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    Azzyland - Funniest KID TEST Answers !
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    1. Surana Prince

      i got in trouble for punching a kid the is a big bully to me and my bff

    2. _Itsflisha_

      i would call it stinkanominis

    3. Phil Parmly

      Poopytites ninga

    4. Nabintu Kadende

      U have 217k likes

    5. That one Random channel

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="198">3:18</a> trapezoid

    6. Stephanie Good

      Fartious Stinkiousis

    7. Eddie Flowers

      I love you you are the best 😘

    8. SouthSide Spazz

      For 0.20 air grass

    9. monique sampson


    10. Kek McKinnon

      Bite them after they talk to me

    11. Katsuki Bakugou

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> That would basically be my test

    12. J JJ

      my parents said if I'm bad my parents said I need to sleep in the trash can

    13. Erica Goodman

      I would LOVE to sleep with the wolf's!

    14. dakota sinisalo

      I got in trouble when I accidentally spelled the f were in class 😨😨😨😨😨😨

    15. Mia Eyjolfson

      if IM bad im just grounded.

    16. Mia Eyjolfson

      id call it fartsarounding

    17. Stalker _Siri

      Actually Elizabeth the lll Had a portrait painted of her she had to get into a dress holding on and the staff wear a crown and have some other people accompany her and she has to stand the first thing she actually did as Queen was STAND not SIT

    18. Lana HUBBLE

      Some of your viewers are kids Azzie

    19. Avery Ritter the crittter

      That is NOT a rainbow

    20. Bonnie Thompson

      I got in trouble because my friend did my homework 📚

    21. Rainbowz Galactic_Ice-Azure

      Fartanious Gassymoride

    22. Kevin Whittle

      I got in trouble for: righting and wearing shoes

    23. Wren Childers

      i love you azzy wren

    24. Strawberry Nightmare

      My teacher: name a liquid Me: blood Everyone:of course you would say that btw it actually happened

    25. Peg's Corner

      tell iamsanna my user name beacause you can have a chance to get a neon flyable rideable unicorn its stinky5666 thank you!

    26. Zainab fatima

      Fighting and punching the wall

    27. Fire Wolfie

      Azzy: what do your parents scare you with? Me: fartacious mellyoxide XD I made this comment Just to be funny

    28. Fire Wolfie

      Next test: F on the periodic table is: Azzy: fartacious mellyoxide Me (as teacher): A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    29. Megan Eichel


    30. Santiago Celedio

      azzyland: sometimes kids are hard to contral me:what did you say?????

    31. Quianny Camacho


    32. Evelyn's Fun Channel

      Take away my iPad because I love watching you 👩🏻😘😍🥰

    33. Leah Thompson


    34. Esme Green

      I got in trouble at school for: Not doing homework Eating in class

    35. Esme Green

      When I get in trouble my parents scare me with: Sleeping outside Sleeping with my grandma Grounded for 5 weeks from Azzyland and my phone

    36. Esme Green

      I would call it: Fartasis Byoxide

    37. Michael Ynestroza


    38. Yueping Tang

      Smelly gassy thing that comes out of your body

    39. Abby Wagoner

      I've been in detention for cussing

    40. Tonya Maggard

      Farty Gary synoxide

    41. Zhaiden’s Spidey like channel

      I got in trouble because my crush snitched on me for cursing in 2nd grade

    42. Dayisha Victory

      Ik I’m late but I think it’s called a trapezoid

    43. didou the genius

      fartonion gas

    44. Girls.out loud

      the thing i get in trouble for at school is fighting xx

    45. Maruf Khan

      I can draw that ship

    46. gamingboy555 dude

      I would call it fartaloshious

    47. Juan Sandoval

      I farted When I was watching

    48. Maria Hansen

      The shape was a trapezoid azzy. did you do kinder suprise school?


      Azzy: what have you done bad at school Me: i climbed up in the ceiling and poured liquid sope on my teachers head

    50. Lunamoon 23

      I will admit, I thought my Mom’s name was Mom until I was 6 years old....

    51. Chris Pevy

      Fartcovioshis shoell

    52. GABE WEST


    53. Georgia Cox

      sexy girl with long hair girls and honey and cinnamon roll up door and cinnamon rolls

    54. izzystargalaxy gaming

      😴 ✌️👕✌️B-)B-)B-)B-)B-):-D;-):,-);-):-*;-);-):,-)

    55. Lital Twito


    56. Stacey Murphy

      I would call it fartfoooottttios

    57. Unicorn omg Elements cove

      Buttocks Fartatous

    58. Махimo Maximus

      Smellyju Fartioxide

    59. trinity balyeat

      I got in trouble for I was supposed to right the date but instead I roght ya

    60. Myla Longsoldier

      I am a kid and I'm not difficult to deal with I'm very angry

    61. Draco Malfoy And Harry Potter

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="345">5:45</a> I would say,"No,You look at it!"

    62. Janina Gawrońska


    63. Elizabeth Walls

      Once I got in trouble for spilling strawberry milk in the cafeteria.

    64. Jawad Anwar


    65. miranda andras


    66. Xx187demon lord187xX

      😂😂 it's funny but agree!😂

    67. Paul Richardson


    68. robben Lagos

      Hi Azzy i like your pink and blow shirt

    69. Jonathan Nguyen


    70. Curtis Morrison

      its calld a trapozoid

    71. Shaylie hubahib

      i laugh so in till my ate ask

    72. daniel oh

      I got in trouble from talking to my friend Lamine because he was talking but then when i said stop talking the teacher said do not talk and i was about to cry XD

    73. Kelly Sackett

      farting in my face

    74. Marlowe Van Arden

      Class always felt like a my whole entire life And I will put that on a test to or my homework

    75. CJME Family

      They were the worst

    76. Elisabeth Stover

      My name is Elizabeth spelled with an s so I'm basically Queen Elizabeth

    77. Milano Bailey


    78. Gacha Ava

      gI ot in trouble for beating up my ex boyfriend who cheated on me. I bullied him for 5 months until I got caught.

    79. Marjon Holster

      I frat wen l walk

    80. Aliya Iqbal

      I got in trouble for looking at the board