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    These were some of the funniest videos I've ever watched! Lol they killed these bowl cuts!
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    1. Debra Hernandez

      Bowl cuts were a big thing in the 90's. Please tell me they're not bringing the bowl cut back lol

    2. Anastasia Róze

      No one: Literally no one: Brad: so much good

    3. Giselle Leerson

      I love you too

    4. Rae Rae

      "Staph laughing ma" Mom:😂😂😂 Lmao I promise me wen I'm fucking my hair up

    5. Kaylee Hodder

      I was hoping he was gonna haul out miss mannequin and show us the proper technique. Little sad rn👀

    6. Creative Cassy

      The first guy looks like he could be Brad's dad 💀

    7. Claire

      I totally wish that your channel were a thang in the 90's. I gave my brother a bowl cut the day before his school pic day. He came out on the other end looking like a monk that took a few rounds in the garbage disposal, head first :/ . It was awful, and it is totally documented in his forever school pics, HA! Woo Hoo, big sis!

    8. KawaiiNyan Nyan

      Why did that last guy kinda look like Metro Man from Megamind🤔😅😅😅

    9. Margie Jopson

      Does bowl cuts really mean use a bowl?

    10. Kaila Marie

      Omg!!!! Haha Haha the last guy🤣🤣🤣

    11. Pani Napo

      I think the surfer guy lost his home. He talks about it in one of his videos.

    12. anna-louise dean

      can we talk abt how the first guy could totally be related to brad??? like the weird uncle or something

    13. Lulu S

      Brad... you’re single handedly helping me not go fucking crazy, during CV-19 Lockdown. Thank you for making me laugh, you’re amazing x

    14. Lulu S

      Bowl cut dad, is the most relaxed human being eeevvvvver 😂😍

    15. Heatherlynn

      Im sorta crushing on The Illusion. Probably because every boy I had a crush on from 1st to 8th grade had a bowl cut lol

    16. Park Jimin

      "Its all about being crooked" ...that makes sense because I ain't straight-

    17. Theresa Chulich

      U NEED to meet him and give him a great hair cut! Shaggy with color. U have too

    18. josephina Schneider phone know that Taehyung is my bias..the only ads i get are taehyung fancams😂 i mean..i'm not complaining😂💜

    19. Daelyn Lonasee

      The first guy was cutting his hair on TOP of the baby like nooooo

    20. zebrastr1pes

      Do you think the surfer dude was dropping his bowl cut trimmings all over his child?

    21. Stella Sumerlin

      brad: dont skip over this me:*skips* thinking about how ik i can not afford it

    22. Rebecca Worch

      I really need help deciding how to cut my hair but I don’t have any social media except TikTok so I can ask brad

    23. Bradley Bruvva

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="645">10:45</a> 😂🔥

    24. Maeg D

      Is that Cherdley’s?!

    25. marieke1904

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="572">9:32</a> NCT's Jungwoo can relate

    26. Maria Stubley

      The second guy is Logan Paul in 20 years.

    27. ollie

      The first guy is exactly like my old science teacher. He was "encouraged to find another position" cuz everyone hated him and he didn't really know what he was talking about.

    28. Nikki Ezzell

      The guy at the end 😭. He was just gorgeous! Even after the bowl and then he shaved his facial hair.

    29. Scarlet Falcon

      Is that alternate universe Brad?

    30. Austin McFarlane

      The fact he said "that's how u do a bowl cut with your son" even tho the baby wasn't participating at all but he gave the baby credit anyways LOL

    31. Sheogorath

      Bowl cuts are fun... if you like to look like a tasty fungus lmao.

    32. Victoria Mo

      Omfg old cherdleysssss

    33. Andrea Bradics

      Me, just woken up from accidental sleep, eyeliner and mascara running on my face, washed out blue dye in my hair, with three months worth of brown hairroot showing... Brad: Hello beautiful babe! Me: Thank you honey 😭

    34. ravenclawprincess95

      “In the world of bowl cuts there are no mistakes.” Bitch, that’s because all bowl cuts are a mistake.

    35. k franciska maria

      hamishpatterson high frequency tribe where ya at? ✌🏻

    36. Jessica Zabor

      Dude, the dude in the last video is so hot XD... maybe not with the bowl cut though hahaha.

    37. Lakedra Bowman

      Brad: you look stunning Me: eats fries Blushing

    38. Jenifer Chiodo


    39. Cheralyn Stump

      Wait. Does anyone else notice Cherdleys in the 3rd video?

