How many Chrome tabs can you open with 2TB RAM?

Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

3,9 mill ganger550

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    1. Linus Tech Tips

      Buy 128GB of RAM on Amazon :P (PAID LINK):

      1. GranataPacifica 08

        Imma buy a 2TB RAM

      2. G a m e r / I t z L I n k F X

        T_Twigs I’m tryna do that 2

      3. Bobinator

        My dad makes and sells severs and the most he's herd of was like 1/4 of a petibyte which costs like over 50,000 its crazy

      4. T_Twigs

        Yeah but like, How do I shove 2TB of ram into a labtop?

      5. keaton lilly

        cries in 4gb

    2. Omer emre Kilinc

      Linus: First You take my youth, then you take my cpu cycles. XD

    3. Mo2 Cubing

      Nobody: This video: How to get rid of ads (w/computer fails) (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="562">9:22</a>)

    4. Mo2 Cubing

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="350">5:50</a> I just love the Cyberman on the desktop (Doctor Who ftw)

    5. Nexztrah

      no wonder the bill went up by 75%

    6. NoSc0pes4Life

      Hes talking about 2 Tb RAM when my SSD doesnt even have 1tb

    7. vetealsanti

      Yo no puedo abrir más de 3 pestañas con mi PC porque ya se pone lento :'/

    8. Mesam haider

      My 4GB ram dies at 20 chrome tabs

    9. Mesam haider

      And my laptop has a 500 GB HDD only 🤦‍♂️

    10. McOofster

      me watching with 8gb 👁👄👁

    11. Edwin Bun

      try make a bunch tnt in minecraft still alive? that pc is god

    12. rarmin qorset

      Huh you people in comments have RAM in GB!?!?!?!?

    13. Boğaçhan Özdemir

      bro thats 2 times my total hdd

    14. IqbalHamid

      I have genuinely got about 180 tabs going between my three browsers at the moment.

    15. Nandini rawat

      Still B.I.O.S (still D.R.E parody) 😂😂😂

    16. Jason Chan

      Sockfor1 would be buy all of the dam thing

    17. Kingpenguin101

      that ad was smooth af I didn't even know it was an ad

    18. ROAST ME

      Plz give me only one chip

    19. fifa 14

      My pc has only 170 gb hard drive

    20. Diamond Cloned30

      i don't need sleep i need answers

    21. sunilanand jha 1

      I: hear AMD epyc 😮😮😮😮 Humble flex 6000 dollars for 64 cores!!

    22. Mohammad brahmandhika Yahya

      gara2 dagelan gw kesini bangsat

    23. Similazer

      I don't need sleep, i need answer.

    24. Tegar Hidayatullah

      Linus : opens 6000 tabs and slow down My mom phone : Weakness digust me

    25. Tommy Renhad

      Tolong gua nyasar gara2 dagelangaming

    26. Tautvydas Kerutis

      You're an idiot virus: finnaly a worthy opponent!

    27. EnderMania Studio

      Why did I got an ad with you at the start of the video

    28. iMark

      So ur saying i can add potato chips to dat

    29. Gabbytnx

      I have the same ram as linus well just replace the t with a g

    30. Ololosh 158

      Me: *clicks on Chrome* Chrome: *doesn't opens* Me: *clicks again* Chrome: *opens 300 tabs* My pc: activating self destruction system in 5 second

    31. Virat Sharma

      Me: open chrome My Pc: gggghhhhhhhhmmmmmm

    32. MinMix46_

      Who need 2TR RAM Chrome: hold my cup Linux : we do that Chrome : I lose my water.

    33. KarenBolt

      Simple answer: 3

    34. George Spears

      LINUS I MUST KNOW!!!! what were you known as on Neopets it stole my youth too. I was actually one of the very first users on the site back when they got sued for having a neopet that straight up said "Macy Gray" and Bruce was a Butler not a penguin! It got to consume so much of my life that i deliberately let someone on the site "borrow' my account to feed my neopets while I was on vacation that I already knew couldn't be trusted from talking to people just so that I would he would get me banned or steal the account and I wouldn't be able to access it. Desperate times desperate measures. It sort of worked and I did get banned because he used screen refreshers (which I used too along with many fake accounts like everyone else because i needed more paintbrushes and mystery island stone random events. Shit I have to stop talking about this or I am going to relapse. Actually I already did about 5 times in the last 10 years. I was Neopetteen13. Now I am 34 years old. i think it stole about 10 years of my life if I remember correctly. :( and then I made another account in my late 20s and possibly something like 5 years ago. I didn't stay for long I was just like an old man going backk to his childhood home telling the tenants I USED TO LIVE HERE back when the stores didn't tell you when they refreshed and we didn't have all those fancy new fangled flash games just the hide n seek you didn't have no trophies or events I got those later too but I got them before you young whipper snappers.

