Here's why coronavirus pushed Apple to issue a revenue warning

CNBC Television

CNBC Television

27 k ganger25

    CNBC's Jon Fortt details how the coronavirus outbreak is hurting Apple's business in China, and could hurt the company globally going forward.
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    1. can tho

      Coca Cola, Apple and any companies in China are going down because of this Coronavirus! Serves them right for moving jobs overseas into a Communist country that produced crappy quality products and stealing US jobs

    2. Daniel Darabos


    3. Wtf Sup

      WW3 in action.

    4. Arthur C

      Mr Cook put all his eggs in a basket!

    5. Jay M

      Only 'investor' left is the FED.

    6. Jay M

      Only thing multiplying faster than corona is monopoly money by Trump's FED pumping fake markets. Original US dollar now worth ~3 cents (based on gold).

    7. jeff horgan

      FK apple NAZI

    8. Michael

      Globalism...didn't see that coming, huh

      1. AByte User

        Globalism.... spreading since the Red Plague

    9. James O

      Just your standard cold, nothing to see here hahaha

    10. Ben Farr

      Who cares? They should have stayed in the USA, creating more jobs, instead they have slave workers jumping out of windows in China.

      1. Sam Nit


      2. Daniel Darabos

        Jump Red Man Jump ⛹️‍♂️

    11. Emil Nedev

      Buy when others are fearful ...

    12. SpeedyGonzales

      Yeah, covid-19 infects computers, tablets, & smartphones, too. Just saying ....

    13. Trumps IQ zero

      They HAD TO.

    14. saleem ali

      THE FED IS PRINTING THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW, all this so call analysis just looks silly at this point. sad what this market has become. the price that is going to be paid will be biblical

    15. Cov 19

      Stay away from public places. If you do need to go out, only deal with people and companies that are willing to cooperate. Businesses need to shut down for a day to fully decontaminate and let no person in especially Personnel in without a proper face mask. Schools need to be shut down. Take your kids out of school keep them home and teach them there, kids are the hardest to keep safe and then even if their immune system gets through the infection others than your family may not. The only people that are not willing to help stop the spread are the ones that don't care about you or your family's well-being. We either work through this plague together or start dying alone. Moses saw the signs andy warren pharaoh, but he didn't listen and cost him dearly. The last option was self-isolation, they use sheep's blood and placed it at the door to keep out the plague. It worked because any infected would have stayed away from the site alone. Remember the plague kept getting worse each year before it built up to the monster that it became. God didn't cause this, we did, and only we can fix it. This is not the end of the world, it's evolution. All plagues over the course of history have been caused due to one simple thing, greed, but whatever the reason, enough is never enough. We let companies pollute the Earth and tell us what we need and want. The Covid 19 plague could have been avoided but now it's too late. The government refuses to lose control and the airlines refuse to loos profit. Stop waiting for them to tell you what to do before it's too late. Please help spread the word, not the plague. Without cooperation, this will continue for the next 2 months. #StopTheSpread

    16. T C

      I don’t feel bad for those companies. Why do all big companies have to move out of US to China? You made the choice so stop whining and crying now. ....

      1. Ben Farr

        Agree, and with a Virus on the way, that the rich apple people can avoid and we cant we are supposed to give a single crap about this?

    17. loveonfire

      we don't need 5g

    18. Follower of Pooh

      CCP trolls: this virus is deliberately released by CIA to destroy China economy!!! The world including US/West: Virus already affecting economy especially tech companies!!! CCP media/trolls: we thank you all for your help and cooperation, especially WHO, Cambodia, Pakistan. 😅

      1. Follower of Pooh

        @Tony&Molly Hawj Exactly!!!! Read my comment again.

      2. Tony&Molly Hawj

        Follower of Pooh but why would they let the virus spread to the u.s ? if it’s from the cia

    19. Jeffrey Kalb

      Apple is in bed with the Chi Coms. Serves them right.

    20. Graham Dougherty

      Corvid-19 is about to rock the US markets and yet these two seem unaware. I remember a time when I believed the new personalities knew what they were talking about now I see then as part of the herd storming blindly forward.

    21. Barry Buschl

      And no one is talking about AMAZON... Hmmmm why??

