I CYCLED across LONDON to give CALLUX...



2,1 mill ganger207

    Huge thanks to Fully Charged for the sick bike! Check them out here and use discount code 'MINIMINTER’ to get 5% off
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    1. Nervy Garcia


    2. Carlton Banks

      Should’ve brought him a chin ngl

    3. ItsKristinePlayz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="565">9:25</a> “sexy bike”

    4. Khalid Jama

      Surprised his bike didn’t get robbed while getting the toothbrush

    5. Liam Myles

      Simon trying to say restrictions 😂😂

    6. Mazster

      Imagine callux wasn't home.😂

    7. Mazster

      Imagine callux wasn't home.😂

    8. Max Thomas

      I CYCLED across london to give CALLUX... aids

    9. Jack Bunty

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="591">9:51</a> he’s in deptford 😂😂😂😂

    10. Squabbie_ Wabbie

      You make the video and then title it so you still did have the chance to name it that, you just said I should've and then when it came to actually naming the video you didn't...?

    11. Tanuj Iyer

      Jeremy clarkson ain't happy...

    12. ConorS Parnell

      2020 anyone

    13. XENO_GOD 150

      Weird idea for a vid but cool

    14. Lennon Leckey

      The earth is a sphere flat earthers explain

    15. Abdullahey salami

      Yo u should come down to Lytchet way

    16. Caley Matheson

      Who is here on Christmas Day 2k19

    17. Blazyu

      He can cycle across London ..... but can he wheelie tho

    18. Glenn Villanthanam

      I’m a year late

    19. Archie Lav

      are they gonna still do all of those sidemen vids on Sunday

    20. turtle guy

      I woudnt live in London the thought that you could be shanked at anytime

    21. albyjayboss//emeraldman !!!

      Any1 hears miranda sings' song

    22. Steve Miller


    23. Haseeb Babar

      i loved it great job

    24. I’m a girl !!

      This made my eyes go funny

    25. I’m a girl !!

      This made my eyes go funny

    26. Lightning Louie

      I’m watching this on the 12 November 2019

      1. Michal

        At 12?🤣

    27. Ibrahim Murad

      who else is here after KSI won?

    28. Rayaan Bhagani

      By the way I have the exact same bike the super 73 s1 it actually goes 25 mph with throttle and also you should use pedal assist if u want to get a lot of range

    29. Bobby Doherty

      Can someone please answer me what camera he was recording on that made that time-lapse while cycling

    30. Olivia Spriggs

      Why didn't yo go straight from the start to flag . It would be so much easier.🤔not mad loved the video but would have made more sense

    31. Rileybird 50

      Bro why did u wear a helmet

    32. Moshe Nisenbaum

      We all know you got the Winnie the Pooh because people pronounce his name Winnie

    33. TXR Blue06

      The earth's flat

    34. Clip Scraper


    35. BenSlater Bikes

      Eastenders map

    36. Mark Moran

      Can we just appreciate the fact that he used the East Enders intro of London for the map 😂

    37. Leo Muncaster

      Your a good artist

    38. Rose de Vere Hunt

      The earth is flat

    39. Charlie the lad -Snugs-

      Music plezzz?

    40. SameerYeetYT Yeet

      I cycled in London to give callux that doesn’t make sense?????

    41. david skewes

      This proves that the earth is round

    42. Bizzle

      wheres my 2019 gang at

      1. Oliver Godwin

        Your mum's house

    43. Harry Beard

      October 25 2019 gang gang btw the area 51 raid was a bust

      1. DJ Jump123

        I'm just watching old videos

    44. Marcel Carlito

      How much % of Britain's energy is made of renewable sources? Because when its under 30% it makes no difference if you buy a new diesel or a tesla

    45. Ibrahim Mohammed

      his trim changes in the video what the fuck

    46. Luka Čulig

      Why are there black holes

    47. Yes it’s Me

      Your moving cause the bills r rising 😂😂

    48. Hafiza Khatun

      Why is 2 black circle on the go pros when Simon is cycling

    49. sam jones

      trippiest bike video ever

    50. Darcy Evans

      Are u blind 😂😂

    51. Bepz Bot

      Love how he took of the mouth piece yet mostly didn’t talk lol

    52. CiaranC

      How did he get back?

    53. Al d

      Brilliant edit, love the small world effect. You are not too shabby at this NOsel lark.

    54. nicotine addiction

      I once limed across Christchurch so I guess we can say we've done the same thing

    55. Jan Telvák

      Imagine if cal wasnt home

    56. RIPZYEE

      Electric Bick / Cycling Air

    57. Sammy Jones

      callux is better.

    58. lightning 07

      Why does the 360 camera have black dots on it

    59. Definitive Jester

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="528">8:48</a> so fucking random

    60. TTV-Scape_rubix97


    61. THEoddONEIn

      Why didn’t you just get a normal bike none electric

    62. Cyber

      "I ask you to come round to make videos and you never come but you come to give me a toothbrush"

    63. Cyber

      Cool bike

    64. Cyber

      Ok then

    65. XD-toxic gamer ftw

      It would've been better if he played bonkers by dizzy rascal 😂


      Miniminter: cycles across London to give Callum a toothbrush Mr beast: drives across America to get a burger

    67. Conor Courtney


    68. Conor Courtney


    69. Lola Prendergast

      Simon: “Imagine josh trying to put his head in this” Me: “Imagine JJ trying to put his head in it!”

    70. Sebydog Time lapses

      Floppy dog

    71. Sam Elliott

      Class video


      Wait, why was this on my recommendation

    73. RetroXacegamin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="530">8:50</a>

    74. TrickShot Perfect

      A bit late (9 months to be exact) but good luck 😉 in future endeavours and also good luck 😉 moving into London. Also by the way you are my favourite NOselr that has ever lived. Thank you 🙏 for reading this, Simon is probably not going to read this but it’s ok and Good Luck 😉 man P.S my name is also Simon

    75. heres _Butler

      Ruroc helmet and super 73, hes not miniminter hes mini sam sheffer

    76. Blazoid

      I CYCLED across LONDON to give CALLUX (three dots later) A SLAP in the FACE (cuz he is hungry for veiws and has a peasent plaque)

    77. MeZe

      Here in the netherlands if youd have an electric bike you'd fully be classified as a massive loser

    78. Tom Siderfin

      Those are sick helmets they’re Ruroc

    79. Tommy_Rich07

      How is it electric if he has to pedal

    80. X X X

      To give callux...........a suck