Get Ready With Us: Kim and Kylie

Kylie Jenner

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    I do Kim's makeup using all KKW BEAUTY and Kylie Cosmetics products, including my new Lipstick Kit shade, Girls Trip, launching January 22 on

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    1. Érika Gui

      Hello Kylie me chamo Érika sou do Brasil 🇧🇷❤️

    2. Karthik Mishra

      Have you seen Nikhils lips. You would be super jealous


      Daaanggg KIM looks bomb!❤️

    4. Tonic Mariee

      Please help share my sister and her wife’s story, they lost their baby at 38 weeks 💜🙏🏼

    5. Roger Menjivar

      Kim’s like “Why is she richer than me when I’m so much better” lol

    6. Maria Silva

      Vim pelo Diogo paródias

    7. Kamilla Iqbal

      Kylie is super pretty..everyone calls her fake. Shes good looking in my opinion. Be happy for peoples success instead of jealous. Kim's pretty too. Go girls!! Much love from me.

    8. Lolipop Barz

      I love how they have a person who really comes to get Kim’s lash. And I love how they can talk so serious about A FREEKING LASH. SOOOO EXTRA LOVE IT

    9. ·Boba ·

      is it just me ore kylie's hands look a lot lighter

    10. MyMoonlightGrande

      Kim kinda looks like shay michell

    11. Bird Sound

      There saying she has great advice when I remember Kendall calling about being pregnant and Kim only speaking about herself for 2 minutes straight 😂

    12. Amal Bedda

      people are starving and you fools who are helping to give money to someone who deserves nothing !

    13. Romelyn Ylanan

      Please watch Ms. Kylie

    14. Amelia Hamblin

      When are you posting another video K

    15. 西柏坡老韩Double portrait artist

      What a coincidence. I just did a Kylie jenner portrait.

    16. Haleemah Adams

      I really want kylie to do a labour and delivery story!!

    17. A Lewis

      What more money kylie and kim need u have people in need of thing. They too greedy

    18. Nelson Aquino jr

    19. Sopaan Sen

      I love how each of them is trying to make the other feel uncomfortable

    20. Nelson Aquino jr

      Waiting on you for your new video of you but I want to dedicate this song to you

    21. Kenia Aguilar

      Desearia ser como tu

    22. Kenia Aguilar


    23. Taehyung's Queen

      *I wanted to make this video someday...with my small kylie*

    24. Alexa Mariano

      Me gustan ver tus vídeos pero no entiendo en ingles hay algunas palabras

    25. Life With Chayah

      This person keeps making fun of your lips and other stuff


    27. terri pardo

      Gross you both can’t laugh or smile from botox

    28. Leanne Davies

      Hey ky I was just watching what you eat in a day I noticed you said that Stormi was allergic to peanuts.I mean she is your daughter so it's your choice but I wouldn't tell anyone that I mean your so famous that somone at a restaurant or anywhere could be malicious out of pure jealously and slip some peanut butter anything in her food.Thats not me spreading no hate I think your a great mom maybe me just sending you a word of wisdom just be careful I know someone it happened to.

    29. Domenique S

      They are so conceited but the makeup it is really pretty

    30. ev aomine

      Kim k is beautifuler than her sister

    31. Angelcats01

      what's the name of the blush she is using ?

    32. mistreat patient

      they both so pretty in my opinion :)

    33. Yarazet Preciado

      Super cute!

    34. Gisela Ramírez

      Like si hablas español 👍

    35. Becky M.

      She did a great job...I wish I knew what color blush she used. Gorgeous!

    36. Small Goat of the Woods

      YO KYLIE just heard an egg beat you on Instagram :)

    37. Macie Klosterman

      Kylie: I'm not your average makeup artist Kim: duh, your Kylie Jenner 😂😂 savage

    38. Salma Alami

      I loveeee uuuuuuu😭😭

    39. اناشيد مؤثرة

      اشتركو في القناة

    40. A J

      okay they're so cute!✨💓💕

    41. Rachael

      they have such healthy banter/competition/sarcasm with each another

    42. Deimafi Kharz

      Kim is a bitch so fucking scare to face Taylor, cause Kim's ass is fake,fake lips fake boobs all damn surgery hahaha bitch

    43. canal da Isabella

      Quem é brasileiro e ñ tá entendendo nada levanta a mão

    44. Pamela De La Rosa


    45. Pamela De La Rosa

      Something something uncle geezer but that's all I know

    46. Laura Paez

      Please make an ASMR style video, your voice is soooo relaxing

    47. آرش آریایی

      سلام من آرش هستم

    48. Dragon da silvas Lil sis

      I really wish I could see kylie because I’m her greatest fan she is fab and glam and her daughter just a mini kylie she is fab and glam I’m ur biggest biggest biggest fan 💋🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸💝

    49. Tiffany Barnes

      10:48 Kim looked just like she did as a teen

    50. Sandra Oliva

      Kylie jener soy tu fat y soy del salvadro y me gusta tu maquillaje

    51. Kiki Thompson

    52. Anya Adamyan

      "Ever since I was like younger"

    53. kriti raj

      I feel like kylie is very insecure every second about herself like constantly looking in mirror or correcting herself..Whereas kim is so chill.. But anyways both the sisters are really beautiful..

      1. Lolipop Barz

        kriti raj she is 20 years younger. We all are in that age

    54. Tiffany Latrece

      I loooove Kim and kylie ❤️

    55. Rayane Nascimento

      Poderia ter tradução pra nós brasileiros né Kylie 🥺

    56. Amanda Molina

      When's her next videooooo😅😅

    57. Dingbat dez

      Ive always thought they were bad people because of what people have said, but they seem like that they seem genuinely happy with their life and actually have lives

    58. Reema sahara ريما صحراء

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    59. Laura Sierra

      I wish they zoomed in on it she does rlly good makeup actually

    60. jaii moore

      i dont know why people hate on kylie she has made a makeup line on her own & is now the youngest billionaire because of her hard work & effort, yes she has made some mistakes along the way but doesn’t every1? & for the people saying shes plastic or shes had so many plastic surgeries i dont see a problem w that at all.. if you dont like the way you look & you have enough money to change it then i dont see why you cant. most people sit there & complain about there body then tell kylie shes wrong for changing it? if you had the chance to get plastic surgery you would do it in a heart beat.