I Gave $200,000 To People In Quarantine



11 mill ganger807

    A lot of people are going through a ruff time right now so I tried my best to do some good :)
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        MrBeast have a great birthday

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        People can get money but I can't

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        Happy birthday to the biggest legend ever Btw don’t read my channel name

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        Happy birthday best person I’ve ever heard about!!! By far

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      Dude the last two...

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      I was supposed to get a job but it got put on hold because of corona. Fucking bills.

    4. Taco Demon

      How happy you've made people, almost made me cry.

    5. Swift Faze

      Hey Mr beast. I am a father of three young children. Will you buy us a house? Cant hurt to ask. I know you and if read your answer will be yes! Thank you mr beast

    6. Cyboline23 ?

      And he still isn’t president

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    8. Eli Fykes

      When Chris hit that shelf off the wall I laughed so hard🤣

    9. Daniella deRoche

      this is for a good cause i cant believe this

    10. laddyy jjean

      Mr.Beast...u r awesome

    11. U Mum

      What website is that

    12. Intonel _Alvarado

      My Cashapp is open :D ... $Intonel probably I won’t even get $1😂😂

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      What do you do for find the Money? ... if is true of course (youtube pay enough)?

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      Pass a few dollars my way 🙏

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      hi i subscribed also happy late birthday

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      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a> Chris do be writing notes

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      Beast is giving better Stimulus check

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      how many people did he give money 2

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      OMG 😱

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      I need tjat kool

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      Can you run for president please

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      Happy Birthday.. I just found out your channel today. Hopefully I can follow what you do by sharing with others

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      Dear mr beast I would love to talk to you

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      I am in quarantine too am in the Philippines I have no food

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      hi mrbeast help me for the bills in the hospital because of the virus☺️

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      i didnt cry, u did😭

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      Bro could you buy me a nissan skyline😂😂😂

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      Help me mrbeast


      Mr. Beast can you invest to my cryptocurrency project. My project is a listing company. We're going to ask restaurant and bar to list their business into our site. That company will be accept a payment using our cryptocurrency. We also going to make our owned bar. That also accept the crypto

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      Happy birthday

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      love the intro MrBeast

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      I hope you will interview me to😢if you ok i am from Malaysia IG:@ezZatt_98

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      Hey Mr beast may I have 10 dollars for lunch.

      1. thunder king gaming

        Ask you're Mom

    38. darth Vader

      They pay better than the goverment

    39. darth Vader

      Chris vs the clock in the back round

    40. Adam Said

      Mrbeast proves money grows on trees

    41. Tola Akins

      God bless you beast man

    42. I am a good boi

      Plot twist: the 20 million trees mrbeast planted are actually money trees

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      Woman, im speechless Me, you litterally just said IM SPEECHLESS

    44. Let's build


    45. Napoleone Bonaparte

      Where did he find all of that money

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      Mrbeast giving people $200k me just needing $500 because I’m poor 😂

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      MrBeast is why I still have faith in humanity.

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      woow mrbeast you are the greatest human being you help everyone you re so soo goood keep doing what youre doing and i have one question for you. Do you have haters

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      ruff times? lol 🤣

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      The all star lyrics at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="217">3:37</a>

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      Why do you have to brag about it, why can’t you just do it

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      if life was that beautiful as this movie :(

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      Smb news channel... Rlly?... SubToBeast lmao.

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      I wish he can help me out I lost my job because of the virus.

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      Albertsstuff I'm a fan of this new channel and we will take this channel down!

    57. Charming nowhere to hide

      When mr beast helps people more than the government

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      It's the person who made albertsstuff that's who I'm talking about

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      No one will stop the flamingo fans

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        I'll kiss you for 10k

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      Whole time

    61. M C

      Pls join “mikeylikey”s stream on twitch and help him out xx

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      Honestly can't stop watching the reaction of the people! It's awesome!

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      Happy birthday boy 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

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      Im a bald guy

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      Who else wishes they were friends with MrBeast


      Mr pls need help..

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      Hello Mr beast Iam Ramesh Iam from india I have soo many problems with money in my life please help me to survive please help me I want some financial help for small street business please help me

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      I love that You help people out

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      I want to go on a zoom with Mr. Beast also!

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      Really he is so kind guy who agrees comments here

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    75. The Internet

      i dont trust honey because if they are free how do they pay for advertising other than data mining/ selling user data

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      am i the only one who read the breaking news

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      you should help people in south america that have it waaaaaay more hard than us

    79. Sujatha Rentala

      wait is ur grandfather bill gates and its a secret but any ways ur the best and u have wide heart and no words to say