How Many Holes Does a Human Have?



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    Now you're thinking:
    Special thanks to @Chubbyemu and Evelyn Lamb ( evelynjlamb) for answering my questions about the body and holes, respectively.
    wardrobe by: dasharez0ne
    An article from Evelyn about holes:
    the philosophy of holes:
    Coffee mug + doughnut sculptures and video from @Henry Segerman :
    sun footage:
    anatomy of the nasal cavity:
    Supernumerary Puncta:
    accessory ostium:
    3D visual effects: Eric Langlay
    Toilet scene effects: me and Jake Roper and Eric Langlay
    music: Jake Chudnow and Audio Network
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    1. Adam Filinovich

      Tl;dr you probably have 7-9 holes. Add one for standard piercings, add two for piercings that go through existing holes

    2. Right Direction

      I keep coming back again and again to check on you bro, whats going on V V

    3. SHINEZ Boogie

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    4. David Bogart

      You gonna finish that doughnut?

    5. jehugarcia

      you still have it, sir

    6. Boberto Bobo

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    7. Devon Bradley

      This guy has too much time on his hands! "Always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of truth". Ultimately, does this question really matter? Anyone who eats a doughnut from a toilet has yet to learn the basic concepts of hygiene.

    8. Jane Doe

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    9. IDoStupidCrap

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    13. Larday The Gamer

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    14. Sproklye

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    15. Evan Fichtinger

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    16. rustickcan

      I dont know if hes serious or joking

    17. Britney Black

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    18. Sama Hell

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    19. Llama Llama

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    20. Hiba Nafei

      basically 9-8 holes ur welcome

    21. Mrvin yee

      when you mute the whole video it just looks like he's going insane and experiencing hallucinations

    22. Syed Rahil


    23. Reikarl

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    24. Daniel Clarke

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    25. DJ Slinky

      This guy is literally my math, science, social studies, and reading teacher all in one during quarantine. Gettin’ my good smarts in today 🙏

    26. Kiana Willhoft

      ok seriously, every time I watch Vsauce I feel so much smarter like oh my god I've learned more from this guy then any of my teachers.

    27. Robotic Dude

      Wow big brain

    28. izuix

      but how many holes _can_ a human have?

    29. David Cifuentes

      What about the hole where your pee comes out?

    30. Min Yoongi

      I'm eating breakfast. When he bit that Donut I stopped eating breakfast.

    31. never gonna give you up never gonna let you down

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="603">10:03</a> makes me kinda uncomfortable ngl

    32. Ariel Rivas

      Lol his uploads

    33. Joseph Stalin

      always remember kids, “holes are parasitic”

    34. Garret Roberts

      He ate the donut. He is going insane.

    35. George Washington

      Old Vsauce: What if everyone jumped at once? New Vsauce: *eats donut from toilet*

    36. Ryan Knight

      I just realized how difficult these videos are to understand.

    37. vj

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    38. AnalLyst69

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    39. AnalLyst69

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    40. Volumosity

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    41. brisket12

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    42. Newbil Pun

      Hey Michael. I am really messed up with this thought. How much does fire weigh?

    43. D T

      Wife: I do. Officiant: and do you Michael take your wife? Michael: I do. Officiant: I now pronounce you... Michael: Or do I? Let's think about this for a second...

    44. Brady Chen

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    45. unanimous_YTr

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    46. Carter S.

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    47. Jonathan joestar

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    48. Python Animations

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    50. bandicot lol

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    51. Federal Bureau of Investigation

      Me screaming: Don't eat the fkn donut! **Vsauce slowly eats donut**

    52. Will

      Can someone give me the short answer?

    53. Traditus

      You know when you say, "Vsauce" Your saying viisause which means wisdom in Finnish

    54. Shinichi Kudo

      *invites a girl over to his place* Michael: So how many holes does a human body have..?

    55. Princess O'redroses

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="654">10:54</a> Rip and tear until it is done

    56. Rafael Samardzic

      Nobody gonna talk how the 7 human holes combined look like a menorah, interesting

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    58. Lily Leornin

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    59. Michael Cruz

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    60. siSteR ShoOK

      I always leave having an existential crisis after watching his videos.

    61. guest137937 likes memes

      here he goes talking about holes again...

    62. thrall

      We literally only have 4. Mouth. Ears. Nose and butt

    63. Keith Kennedy

      I love you Michael, I wish you released more often but quality over quantity is a great way to run this channel. You peaked my interest in things I thought I had all the answers to and always end with some amazing statement. As in the video about the universe collapse and how the big bang could have happened. I wonder now after watching that how many times if history repeated itself the universe has been reborn in that way, and absolutely enjoy philosophy behind that. Thank you for your inspiring content michael!!! Looking forward to more

    64. Maya A

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1087">18:07</a> “If we squish the matter in towards the tunnels, we’ll _notice_ that our seven-holed torus is topologically equivalent to four pairs of pants sewn together at the waist” Ah, of course. Obviously.

    65. Tookieslam

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1124">18:44</a> the human body is a jew

    66. Shane Ackerley

      Please do a video about chaos!

    67. Sokken

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    71. Jack Anker

      Does jake still do Vsauce3

      1. Jack Anker

        Not 3

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      It's true, Michael has gone crazy after the isolation change episode

    76. Vighnesh Acharya

      Where are you boss !??? No videos from last 3 months????

      1. Alan Snackbar


    77. Little Stranger

      At the beginning: a human is just a bunch of meat packed around a central hole End: a human is just a 7 holes donut. *Vsauce music continues playing*

    78. LucentCrown1234

      The intro had me dead

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