without second thoughts. The only time I did not conduct out of friendship is when a friend asked me if I could bring her in one of my hikking trip. I kinda had low key feelings for her. If I had took her during a trip that would have remind me that I would have love to do such a trip with a gf at least one time in my life, and possibly with her, so I refuse to avoid being trap with someone I had feelings for in a 4 to 6 days trip. Still a bit ashame of myself for not being able to overcome and put to the ground those feelings that I have but well that is all I got. Apart from that, I do kind gesture when it pleases me to do so, I don't wait for anything in return, kindness just as loyalty is its own reward and you don't act kindly or loyaly in the purpose of, otherwise it destroys the very meaning of both concept.

    32. SAS Alien

      I was cheated on in all adult relationships and assaulted by enough other women that I was never friends with or in a relationship with to decide that I won't be nice to women anymore. Whether you like it or not, I respond to such women with violence. The last few women that cheated on me or assaulted me received a violent response.

    33. Aditya

      I was a nice guy. All the mindfuck and severe heartbreak of seeing my crushes with other guys made me transition. When I behave nicely, girls take me for granted and dont give attention to me. But when I behave like shit, they seem to care more and are curious about me.

    34. Kaiser Buddha

      Stopped being a nice guy when i got friendzoned by a girl who has a crush on me, said i was too young for her. It was a 1 year difference. She instead dated this assh0le and i found myself a great girlfriend after that. Former girl regretted her decision and keeps chasing me. I realized i dont even know why i liked her before

    35. Kravvall

      The comment section is a very weird mix of self-hate, red-pilled misogyny, and some guys that actually learned to improve their own lives.

      1. Jeremy Noel

        Kravvall With what I’ve been reading I can’t blame them🤷🏼‍♂️

    36. Peter H.T. Willemsen

      Seeing the difference between being respectful and being a simp

    37. Dindu Nuffins

      One never really stops being a nice guy.

    38. TSKMorad

      I wanted women then suddenly I just decided f this world and everyone in it, so I learned to not give af about anyone

      1. AM Beats


    39. Bebeek

      Ugh! I have to change too. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="182">3:02</a> is kinda similar to me

    40. Bestiality

      The fact that that I would pursue a girl for 2 years and still get friendzoned when others got her in a matter of weeks broke me. My lack of direction in life and below average height added to that. I quickly learned to adapt in social situations and learned what makes a man a man. After I learnt that, it was all uphill for me. I actually begun making efforts to filter out the girls who wanted me. Now that I have something to look forward to in life though, my priorites changed. Ofcourse I have my eyes on some girls, but my main goal is to achieve happiness and comfort in my life

    41. Steppin Razor

      "Big bobs"

    42. Kevin Veer

      I liked a girl. I tried doing all the nice guy things, but I just ended up creeping her out. By the time she found out I liked her, I was constantly met with insults, she spread rumors about me and tried to pull my friends away from me. It was a massive slap in the face. My attitude blinded me to her flaws and pushed her away. It was a good learning experience, I'm not a nice person but at least I'm a good one who knows how to stand up for himself.

    43. Wilhelm Kling-Larsen

      Being completely fucked over by ex, IRS, police, child protective services,...............that made me change. Now that I am a potentially violent hostile fuck that wants the world to burn, woman are drawn to me like flies to shit.

    44. ConservativeMedia

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="177">2:57</a> Why should he settle for a landwhale? Women piss me off and will make excuses to excuse their shitty decisions. You say us men aren't entitled to love but fat or chubbywomen are? We should like them for their personalities? Fuck that!

    45. Keith Williams

      So I see these "nice guy" things all over, but what are you suppose to be called when you're genuinely a nice and polite person who is male.

      1. Jeremy Noel

        Keith Williams a gentleman I guess

    46. Shivamg127

      I used to be the nice guy until I watched ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

    47. Cinema Flavor

      After I heard the great Patrice o Neal teach me the ways of treating a women like a hoe and she will be one.

    48. Ollie Climons

      Women create nice guys by telling them they want a nice guy when it’s farther from the truth.

