Grandayy's Meme Awards 2019


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    Celebrating the best memes of 2019, along with a special Meme of the Decade award.
    Massive thanks to all the creators that participated in this! I'm so proud of this community.
    Host: @VoiceoverPete
    @twomad 360
    @Gus Johnson
    @The Real Life Peter Griffin
    Special guest and double award winner: @CaptainSparklez
    Thumbnail by: @Thafnine
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    1. Skrubtendo

      Stefán Karl Stefánsson will always be number 1. Thank you for giving this man the award he deserved.

    2. Nub4 and Doomguy05

      Aw shit Here we go again

    3. Jesus Anguiano

      This is why PewDiePie left. BECAUSE OF THIS

    4. Kek Kekovich

      It would be so meme if option 2 had won

    5. imaperson52

      I love how everyone is trying so hard to be professional and then Vsauce rolls in just being his weird self.

    6. Ray Akuma

      Shut up Jordan!

    7. imstilltired

      I love that for cutest meme they put mini Keanu

    8. DeadMed

      Memes apart from pewda? Lazarbeam or cinnamontoastken... Since when Does mr beast meme 😂

    9. Shadow Spears

      13:18 what if option 2 won

    10. Shadow Spears

      If I had to choose one meme it would either be creeper aww man or v I b e C h e c k or we are number one. They are all tied. Memes are the best

    11. My W is gone

      Why baby yoda tho

    12. Angela Milano

      bruh jordans hairline

    13. farrukh ahmad



      Jacksfilms, Lazar beam, Callmecarson! Best youtubers right here!

    15. John Moore

      Who's Joe? Why was he nominated?

    16. Alan LeComte

      baby yoda doesnt deserve anything

    17. Maukustus

      option 2 is clearly XaXuD

    18. Titonik Original

      *Me not seeing Belle Delphine being first or second* Virgins:What!?...What the FuCK!?

    19. Jens

      11:45 hol up how he clap while holding a camera

    20. Brock Smith

      Anybody else realise that Jordan just sat down straight away next to Carson just to make sure he didn't show how short he is.

    21. Yay Yay

      "I can't wait to see what memes will be this decade!" *ww3 and corona virus*

    22. SeaNz !

      Poki: does nothing Carson: GREAT JOB YOU DID GREAT

    23. Paxton D’Angelo

      Some of the winners were really bad

    24. tohru bruh

      funny peepe no get meme of the decade :(


      Big Chungus deserved more

    26. Kevin Mladinescu

      Ppl voted we are number one to pay respescts to you know who

    27. Doofus

      We are number one shouldn't have one, no disrespect or anything but only grandayys fans voted for this so of course it would win. The meme wasn't even that good.

    28. Kevin Mladinescu

      Ok boomer was trash

    29. Jahseh Shrek

      Honestly it should’ve been PEPE, but at least it wasn’t baby yoda

    30. SrbHit


    31. mr craig

      wish stefan was here to see this

    32. Hawt Danger

      I wish ricardo was nominated

    33. Ayan Kovacs

      Mini keanu

    34. Saitama

      the saddest part? in 10 years, if we are still around, we'll rediscover this video and think how things were different back then, getting hit by a strong nostalgia and probably attempt suicide.

    35. Scunt .0

      2:28 Ricc astley

    36. Ghostcake

      Grandayy you are my mental support.

    37. JockyPocki

      what about meme of the century?

    38. Boze 491

      #rip Kermit the frog

    39. ZackNado

      Honestly I guessed all of these correctly nostalgia

    40. MarioBros Creations

      5:30 part of why I came here

    41. Ned Kelly

      Press f to pay respects fffffffffffffffffffff f f ffffffffff f f f f

    42. Leo Komljenovic

      Best meme youtuber is Tyler not mr beast!!!😠

    43. GM V9


    44. Michael Vanwolput

      I'm sad that the pufferfish eating a carrot did not win

    45. norik plays

      Why did pokimane sound like she was doing an asmr

    46. Alf Barry

      how many people did grandayy have to contact to make this video?

    47. Markus vlogs iutu


    48. Meme Lord

      I am so happy it was stefen Karl

    49. PrideCraft

      When everyone forgets stocks meme

    50. PrideCraft

      12:59 lol

    51. Coneblox

      Make a funniest comment award

    52. Toxin of meeenes

      13:58 Pyrocynical disliked the video.

    53. Bluenderd

      I thought Sonic would win the best movie meme, but the Joker winning also really great.

    54. Proto is epic

      The fact that anomaly used a fucking flamethrower made it amazing

    55. 1c7x 2

      Peter griffin lmao

    56. Hala x


    57. Katsumi Sora

      1:52 They gave jack a drumroll 7:03 They didnt gave her a drumroll instead she made her own drumroll Noice

    58. Mark Finley

      F for F

    59. Mr.krabs

      Dat boi should have been meme of the decade

    60. Nick27

      Stefán Karl stefánsson won the meme of the decade... *or is he*