God of War - Freya Brings Mimir Back to Life

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    Freya....doesn't like Mimir...
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    God of War - Freya Brings Mimir Back to Life
    VGS - Video Game Sophistry


    1. VGS - Video Game Sophistry

      I wonder why she was so against those arrows.....

      1. Orion Craig


      2. The Worst Warlock

        Here I go r/woosh ing every reply here...

      3. Bound Dragons

        Look how many people don't understand obvious sarcasm. The uploader knows why for fucks sake, they were just making note of the foreshadowing. 🙄😒

      4. MIND_SLAYER07

        It will make her son vulnerable he will feel again

      5. Zokizzy Foshizzy

        Because they just weren't her colour.

    2. Dantevshulk Hulk

      Does kratos lie to freya about when kratos said he(mimir)claim you could revive him?!because kratos is the one who told mimir about witch can revive him🤔

    3. kevin aqsya

      Freya can bring baldur back alive😁

    4. Averyzalia Sylvia

      Well that was easy

    5. Beefy Teefy

      This Game is so Good...shame I have watched The whole thing without actually owning it.

    6. JAY Č

      Kratos hate for the gods will be he’s doom...

    7. Georgi Ganchev

      "You're really going to lecture me about THAT?" Damn ,so true 😂

    8. Abdiel Martinez

      Question. Is frigga the same as feya?

    9. TheMinekBolt ಠ_ಠ

      Kratos: You did not think it important to tell me? Freya: Are _you_ really gonna lecture me on that? Kratos: L3 + R3 Activate Spartan rage

    10. Ilman Fakhrizky

      mistletoe is one hell of a plants

    11. PopukoLemon *

      Is this kid voice the character from Howl's moving castle movie?

    12. J Bac

      The Queen of the Valkyries made quick work of that Mistletoe lol.

    13. The Odinson

      He shoulda banged her. They woulda had strong kids.

    14. Luki 1331

      Freya: You're Welcome Kratos: *COME ON AND SLAM, WELCOME TO THE JAM*

    15. SiragusYT

      In all seriousness, did freya completely miss the mistletoe on the quiver's strap?

    16. D4rk G4ming-YT-

      Freya god of being horny

    17. Super Head

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="136">2:16</a> Does anyone notice that Freya put some kinds of worms or moths into Mimir’s mouth when she was reviving him ? That’s a pretty small detail, hinting her hatred for Mimir may be ?

    18. GHOSTBOY 64

      Man imagage mimir nose itch

    19. Brevin Floyd Catinsag

      I'd take the spit she gave to Mimir is the spell which prevents him from telling Baldr's weakness.

    20. Trey Gibson

      Am I the only one dreading about having to kill Freya in the next game? I REALLY don’t want to.

    21. Fried Dough Pieces

      Mimir didn't say Freya could bring him back to life.

      1. Master Burger

        Kratos said there's a witch in the woods and Mimir thought she could bring him back to life. He said the witch would bring him back to life

    22. El Bandito

      Freya the blind didn't see the glowing thing on Atreus' chest.

    23. Amphibian King

      And thus my favorite character was born. Mimir. Easily one of my favorite side companions in all of video game history.

    24. Mr. Grim 501st

      You know when she was getting erratic and hostile over the arrows if Kratos knew she was a god then he would have been a lot more aggressive and protective of Atreus.

    25. Augustus Constantine

      Damn she’s hot

    26. DSLightning21

      His face when he says "Can you bring a head back to life?", so cute. :)

    27. Ahsan K.

      Sindri deliberately gave mistletoe arrows

    28. I Am The Spy

      Kratos' anger is understandable. Once he asks for help from a god, he got his family killed. ARES! DESTROY MY ENEMIES AND MY LIFE IS YOURS!

    29. Zokizzy Foshizzy

      "You did not think it important to tell me?" Yeah, Freya, why didn't you tell Kratos, slayer of all Greek gods, that you were a god? How inconsiderate.

    30. Myco Gaming

      kratos : You are god!??? freya : aww shit here we go again

    31. AAA HHH

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="136">2:16</a> does she always keep giant maggots

    32. Grelarv

      So, was it the grubs or the spit that put the hex on him I wonder?

    33. uzumymw

      Kratos should've cut Feya's head and brought it to Freya, y'all know what I mean.

    34. Kai Keeper

      I always wondered if it woulda worked the same way without the maggots in his mouth, Freya just wanted him to wake up with bugs in his mouth :P :P :P

    35. Dr Dre 3009

      thumbnail Mimir looks like Kratos 😂😂😂

    36. Mr morningstar

      Is it just me or am i the only one who wouldn't mind freya spitting in my face? 😏😏😏

    37. Lt. Colonel Degurechaff

      Kratos bump at the wall when Freya says "You're welcome" is so silly for Kratos I love it

    38. Jack Magnell

      Like the way Kratos puts his hand in front of Atreus when Freya went a bit bonkers

    39. handsom.chris

      If only Mimir knew what Kratos said in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="19">00:19</a>

    40. Edward Kennedy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="211">3:31</a> “You did not think it important to tell me?”

