Hard Choice Riddles And Logic Brain Teasers With Answers

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    Increase your IQ score with this mix of hard choice riddles and logic brain teasers with answers! Give your brain a nice workout with these riddles. If you want to exercise your brain and keep your mind fresh, solving puzzles is a fun and simple way to do it! Just spend 15-20 minutes a day training your brain and you'll see that your logical skills get better ;)

    00:14 - This logic brain teaser will speed up your thinking: Jack lives in a city with lots of different creatures. One day, Jack’s friend took him to a party. The party was for everybody...humans and weird creatures! Jack was hoping to find a girlfriend. There were a lot of girls at the party. Jack liked 4 girls. He wanted to talk to one of them. Who should he choose?
    01:30 - Use your general knowledge and critical thinking to solve this puzzle: Jack and Jill arrived at the campsite. It was perfect! They had to put up a tent. There were 3 good spots. Where should they put their tent?
    02:46 - Another tricky riddle that will boost your logical thinking: Jill took a lot of good photos and videos. She was so happy! When they got back, Jill decided to throw a party. Time to introduce her boyfriend to her friends! A party for friends...what could go wrong? The day of the party arrived. And so did a heat wave! Someone smashed Jack on the head during the party. A detective arrived at the crime scene. Jack was unconscious. There was a wet flap in Jack’s hand. The detective questioned only one person: Jill’s ex-boyfriend. Jill’s ex-boyfriend: "We were hanging out by the pool. Everyone was swimming and having fun. Suddenly Jack disappeared. He was gone for about an hour. I found him with this flap in his hand. I called the police. He must have fought back and ripped the attacker’s swimsuit. Policeman: “We should examine all the swimsuits.” The detective: “I don’t think so. I’ve already found the culprit.” What does he mean?
    04:50 - Take a look at this brainy puzzle and use your intelligence to solve it right on time: Jack was taken to the bedroom to rest. Jill was by his side the whole time. Soon she got sleepy. She went to another room to take a nap. She left her laptop in Jack’s room. Jack wasn’t very happy about all this. He decided to look on Jill’s laptop. He wanted info. How long ago did she break up with her ex?Jill was a famous blogger, remember. So of course, her laptop was locked. She didn’t want anyone snooping around her photos and videos. Jack didn’t know the password. He clicked “Forgot password?” He got this prompt: Weak I am, but strong I am, too. No powers I have, but powerful I am. What am I?
    06:09 - Test your critical thinking with this riddle: John had a master’s degree. He was sent to the United States. He promised his mom to keep in touch. He would upload all his recent photos. One day she got a photo: Mom immediately suspected something and called the police. Why?

    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle made you do some hard thinking!

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      Jill bought Jack a crown as her symbol of love to him. The area where they lived was so outdated and poor that people have to go to the nearest well for water. So, Jack and Jill went up a hill To fetch a pail of water Jack fell down and broke his crown And Jill came tumbling after...

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