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    Freeze Frame is a video that highlights the hidden facts and details of a particular movie which in this case is Kannum Kannum Kollai Adithal. Director Desingh Periyasamy showcases his brilliance in writing smart twists that check out without any logic loop holes and also has funny references including his love for Superstar Rajinikanth.
    Watch the video to find out all the hidden details.
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    1. U Tb Grl

      Are u all D. F. Tech holders? Pls tell us about ur educational status..

      1. Avant Grande

        We're Engineers 😅✌️


      Rithu varma kkk name is kanmozhi

    3. Deepak ERAGUDI


    4. Solve with Nm

      Thalaivar Rajinikanth ah yaarukella pidikkum

    5. Sivakumar K

      Heroin name is Kanimozhi bez Oru Song la Ennai kavuthu photutiye "kanimozhiye" nu varum and last la rakshan partner name Thenmozhi soluvaga so its ryhming name for both.

    6. Mr.Local Bash

      Wow semma semmaya panni erukkiga semmaya kandu pidichi erukkiga

    7. PK

      Ritu Varma Name Not Kanimozhi bcoz Arya irandam ulagam movie la Anushka Dual Character Name as Varna-Ramya but movie la oru Song Kanimozhiye ennai kondru pogirai..nu varuthu ithukku enna Meaning ... Ritu varma.. No Name... Mystery stil Continue... Madhu- Meera... Name Start the Alphabet M... So the Real Name Start M

    8. lil Stars

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="296">4:56</a> I heard it as dharshan

    9. Shibin Shibin

      DQ supper

    10. Shibin Shibin


    11. raji ra

      Heroin name kanimozhi

    12. Your Channel

      Sema explanation bro

    13. sabari aacbca

      Bro... Idhu ellamae neegalae find pannuvengala... Apdi pannengana... Sema bro.. Brilliant...




      Chee..mokka.video..po daa..

    16. Private Spider

      Bro Veralevel bro eppdi....... 😍😍

    17. shahil hussain

      bro rithu varma name andha flimla kanimozhi apidina oru songula varumm

    18. Akashpavi Akashpavi

      Roll Royce car duplicate atha sollave illa

    19. Pervein 27

      REal name of JESSIE is Ritu Varma

    20. Maani Maani

      Heroin name kanimozhi

    21. MARVEL Gaming YT


    22. Anusha Angeline

      Avanga name andha movie la kanimozhi😆😆 adhu oru song laye... andha name vabdhu irukum ... then andha 2nd herion name adhuku etha maari thenmozhi nu irukum😆

    23. Athoof VK

      ohhh awesome semma information macchi

    24. Prabha Karan

      Thean moli

    25. MS. Medico

      Corona 🍺👏👏

    26. Smiley ameeth


    27. Paramasivam Sivamani Jaiswatee

      Change playback speed to 1.25. Thank me later

    28. Different media

      Super bro

    29. Mohamed Yasir

      Bro antha movie actress original name kannimozhi

    30. Vijaye Kumar Sasikumar

      Intha padathula heroine peru kanimozhi...becoz the song has a refrnce ... Enna kavuthupottitiye kannimozhiye...

    31. Murali Santhi

      Her name is Thanmoli

    32. K.R. Nishanth

      Corona beer nu sollurathu corona news illa bro athu oru brand tha...ithu already fastand furious movie la minthiye kaamishurupaanga

    33. Suryaa S

      In superstar pizza shop.when rakshan meets Jaquelin....the guys who lends him phone r the director nd dop.of the film

    34. uva lakshmi

      Rithu varma name is kanimozi I guess😜

    35. BALA SUBBU S _ 107

      Bro Intha Kanni maadam movie video padu ga bro

      1. BALA SUBBU S _ 107

        Poodu ga bro

    36. Mad Man


    37. black white

      No all is rang

    38. Zeenath Zeenath

      Ivalavu note pannuningalea, Nenga unga videova post podurathuku munadi check panna mattingala, Avan name Dharsan illa Rakshan..😄😄😄😄

    39. sreenu vaasan

      Monkey character super 😅

    40. Stephen

      Super explained

    41. Arunachalam A

      தேன்மொழி ✨

    42. Veera Malai

      her name is kani moli park scene la avunga love ok sonna apram oru song varum enna kavuthu pptitiye kani moliye.... so her name is kanimoli

