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    After being kicked out on the street, Anthony has to start his life over.
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    Vocals by - Brian Jennings
    Produced & Music by - Peter De Leon
    Lyrics by - Ryan Finnerty & Smosh

    Publisert 8 år siden


    1. The George Show


    2. Skykitten216 GroovyLeapord53

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="214">3:34</a> this is for me you can use if want to im not gonna beg for likes

    3. deadwolfslayer8 mods

      You know he was gonna just by crack with that So were we True

    4. Lanell Anderson

      I love the songs

    5. Declan Fernandez

      Notice how the money he dropped is still there XD

    6. Muslecarmax

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="122">2:02</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="133">2:13</a> I always lost it here😂🤣

    7. Piggy Fan

      “Why don’t you just get married already?!?!?!?!” Me:are they gay?

    8. Knud Madsen


    9. Ark Tube

      Why does Anthony suit being bald

    10. Barry Joyce

      You could tell Anthony was wearing a bald mask because his lines on his head ended weirdly

    11. Guru Online

      I miss anthony

    12. Good O’l British Bendy!

      Videos When Anthony Didnt Leave The Smosh :)

    13. Tahira Bibi


      1. tater boi5a

        8 9 10

    14. Oliver Johansson

      How to spell bich bitch

    15. Ma Te


    16. Timothy Guerrero

      Is that Gilbert Gottfried at the end

    17. kim bui


    18. belle

      I like this bullshit

    19. XHenryNightz

      2020 corona anyone?

    20. NeverEnding Vibes


    21. Vengeful Clashes

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="104">1:44</a> it’s true tho

    22. Johnny Boy

      Only of I loved times when it was simpler

    23. Louis Alexander

      they will fight again

    24. Louis Alexander

      well the broke up again

    25. speedy izzy


    26. ZilverBoi

      Old Smosh was better! Now they make shit like "Every [blank] ever" it was funny but not as funny as the old Smosh, i miss old Smosh!

      1. Hamoody Tuber


    27. SandBlast kate


    28. Zawnyinyi Phyo

      Hobo Joe's can't read the rule No. 1 of Panhandling rules, but he can say “They both fakers” 😂😂

    29. Oscar Alejo

      What about eye brows

    30. rock bolt

      ACCEPT IT , that song is the jam! BITCH!

    31. Marcelo Aranda

      I miss the good old days of smosh

    32. MSG429 200

      the song hits different now that their not friends anymore

    33. ayalove the gacha tubber

      Oh my gosh why does this guy think #### ##

    34. •Slow Sloth 2.0

      Remember when it was just the good old days when it was just those two

    35. Shelssie Hernandez

      The sign (give me money *****) The neighbors kids looking out the window: "Mommy why does that sign say *****? And what is that?" The mom: (I can't tell you yet because he is on crack.)

    36. LolPursuit

      Anthony Predicted SethEverman’s Most Liked Comment In NOsel.

    37. Crying Censored Dildo

      Bald Anthony looks like seth everman

    38. Jerry Bao Bao

      “MY FALLOPIAN TUBE” -Peter

    39. Scott the wozznijak

      If you miss the old smosh than you must put bff song on

    40. AndreyTheGamer !!!

      The bff song is a song I sing all the time, just have to come back and see the masterpiece you have created

    41. Awesome Alex

      Wait hobo joe isn't even bald

    42. jama88 ad

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="385">6:25</a> are you sure about dat

    43. Airsceu

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> my fallopian tube

    44. GoldenJack

      I can't believe Anthony shaved all of his hair for this

      1. GoldenJack

        @The Legend One r/woooosh, again

      2. The Legend One

        He got a bald cap

      3. GoldenJack

        @The Legend One r/woooosh

      4. The Legend One

        He didn't cut his hair

    45. Sas F

      the bff song is so nostalgic whaa

    46. Twikify01

      I miss Anthony

    47. MaxTheMoose

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="216">3:36</a> Anthony: THEN GET OUT! Me: There out side 😄

    48. Asuzen Fonas

      I just miss the Ian and Anthony tandem before. These two were part of my childhood.

    49. Bangtan myLifue

      I was like 9 yrs old watching this...I memorized all the lines😂😂

    50. mohammed abdullah

      Good old days when smosh was actually funny and good

    51. シ

      Omg he’s gonna turn into Saitama from one punch man

    52. Gacha_ Adrian

      Ow My FalLopIan TuBe

    53. Mr-chicken-boi

      They predicted there break off bff

    54. Hollie 2602518542

      Hobo Joe should love to kill people

    55. Hollie 2602518542

      Why does Anthony care about food she could get a new food for food battle

    56. Tako Mchedlishvili

      sad hose niga but I miss this alot

    57. JaydenYuko

      “I’m bald. Give me money BITCH!” Literally the best sign I’ve seen.

    58. Baky786

      My dude hobo joe went from "ru-rul-rule" to "THEY'RE BOTH FAKERS"

    59. Lilian Wildt

      I know Anthony left but are Ian and Antony still friends in real life?

    60. Honeystarc

      i miss the old smosh

    61. WatergateSki

      If I get likes it means smosh has the best vids

    62. oh yah yah

      imagine someone actually doing this to also be a millionaire

    63. Nathan Dimas


    64. TheMythicalPhoenix

      also if that was his real voice he could quit youtube to be a singer

    65. TheMythicalPhoenix

      what about im the bald guy-

    66. TheEndProductions

      I would call them gay just so I could get beaten up by Ian and anthony

    67. Nick Currie

      What would happen if I did this in real life?

    68. Its Random

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="214">3:34</a> When your friend beats you in a game.

    69. Nathan sonmency


    70. eivind hansen

      Fallopian tube🤣😂😃😄

    71. mrwhut

      this is g(old)

    72. BigBootySeeker1

      I never got the part with peter when I was little😂

    73. BigBootySeeker1

      I remember feeling so bad for Anthony after he got thrown out😂

    74. MeepCheep21

      Wow smosh predicted anthony leaving smosh....

    75. Mohamed Almazroui

      Who else is watching during quarantine

    76. e.g. boy 737


    77. Madison Jane Abigail Deschambeault

      An absolute bop

    78. Floop - Roblox

      Is the girl at the start Olivia? If it was, 8 years ago?

    79. Lestie Bell

      I hope you your all love

    80. Lestie Bell

      I hope you your all love