    49. Alberto H

      Sad to say but you have to have your heart stomped on a few times to become more of the type of man girls like. Just act like you don’t care

    50. Just Matt Here

      Damn near the whole vid was full of selfish, terrible people who changed into an actual nice human being. I dont think these people know what a "nice guy" is lol.

    51. M G

      Just learned that I can do more for others, by not being their doormat. If you don't establish your independence and personal boundaries immediately, then other people try to influence you and get what they want done. Sorry. Been there, done that. If there is something for me in the social transaction, then I'll proceed. If not, oh well. PS. I am still a nice guy, but just not someone who allows himself to be used by others. There is a difference.

    52. Bane Trump

      I read the Game by Neil Strauss, and watched that Billy Bob Thorton and Michael Heder movie. Basically women must maintain morally superiority with other women. Hence, why they project wanting nice guys. Instead they should be honest: I want leadership, big muscles, lots of money and big dick. Oh, and being told to be yourself is a lie, yourself sucks, get better. I.E. have what I want.

    53. Reality Check

      Once I realized I wasn't attractive, funny, or tall, I gave up looking for "the one."

      1. justiceingeneral

        I felt that way but mine ended up differently

      2. Blast Orange

        Hell yeah MGTOW brother

      3. first last

        for me it was looking at family court outcomes

    54. Versaceking

      Nice guys always finish off where they started

    55. Advent Society

      My first love, i broke things off not because i wanted to but because i felt it was the best thing for her in the long run. I was extremely depressed and was bringing her down with me, she never admitted this. Anywho, I stopped being a nice guy when my ex at the time, about once per week would ask to borrow my professional camera to shoot her new youtube channel vids, initially i thought this was her way of "rekindling the flame" and we would start talking again. But I was wrong...She would purposely "forget" to delete her lusty selfies\videos to tease me and get a reaction i assume. Once i took the bait, she hit me with the, "dont think my boyfriend would appove of us hanging out again" in my head im like ok but hes fine with me showing up to your house to chat and drop off the cam? Im pretty sure that she was just trying to manipulate me cause she knew i wasnt over the relationship. I intially thought her new BF was somehow using my camera as well but never had reason to believe that. From then on, i just ignored her and bumped into her in public a couple times but kept it short and cold.

    56. Slickback

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="328">5:28</a> gotta respect the dude's self-awareness 😂

    57. Louie V. Baby

      I was a "nice guy" but I never called a girl a slut for not liking me back. I did once tell a girl off for intentionally leading me on... but she told me that it was my room mate that hyped things up like there was a chance. This was the second time. She chose a guy that was abusive and blacked her eye. Said it was during sex. The FIRST go around. She showed interest but knew I was inexperienced. She chose a marine that was long distance over me. Said they were talking for a while and really liked him. It would be another year before I had a gf.

    58. Suhayo


    59. Rafael Ulloa

      not my words but i read it on another video's comments: "don't be a nice guy. be a good man"

    60. Ejay Grey

      I realized that women basically see a nice guy and think creep or someone waiting for the perfect opportunity to do what "bad guys" are already doing. They might actually be laughing and macking your acts of kindness behind your back as hopeless attempts. Realizing that friendship with women is you giving them taking, you'll get out of bed at 2AM to help them with something minor and when you need them to be a little late for a party to give back the school notes you borrowed her so that you can prepare for an important test you're asking too much

    61. birdo623

      Congrats on growing a spine, former nice guys👍

    62. Mark K

      Two exes told me I was “too nice”. So I learned from my friend how to be a “bad boy”. This seemed to work almost overnight as I was already in pretty good shape. Turns out the girls were expecting me to already be a “bad boy” and so my incongruous behaviour apparently turned them off. Needless to say, both of the have since tried it on with me since........ girls are....... interesting......

    63. Qualin 101

      Bitchs being bitchs I had no idea I'd be a semi rude person kinda tells me be careful of who you hang around. It's my fault too I'm the one who controls myself 😅 its mainly me talking smack about my loser cuz I let have a girl. He's kinda obese while shes a slender build,did so bcuz he's got no future didn't finish school +does nothing but smoke tweed an play online on my wifi by my choice. This is the majority, lol also didn't see him outside the house on the new year til a couple days to February. I smoke too but I also work

    64. Victor Roca

      You know who would have been a perfect candidate to be a "former nice guy?" Forest Gump. Yep that jenni chick definitely did not deserve him.

