How Earth’s Geography Will Change With Climate Change



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    Publisert 6 dager siden


    1. Jonathan Sefcik

      Unless I missed something, what’s the brown on the map supposed to be? Even drier desert?

    2. Neelanjana Bandyopadhyay

      4 degree Fahrenheit or celsius

    3. Neelanjana Bandyopadhyay

      I love your videos. I am subscribing you.

    4. Red H

      Priviet Comrades.

    5. jakub vlog

      I thought I wouldn't do anything just hotter San baths I didn't expect that

    6. Doomguy

      Yeah when humans migrate in massive numbers there are usually lots of wars.

    7. maragani sasank sai

      If earth becomes 4 degrees warmer we will see a new world war for resources

    8. Ganesh Guptha Aswath

      Doesn't matter, By that time i will be dead anyway....

    9. Dave Wagner

      The least research documentation I've ever heard. there's other research that says that raising the temperature will create more water evaporation, therefore creating a more lush environment, more carbon dioxide feeding the plant life.

    10. Tomato Tomato

      This is just depressing

    11. Deep_Dive

      The video premise neglects the impact of technology. There are plenty of desert cities precisely because technology allows them to be there, desalination allows you to water and feed large populations.

    12. DrDewott

      I mean this is neat but like as a Dane, we really wouldn't be suitable for such a world. As of now we already deal with problems caused by climate change since us states closer to the poles are the msot affected right now. The change of weather patterns is keeping our farming industry in a dangerous position, with dry periods so long that it can kill several crops and the increasingly more common storm floods which are strong enough to drown the crops, therefore also killing them. You can't count on us buddy, just saying. Also Greenland is slowly seeking independence so...

    13. theGodChannel YOUTUBE

      *What if Asia United to one country ?*

    14. Rikkert

      Why do you dedicate an entire video based on this crappy useless map? Smh

    15. I LOVE CATS!!!!!

      Soooo greenland becomes green?

    16. Marco Sgaravizzi

      That map is highly inaccurate there are many more variables like a risen sea level and the increase temperatures causing more regions to have monsoon seasons really making the world more green.

    17. The Pink Phantom

      ...and that was when our penguin overlords took over.

    18. Master Malamute

      Is it possible to shoot a bullet all the way around the world?

    19. Denis Tyrant

      Ok I see many comments saying this video is wrong and they are right. There’s NO way this is possible. Earth has been several times hotter, take Mesozoic era for example. During the Late Cretaceous it was around 27-37 degrees Celsius. That’s way hotter than today. But guess what, there were a lot of forest areas around the world. Heck even places that no longer have them today. So what’s more likely is rising sea levels, stronger storms, and of course melting of ice. So yeah the Amazon might be gone by then, in fact, there’s evidence to support that, since it’s getting drier. We can’t forget about diseases as well. Tropics diseases now can expand their range thx to this warming climate. So yes, soon we can see the Yellow Fever happening in places like Russia. Also the glaciers are important, because they contain some unknown virus. And not to mention wildfires, they will be more common. Just imagine the Australian fire, but at a much bigger scale. So the world will be a messed up place. And it’s highly unlikely for us to survive.

    20. Andrew Dorf

      Joseph chooses canes over Taco Bell... what do we think???

    21. Jason Deng

      im scared if los angels IS ATULLY flooded in water cuase im living here right now 3>

    22. Coco R

      Could you do this but backwards? Like what if the word froze.

    23. Wertsir


    24. Johan Sörensson

      When the Earth is warming, the Gulf Stream that is taking warm water from the Caribbean through the American east coast and up to Europe will change, and therefore New York, the United Kingdom and the Nordic countries will actually become colder. Because of that, I don't think that the rest of Europe will become a hot desert either since there are obviously no straight lines between climate zones

    25. Gitak Paudel

      The Ganga is pronounced gan-ga not gang-a

    26. Faisal Abdelfattah

      Can you do What if The America’s United

    27. Aarav Bathla

      Just like you and this is so good I really like learning from you guys

    28. Shalom David Hananya

      Can u make a video of all the religions combined for example all jews in israel with there gdp military strength economy population etc.

    29. autarchprinceps

      Yeah, no. Way too little ocean flooding, way too much desert. A hotter world is a world with more rain on average. It may be more chaotic and in many other ways bad for human society and the speed may be bad for many animals and plants to adapt to quickly, but ultimately a slightly warmer world wouldn't be one of massive desserts, at least not much more than today. Just like it wasn't at all the other times it was that much hotter. Not saying we shouldn't stop worsening climate change asap, but this map is just ridiculous.

    30. It’s Fun Time

      2019 Antarctica ai choo 2050 Antarctica awesome

    31. dnissen2012

      Thermohaline circulation shuts down, and freezes Europe, Canada, Russia. The book that is cited is wrong, and a fantasy.

