GLOBAL IMPACT: The Rise Of The Japanese Thoroughbred

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    SKY Racing's feature documentary Global Impact: The Rise of the Japanese Thoroughbred, traces the remarkable 30 year transformation of Japanese racing and breeding from industry outpost to global powerhouse, beginning with the first running of the Japan Cup in 1981. It is the story of a nation's determination to dominate racing at the highest level, of a family's bold ambition to revolutionise breeding and a single stallion's reshaping of an entire industry.

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    1. santa cruz romero

      Let's have a moment for Sunday silence

    2. Abdullah Aboo Bakker

      Super Super Story 💞🐎🐎🐎👌

    3. JoAnn Leichliter

      Great show. Kudos to Japanese racing and deep respect to the great Sunday Silence

    4. nemo marlen

      Northern taste it so pretty

    5. Virendra Mettelloo

      Hat's off to the team-work..

    6. Cecilia Wood

      k but did anyone else notice that flying lead change at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="49">0:49</a>?

    7. Oluwatobiloba Noah

      I love every single second of this

    8. Khem Dad

      Hello sir how are you

    9. Polly Bryant

      Plus horse racing should be banned forever plus the horses would not suffer anymore from the heartless asshole too send them too the slaughter house plus they would never have too stand their in fear plus shaking in fear plus taking too another trying too comfort each other before they dead even see tears running down their face stop it and stand up for horses and help stop it before it too late

    10. tube4625

      i have yet to see an orient-eyed horse so far. 今のところ、東洋の目をした馬はまだ見ていません。

    11. CJ Miro

      Please keep we Chromies apprised of all our hero's activities!

    12. fayis fayis

      Really good video message ❤️✌️

    13. April Doornbos

      and I rode two Japan Cup winners Half Iced and Pay The Butler

    14. Okc 0137

      RIP Deep Impact sad loss for racing world wide

      1. Von Staufenberg

        I know he lost in the Arc, but in my 50+ years as a handicapper and fan, I never saw a more eye-catching, visually impressive horse. Most top-level turf races, even ones over a distance, are sprints to the finish. Even the great ones don't outfinish top fields by very much. Deep Impact's runs over the last 500 meters were breathtaking. He ran by them and away from them effortlessly, and it's not as though he wasn't facing great horses. If I recall, Heart's Cry and Vodka were left in his wake. He made top-class fields look ordinary.

    15. richfairclough123

      Deep Impact’s mum was a first generation immigrant in Japan..

      1. richfairclough123

        The family was owned by the queen.... the Arabs took one daughter, the Japanese another..

    16. Fooey Yu

      Nothing compares to Kentucky Bred's (period)

      1. Fooey Yu

        @Monk If the horses are average, yet Aidan O'Brien can't win in America, why is that?

      2. Monk

        Lol the yanks have the best drugs there horses are average

    17. Christine Still

      Probably have an easier time finding jockeys in Japan. Why do some races seem to be in the opposite direction? Leave it up to the Japanese to do it better & I shouldn't be surprised that so many speak English! Aren't shy about using the whip, are they? Holy hell, look at the operations here.Precisely how they attacked the sport of golf! No bookies, imagine that! Great job, JRA!

    18. scott jones

      When you see the percentage of a sires offspring that win, I never think of the ones who don't win. What happens to those horses?

      1. rubles

        @Maryann Lane judging an entire nation based on a few... That tells me all I need to know. Have a nice day.

      2. Maryann Lane

        rubles was that after they finished wiping their chins after they ate him? I can not think the Japanese cared much for what happened to any horses after they were of no use racing or breeding. Different culture, different outlook on animals. Sadly American culture and a good many others do not give much thought to the animals who provide their entertainment or livelihoods after they are done with them.

      3. rubles

        @Maryann Lane the Japanese public were just as horrified by Ferdinands slaughter as the western public.

      4. Monk

        Same as horses everywhere, iv seen 7 horses at Rosehill race course get on the dog truck, Canberra, wagga wagga.Sad but humans are humans.

