God of War - The Romance Between Mimir and the Queen of the Valkyries

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    Apparently the undead disembodied head and a spirit of redemption...just can't make it work...
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    God of War - The Romance Between Mimir and the Queen of the Valkyries
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    1. Gary Is alive and deaded

      So Kratos has a hobby of shoving anything he finds cool up his ass?

    2. ZornoStar Sasi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="310">5:10</a> _like a boss_

    3. OsuCuber

      I kinda wish i have a bodyless person who knows everything

    4. Geym Baboş

      Amazing Work

    5. Jordan Carrillo

      I have beaten the Valkyries on a few different difficulties and wonder if they will have any value in the sequel. They're technically a side quest and usually the effects of those don't carry over to sequels. Since Freya is the actual Queen of the Valkyries and Kratos has done the honorable service of freeing her most trusted sisters, what becomes of it? I know Freya loathes Kratos rn because he killed her son, but will any of this play into whether or not she considers sparing him especially when she shares the hatred of Odin with the Valkyries. Although "hate is stronger than duty" could answer that very question.

      1. MaCeo Millions


    6. Yosia Melkisedek

      Actually the queen is freya whom once valkryie

    7. Jon the Wolf

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="205">3:25</a> that ball is wiggling 😂😂

    8. Tyler Granger

      New ship?

    9. My Life Is A Lie

      Is Kratos just shoving those helmets up his ass?

      1. Jordan Carrillo

        You know it

    10. Emperor Ssraeshza

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="350">5:50</a> NOICE. The return of the real Kratos !

    11. El Bandito

      With his single-mindedness, Kratos coulda been a great businessman.

    12. Level 99

      fuck the last valkyrie boss. it was the only time in the game i had to change the difficulty from hard to easy in order to beat her.

      1. Jordan Carrillo

        Git gud

      2. XxxJim_ the_ ReaperxxX


    13. Ginger Beard 31

      Kratos is in a good mood? I guess forging weapons is the only way to cheer him up sometimes 😏.

    14. Cookie Mom

      "Then they are terrible at their job." Says the guy who stole the weapons AND SOUL of the deity with the same job in his own homeland.

    15. Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness

      Mimir is the perfect passive-aggressive counter for Kratos's own passive-aggressive. I LOVE IT

    16. galahad38

      It's amazing how much room Kratos has up his butt. He fit four helmets up there!

    17. Eruz Te Tomo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="204">3:24</a> spazzing ball (loot)

    18. fix ways2

      is no one going to talk about mimir had to endure everytime kratos fart??


      Women do like smart guys after all! 👍


      Soooo noone gonna talk about how kratos pick the helmetsput it in his back and magically gone?

    21. Zylo

      “Father these are valkyries they keep the dead from over running Midgard” Kratos: Then they are terrible at there job 😂😂😂😂

    22. DerMetzger

      "Then they are terrible at their job..." 😳😂🤣😂 Kratos putting that legendary Spartan wit on display

    23. Amaramo Sialaoa

      The second valkery sounded like the VA was having some fun.lol

    24. Dead Man

      *"First we Hunt these Creatures and Chase your Former Lover"* Kratos 2018

    25. TheLegend

      Fuck these alexas. Google should make a talking mimir. I'd play video games while talking to him.

    26. Fawzia Shrivastava

      Did Odin become even more powerful than the valkyries?

    27. Papa Shreknic

      "Formah Lavahr" Kratos sounded like an african there for a second.

    28. Hi Guys


    29. Alvin Jefferson

      may I ask you a question about the video game of the game and you are going through this game to get to the end and games are long

    30. enuj villegas

      "We" Haha

    31. lukassnakeman

      Where you shoving all those helmets bro??

    32. Youtube Recommendation

      Typical Kratos sticks everything in his butt

    33. Damian Garcia

      I feel that the valkyries will help kratos in ragnarok

    34. Isaiah Williams

      I only have one question, where is he putting all those helmets, is he putting them up his butt ?

    35. ryugajin

      So Mimir was imprisoned by Odin eternally at the tree because he bangs a leader of Valkyrie? Is that it?

      1. XxxJim_ the_ ReaperxxX

        Yes. And also Freya was punished when she is pregnant as well.

    36. Chanel Adriana

      Freya is queen of many things vanaheim asgard now Valkyrie

    37. Honeybutter Chips

      maH HeAd GeTtiNg LaiD

    38. John Lim

      Kratos used to call everyone by their name, back in the old games. WTH HAPPENED?

      1. TheLegend

        Nope he still used nouns. CHILD father, Smith god, fly from the ass of zeus etc.

    39. Johny Reyes

      The "eternal blessings of the Valkyrie" sounds like one for sure get out of Valhalla free card

    40. ░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂Gous▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="59">0:59</a> has top be a Very Strong Orgasm holy Damn xD

    41. Serious Commenter

      Boi! What's that armor your wearing? Boi!

    42. ことだ何て

      "They're the ones who keep the dead from overrunning Midgard!" _"Then they are terrible at their job."_ Hhahahaha holy shit, goddamnit Kratos.

    43. CombaiHound

      At least Mimir gives great head, if nothing else...

    44. Warwick main here

      The story about the horse, stag and hunter is like Kratos, the Barbarian and Ares

      1. Magic Racooon1994

        No shit.

