Hometown Hospitality With Senator Elizabeth Warren

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    Stephen Colbert travels to his home state of South Carolina ahead of that state's Democratic primary to dig into some meaty campaign issues with presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Special thanks to our friends at HUSK Restaurant in Charleston for the warm hospitality. Next time you're in town look them up at www.huskrestaurant.com. #Colbert #Election2020 #ElizabethWarren
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    1. Swarm Together

      Elizabeth Warren makes me want to vomit. Total Man Poison.

    2. Donald J Trump

      Dont worry I'm going to win like i always do

    3. Elle Welle

      Stephen, you created a monster! Though, in all honesty, I want Super-Liz to adopt the phrase "bless your heart" besides "her I've got a plan for this". Sometimes you don't have time to recite all the failings of a candidate again and again to demonstrate how untrustworthy of a choice they are, sometimes you don't have time to defend yourself against the demented personal attacks (Rah-rah she's against wall street rah-rah commie socialist with girl cooties) and it will serve much better to simply demonstrate what she thinks of that with "Bless your heart" and return to explaining what her plans and policies entail.

    4. Jonathan Grabban

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    5. johnburgh

      Why didn‘t she order a um a beer?

    6. socrappyicoulddie

      I love Liz but this is the most transparent ad for her campaign ever. Doubly funny since it didn't work

    7. Ailm LVR

      Already miss you Elizabeth Warren. it aches

    8. Freeman's Lounge

      We have Boiled peanuts in Nigeria, it's a pass time snack

    9. ChocolateChung

      I had boiled peanuts when I used to visit Grandma. Now I know South Carolina is the other place that eats peanuts other than roasted.

    10. Mark Verschell

      There was about 10 seconds there when Stephen slipped into a South Carolina accent.

    11. dogless10

      Why can’t we have Elizabeth Warren as our President? What are we doing wrong?

    12. diego duran

      If is not Warren 2020 than I hope is Warren 2024

    13. www.DrumsTheWord.com

      I'm not American...but I LOVE this woman. I'm sure that I'm preaching to the choir though.

    14. Isakayoga CH

      Wow...is this typical restaurant in South Carolina?? Nice! It looks like somewhere in either Ireland or Scotland 😎

    15. John Ferry

      Pocahontas is a total joke. She lost her own state. What does that say about this phony?

    16. Curly Bill

      Annnnd she’s gone. I’m actually sad she won’t be in the next debate. She was like Beto, so stupid it was fun to watch. Guess we won’t know how she would be as a Commander in “Chief”

    17. Curly Bill

      What’s your favorite state? “All of them”. Too bad no state called you their favorite candidate

    18. Karthik Munishamaiah

      We boil peanuts in India. C’mon man. Don’t do us wrong Col’burt’

    19. allah izafag

      "Buy me a beer while I lie to you and pretend to enjoy a beer" - Elizabeth Warren

    20. Danny Dommer


    21. Yimu Bao

      We also have boiled peanuts in China...

    22. Sonny Urbine Reviews


    23. Kyle Alexander

      Scrooge mcduck swims in his vault not a basement ffs

    24. Jaelyn Brose

      Elizabeth Warren drops out. Good riddance, Pocahontas. The campaign continues between an old communist with a bad heart, and another old man with Alzheimer's and a fetish for little girls.

    25. Jaelyn Brose

      Elizabeth Warren drops out. Good riddance, Pocahontas. The campaign continues between an old communist with a bad heart, and another old man with Alzheimer's and a fetish for little girls.

    26. John M

      Bring everyone together! *Crushes Mike Bloomberg’s hopes on national TV*

    27. Josh Daws

      Even if Biden/Sanders win, I doubt they'll run for a second term, so either way, wouldn't it be wonderful if she went into 2024 as the front runner?

    28. Eigono Kyoushi

      Warren just gave a press conference and announced that she's endorsing Ron Jeremy for president.

    29. Andrew Mastin

      God, I wish she’d gained traction and won the nomination. She’d make such a good president.

    30. IWantTo Believe

      Why America are we afraid to elect a Female President when most other nations have already had them. She's the best Candidate.

    31. A M

      HELL YEAH, ANYBODY BUT TRUMP! !!! A corpse would do a better job.

    32. A M

      This food makes me sick. Sorry, SC.

    33. Paulie Walnuts

      She made a mistake at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="139">2:19</a>, laughing after eating horseradish!

    34. kobe24OBCity

      She’s unbearable

    35. Yatekko

      She honestly seems so very likable and relatable. It's very refreshing.

    36. marlene riggs

      If she cared about what she says she does, she wouldn't be working to help Biden by siphoning votes from Bernie. She knows there's is no path, yet keeps asking for money to continue the "momentum." She's unlikely to win ONE state.

      1. Elizabeth Henning

        Please stop saying that because it isn't true. She's probably mostly taking votes from Biden right now, not Bernie. Do you know any Warren supporters?

    37. Spencer Ingraham

      I’d 👋🏼 high five her, but still go feel the bern

    38. Spencer Ingraham

      Bernie’s better

    39. Eigono Kyoushi

      Oh well. Bummer. Warren tried to be all things to all people and ended up being nothing to anyone.

    40. ana marques

      She did the "bless your heart perfectly" there. Love it! I wish people would see how intelligent, prepared and good for the Country she would be instead of going for the Media flash surrounding Biden campaign.

    41. JC Tan

      She's amazing. America, are you listening?

    42. meme M.J

      Americans 👏 u will be so lucky if u have her and support her as a president 💚😊 she is great!

    43. Kea

      Here is something for your heart (doesn't replace universal healthcare, but still is good for your beautiful soul) spinnup.link/290214-hello-future have a Good Day :) #spreadthelove #musicheals

    44. Amanda Kurukulasuriya

      This made my heart smile

    45. Michaela Yen

      This might be the best thing I have ever seen.