      5. Maryann Lane

        richfairclough123 Ferdinand ring a bell? He was sold as a stallion to Japan. When he was no longer fertile .....slaughter. No respect for the horse.

    19. Nicole Sabetti

      Loved the Documentary. We need, more Documentaries on Japanese horse racing. Thank you

    20. Chane Kawaihae

      The Japanese shouldn’t own animals tbh

      1. rubles

        Racist asf

    21. Rachel Jackson

      If these horses are so great and are supposedly taking the world by storm, why aren't more of them racing outside of Japan???? You see more race horses running under the Sheiks colors than colors from Japan.

      1. iain bruce

        @richfairclough123 "Shocking" - yep - Won a Melbourne

      2. richfairclough123

        The sheiks spend their countries oil cash on horses... for the amount they spend and number of horses they have, they actually do remarkably badly. Go to the Godolphin website and see the list of horses they have in training.... shocking

    22. apomaria 1981


    23. thomasucc


    24. Lynne Johnson

      I love this show, I've watched this at least 3 times ... so proud of our SundaySilence

    25. BMWD4

      Sunday silence.

    26. GBeret83

      The rise of the Japanese thoroughbred happened because of two words...........SUNDAY SILENCE!! Himself and the offspring he's responsible for have taken breeding in Japan to another level entirely from where it was once upon a time, and that's a fact.

      1. Antonio Rivera

        I can talk about the greatest plases of the U.S. OF AMERICA 🇺🇸 ARACDIA CALIFORNIA Santa Anita. And whacing the out raiders I learn mor thanks to you.

      2. tonywhipple

        Yup idiots in USA dropped the ball BIGLY by selling him because of his unimpressive pedigree

    27. LeeAnne151

      Long live Sunday Silence!

    28. Elijah Hunter

      ok, i live in japan, although i was born in America, and am only here for a few years, but, i'm telling you. just about every one of the people here could be jocky's. they are TINY!! when i go somewhere, they always look me up and down, because i'm 6 foot 1 and only 12. it's cool though. i still consider Secreatriat, Man o' war, and Seabuiscut the best racehorses (Secretariat is my favourite, i have many horse figures, including a traditional breyer Secretariat), but the Japanese thoroughbreds here are MAGNIFICENT to watch! i HIGHLY respect them. i am still planning to go to one or two of the races.

      1. Monk

        Might be great horses in America thats it. All champions travel to test themselves. Ever heard of phar lap

      2. marysueeasteregg

        Seabiscuit? He was ranked 25th among American-raced horses by the 7-person committee of experts put together by BloodHorse back in 1999. Seabiscuit's career record was 89:33-15-1, a 37% winning percentage. Even if you count *only* his races after he was handled by trainer Tom Smith (a reasonable thing to do, IMO) who handled him far more responsibly than Fitzsimmons did, his record was 44:25-7-8, a winning percentage of 57%. He beat a Triple Crown winner, but lots of horses have done that; Exceller beat two Triple Crown winners in one race. Exceller, like Seabiscuit, was a great horse, but no one seriously argues he was better overall than Affirmed and Seattle Slew. Seabiscuit was as gutsy a horse as who has run, and possibly the most popular ever to race in the U.S., but he benefited on that count from being an underdog running during the Great Depression, the height of racing's popularity. He's remembered more than a lot of better horses because he's gotten such good PR: biographers have concentrated on him because his story and those of his handlers were dramatic. Please try to explain to me how you can objectively rank him over Citation, Count Fleet, Spectacular Bid, Kelso, Dr. Fager, Seattle Slew, Native Dancer, Affirmed...and don't say heart. Heart is not the same as talent or accomplishment.

      3. Leopold


    29. Lydia Waffleman

      I never had a clue that they were involved in the industry...

    30. ミスター立教大学

      Im Japanese. Thank you use this video. Please come Japane cup race. We want to fight your horse!! Top prize is good. haha

      1. Drew Baby drew

        Hey you Our horses don't fight they bite

    31. Roderick Brooke

      Unbelievable video, no wonder Japan racing is at the top of the tree.

    32. Mallory S

      They are concerned for the horse and it's future, America is concerned for their wallet.