    32. Gordon

      This is the stupidest thing ive seen. You're only thinking about temperature and not things like physical geography like mountainous areas that are not fit for agriculture etc. Also, "Denmark is gonna be a superpower because of Greenland". Yeah, like the US is just gonna let that happen right next door. lol

      1. It’s Fun Time

        Hey do jot say this to real life lore

    33. ichigo_dango

      Higher ocean temps can also adversely impact coastal storms. Somewhere like Japan will see higher rainfall/stronger typhoons/longer rainy seasons as the sea of Japan between Japan and Korea warms. They'll get typhoons on all coasts instead of mostly on the Pacific coasts. Cyclones will happen further and further south on the east and west coasts of Australia for a longer season and with more intensity. We're already seeing this happen. It will be less inhabitable, but not because it's a "desert", because of weather events. This is just another thought experiment though: fun to think about but I'm not a climate scientist. They're the ones we should listen to when we make policy decisions in the real world.

    34. James Kraken

      We all gonna be like Sardines in 2050

    35. Invision Gaming

      RealLifeLore- Greenland would become a habitable grassland. USA- Ight lemme buy this kid

    36. Invision Gaming

      Climate:**exists** Humans- Let me introduce myself...

    37. Infidel Heretic

      You’re leaving out coastline flooding which would likely be happening on top of all this. This is truly a nightmare scenario humanity should try to avoid as billions of refugees defies any and all logistical ability of any number of nations.

    38. MP

      wasn't during the time of the dinosaurs up to 4 degrees hotter than today. and the world was covered in rainforests. So how realistic is this really?

    39. Pandamasque

      2 points/corrections. 1. Due to global warming icecaps melt. The influx of freshwater stops the gulf stream. And that currently is the main thing that keeps the British Isles from looking like Denmark or Sweden. So before they become desert, they become really cold. 2. The civilisational success of countries is less determined by their geography than by their social structure and their beliefs and how that fits within the state of the world around them. For example, the biggest thing keeping Russia behind is not geography, it's the Russians. Same goes for many other nations. Those things take a long time to form and to change. Historically civilisations rose and fell not due to climate change.

    40. Vasileios Kostopoulos

      there's gonna be Blood

    41. Peace

      Americans probably would move to Canada, why would they move to far away Alaska

    42. Mark Dixon

      This is a guess

    43. g Burro

      There are SEVERAL MAJOR problems with this video. One BIG problem with a GREAT DEAL of discussion in this video: Many scientists (increasing numbers of them) believe that the human species is likely to be extinct -- or at least not operating as a civilization -- before we reach 4ºC (above c1850 levels). So it is RIDICULOUS to talk about what human governments or people will be doing at that point: if there are any left, they will be hiding from each other and scavenging for food and shelter. Another BIG problem with this video is the assumption that heat is the only problem... that food supplies won't be broken by heat, erratic weather (floods, etc.), pollution, war... that tundra and permafrost can rapidly become farmland when today's arable lands are deserts... that there will be unpolluted fresh water supplies... that the oceans will not have been overfished or polluted into barrenness by that time... that there will not have been nuclear weapons exchanges as resource wars intensify... that the world's nuclear power facilities won't all (or almost all) be in meltdown as a result of these upheavals... So, again, it is RIDICULOUS to talk about what human governments or people will be doing at that point: if there are any left, they will be hiding from each other and scavenging for food and shelter. As it stands, this video is a huge disservice. I'd like to ask that you take it down, do your homework, put a little more actual thought into what you represent about the future, and then decide whether or not to post again on this topic. Thanks.

    44. Slim Yatogami

      Fun fact: if you're reading this it's too late😉🙊

    45. Victor C99

      Wow, more good news, im so excited to have a son after 2020, like the motivation is really awesome, all American presidents putting environment agreements down...I will have 2 children, fuck it, whatever hahahaha

    46. Rhino person

      Climate change isn’t real

      1. Hosni Mubarak

        Why the denial.

    47. M4F14 BR0S

      i think this might be odd but is real life lore changed his voice or he has emotions

    48. Joseph Bringhurst

      Never mind the fact that for most of earths history it’s been warmer than it is right now. I don’t think this is accurate

    49. Peter

      Looks like the author didn't factor in rising sea levels. Also missing are the trade winds, El Niño/ la niña cycle which I believe will be worsened by rising sea temperatures. Rising sea levels coupled with higher temperatures would definitely yield a lot more rainfall than this map suggests.