    45. Abdul Bah

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="472">7:52</a> did Kratos just say he's in a good mood?

    46. Alfonso Gaming

      Gets Valkyrie Mask/Helmet. *Hmmmmmm...... Let me put this up my ass*

    47. Tomb Raver

      "I am in a good mood." *All of reality shatters*

    48. Bharadwaj Padmanabhan

      Each one of those helms are worth anywhere between 10 to 120 million zenny depending on your server😂

    49. Cremicus

      Anyone else want Kratos to put the Queens helmet on with his gold armour

    50. The Stutterer

      In norse religion, Sigrun did had a love interest named Helgi. However he died at the hands of Dagr because Helgi murdered everyone in Granmar. Sigrun realizes what happened so she returns to Valhalla to spend one more night with Helgi. She dies of sadness at the end but is reborn as Kara and Helgi as Helgi Haddingjaskati.

    51. Poop Face

      Is the bag that Kratos carries the same one as Sindri have? Both seem to fit endless amount of materials.

      1. QUEENDOM

        Poop Face that could be it. Good theory

    52. Master Aron

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="324">5:24</a> he said “Doodie”

      1. Magic Racooon1994


    53. Balloon Leader

      I helped my dad beat the game and Valkyries my body was shaking and almost lost balance

    54. Mister Hamlicrazy123

      Do you guys like it when the valkyries step on you? I bet you do.

      1. arif salahudin

        No it was nightmare Q.Q

    55. FBI agent


    56. IAM BUMBO

      *Ah lad... you're making me blush. I think. Can i still blush?* i don't know CAN YOU?

    57. David Holaday

      "Hate is stronger than duty." I would beg to differ. Though sometimes one leads to the other.

      1. Magic Racooon1994

        You my friend have a point I Tip my hat to you.

    58. Orlando R.

      Curious if the Valkyries will play a large role in the sequel. They seemed pretty nice and provided a hell of a challenge. Especially since... *******SPOILER******** Freya asked Mimir if he had known on where Odin kept her wings. Will the Valkyries be loyal to Freya? Or will they help us out in the next game?

    59. Determination

      This version of Kratos looks like a normal ordinary person

    60. Requis Mcchunka

      What armor set is that?

    61. winker wonker smell's like tonkers

      Does anyone know why Odin severed Freya’s wings?

      1. Yasin Güneş

        Freya broke the marriage off from Odin because of him using her magic for unjust purposes and thus incurred the Allfather's wrath and spite. Feeling deeply betrayed, Odin cursed her to prevent her from ever leaving Midgard or harming any living creature - through either physical or magical means. Additionally, he stripped Freya of her Valkyrie wings and hid them in an unknown location. Some saw this as petty cruelty on Odin's part, for Freya was a warrior in spirit and the curse would force her to do nothing else but live in isolation.

    62. Will Henderson

      Two words: Ugandan Knuckles

    63. Jay Tee

      The next GoW will have the "royal" Norse family (Odin, Thor, Freya) gunning for Kratos and Atreus (with Brok, Sindiri, Jormungandr and Mimir in support). I would not be surprised if Fenrir and the Valkyries come to their aid as well! OMG I love this game series!

    64. Sharingandud

      Pretty hard to take that one conversation seriously, when the loot is freaking out and having a party.

    65. Kenny Couz

      Mimir......my man.

    66. Derek Stapleton

      Fun fact: This game has a contradiction with the valkyries. When you free the valkyrie "Eir" she talks so loudly Atreus makes a point of it, but when you place her helmet on her throne, Mimir tells lore of how she was the quietest of all the valkyries.

      1. QUEENDOM

        Derek Stapleton it’s a joke dude lol

      2. Lucas Martinez

        Perhaps that just means in comparison to the other valkyries and that her response to being saved was a joke.

    67. nymbus 43

      Then they are terrible at their job lol!😆😂 Kratos made a funny

    68. Dj Raztah

      I'm surprised none of them asked Kratos why his ass is talking to them.

    69. TovenOvideoRPC

      Does Kratos sticks everything he finds into his ass?

    70. Yoo Hoo

      Look here, Marvel, This is how you do "levity", isntead of cheap quips over and over again.

      1. Straight Busta

        You guys are fucking Special Ed or sumn.

      2. someone

        Y’all annoying

      3. James May's Flying Washing Machine

        No no, quips=cleverness! Aren’t we just so adorably C-L-E-V-E-R, with our stupid little comments during every single space of silence?!

    71. Rowen Edward

      Kratos! At least let the head see sigrun for the last time -_-

    72. Jack Hades

      Every helmets were different.

    73. Leprosu Gnome

      why is nobody talking about kratos putting all those helms up his ass?

    74. doug bull

      I wish gow incorporated RPG elements into the game

    75. Axel Rancier

      "we have to find the queen"

    76. Jovan Sky

      It would be so fun if God of war made into skyrim style, worldwide adventure

    77. Carl Johnson

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a> Turn up your volume and close your eyes

    78. Order66

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="204">3:24</a> best line ever

    79. psychopool

      Stuff those blessings I want this head

    80. boii

      Maybe kratos could have freed mimir with the blade of olympys