      1. amy benje

        THEY ARE NEXT,,,

    22. Barry Buschl

      OMG!!! Does this mean I can't get my latest iphone.... PMSL...

    23. Barry Buschl

      APPLE !!!! sad hahahahaha.

    24. Stresskilla

      The impact is real and incoming. No central bank can through enough money at this one.

      1. Anthios Day

        youd be suprised. its all digital, just add a couple zeroes to the end of the stock prices

    25. Paul Shipley


    26. Victor Hugo

      oh, I wonder why reporting this, apart from warren buffet sellling about a zillion shares and earning more profit, which is more profit than the company will earn in 2020

    27. Timothy McCarthy

      IBM cream nap

      1. Timothy McCarthy

        10,200 loves

    28. New Era Mysteries & Conspiracies

      I suggest Sony and Microsoft do the same because when this is even WORSE by the end of the year, no American in their right mind is going to buy the so called "next gen" consoles set to release in November. How many possible illness infections have touched those electronic components mostly manufactured in ASIA ? Nintendo should be boycotted as well, allow NO Asian or other infected nation's products in other regions. It is already becoming an issue here in the states and with the crumbling healthcare system literally jailing Americans for unpaid bills, the American Medical Industry is at its' LOWEST point in history and is NOT in any way prepared for what is coming.

      1. Jan Pearson

        Anything imported from china will be infected with the corona virus.

    29. Jose rey Dabalos

      YOU ONE ME.

    30. lindsay jones

      Most everything is made in China. WAKE up America!

      1. Dave Prum

        I'm pretty sure everyone knows that long ago.

      2. J English

        New World Order initiated by a virus.

      3. Jeffrey Kalb

        It already has. Neither right nor left is willing to put up with China anymore. Lots of businesses moving out of China, and companies have been setting up new supply chains in Southeast Asia. It just takes time to extricate ourselves.

    31. Cooking Lessons for Dad

      I think this virus crisis is not going to be over for a very long time.

      1. Daniel Darabos

        For some it is⚰

    32. LLT Collection

      Sold it last Fri, they been too quiet, they knew it's coming hit hard at home..

    33. J W

      Lots of china's provinces have gone from 60 new cases a day to ZERO for days straight, China is hiding numbers to try and subdue mass hysteria within their nation. This is exponentially worse than media/governments are letting on.

      1. J W

        @True Soda Quarantine isn't working, they reduced the numbers by counting people ONLY from the Hubei provinces (Wuhan is within this province) so any of the 5 million people who had left Hubei prior to the city lockdown are the ones you are seeing tallied for the other provinces. China is hiding all secondary transmission data.

      2. Steve Dalton

        All died in their apts.

      3. True Soda

        Maybe the quarantine is working? Everyone is staying inside. Can’t spread if people aren’t moving around.

      4. Highly Relevant Commenter

        Look at the Japanese quarantined cruise ship for real numbers - and cases of infection are skyrocketing.

    34. Tony Khoo

      This solidify the business case for Taiwanese suppliers to diversify their supply chain and factories to other parts of Asia

      1. Jan Pearson

        The corona virus woll spead to other asian nations.

    35. Cindy Lincoln

      Is he a Dr or a stock anilist

    36. Locked And Loaded Entertainment

      10 weeks from now 📉.

      1. Barry Buschl


      2. Ez_ Lemons

        Nah, if the data deteriorates the fed will just lower interest rates.

    37. Ez_ Lemons

      The bad news is good news. News is going to get worse so start buying now

    38. Tony Faxton

      Expect the apple to go even lower. This is way too optimistic. The biggest market for American products are China, Korea and Japan and the rest of the Asia. THERE ARE NO PEOPLE on the streets, in the malls or travel. The virus is now picking up the speed in Japan and the rest of the Asia as well. Good luck trying to sell Tesla or iPhone when it's people last priority. They are clinging onto their life right now, they are not gonna rush into buying new iPhone.

      1. Highly Relevant Commenter

        Agreed - none of these talking heads wants to be honest about the worldwide impact of all this. Just wait until the importation of generic medications is affected.

    39. Paul Sommerhalder

      His voice and delivery are so-smooth. He should have his own show highlighting the economic aspects of the upcoming elections.

    40. Nicholas Czech

      Buy Apple $345 coming