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    Everything you need to know about Bernie Sanders. #TheDailyShow

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    1. MelodiaTodoElDia

      Many countries have free healthcare system and they are doing and have been doing just fine. Don't be dumb, be part of the change. It is all for the better!

    2. Scarlet Gonzales

      Bla Bla Bla Hillary by a landslide according to liberal news garbage Bla Bla Old ass dirt ,Obama crooked as hell crony and commy comrade looser Bernie have no chance wishful thinking they will get stomped you delusional whining cry baby's .

    3. fillinggaps1975

      Omg can you imagine him talking to his own kids?! 🤣🤣🤣

    4. Gobi Murugesan

      Insurance companies really gonna hate him

    5. brook Parsons

      Mazlow Hierarchy Baby 💋

    6. Nelson Hernandez

      If this is what Bernie's core demographic think of him, his campaign is completely dead. They just clowned on him the whole time. Sucks, but awe well, our country will be fun till it tumbles.

    7. Jake Beast

      You guys do have to realize that whenever he was talking to those kids was back in a time where yes a lot of children did smoke... And back in the 1880-1920 ages 10 years old and up could buy cigarettes... It actually didn’t become fully illegal to buy cigarettes under the age of 18 until 2009... and apparently in Hawaii it didn’t become fully illegal until 2016... Not saying that it wasn’t talked about... but the law saying you had to be 18 to buy cigarettes didn’t fully become a US thing until 2009 and for Hawaii 2016.. in 1989 in the US most states you could buy as young as 16... No of course it’s 21 but what he was talking to those kids about was actually relevant is the point

    8. Sierra Suz

      Honey, the place is a dump. Don,t bother. Just quit fiddle floppn around and get a new one. The grey makes the counter look yellowed.

    9. Aaron Bradley

      This video is incredible it actually convinced me that Trevor Noah was funny and though he's a great on this video he's certainly not funny at least not on a daily basis

    10. Zach Dancy

      I wonder how good Bernie will look in 8 Weeks, when we have buried Thousands upon Thousands of Americans because of an Idiot President NOT doing his job???

    11. Jesus is King

      Vote Bernie if you want a communist America !!!!

    12. Jill Stover

      😂Damn 46🧐 SOB. I looking good at 59,, but he is honest not like most in politics

    13. The Dude 3000

      Bernie is a great guy, but Biden has the experience and gets the job done.

    14. suewylan

    15. Spiky Blobject

      Bernie is going to fuck y'all who's messing with human rights and power ! Go Bernie, go Bernie , go -go go Berni!

    16. John Lee Bass

      A dishevelled hot mess, who's literally never accomplished anything! 🤮

    17. Be-Low-Me Piggies

      We love you Bernie

    18. rocksteadyusa

      trevor you are reasonably funny.. however looks are not everything

    19. Rob Cary

      I love Bernie and a supporter. But, I still find this hilarious lol all his mannerisms are great

    20. Shikhar Gupta

      America! CHOOSE HIM. He is consistent as fuck!

    21. Sam H


    22. Toby Pitton

      Neither Bernie nor Trump can pronounce the letter H Huge Human

    23. Bro Buck

      Protect Bernie from Covid-19.....

    24. C G

      Bernie's campaign did NOT say that about Warren. It was planted in a group by an unknown person. That's how these dirty tricks are done. Bernie is is an honest politician, Warren is a known liar.

    25. Valx

      This video made me love Bernie and for the first time in my life wishing I was american only so I could vote for him

    26. sarahi dominguez

      yang gang forever

    27. aileenpi73

      We would be so lucky to get him as President

    28. Yoga Bear

      Cuomo 2020! Andrew Cuomo is rising! He will win at the brokered convention.

    29. Haywood Jablomy

      I've personally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and +12 years to enter into the health profession, and this guy wants to take my livelihood away... Telling me how much I am gonna earn for my skills... Fuck Bernie

    30. James

      He has my VOTE!! He is the only one truly fighting for US nit them.

    31. Igor

      If you really wanna make humans lives more enjoyable we need Direct Democracy. But, let’s hope for the best!

    32. Dennis Lindqvist

      Bernie is a wonderful human being. Greetings from Finland.

    33. Ian Fink

      Trever Noah is a fucking twat. It might not matter to him but for a lot of us this isn't a joke! Also whoever writes your jokes sucks?!

    34. 2virgo Ent

      we love you Bernie Sanders you have my vote 2020

    35. Asia yousfi

      I’m Republican and I vote Bernie Sanders.

    36. Aaron Bradley

      Is one of the best videos NOsel is coming out with since it no longer had any friends have any freedom and it's a perfect example of why Bernie Sanders is the only one who can save the country

    37. INTERYTP

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="207">3:27</a> Loved that part, I'm imagining myself travel about 10 years before I'm supposed to be born, I see Bernie up ahead and start complaining how my Time Machine doesn't work. Then Bernie hears this, heads up to me, looks up and pokes my chest saying "it's the Healthcare System that doesn't work and BTW welcome to 1987 my child."

    38. cristobal d.g.

      im not even american and i wish that this guy becomes a president.. the whole world would be a better place if he does what he says

    39. David Simms

      Sorry, you lost me at "bernie sanders". 😆🤣😆🤣

    40. berdboy

      burnie can't even get a plane ticket back to russia now!