    50. Julia Lidia

      laughs in canadian... jk please do not touch our pretty trees

    51. Ravi

      I'm a fan of your videos but I have to dislike this one, there are a lot of flaws in your (technically the book's) reasoning 1) Half the world won't and can never become a desert. -In the case temperatures do rise 4 deg, it will increase global humidity and water vapor levels. Weather patterns will definitely change but the overall effect would be more tropical zones. If you dont believe me, take a look back in history. In the Mesozoic era, Global temps and CO2 levels were higher than today, the resulting climate included tropical rainforests across most of the equator and even at mid latitudes, where drier conditions did exist, they were savannas and not full deserts 2) There will be no mass relocation/migrant crisis because of climate change -The very definition of "climate" is the overall weather conditions over a long of time. In the odd chance climate change does make conditions worse, it will not all happen in 1 year, rather, it will be spread out over time (maybe 20, 50 or 1000 years). Humans do not adapt to change in one generation but they certainly do over many generations as seen with culture, language, population centers. Given it may take many generations to feel the effects, Humans will naturally move, relocate, whatever t suit their needs. It will be done naturally as individuals decide to buy a new home and companies relocate factories. Ask yourself this question: 100 years ago, did the population centers look the same as they are today? No, look at the most populated areas and you'll see how humans have slowly moved for whatever reason (economic, climate, productivity) There was no sudden movement every time there was a drought or flood so why should we expect the same later? 3) Humans don't need perfect conditions to live (at least in the 21st century) -10,000 years ago, if a river dried up, the people around it died. In 2020 however if a river dries up, the people do not simply die, rather they build pipelines, wells, etc to bring the water to them. Imperial valley in California is technically a desert yet it has one of the most fertile farmland in all of California, why is that? They have a canal that supplies all the water they need. Look at Phoenix, temps are sometimes 100F yet its population grows everyday. A/C has eliminated our dependence on good weather and humans will live wherever they can. A change in outside climate will not adversely affect the living conditions of the average home. To add onto this, relocation costs would be too much and cities will find a way to live with what they have. They may build desalination plants, install check valves, use renewables, etc, but they will certainly not move like our ancestors did in the past. We are smarter than that

    52. Eric Marshall

      HEllo, Canadian here! I don't care if this turns my country into the superpower it deserves to be (My bias, I know) PLEASE don't let this happen.

    53. Ree on Off

      Arabians:ah another normal day

    54. billybo66

      Total bollocks !

    55. Doodling Astronaut

      Yes Climate Change will bring devastating effects to humanity but NO not most of the world will become a desert. There is a lot of misleading factors like global wind. Increase in weather like hurricanes. And other stuff that makes this future earth misleading. Climate Change is very important but saying that earth will become a big desert is not correct.

    56. Romanian Monarchist

      All of this hypothetical talk of resettlement, truth is, if this happened the few countries lucky enough to have a survivable climate will close their borders off and drift towards authoritarian, if not totalitarian, rule to ensure that national security is in place and that their remaining resources will be kept safe.

    57. MoDiFiCaTiOn

      i wonder if RealLifeLore knows AlternateHistoryHub or Wendover Productions

    58. Russell Snow

      Maybe the countries that make Scandinavia can unite into that

    59. Tovkaniuk Oleh

      You could imagine what would have happened if average body temperature changes for 4 degrees only.

    60. Adoniyas Argaw

      Who hear is from Seattle 🙋🏾‍♂️😆

    61. Shah ZaZa

      be careful RLL soon people might accuse you of being communist for saying facts

    62. Head Stabber

      I really dont want to see this happen

    63. Eve Kohley

      on the one hand, it's weird to think this exploitation that caused the cataclysm would continue to be policy

    64. Steve

      It's a good thing this is fiction. I am much more concerned with the fiction depicted in 1984 becoming real than this.

      1. User Name

        what the hell will it take for you to believe something with evidence genius

    65. Je Suis Anonyme

      This looks like an alternate history scenario 14 year old me would make... As a geography nerd, this is torture

    66. *stan loona or get corona*

      these comments are actually interesting-

    67. Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman

      I'm sure China will claim Antarctica.

    68. Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman

      I did not know India has 160 billion people.

    69. jayden _2_savage

      The beat slaps

    70. TheChaos3DS

      I very liked that vid , a few days ago I started to find out more about this subject and this video is very timely ! TY

    71. Vicky cc

      As an Argentinian I wouldn’t mind becoming a superpower but I’m worried about the penguins of the Patagonia, will the penguins be okay?

    72. Felipe M.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="313">05:13</a> "Alaska would become EXTREMELY pleasant". The annual average temperatures in Alaska now is between -1°C and 6.6°C. Adding 4 degrees on top of it doesn't make it that much pleasant.

      1. MrPlasma

        the ice melting will make the change in the arctic region extra severe

    73. AngryGingerHorse

      "New Zealand will become a great power" lol, as if we won't get genocided by those tens of millions of refugees. We already have a declining ecosystem here, rest in peace farmland and relatively swimmable rivers.

    74. Руслан Великий

      So Putin sponsors the worm climate change

    75. Jens :-D

      By the way if the earth warms (around) 2.5°C it will start a chain rectian which is unstopable so it won't stop at 4°C and the people will have to go furthrer and furthrer north u till they van't anymore and die of starvation. I don't think ypu want this so do something about the enivorment pls

    76. Tomer Birnbaum

      too are not taking into account other effects on weather that higher temperatures would have... not everything will be dessert and life finds more than enough ways to adapt...

    77. Nintendo Stuff 2

      Do this in Universe Sandbox Squared.

    78. B1209Y

      I'm ashamed to say this sounds pretty cool

    79. Sagiv is Reading

      Bad news for the USA.

    80. Symmetrie Bruch

      so does the author of this map think dinosaurs were strictly desert dwellers and ate sand? 65 million years ago the global average temperature was much higher than the scenarios depicted here. almost the entire super continent was covered in thick vegetation. we find oil and coal (ancient rain forests) all around the world and not just in the parts that back then would have been above the here imagined vegetation line the same is true for fossils from that time.