💡 Fun Survival Riddles To Upgrade Your Life Skills 💡

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    Upgrade your life skills with a set of fun survival riddles! These tricky brain games and puzzles will not just warm up your brain but also exercise it well. They are perfect for improving your memory, vision, and logical skills. So, check them out and leave your answers in the comments:

    00:14 - Warm up your brain with this logic brain teaser: The guys had been sailing for a week. Suddenly a storm kicked up and their boat capsized! There are three other boats around. They might be able to escape on one of them.
    1 A chest with gold and a python.
    2 A clever parrot.
    3 A smuggler.
    Which boat would you choose?
    01:53 - Boost your attentiveness to the smallest details with this visual riddle: He brought them to an island. The four friends were locked in a big cage. Not all the tribe was evil. One of the tribe wanted to help them. He needed to steal the cage key from the tribe chief. The chief had a lot of keys. The helpful local snuck into the hut to steal the key. Which key will open the cage?
    03:15 - This difficult riddle will test your intelligence and increase your critical thinking: A new adventure awaited them in the jungle. Three of the team fell into a hunter’s trap, tied to a tree! Luckily the hunter loved riddles. They need to solve this riddle to escape. Riddle: A man went out with no umbrella or raincoat. It started to rain. He got all wet, but his hair was dry. How come?
    04:26 - Another brainy riddle that will make you think hard: The guys were super tired and just wanted to go home. On the way they met a shaman. The shaman: You are on my land now. You shall not pass...unless... If you help me make a potion, I’ll send you home. Ingredients: curry, carrot, tomato, blueberries, avocado. Make the potion by looking at this recipe. What order do you put the ingredients in?
    05:54 - Test your math skills with this tricky teaser: But the shaman’s magic was a little off. He sent the four friends to a military base instead of home! Oops! They need to get out of there fast. They don’t want to go to jail! They walked along a corridor for a long time. There’s the front door! But it’s got a combination lock. They have to get this right or they might be trapped!
    1- 7964-2
    2- 8698- ?
    6541- ?
    What code will open the door?

    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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