      1. Jon Haynes

        @Lyre Burch So ferdinand was just deemed useless and butchared not buying it i understand culling but this is far from that

      2. Jon Haynes

        @Lyre Burch sadly that is wrong in so many ways shows what kind of self serving money grubbing ass holes they are thay should be showed the same amount of respect

      3. Jon Haynes

        @Lyre Burch I would hope we would have more respect for a horse that had made so much money for there owners

      4. Jon Haynes

        @Jamie Silver It is clueless no nothing people like you that do not know what they are talking about that start trouble .The Mustangs are rounded up because they over populate .You have a choice let them starve to death or round them up and sell them alot of them get good holmes

      5. Chane Kawaihae

        Japan is horrible to animals

    33. G P

      'Deep Impact is the most valuable stallion in the world'... Galileo and Coolmore would like a word with you!

      1. Von Staufenberg

        I don't know if he'll wind up being the most valuable stallion, but in over 50 years of watching the sport, I've never seen a better turf runner than Deep impact. I know he got beat in the Arc, or perhaps his jockey got him beat in that race, but at his best, he was the most eye-catching and impressive distance turf runner I've seen. It was one jaw-dropping performance after another, often missing the break, lanquishing in last and wide on the track, 10 lengths behind as they turned for home and winning by several open lengths. It's not as though he wasn't beating top-class horses. In addition to a good crop of Japanese runners like Heart's Cry, he had Ouija Board, a BC Turf winner, in his wake.

      2. GBeret83

        @George Parkins, Here-Here my friend. I'm not in any way knocking Deep Impact because he is most definitely a top class sire, but Galileo is a machine! As far as breeding for horses to run on turf, Galileo may be the most prolific sire I've ever seen. It's incredible the number of stakes winners he's directly responsible for year in and year out, both male & female.

      3. law infiltration is here

        George Parkins coolgalie who?? from controlled and threatend arenas.


      Great documentary 👍


      Sydney Foote.....come to America for what...american racing has gotten worse....too much drug cheat....your thoroughbreds hardly have longevity these days

      1. firefrank1313

        Bob baffy is the wizard

      2. firefrank1313

        2 year prediction after Maximum Security and lets not all forget about Justify and that grey haired wizard as my 70 year old Grandpa calls it. End quote

      3. Chane Kawaihae

        ALEX KANE spoken like a true city slicker

      4. Von Staufenberg

        US racing is a disgrace. There's no positive spin you can put on it when you can hardly find even one top trainer anymore whose rap sheet doesn't include a slew of medication violatons. One by one, the few honest horsemen have either passed on or been swallowed up by the cheaters.

    36. Christy Dolan

      Steady on lads, the Arc has yet to be won (perhaps tell the Japanese jocks to stay at home). They might have a better chance with the Epsom Derby, last few years show that the horse does not have to be exceptional to win that The Group 1 in France that A Shin Hikari, as impressive as the performance was (and on soft) Group, and as impressive as the field was (form before and slightly after this race) was, the Prix d'Isphan is hardly considered a major French Group 1 never mind European. It is an early season 4 year + race. Many horses need the run. He was given a very soft lead in France and that was not allowed at Royal Ascot (though the horse did not behave well, before he even entered the parade ring) Will be interesting to see how the Deep Impact progeny do in Europe . Coolmore have a few . Even better would be if the European send their better horses to Japan Cup after the Arc, Breeders Cup is nice and all, but the bonus payments and the prize money for winners and placers, it is ridiculous that the Japan Cup is ignored, especially the older horses

      1. Max Dembo

        almond eye will win it

    37. Imforthewhales

      This was remarkably well put together, the best doco on Japanese racing I have seen . Wonderful horses !

    38. ijaz moh

      Thanks...this was a wonderful documentary,much respect for the Japanese and they will continue to reap the rewards of hard work and dedication.

      1. just forfun

        It's not because Japanese are smart people which they are....but they have tremendous's the key to their success as a nation....

    39. D Petty

      I loved the footage of the horses on the track and at the farm. It was fascinating!