Hairdresser Reacts To Life Changing Haircuts

Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we watch 3 girls cut their hair and go from having extremely long hair to short!

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    1. Gacha Girls

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="272">4:32</a> “Tell me how you do it!” Me:”At least 2 hours to brush and i have a way”

    2. Kim 5

      I knew Brad was a Scorpio!!

    3. Modacious Make-Up

      WHY is this supposedly ‘so good for you’ to chop off healthy waist length hair? This is coming from someone who A- is not a young girl B- doesn’t know if maybe or not there’s a reason for the length (religion, etc) C-parents should be included in making these decisions, Not a YT personality. These are awful and I wish this would stop

    4. Modacious Make-Up

      Ehh.. I’m not really down with encouraging girls to chop off their BEAUTIFUL hair. I completely understand donating hair, as I know someone who’s survived breast cancer but lost her hair. But to do it to follow an awful fad for views is just terrible

    5. genatzvale'

      What I really like about Brad is that he's always kind and positive to every girl by default. It's not so common. For some reason people feel the need to mock and bash each other.

    6. Sarah Castro

      Brb I’m gonna cut my hair at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="224">3:44</a>am right now.

    7. Sally Lupo

      Yo, i can choke a girl with this.. I love this react to her saying this. She needs a bob so bad. 😆 love it soo much. Got to be the most satisfying feeling ever to cut and choke a beeech out with that hair!!

    8. Yasuhiro

      (my mom was mad) Hi. I grew up with an Asian mom. YOU CALL THAT MAD?!

    9. ai ko

      That top reminds me of a dance comp costume I had to wear. oh nooooo... 😂

    10. RoseVampireGirl4

      I cut 13 and a half inches off of my hair. To my shoulders i donated it . But honestly the worst mistake of my life i had super curly hair! I hated it! . Never again! And now I just braid it to keep from brushing it alot.

    11. Pupi Alien

      This only make me wanted to cut my hair, but I don't want to at the same time ;-;

    12. XxRandomnessxX

      If only Cristine (simplynaillogical) was in Thais 🥺🥺 love her but like she needs to chop chop chop it off

    13. RomanEmpirex

      My hair is the exact same as the girl in the first clip 🤭

    14. Sharon Hollander

      *Loving* this look

    15. Jessica Wrzesien

      if i keep watching these videos im gonna end up cutting my hair too...

    16. Julia Vita

      me: oh i'll cute my hair short me: oh damn i have curly hair

    17. Venusaur Mega

      Brad... I love you to death... I'm not feeling the gloves though!!!

    18. Mahak Verma

      It's 1 AM and now I'm thinking of cutting my hair short.

    19. Lauren Yoon


    20. That Girl

      I cut 11 inches off my hair about 4 years ago now and it was the best decision I could of made

    21. Archana Sudhir

      Man from some angles you remind me of Damon salvatore idk why.

    22. Lieke Korsten

      No one: Brad: "I match her doors."

    23. AzureDust

      I get upset when my mom trims my hair 😂 I’d be too attached to it to cut it

    24. irene angelucci

      Girl: oh wait, let me think about what I'm doing Brad:.. Or DON'T, JUST GO FOR IT! 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    25. Maya

      Sophia: Let me just think about what I'm doing... Brad: Or don't and just go for it

    26. Alicia Cox

      I am late to the show but I live for your videos 😍

    27. Hannah Kuhlmann

      Why do you look like the onceler

    28. Christine Weihbrecht


    29. Christine Weihbrecht

      Brad you are my spirit animal. Marry me? I know. Not Your type 😂 love you though 💙💙💙

    30. Amariaaa Monacooo

      Omgggg Brad if only u could react to BeautybyGabbie big chop ! She was transitionning to natural for 3 years after a japanese hair straightening treatment, if u see this comment please do it, please react to some hair transitionning big chop

    31. Kristina Hermandiz

      My hair used to reach up to my shin damn it- now it’s barely under my shoulder.

    32. Katelyn Corey

      My hair used to be longer than the first girls but it sucked bc when I used to ride my bike it would get caught in the wheels also it was very hard to brush 😂😂😂😂

    33. Kai McGlinchey

      “I mAtCh hEr dOoRs.” AHA

    34. Alrisha6

      Brad: coughs Me: No in your hands!!!! Wash your hands now!

    35. Jennifer Kempl

      I cut my hair by myself it actually turned out good but now my mom is making me clean the bathroom😂

    36. Kathleen-Ann and Oshana Are besties

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1204">20:04</a> Go see a hairdresser brad a hairdresser !!!!! No she needs to come see you !!!!!

    37. Kathleen-Ann and Oshana Are besties

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="960">16:00</a> I think she looks a bit like Dora the explorer just my opinion lol 😂

    38. Emily Buttigieg

      My hair took 2 years to get my hair to the length of the first girl And my fridge grew out in 6 month

    39. Nancy Chiv

      watching this while staring at my two 15 inch long ponytails sitting on my desk

    40. #UnicornLoverPlaz

      Mah recommendation~~~~

    41. Asangi 1227

      I got waist length hair and this video really convinced me that I need a change

    42. Tajee

      While watching these videos, i always wonder what he would say about me never been to hairdresser before. My mum is cutting my hair above a trash bin.