    43. Antony Joe 007


    44. Pichan Chan

      Ritu Varma's real name in this film is Kanimozhi... It has the reference in the song in semmozhi poongaa

    45. Murugan Mru

      Bro in that movie heroin name will be revealed in a song kanimulia enna kouthitia song so i think heroin name is kanimuli

    46. Mithun Mithun

      Bro movie la vara sunny scooter no mamuti car's no

    47. Sathik Batcha

      A super con thriller flim

    48. Danger

      Gud review

    49. Aims Edu Online

      kanimazhi is her name /heroin

    50. Mahendran GA

      Her real name's thenimozhi

    51. kalees S

      Movie edutha director note panatha ...nega solavitham Vera level...bro...super

      1. Avant Grande

        Thank you


      This is what car

    53. Yoga raj


    54. Secret Superstar

      Podhum podhum Rajini puranam

    55. Rubin C

      Boss, the movie clips that you play are excellent. Its like original theater print. Where is it from? Is it available in any streaming platform for paying and watching. The visuals are magnificent even in a laptop. I am impressed and curious to know if anything special in this print that you are playing. Can you explain?

    56. Priyadharshini

      Name of heroine is kanimoli bcz in starting flim its self in song they said indirectly

    57. HIT F5

      My review on Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithal nosel.info/video/video/vKBplXSlkKuUmr8.html

    58. CJD Creations Officials

      Ok... Let me have another question.. While gvm ask for the photo they said we didn't take photos... Like they take photos they use to hide there face But they have took a photo after they came to goa... They can be showed Of that photo to him.. U can say they have took there mobiles... But they have used iPhones Photos will be in cloud.. It can be easily revealed

    59. Rajesh Durairaj

      Bro vera level.. expecting more from you guys..

    60. mohan kumar

      No warranty no guarantee for girls because made in china

    61. mohan kumar

      Rules are made to be broken

    62. manoj kumar

      Freeze from.. worth. Really Its count everything

    63. Prema Saravanan

      Kani mozhi

    64. Sathish Kumar

      The name is thenmozhi

    65. Pooja Shri

      Kanimozhi maybe bcuz in the movie a song starts with that name ( enna kovuthu potutiye kanimozhiye )

    66. Karthi B.karthi

      Rajini lam ok but movie nalla iruku


      The one thing that gave the plot or one thing they did not care is costumes. The girls initially show that they care for one rupee and cry on the road when the thief takes 3000. But after doing all that they wear costly dress. Most of the dresses they were are minimum 3k if not more. They could have taken extra care there as it gave out the plot throughout the movie. But if it was kept for forshadow it's great

    68. Selvin raj

      Bro antha meera oda friend 1st time pakum pothu,Raksan oda T -Shirt ah parungale...

    69. Bhavani S


    70. prabhu chell


    71. Rx design maker

      Vera level bro...


      Ritu name, I suspect it's to be Kanimozhi

    73. HIT F5

      My review nosel.info/video/video/vKBplXSlkKuUmr8.html

    74. Kannan.R Jayamani

      May 1st appo than 1st time intha movie ya paathavanga like pannunga..!(@Vijay Tv)

    75. Parameswari T

      Bro iI think kani mozhi because the song stars with kanimozhi and last scene laa meera vooda friend name thenmozhi nu solluvanga appa naa kanimozhi yaa irukkum nu oru gess thaa ( Neegalum itha thaa think panniga naa hite the like botton 😘😍😙

    76. Shakthishree Shakthi

      I know heroin name it is kani mozhi. because in a song the first line will be (enna kavuthu pottutiye kani mozhiye). Friend name-then mozhi

    77. Nandha Kumar

      Rithu varama name in film then mozhi

    78. Thala rasigan THIVA


    79. ABISHEK C

      GVM enquire panum mootho Rakshan ooda Tshirt la Singatha sachitagalay nu iruko......Rakshan Tshirt plays a major roll😁


      Bro,,antha ponnuka ,, last varaikum yar koodavum selfi edukave mattanka, last la villan kita password kandu pudika heroine selfi edupanka,,, but last escape akum pothu,, villain mobile laium suttutu poituvanka, car la mobile la potaratha oru shot la kattuvanka