    35. MustangSquad 302

      Siri on my phone did the same thing word for word about 2 seconds before yours went off 🤣🤣🤣

    36. Hashiba

      Ok now game on it

    37. Nermin Toromanovic

      Dude where do you find all that money for the crazy stuff

    38. Matteo Valerio

      Im going to be honest, I did not understand one fucking technical word about RAM and processors Linus said, I just thought it sounded cool giving chrome even more RAM. I bet it was having a feast at that point

    39. insert bad joke here

      *sobs in 64gb ram*

    40. Tarcillo Gaziri

      Man i don't know what to say my i7 laptop has just 8gbs of ram and I've never been able to use 100% of it

    41. SeltzerTho

      The way Minecraft was meant to be played

    42. _Quirky

      just download more ram online duh

    43. ritu kothari

      My PC fights with himself opening 2 tabs of chrome :(

    44. Evean Green

      I have 512 gigs in my second rig

    45. George P. Salazzar

      This is why I use Firefox!

    46. Game Batter

      I just love how he sneaks in details and products of in between here and there.

    47. Caleb Roderick

      me watching on a chromebook with 2 gb of ram

    48. Thanos Baba

      Linus u can use 5 lines of python script to automate opening of chrome tabs. import webbrowser i=1 while i

    49. Aldwin Rambi

      HoW dO i DoWnLoAd 2TB oF RaM?

    50. fleninja gaming

      i have 64 ram i have 200 of pornhub

    51. TWE Duden LVE

      The Mac Pro has this much ram but an Rx570

    52. Niggward

      Its 6000. Go away kid

    53. ukickmeikicku

      my guess was 75000 tabs. EDIT if the cpu and software let it, which it did not. darn :P

    54. Bruce The Bob

      Quick answer: You can't

    55. Brandon Zhou

      SuperMicro’s X10QRH+ should be able to contain more?

    56. Ilman's Alt

      *when chrome uses more memory than the game you are playing* I didnt know chrome is a triple A game.

    57. James C.

      When you close this all down and chrome asks if you want to restore pages... 🔥🤷🏻‍♂️

    58. keaton lilly

      cries in 4gb

    59. Mason JP26

      Me: has 2tb hard drive Linus: 2tb ram Also me: he dont need that

    60. Titan

      “First you take my youth, then you take my CPU cycles - Linus” - Micheal Scott

    61. - NotSoBiju -

      Imagine how many TNT's we can blow up in Minecraft with all of the ram.

    62. Dude Hamster

      I don't need sleep i need answer

    63. SpilledMilk

      Haven't watched the video yet but my guess is 3 tabs

    64. Anti Hero

      i have 4gb ram on my pc and i make intros of after effects

    65. Michael Dobachesky

      Try it with Firefox, you can open way more tabs in that browser

    66. Athletical

      Oh boy will you be cool having 2 chrome tabs open!

    67. TheArcticGamer59

      Windows 10: You’re killing me Linus: Wait, you can’t support 6,000 chrome tabs?

    68. Sebastian Lind

      What was the CPU you were using and how many cores did it have?

    69. Nabin ******

      Feeling poor yet

    70. Xp3r

      not more than 5 surely

    71. Mr Live

      This genius has more size of RAM than my HDD. My HDD is only 500 GB. I can't imagine how much SSD or HDD he has. Just like a dream !!! 😆😆😆😆😆

    72. Zeeshan Khan

      Now this seems a system for my mom.

    73. aimer gamer

      Try gaming with it

    74. Runme TXT

      Since there seemed to be the software that reached it's limit, would you be able to open more tab's if you ran Linux?

    75. estranged520

      Are there any RAM-heavy, CPU-light programs that could be used to better strength-test this RAM setup? I can't even imagine a practical use for this much RAM when the processor and the *software architecture itself* can't keep up.

    76. Crispy0reØs

      Reminds me of the day in my ict classroom. Me and my friend downloaded auto clicker and spammed open chrome

    77. XTRAP

      U have a 1000 times more ram than I have SRSLY NO JOKE

    78. XTRAP

      my computer crashed from watching 2tb of ram being wasted . . . im stuck with 2gb ram btw

    79. Rohan Mittal

      That's doesn't make sense human eye can see only 2 gb of ram

    80. Connor King

      Why are Linus's comments either people with 128mb of storage space on their lap top or people with sli rtx 2080 tis? I have a pretty good PC but nothing crazy, I suspect I am the silent majority.