    46. Professor El

      I really wish she was doing better. She seems like a great person and would make a fine president

    47. Lilian Moore

      OMG! Her closing statement of who we need to be as a nation and things we need to focus on made this public school teacher/daughter of LEGAL immigrants / Harvard grad cry.

    48. marchhippo

      "That's universal healthcare for children, you jerk." Stab. That's someone that I want representing my country. 👏👏👏👏

    49. Ipshita

      Ah she's so amazing. I really really hope she does better.

    50. meedy92

      A vote for warren is a vote for Biden. #bernie2020 #notmeus

    51. Yuan Xia

      She tried to be fun

    52. leelee341

      Love this woman! America would be damn lucky to have her as president! Bernie won't be able to beat Trump in November, because the people on the moderate right who are undecided will never vote for a socialist like Bernie (they're terrified of the word "socialism"). Also, he would be an 80 something year old president who just recently had a heart attack... Bernie has many good ideas, and is good at yelling and getting his base hyped up and excited at rallies, but over his 30 year career, he's hardly accomplished anything he set out to change for the people (not for lack of trying). Elizabeth, on the other hand, has fought and SUCCEEDED time and time again to fight for the rights of the working and middle class. (Also, it would be AMAZING to see Elizabeth wipe the floor with Trump during the debates the way she did with Bloomberg!! lol)

    53. Shannabanana McInnis-Hurd


    54. Team Kuuki Food & Games

      If bernie wins I hope warren becomes the VP ^^ If warren wins, I hope bernie would be the VP :D

    55. Laura Beljaars

      I love this so much 😂 But just FYI: boiled peanuts are VERY common in Uganda, so not so much for 'the only people in the world'!

    56. James Smith


    57. T T

      she will have a true test when it comes to the point of having to endorse Bernie. if she does it and does it at the right time, she will have gained everyone's respect.

      1. T T

        @dimplez dimples that would be quite a spine bending exercise for her. I would more easily see her not endorsing anyone than endorsing Biden... but who knows.

      2. dimplez dimples

        @T T I think the window will be closed if she doesn't do it after today. Chances are she will endorse Biden... :(

      3. T T

        @dimplez dimples you're right. ideally she would've already done it. if she stays until the end or until very late it will be a major disappointment. in any case, during that question in the debate she also already failed to say yes when asked if the candidate with the most votes should be the nominee...

      4. dimplez dimples

        The window for that is closing faster than you can say Super Tuesday

    58. Jodi Miller

      Coronavirus who?! Warren just ate off that fork he licked like germs aren't a big deal right now lmao

    59. SuperLeica1

      Old Monty Python joke: "..in a canoe../..close to water".

    60. Bejdza


    61. The Art of Flying

      Warren: “we need to unify the party that’s for sure” As she remains in an election she can’t win in order to block the only progressive candidate... what a joke lol

      1. David Lindes

        Right? And for those who figure on voting "blue no matter who", please see nosel.info/video/video/15qieY2taYVk0Nk.html and medium.com/@raegandavis/the-ungodly-privilege-of-vote-blue-no-matter-who-5171630bed7c

    62. Dorothy Lucero

      Warren has got a lot of nerve! She should have suspended right after Amy. What stats reflect that she should continue her campaign, and not Pete? I will not support Pete's choice till she is out! Pete belongs more than any other candidate. She needs to get out now!

    63. linux750

      Biden. Sanders. Warren. No matter who wins the primaries I want ALL three of these people involved in the next Presidental administration. Or the one after that one if the Democrats don't win in 2020. 😉

    64. Ailin jinx

      she like the elderly Hermione Granger

    65. Clay Turnbull


    66. Miss Nomer

      I want Warren to win.

    67. Dan Skups

      she had a second oyster omg ewwwwwwww

    68. spruce bringsteen

      Yeah how cute... she needs to drop out.

    69. Cox Alpha

      She's is cute!!. ☺

    70. Project Amis

      This was one of my favorite moments so far this year.

    71. Ayanna O

      “It’s universal child care you jerk!”

    72. thexeesus

      She is soo pathetic and fake, go get you a beer

    73. PM Seminario

      I REALLY like her. Hope she does well Today! She's a smart, prepared and funny woman!

    74. LYCANSS999

      "So. Carolinians are the only people in the world..." Wrong, Stephen! That's like a very common snack in Mexico. I've seen (and eaten) boiled peanuts in several places all over Mexico that I've traveled to. There are even street vendors who go around the parks and plazas with little handcarts selling boiled peanuts and boiled green chickpeas in the shell. Salt lime and hot sauce. Betcha can't eat just one!

    75. mrweasel

      The test for Warren is how she moves in the next few weeks. She can't win the nomination, but she has be curbing her message right and centre. To be honest I don't think there was ever much evidence to suggest she was as close to Sanders politically as is often suggested, or at least the major ideological differences don't create a much larger gap between them than some basic policy positions suggest. I also think that her campaign has begun to illustrate just how likely she is to push hard for some of her more ambitious policies to get passed as is, and how much she is willing to capitulate. Don't get me wrong, I would prefer her to other shower by quite a margin - Biden is terrible, Bloomberg is terrible, Buttigieg and Klobberchier were also terrible - but she shouldn't be the one.

    76. M. Caneda

      Wtf??!! Is she really 70??

    77. Diego Duarte

      “I don’t take Super-PAC’s money” (one week later) takes Super-PAC’s money.

    78. Vaibhav

      The captions are an abomination to the English speaking world!

    79. Elizabeth P

      She’s pretty great.

    80. Jasmine Houston-Burns

      Maybe if she weren't such an awful hypocrite