    41. Big Missyxoxo

      This Bernie Sanders footage was the funniest thing I've ever seen on NOsel periodt!😆😆😆😂😂😂🤣

    42. letme sleepplz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="364">6:04</a> that had me rolling on the floor

    43. Adam17Smit

      damn! I like that guy! VOTE BERNIE!!! (ernie + bert = Bernie Lol)

    44. Jenn smith

      DEMOCRATS DON'T CARE ABOUT HEALTH CARE. since they kicked Bernie to the curb by large numbers.

    45. Lieanna Rodriguez

      Warren it’s no going any where her voters should vote for Bernie

    46. Lieanna Rodriguez

      Vote for Bernie if he doesn’t win. Vote for Biden in November simple

    47. Spencer Maggipinto

      If course you would make fun of Bernie. You are a puppet for the 1%.

    48. crazyhorse

      All the health provider companies milk the insurance dry then kick the patients to the street, they put commercials on the television showing themselves as caring angelic beings, that have miraculous powers to cure the ill !!! What they really do is milk the insurance and then take your assets away then boot you to the street, or withhold your scheduled meds (oops)so the next morning your done and your bed is available !!!! A lucky few heal up and escape !!!!

      1. Jenn smith

        looks like democrats don't care about health care since they kicked Bernie to the curb in favor of a demented, senile old idiot. now we must do as we're told & vote for Demented Joe, like obedient little puppets.

    49. Jacob Simonsen

      Bernie seems to be America's only chance to be a civilized country. But I doubt that will happen. Best of luck, from Denmark.

    50. James Beam

      No path Bernie.

    51. Hugzdeeznutzz

      Its funny that JFK promoted almost all of the same shit Bernie does now, and that was during the cold war JFK wasnt communist and neither is Bernie

    52. Yousef Khalifa

      Am I the only one that slept when Bernie was being interviewed by trevor?

    53. NatalieBryden

      The time machine joke is HILARIOUS!!!

    54. SARAI7HJ

      Bernie keeps mentioning eliminating certain money issues but he doesn't mention how things are going to get paid for.

    55. Adilene Constante

      can't believe we're doing this to my mans Bernie again :(

    56. L WGG

      To be honest I had no clue that America was so far behind on medical care for all its citizens. Now that I researched US rules in general a bit more, I do have to say it almost sounds like a third-world country.

    57. Irene Isbell

      I love Bernie Sanders .

    58. Joanna GP

      am not american but damn i want to vote for bernie

    59. thr0ttl3j0ck3y

      The DNC has committed treason against the voters who have supported this man. They've flipped votes, thrown out people's votes, prevented people from voting, and a dozen other tactics besides. Voting is the most sacred part of democracy. I think the DNC people who have done this should suffer the appropriate punishment for treason. As it stands now, they seem to insist on a corporate tool for president, so all I can do now is try to wake people up, and the chances of that are greater if Trump stays president. If Biden is, we get all the same policies as Trump, but too many people go back to sleep because they can't see through the mask, so if Biden is the nominee, I'm voting for Trump.

    60. Jimmy G

      I would still vote for him.

    61. Aaron Akien

      Burny y Elisabette

    62. Julian Duran

      I figured it out , Bernie has been a hero most of his life but he wants to go out a Martyr and be forever remembered with the likes of JFK.

    63. ناصر السبيعي

      I think you’re dumb lol

    64. Beioncca Hale


    65. Camilo Iribarren

      Bernie: *constant argument about his beliefs and policies that he has been supporting for 40 years* Trevor: DAMN! Bernie Sanders was not messing around

    66. Erica Lee

      Who’s going to pay for all of this Bernie?????

    67. Kathryn Shields

      Love Bernie 🥰

    68. Town _Biznessman

      My parents retired from white collar jobs. They both bought new vehicles when they felt the need. Paid 50,000 for the home I was raised in, currently reside in, inherited from them that has a value of 800,000 give or take 25 grand. Wages and inflation are on adversarial tracts.

    69. Paul Damore

      make fun if u will.....hes still better than biden

    70. Julia Jurzyk

      I Love Bernie!

    71. SanityLaughs

      Trever Noah is no Jon Stewart, Trevor is a shill for the establishment.

    72. SpetsnazUS

      They clipped those talks with children short on purpose. Watch the full clips and you get a very different version. The full clips show a Bernie that’s great with children.

    73. George Cabezas

      Trump hit the nail on the head when he nicknamed him Crazy Bernie. Hahaha!!!! By the way be careful and avoid Socialism at all cost, look what happened with Venezuela and Cuba and Nicaragua.

    74. Gabrielle Glasen

      I love Bernie! He,s the only one who tells the truth and has balls of steel!

    75. Ayush Thumbarathy

      "I think you're dumb."

    76. Kaiser Wilhelm

      Play the rest of the you're dumb clip!

    77. Thomas Danielsen

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="167">2:47</a> NOTHING has happend. You need to change your system if you want change. This 2 party system doesnt change anything.

    78. Roldie

      I’m not even American, but I’ve been rooting for this dude since 2016. After 4 years of clownery, it’s about time y’all make the right choice goddamnit.

    79. CatsRevenge

      BERNIE 2020!!!

    80. Mark Hoover

      NYT - ah, yes, but that's "the least distrusted newspaper," if you want to be real about the situation.