    40. Mind_Ramble

      I mean if the second kid styles his hair in the morning it could be really cool.. Bts style

    41. Mary Thomas

      The last guy is amazing.

    42. Leczu 112

      The first man looked like me, when i was cutting my hair😂😂😂

    43. butitssummerma

      That first guy was strangely attractive.

    44. gwenbobee gwenbobee

      That's how you do a bowl cut........with your son IDK why that was so funny to me but I laughed for like a solid 2 minutes. 😂

    45. cj222100

      The Australian kid with the reddish blonde hair's result wasn't all that dissimilar from how most of the popular boys wore their hair when I was in middle school in the mid 90s. That, & the style where they'd shave their head but have bangs

    46. Killer Gamer

      BRU stop talking like a girl

    47. Brittney Ann

      The guy who’s giving the hair cut in the last vid has his own channel called Cherdleys, he’s freakin hilarious lol.

    48. TJ Jahnke

      oliver tree vibes all around

    49. Jilly Bean

      Darth vader head

    50. Hayley Z

      First guy giving himself a bowl cut without the bowl?!! Pure skillz X'D DYINGGGGG!!!!

    51. youdontnee dtoknow

      Not a dentist mirror. A mechanic mirror. To work on cars

    52. Cheyenna Boley

      He's the dad from Rocket Power!

    53. Infire Ramen

      That guy looks like the blond dude from dumb and dumber

    54. brynlee h

      so I’m sitting alone in my room and this video made me laugh out loud to the point that I almost peed my pants.

    55. Brook Dudwa

      Cries about the guy with the long hair legit says about every other person I can't wait for them to cut their hair I wish I could. Legit Brad starts crying like no😂

    56. Jonathon Waltz

      Man. When he took that mirror out we cracked up together! I needed a laugh. I love the way he doesn’t give a shit!

    57. Monica Arencibia

      Finally that I watch this video right after cutting my own hair but I have followed Brands instructions/tips and it came out cute

    58. Monica Arencibia

      I love you too brad and why are they using bowls?

    59. Elaine nicholson

      Oh god can I marry the last guy?

    60. Elaine nicholson

      Surfer dude looks like Iggy Pop

    61. Angelica Taylor

      Me: Ah yes, my mother cut my hair off when I was six and finally at twenty-two, it is now finally below my bra strap. Guy w/ an Insta: So this is like 3/4 years, let's hack it off.

    62. Lulu Willow

      Omg the last one is Cherdley! 😂😂😂😂

    63. Brenda Catalan

      OMG I LOVE YOUR NAILS BRAD ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    64. Kim Maree

      This is how my nan gave all of my cousins haircuts in the 90’s

    65. Jane

      Totally Kyle when he grows up. 🤣

    66. speechlessmakeup

      "there are no mistakes in the world of bowl cut" Didn't even know that there was a whole other world out there named bowl cut. Dude

    67. Alyssa Habeger

      Also check out cherdleys if you liked the friend cutting the guy’s hair in the last video because that’s his channel and he is comedy GOLD

    68. Alyssa Habeger


    69. Emily Rose

      i could stop laughing about the first one omg lmao 🤭😂😂😂

    70. Zanele Valverde

      Damn, jude from 6teen grew up

    71. Victoria Francis

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="338">5:38</a> thoooooo 😂😂😂

    72. Namjooniejiminssi i

      Bruh throughout this video i kept thinking of bowl cut jungkook and then u mentioned the kid looking like a kpop star. Fkn live for this.

    73. Big Poster

      He looks like iggy pop

    74. Andrew Hernandez

      This guy needs to branch out from hairdressing. He looks like shit.

    75. Duchess Dragon

      I swear u and ur brother, but specially you, were made and spit out from pure sunshine and you're so beautiful, inside and out. Love ya safe out there, keep stylin. Makin the world a more beautiful place. Both in style and in personality. Hugs from NC...later hun

    76. Caylee Duvalweir

      The first guy be do lookin like Logan Paul at the first part doe

    77. Caylee Duvalweir

      The first guy really do be vining with is dentist mirror doe 🤭🤔

    78. Wanna Be

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="618">10:18</a> I strangely really like that, I never thought I would like a bowl cut but that actually looks good and with some styling it would look even better

    79. yoo jin jan

      I wanna know why the fuck this hair cut look good on koreans and no one else other the them !!!😂😂😂😂😂

    80. Lizzie Poppy

      Why did this make me want to get a bowl cut