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    1. Simply Nailogical

      All the dislikes are from the drug store

      1. Adrija Brazickaitė


      2. Adrija Brazickaitė


      3. GalaxyGacha


      4. Olivia Lambert

        Such Language!

      5. Esther Cotter

        Maybe the dollar store that has the same polish for a dollar.

    2. Amelia L

      How do I even pick one!!!

    3. Miranda Allen

      I love you Chanel so much! I have been following you for years. I wish I could buy your collection but I’m a college student just struggling to pay tuition and eat. I hopefully will get it for Christmas.I literally asked everyone to get me this for Christmas.

    4. GollyWallee

      So I bought the holoday collection & let me tell you, it was worth every penny! So far I’ve tried 3 of the colors (frost light, rainbow snow, & party punch). I cannot stress how impressed I am by the intensity of the holo. Every time I look at my nails I get a dopey smile because I’m so pleased by how beautiful they are. I followed the tips on how many coats, time for drying in between & adding my glossy taco & my nails have never looked better. I’m seriously so amazed by this product. Girl, you did SO GOOD! 🥰 I’m in love!

    5. salina walker

      it actually would have been everything if you did name the blue one "elsa could never" lmao

    6. Miss Deerstalker15

      I wish I could have one. I even got a job to afford this. Only to find out I can't have it shipped to my country. Love you Simply, hopping holo taco ships to Mauritius in the future.

    7. Elizabeth-Ann Graner

      i’m pretty sure they went to la for safyas wedding

    8. Jaelyn R.

      Please please please make more for Christmas... I was going to buy mine today and it was sold out!

    9. Frances Diver


    10. • Nova Dragon •

      *Do polish mountain with holo taco*

    11. Samantha Chavez

      I just created a HT fan club group on FB for all things HT! Find it here: facebook.com/groups/2839374346127025/about/ or search "Holo Taco Fan Club"

    12. Becky Tookey

      I live for how excited simply is for her own nail polish HYPE WITH YOU GIIIRRRLLL

    13. syllys88

      I just got my black friday order! Thank you for bringing beautiful holos to the masses! The second my dog is in bed, I'm painting my nails! 💅🏻

    14. Dania De Leo'n

      Please sell us the purple holo you mixed on the holo taco yt. Or empty HT bottles for us to mix it ourselves 😩😩😩

    15. Lyndi Thomas

      I counted their are 9,898 glitters

    16. Rebekah Willes

      these. are. beautiful. i neeeed❄😍😍

    17. Katharine Prout

      Still waiting on my Holo collection... Should arrive any day now

    18. Hi BTS

      Can I just get the box ?

    19. MissMiepsels

      I told my boyfriend when it came out that this was all I needed for Christmas. But of course he would only try and order it now when it's sold out. FML Dx

    20. Maya Ito

      UVU the É is important. 😂

    21. XxHorsie GirlxX

      Hi Christine (without the ‘h’ 😏) just wondering if you ship to the UK??? Love ur vids btw xox

    22. Baralyn Burritos

      Her: holo shortage The vid: 🤮*throws up holo*🤮

    23. Scarthelionfromthatonemovie

      I feel like I can never find good green polishes, if Cristine ever releases green polishes I’ll buy them in a heartbeat!

    24. Adrija Brazickaitė


    25. Adrija Brazickaitė


    26. Adrija Brazickaitė


    27. Upgrade

      "Elsa could never" -Simply 2019~2020

    28. Kari622

      Will you be making these in gel formula? I would buy EVERYTHING!!!

    29. *Layla belle*

      Everyone i just came out to my parents that i’m a holosexual 😌💿

    30. Lily

      I want to buy them so bad but it’s doesn’t ship to saudi