    43. kaurr jasleen

      I just love Brad’s persona.

    44. juni june

      Brad you got corona😯😯😯

    45. Rosie Trout

      Lookin like a deflated Boobah 😂

    46. RainbowRock

      Back to Hegarty Maths

    47. Lpa Love

      You’re amazing 😉

    48. Elena Podobreeva

      All these girls saying they cut their hair short... I think I misunderstood what short hair is. I had hair as long as these girls, when I finally cut it for the first time in my life I went to right below my ears. A short bob, if you will. I'm thinking of going even shorter now. These girls all look great but I just don't think that's "short" hair personally :P

    49. PanikdAtTheProm

      I have cut my insanely thick hair short twice in my life and I have hated it both times. Why do I have the urge to do it again?

    50. Justine Quach

      I would gladly let brad do whatever the hell he wanted to my hair just to watch his reactions

    51. Hey_its_em

      “You look like a boy” next episode she finds the clippers. Also I want to see Brad react to girls with long hair getting pixie cuts

    52. Hanaa Sabri

      You: 🤧🤮🤒😷🥴, I am not feeling good I am Kinda sick Friends: what do you have a fever or a cold ? You: I am so sick 😷 I just don’t know Friends: back of slow You : why Friends: they back of You :friends what is going on Friends: you you you .... have corna19 You ; no what Friends : RUN 🏃‍♀️ out of the house Please it’s ok don’t take this for real but don’t shake hands and stay away 1.8 from people and stay home love you

    53. Hanaa Sabri


    54. The labrant fam subskribe

      Every girl that finishes cutting there hair olways flips there hair exeped for the pepole with curly hair

    55. Layla Davis

      I wanna grow my hair out just to have a long hair moment and then cut it off out of nowhere.

    56. Anti Void

      Not gonna lie you kinda look like a flamingo sorry .0.

    57. nobody

      *First girl wouldnt stop playing in her hair during the whole entire video it was getting on my nerves*

    58. Romy Borrmann

    59. Sawyer Seffern

      I went from repunzel to pixie cut take that🙂

    60. Denise Siddon

      Also have a thing about long hair. Shorter is better

    61. Denise Siddon

      Like Brad better blonde 💖

    62. Karen Rodríguez

      his outfit is scary

    63. Weronika Sim

      and now I kinda regret I didn't filmed myself while cutting my hair, anyway it turned out to be sooo beautiful, and after adding black colour to my weird hair, (I mean they were in a lot of shades of brown) it looks like a bomb, I watched your video about matching color to skin tone and decided to get myself some black and that was the best decision I've ever made, I look fabulous

    64. Jessica Henderson

      Such beautiful hair being cut lol I hope they atleast donated it

    65. lizzy dragonclaw

      Brad Mondo, you should watch the short documentary about that girl who got her first haircut since she was 8 years old. She hadn't even trimmed it, and it was down to her ankles. It literally touched the floor

    66. HaywoodYaBlowMe

      My hair is down to my hip bones and this whole corona virus thing is making me wanna do a big chop.

    67. C G

      The first girl is giving me anxiety

    68. Anette Marmolejo

      the devil works hard but baby u work so much harder

    69. Jessi

      A clip from this video was just made into a graduation meme 😂😂

    70. PJ Phillips

      Am I the only one who clicked on this video cause they saw the fabulous pink velvet top he was wearing!? I mean YAAAAAAS HONEY WERQ

    71. Arthur M


    72. Fantastical Nerd

      all these girls: going from waist/butt length hair to Bobs Me: Going from a bob to a super duper short pixie cut🤣 (I do not mean to say that these girls didnt take a big leap they absolutely do it's such a scary thing to do)

    73. Magicmoosicorn DA MOOSICORN

      I have the exact opposite problem when it comes to familial reception to my hair. Literally getting pinned to the floor so they can run their hands through my hair. It’s kinda terrifying...

    74. Heba

      omg brad reminds me kind of demon "tvd show"

    75. PallLynx -

      You look like you belong in the wiggles

    76. Bee kettle

      Flashback to when I was 11 I had hair down to about my waist may be a bit above. I always hated going to the hairdresser and would only get a few centimeters off every time. One day my mom went to go do something while I was getting my haircut and I just asked for them to chop it all off and give me a pixie cut. I still have one to this day.

    77. T Morales

      When he said "tell me how you deal with all that hair every day" at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="267">4:27</a>, i started laughing bc my hair is literally the same length as hers and i take a 40 minute shower

    78. Amelia Cortez

      Is he gay?


      It is the PINK that is making you aggressive. lol

    80. Wandering Stars

      I can’t focus on the haircuts with the hot pink shirt on. It’s too tight.