    65. TukiRaja on twitch

      I'm still a nice guy. I just completely vetoed girls, which helps allot.

    66. Gankageddon

      I love watching nice guys crashing burn it makes you feel really good about myself. I never understood the attraction to women that are mostly plastic that's disgusting.


      Western woman.....

    68. fturla ___

      The nice guy act is really an act for the guy himself and not for the girl. If a man is really a nice guy in nature then he won't stop being a nice guy but he will reserve the behavior for those that meet his standard to qualify for that type of contact. You should never go into the nice guy position automatically because it's an adversarial position you are in most situations in life. But when you meet a girl that takes that position then you are meeting a person that doesn't know how to play the game and she will probably attempt to attach herself to someone eventually past 35 when she has wasted all those years believing that her masculine approach was right.

    69. Goror x

      Ah this is the worse, I think every guy goes through this, part of the process.

    70. Xsellment

      I'd literally ask her every weekend if she wanted to go on a date.

    71. jack bran


    72. QualityGaming _

      😂 where to start 🤔 watching the abused wives bail him out while I sat there all weekend 🤷‍♂️ They say what they want but go for the complete d-bag 🤷‍♂️ But seriously, what killed me was not being able to joke. I can't just stand there and listen to whining without cracking a joke or two. I always open with the 'I'm single' joke as soon as a chic starts to bring their relationships up. I've become pretty douchey about it. I'd rather not interact with females now.

    73. vampire64

      I used to help men as well as women when I saw someone stranded on the side of the road. Once I thought I saw my English teacher's car stranded. It was at night and it was a country road, so I stopped. I find out it was a man. I still help him change out his flat tire. Turns out he was the manager of a chain restaurant and gave me a Thanksgiving feast voucher worth $150 as a huge thanks. The Thanksgiving food was great and my family enjoyed it. I also used to help old ladies move their furniture knowing full well they would not be able to return the favor but figured one day I will be an old weak man who will need help and hope there will be a young man to help me. I would help short people when asked for help in reaching items from store shelf. I stopped being a nice guy when my youngest brother died from a motorcycle accident. It was a total shock and our family was not prepared for his funeral expenses. I thought some of the people over the years I had helped would step up and pitch in $5 or any amount to help our family. The one time I needed help but was hung out to dry. Luckily my mom knew a millionaire family and they had heard what happen and offered a loan to cover the full funeral expense interest free. Since I earned the most out of our family, I busted butt and paid back their money within 6 months. That's why I have stopped being nice to everyone because its not returned and you will be used as someone's doormat.

    74. Eric Kingston

      What made me change hmmm that's a tough one probly life alcohol and drugs

    75. Niko Kääpä

      Learning the hard way. Which is being rejected again and again and again. It's not that I was the most cringey nice guy, but I never put myself first and always tried to woo my SO by being too available, too insecure, seeking validation too often, saying the cheesiest shit. I cringe when I think back… (The) Women (I met) take this kind of behaviour as bribes for sex. Women (most) want somebody who knows what he wants and goes after his goals. Somebody who respects himself as well has his SO. If you don't respect yourself, why should anybody else? Remember that.

    76. Superbed2

      Whoa, these people weren't nice guys at all lol! They were just assholes trying to manipulate women by being nice... I thought being a "nice guy" meant a guy that's literally just a nice guy but is just too nice for women to like so they usually get friendzoned, cheated on, or get treated like shit by either said girlfriend or people in general.

    77. Its ASetUp

      Became red pilled. Realized the error of my ways.

    78. PadMAD3k

      LMAO Puuhsay haha

    79. Simarion Shade

      When I saw the movie "Mean Girls". When you realize most women aren't even nice to their own friends, it really makes you question how chivalrous you should be.

    80. John Doe

      I was told to watch to a girl’s actions not her words. After that I immediately noticed that I’d never seen a girl with the type of guy they said they wanted. I realized they were with their boyfriends by choice and their boyfriends were nothing like what they said they wanted.

      1. samiir ahmed

        Yep that sums the reality, on point brother always reality overrides their godly expectations.