    41. Haxwell Eddison

      What a cunt.

    42. Janeil Nold

      “Can we keep the head?” “No. But you can feed it to the fish.” “Okay!” Ah I love me some father-son bonding over a severed head.

    43. EliteAJA 2006

      Son: can we keep the head Father:No! But you may feed it to the fish Son:Ok

    44. Freshics

      Can’t freya bring back Faye’s body Kratos would say “faye never asked to be brought back boy”

      1. Justin Petro

        She was cremated. I doubt Freya could do much with just ashes

      2. Al Phuckya

        Maybe it works like DBZ rules and you can’t bring back someone who died of natural causes

    45. Karakurda

      It's been a long time since I practice the old magic But she hade everything ready for it in secends

    46. Adam

      Why didn’t Freya want the boy to have the arrows? What’s so special about them?

    47. Juno

      I realized that the arrows were the only thing that could kill Baldur and thats why she burnt them

    48. Senpai DoomGuy

      Kratos voice is easy to mimic.

    49. Snorky Snorkle

      What if Freya will resurrect Baldur the way she did with Mimir`s head !?

    50. real_dinhoglak YT

      “Your welcome!” *slams Arm on the wall* I would’ve done the exact thing lmao

    51. xdude228

      This scene has so many important factors. Freya destroying the mistletoe arrows because they can kill Baldur, her mixing something extra into the potion to make Mimir forget Baldurs weakness, her comment to Kratos about him also hiding his godliness. This was probably the most important scene in the entire game and nobody realizes it on their first playthrough.

    52. Dino :33

      Freys:your welcome! Kratos:Slams into the wall then walks out

    53. Xhrisnugget Nose

      Freya: YOUR WELCOME Kratos: im sorry WHAT proceeds to cripple the tortoise with one shoulder

    54. dotdotdot dotdotdot

      Mimir: "....the goddess freya.... " Goddess God...dess GOD Kratos: *TRIGGERED*

      1. BeatingClownz

        Rage intensity... *INTENSIFIES!!!*

    55. Ka'Lei

      But you can feed the head to the fish😂wtf man lol that's all I can say

    56. Kookachulu

      Loving the simplicity of the intro

    57. Usagi Leo

      I came from the future Kratos kill freya

    58. quickstep

      she already has the shit ready to revive him on the table? 'been a long time' my ass, you lying bitch. fuck women in video games

    59. Fortnite Player

      The best words of Atreus "Oh...Can u bring a head back to life?"

    60. Hosanna Amane

      I only came here to hear Kratos say *BOI*

    61. Rakesh Nair

      You are a God?! Why? Godslayer is my other name...

    62. Marc Ortega

      The way he hit the wall....and in third person too!

    63. Dagon Fhtgan

      This game made some bold design moves, but dressing Freya like a high school English teacher was definitely up there ngl

    64. Josh Playz Gacha

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="228">3:48</a> me when there’s no more juice in the fridge and when I lose in Fortnite

    65. Josh Playz Gacha

      Kratos:*Takes mimer head out also kratos where’s the money lil b

    66. gokul sharama

      Freya: Nice clean cut Kratos: oh I've been doing this for a long time

    67. PapiSnug Af

      Where did he get the arrows from?

    68. ACG Medical

      How big are you, to be able to carry around a human head on your waist like it’s nothing heavy.

    69. ProjectAwesomes

      do you think she put worms in his mouth "just cause" and wasnt part of the ritual?

    70. wulfrvm

      why is he coughing he doesnt have lungs

    71. Ioseph Stalin

      Should’ve ask Freya to give different kind of head

    72. Zug75

      doesnt mimir sound like the narrator from AOE II William Wallace Campaign?? "THE ENGLISH HAVE TERRORIZED ALL OF SCOTLAND! AND ITS TIME FOR US TO FIGHT BACK!

    73. Jeng Cold

      Damn...he hate the gods so much🤣🤣🤣

    74. delta229


    75. Zach Davis

      The kid is annoying.

    76. Deok

      First Helios, now Mimir? He does have a habit off decapitating people.

    77. Zaiykrow

      The small smack of anger at the door in the end is always so good

    78. Fitness Foreveryone

      Am I the only one who thought that Atreus was so happy to see freya because she reminded him of his mother

    79. Nigel Lobo

      Freya must be a resident of Milfgard.

    80. creator Space

      blog.naver.com/7heppy7 We made it well. (WOW)